Tarbiyya 21 – Protect Yourself from Shaytan

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Protect Yourself from Shaytan

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Alhamdulillah wa

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salatu salam ala philomela mousseline while it was heavy rain, but

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a lot of our data said yeah you will live in Monaco and for Sakuma Allah coonara

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Allah said oh you believe Save yourselves and your families from the fire.

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Code ohana as well. Hey Jarrod and Alexander said the fuel of this fire is stones and people

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are co Hanna's or hedger, the fuel of this fire or people and stones. And this is the fire of Johanna. And today I want to remind myself a new you know that we're serious about the importance of saving our Amal from sins, saving our good deeds

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protecting the good deeds. One is to do good. And the second one is to protect that good.

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I was

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for three weeks when I was about I think maybe 16 or 17. I was in Bombay

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for three weeks so I was on holiday and I used to all over Bombay on the on the train on the local trains. And people told me you should very careful because there are lots of big pockets

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and there are a lot of stories about big pockets and the skill on Bombay local trains. But in all those three weeks I never lost any money

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on the train although I was in the train and I

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had to travel second classes or even not even the first class in the train so in the middle the thick of things, but I never lost any money. And the reason I never lost any money is you know why? Because I used to keep my money in my socks.

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So I don't keep the money How is the big pocket cannot pick your pocket if there is nothing in the pocket so as to keep the money in my socks.

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The point I'm making is that there are things that we do

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whatever good we do Mariela increase that. But there are things which we do which decrease that good, which eat it away,

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which take away that good.

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And we know the famous Hadith

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where he asked us I have I said Who is the war man who is the destitute amongst you? And Israel. Zola the destitute amongst us is the one who does not have dinner, he has no money. And nevertheless, Adam said no, he said, the destitute of this oma is the one who will come before Allah subhanho wa Taala, with all kinds of good deeds,

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huge number of goods, but there will be people there, who he has wronged who he has, somebody has beaten somebody who has killed somebody whose character he has assassinated somebody that he slandered somebody that he backbite it,

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and so on, and so on. And all of those people will claim,

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Justice from Allah subhanaw taala. And these good deeds that this man came with will be given to those people, because on the Day of Judgment, the currency is deeds.

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So all of these good deeds that this person did will be given to all of those people that you wronged until all those deeds are finished. But the list of people that you wronged will not finish.

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And therefore, Allah subhanaw taala will say, now he has no deeds. Now what do you want me to do? And we will say our beloved, give our sins to this man, because he has nothing to us to give our sisters man. And as soon as Allah Sam said, that will be done and this person will be thrown into the Hellfire for the sins of other people.

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Which he bought because of what he did. You know, whenever I

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used to read this, this I used to think, and how is it possible that somebody can wrong so many people?

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Maybe it's possible to wrong a few people. We don't live that long. How is it possible to wrong? So many people that even when you come before Allah subhanaw taala with good deeds, the size of mountains, all of that is wiped out and you get enough seems to be thrown into janome How is it possible sometimes? How is it possible? Until one day I realized that one mail one email you write on the internet

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about somebody slandering that person, that email is to all intents and purposes immortal.

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And it will circulate and it will circulate and it will circulate.

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For Allah knows how long and it goes all over the world.

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Collecting evil for you continuously.

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So you wrote one email, but that email collected for you 1 million evils

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One we didn't even need

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to think about that.

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Something we do. That's why Rasul Allah Salim said the habitat will never enter Jenna, who is kata? kata is the one who engages in what is called num Eva

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Nam Eva is that you did not actually say and I was two things one is to carry tells you sit in someplace somebody is you overhear some conversation and you go and go and go and convert somewhere else

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which is not your business to do, but that is one part of the other thing about noise. Now Viva is where by action or by

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suggestion you insinuate

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evil about somebody someone mentioned some some person is a rite aid.

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Now, you say

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What did you say about writing?

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Or what is the impression you give? When is

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that oh means what?

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Or is it? Oh, yeah, I know all about

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now, someone somebody said you know about you, you just slandered says I didn't say what it is.

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But you said everything

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is Oh yeah, I know all about that. It's in the tone of your voice. When you were saying something like that it's in the tone of your voice, that all these all outside can never be good, it can only be evil.

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Now, this is never ending and this person who does this is called kata with a calf

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and the head in the head is insane. He said the contact will never enter Ghana.

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So, if he does if he does not enter then there is only two there are only two places

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that is why we are with this ayah to save yourself and the is to the Minister of India

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who and Lusaka helico nara somewhere we have we seem to have this mistaken imagination that just because you say Laila the viral Johanna was Ronnie. No, he's the viral of Jana was the one who said leilighet Allah that Allah subhanaw taala, who owns Johanna would not have said desire.

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As simple as that. This is proof that the person who has even is capable of being burned in the hellfire. This is proof from the Quran. Yeah, you know, who

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you believe save yourself? What does it mean? If the vial of gannawarra knew where is the person observing what is the need to save yourself, it may not it will be it is there for anyone who commit sins.

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So the sins which take away our good deeds,

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and that is why I remind myself and you let us protect our good deeds. Very simple example that I gave you off pocket being picked to go anywhere with the money in your pocket, if you are going to a crowded place, you are more aware of your pocket, you ensure that you put your hand on the keys to save.

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And that is why it's very important to save ourselves from save our deeds.

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And one of the things that eats away good deeds is an amoeba. The other one big one, of course is the one

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that talking people behind their back. And they asked him they said yours will always be with

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him said as soon as the restaurant said to them, he said the rebirth is to say something evil about your brother.

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Something that he does not like to hear.

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So is that when somebody asks

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What if that is true? Rajaratnam said, if it is true, it is revealed. If it is not true, it is more than it is slander.

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I just think how much of this has become not only accepted, but we do this as a norm. This is our social life. This is our normal social conversation. We only talk about other people.

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And 99% of what we talk about other people is bad.

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It's not good,

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is bad.

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And all of that when we do what happens, our good deeds are transferred to the other person and whose other person you only do very bad about people who dislike

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how intelligent is that and what kind of mental retardation river you're giving you a good dish somebody that you don't like.

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So it's very important to make sure that we put

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dict whatever good, we do a lot of as best. I don't think we do all that much good in the first place. And then whatever we do also goes down the drain.

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When what is left?

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What is left. That's why it's very important for us to ensure that we protect our good deeds, stay away from all these kinds of conversations, ensure that we do not take part in any meeting or any gathering where such conversations are taking place. where people are talking evil, where people are slandering other people, they are backbiting other people.

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And where they are criticizing another big thing which can put you depending on who's saying who on what it said, it can become shared, it can it can become covert, it can actually take you out of Islam altogether.

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And that is to say things which are critical and say things which Express disbelief in the promises of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And to say things which are critical and which are not in keeping with the holiness and the position of Rasul Allah is Allah values.

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And all of this conversation happens all of this was to intelligent conversation, we sit in our clubs and wherever wherever else and we have this conversation and we think we are doing something good

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stay away, stay away, still stay far away, it's very is much better to be alone by yourself and engage yourself in the secret of Allah subhanaw taala then to engage in all of this kind of stuff, which can only lead to evil there is nothing good in this absolutely nothing good and of the day and that's why it is a good idea to limit your social life social life is always a big evil big us generally speaking, I'm not saying for everybody but usually social life means only this. So it is much better to stay away by yourself or find friends and that is the best situation find friends where you sit and you talk about the greatness and glory of others when you discuss something good

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to discuss something about the about the world and so on talk something sensible talk something which is constructive, talk something which is good, even if it is business or business and so on, you know, where are good deals, what happens? I mean

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there's so much good if you want to speak there's plenty of things to talk about. But do not talk about people that is the lowest form of life so a lot of intelligence. People who have really no brain they have no knowledge there's nothing all they can do is talk about people that's that is the level absolutely pathetic. level of

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I don't think we will call it human intelligence because this complete lack of intelligence, where people talk about other people shameless absolutely shameless,

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slandering each other people talking about talking you will about them and then you ask what did this person do to you did did this person that you are slandering did he actually harm you? Did he actually do something but nothing? Nothing? Absolutely nothing? is just your jealousy from inside which is eating What What a pathetic situation to be. That's why somebody said just says jealousy is like holding a life hold in your hand.

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Why would you hold a life partner? I mean, burns only you. If you're holding a live coal, red hot coal in your hand. It burns only you. Why would you own it? Either jealousy is like that only burns you and you are jealous and you are slandering somebody and so on and that person is sleeping peacefully in his house. Easy, but no problem. He's perfectly happy. And you are the one who's giving away your good deeds and holding this hot coal in your hand and burning yourself forward.

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Absolutely pathetic, absolutely pathetic, shameful, shameful him as Muslims, we like to stay far away from this. Let us not whatever little good we do. Let us protect it. Keep your money in your socks.

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Keep it where it can be stolen.

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From Jeddah and from all this evil of Jetta and to enable us to do good and to protect is good for us. At least something is there

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was a lot and I will get a value