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I'm delighted to be set out to sit down on even more selenite it was highways right

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around Delhi airport.

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In a lie, I'm a little bit ugly Alicia

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lessor, Abdullah said, Verily Allah Subhana, Allah has ordered you

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to do justice. And then to do something more in addition to that lesson,

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I want to remind myself and you about this issue of justice.

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Justice is not only what the king does to the contrary, just this is what a one who is in any position does with respect to that position.

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It is justice, for the teacher to prepare for the class. It is injustice for the teacher simply to walk into the class.

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It is justice for the students to pay attention to come in time, if you cannot come to inform that he is not able to come and to study with diligence, that is justice. Just to disappear one day and to appear We are the next day or not to come or to pay not to pay attention is injustice.

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For the husband, it is justice, to treat his wife with the utmost respect and love unless rather than to cover her with love.

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It is justice for the wife to obey the husband in all legitimate thing. It is injustice for the husband to mistreat the wife in any way.

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And it is injustice for the wife to be unfaithful to the husband in any way. It is justice for the parents to do the proper therapy of their children not simply to indulge them and give them Toys and More Toys and More tries not to set the limits to set the soul of life. It is justice on the part of the parents and it is justice on the part of the children to serve the parents to be kind to the parents we go to the parents to listen to the parents, and so on. I don't want to list the whole thing but the point I want to make is that justice is something that is there in our lives and which Islam Allah subhanaw taala orders us to do. And Allah says then will

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have delivered the Eye of the World which we listened in Juma every single human

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it's better to do this thing unless rather than saying do justice and then give more. This is like the adage of rubbish or masala where he said when you are weighing when you are measuring something, give more he says only give less the customer comes to you he wants one kilo giving one kilo and a few grams bought. don't even want let them argue.

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So I remind myself and you that it is very important for us to do justice. And the biggest what is the opposite of justice volum injustice solemn in Arabic language zulum is to put something in the place in which it does not belong. For example to take your shoes and put on the table on the table because it's the place for the shoe is not on the table. Therefore the shoe even though your shoe may be very expensive shoes, you know I pay $1 $1 for the shoe or $500 or even $10,000 for the shoe the shoe is the shoe you cannot say I buy shoe is $10,000 so I would wear it on my head and I will take my cap which is a $1 and I put on my foot no there is

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so what about the zoom that we do towards Allah Subhana

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when Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to make salary dot max

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dollar ordered has to always be in the Chronos monitored

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portable locker system but we do not do that before Allah subhanaw taala Islam and Islam that's the reason why share is considered to be the biggest in nutshell Carlos Albanese because it's

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not that our we can have a light anyway but it is whether it happens or not, it is because you are doing something which is not the right of the glory and majesty of nanotech. So I remind myself and you to always pay attention to the issue rather and to the issue of LS and whoever is in our influence. It is our job to deal with them with justice. And then to give a little more, not to be a little less. So one of the questions ally land or suffer the llama