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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of remembering one's debt and spending time on one's children, particularly in the future. They stress the importance of not giving up on one's investment and spending time on one's children, particularly in their education and career. The speakers emphasize the benefits of taking risks to protect oneself and their family, including building muscle and spending time in retirement homes.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala

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Ali he was happy he is right.

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In a hadith Nevis Allah, Allah Allah, Allah

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said, the meaning of riches, said the most intelligent of you, is the one who remembers his debts most often.

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So allies and allies, Adam give us the criteria for measuring intelligence.

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And he did not say the most intelligent among you is the one who knows the brand by heart. He did not say the most intelligent among you is the one who was the most He did not say the most intelligent one among you is the one who is rocket scientists, or who is a cardiologist or who is a neurosurgeon, he said, the most intelligent among you is the one who remembers his deaths most often.

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If a person is a neurosurgeon, and he remembers his own death more often than he is an intelligent person, but it is a person who is a rocket scientist who does not remember his death, and he is not interested in history.

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Why is it necessary to remember that most often, for what,

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because it's a rule of human psychology, that what we remember, often becomes real for us.

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And that is a principle on which all advertising is this.

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That's the reason they show the same ad again, and again, and again. And again, those of you who watch television, to start watching it. But even if you still watch it, at least get some lessons from it. And the lesson is, see the number of times the same stupid ad comes over and over and over.

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See how many times the ad for the two famous dollar cleaners in the world which are the

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Coke and Pepsi messala. cleaners, if you don't believe me go put it in the toilet in the night and see a third weekend in one

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night, just drinking it. That's your problem. But I'm saying two ways to save astrologers in the world, the ad see how many times they come. Similarly, other things, why? Because what you recall over and over becomes real for you, even if it is a lie,

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even if it is a like

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a lot of advertising, if not most likely.

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But because you start believing it

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he tells you a shirt is yours is a sign of who you are.

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So you wouldn't buy an expensive shirt with somebody's logo on it

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and showed you the shirt to the shirt.

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And similarly, the dealer you can't buy this car, this is not

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equal to your status, you have to buy a car which is 100 times that expensive, has the same four wheels, same engine with one fly it has run run on the same road, why because of the advertising, because repeatedly we are being reminded of the glory of this dounia which is which does not exist in our dunya what is the 11th hour of

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dunya 11th hour the dunya is only a figment of the imagination.

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So we have to counter this and how what is the way of countering it.

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Remember your own death. Remember that one day we have to die and that day maybe today

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that day maybe today

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rather than today when you and myself the No one expects to die.

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Nobody expects to die.

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They expect others to die, we do not expect ourselves to die.

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So therefore we

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forget that. And that is a sign of foolishness stupidity when something is sure to happen, and you are ignoring it. What does it mean? It means that you will be unprepared when it comes to Allah save us from that.

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So what is the way of remembering that?

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It's not just to simply sit and feel bad about it? No, it is to prepare for it. And what is the preparation for that? Is the same preparation that we do for life.

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What do you tell us you'll study? Well for what?

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Because if you don't study well, you will not get a good job you don't study well. You will not become a businessman you won't study well. You will not be able to do this and that and then your whole future will distract.

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Study well otherwise I'll buy your actual start starts, you know,

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pulling the rug out from now because that is what your life is going to be. So start practicing from now.

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My question is what are you saying to your children about the Russia?

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We need to remember our debt and the way to do that is to track our investment.

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Track your investment

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When you go home today, buy a book, buy a notebook,

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and make your balance sheets in that notebook. actually write it down.

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So what did I spend for the dounia? Today? In terms of time, money, energy, emotion,

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learning everything, not just money, all of this, and then say, what did I spend for Allah today?

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Put a date and every day you write it down. And then enter the month you make a total new say, for this month of January,

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or the month of suffer whichever calendar you want to use. What was my investment for Allah Subhana? Who that? What was my investment in my own investment for allegedly not benefiting our lives? What are your own action? What is my investment where our wireless router is it? What did you say about dystonia? And what do you say about the ACA?

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Less raw data said while back here,

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what will remain

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good is

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that you had to sign in.

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So track your investment, track what you are doing with regard to your children.

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How much money how much time how much energy are you spending on their education in this world. And how much of that is being spent in reminding them of that?

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Because remember, when you are there to wake up your son or daughter for salata, Father, and you're still having a difficulty, do you think he's going to wake up on the edges and pray for you when you are in your grip?

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Don't fool yourself, do not fool yourself.

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He can't even wake up or whether when you are waking him up, he's going to wake up when you are

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not just forget it.

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So what's your investment in the Astra zero because this is one of your investments. One of the one of the deeds which will come with you, even after you are dead is the amount of your children

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or what kind of children unless you bring them up properly

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with Russia to learn that arts

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unless you connect them with Allah, unless you connect them with a zone of Rasul Allah tala, those children will be a source of problem for you, when you are gone, instead of being a source of benefit for it. And you are responsible because you that that is the reason why these deeds are continued to benefit you even after your death, because you are responsible for those deeds. The basic principle is that because what are the three things that benefit abortion after he dies

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any knowledge that he learns and he teaches any investment of a ongoing nature in some good work, so you build a muscle, the mothers our bills, some school or the hospital or a mixer or drugs, or whatever, anything which continues benefit, after is gone, and the amount of his children. And if you see the the the common thread between these three things is that each of these is what you have done in your lifetime.

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So the benefit of that continuous for you, if there is a hammer, which you never did in your lifetime, then that hour does not benefit you, even if somebody else does it for you based on difference, because you are nothing to do with it to in the beginning. But these three benefits, if you are not doing those benefits than what you

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do, you're not making those investments. And

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so, we must keep on remembering our debt.

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Often, and the way to remember the debt is to invest in the

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actually track that investment like you track the investment of your money. Otherwise, the shaitan is there, he will make you forget your debt, he will show you this deal and that deal and this thing coming from if you do this deal, and this will happen and then that will happen and that that will happen. And that will happen. You know how am I know Justin the

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story of this guy was never just silly, to just he was used to sell eggs. So he had this basket of eggs on his head and he was selling at night, very hot day. So he decided to watch it under a tree to rest. So he was resting under this tree and his basket of eggs was there and he fell asleep. And in the sleep he is now dreaming and he says oh I will sell these eggs. And then I will sell more eggs and more and more. Then I will become a multi billionaire. And I will have so much money and I will have that I will go and tell the king to give me his daughter in marriage. And then when the king gives me his daughter in marriage, then I will become the king. And then if she disobeyed me,

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then I will kick her.

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So just chillin sleep kicks. And what does he actually get? The basket of eggs.

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say let's apologize again. So this also shows you you could ruin your dream if you think of kicking your wife, you're in trouble

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So, the point should find is that all of these are from Chetan, these are all these great man. So, the great, you know, Master Master plans of grandeur and glory, the chef and producers, hello Lakota, MC Dawa NATO if that is happening through halaal means Alhamdulillah May Allah give you power and Malik with success, but if the event is happening domains which are not, which are dicey, you are in trouble, because who is going to guarantee that you will live to see the unknown that nobody?

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Nobody, no one expects to die. That's why we must be very careful, always continuously remind ourselves of our death that I can go and that day maybe now, maybe today.

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First, we go in a modulus of the ziggu of Allah subhanaw taala hamdulillah.

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But these images are ziggo wireless router that has only five minutes in the day. What about the rest of it?

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Where is it being spent? That's the reason why the sake of Allah subhanaw taala continuously continuously throughout our day is a safety from shader.

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And the governance model data

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comes very easily for those who continuously remember that one day I have to face Allah one day after another. So therefore, what am I doing about that? How am I protecting myself from JSON? And how am I investing in my asset? Or what is my investment in today's world? I've asked myself and ask you to ask yourself, I'm not telling you don't tell me think for yourself, it's your own life. What is the investment in Iraq if I dropped dead now?

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What am I got?

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If I don't have it now?

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And if I die now, what happens afterwards? no one helped me it's gone. So if I dropped dead now,

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ask yourself this question if I dropped dead now, what is the investment in my after which I have already made

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and May Allah give you a long life with good health and human

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Let this be a wake up call for us. And then let us ensure that before the end of today, we change that situation that does make investments let us consciously make investments in our market and make the near term investment and then actually make these investments because the only this will come with us. The rest of it is in a total had to do the Albemarle one one owner, Xena don't have to do while we're here to Sally hat. So the governor's around that your money your wealth, your children, your wife, this and that and also the angle Allah has given the zagaleta for it, but this remains here, this remains here.

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And what was a saw they had

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the good deeds that we do

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ask I remind myself and ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you and me to in May in to increase our investment in our asset. And to give us the pain that this investment which we make in our aka is safe with Allah subhanaw taala and maybe increases investment on a daily basis. So that we reach a point where insha Allah we have maximum auto investment at the time of our departure or Salalah Harada will carry while he was heavier