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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Keisha Phil ambia eval mousseline wa ala alihi wa sahbihi made about

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either Darla in Nevada, Hannah Lega, Fatah Medina.

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And that's Rhonda. Verily, today we have given you

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a manifest victory.

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As you all know, the loser of this I desire was revealed

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after the soda for the VA.

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So what was this manifest victory that Allah subhanaw taala was talking about?

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Because they were on the face of it was a very humiliating kind of a treaty that was realized a lot of signs

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where it was completely one sided

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and the Muslims got nothing from it. And the garage yamaka got everything from it.

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So what was this victory that Allah has done is talking about in this issue of miniatures, Fatah mobilen.

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The victory is a victory of two guns.

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The first part of it

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is a victory

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of the self

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over one on desires.

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And remember, in this case, you're not talking about victory over harangue desires,

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we are talking about

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what it is to have a go to why did they go to market towards Amara.

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So they went with a desire with the intention of making it rather than making it off of his house.

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And then comes the hokum of Allah Subhana, Allah

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Rasool Allah, Allah, in terms of signing of this treaty, and so Allah The, the

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advantage of Allah to handle data, the desktop data,

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where Allah subhanaw taala, there is no way directly to rationalize Allah salam, which is in the poor and recorded way, very low, of course, but ye matlow there is no way motlow to say, sign this treaty, this is good for you or whatever.

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to the extent that somebody of the state or whether our power

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was himself put into a state into a state of confusion when he first went to our city.

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And he asked him, Isn't he the Messenger of Allah? Yes. Is it where Muslims are happy or not on the right hand? They are on the wrong side? Yes, sir. Why must we humiliate ourselves before them?

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don't talk about all this grab hold of his

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because he is guided by Allah.

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So there's an hour, then went to Arizona.

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And he asked the same questions, then he got the same replies.

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And to the end of his day, he says that I regret that one thing which I asked us a lot, I love them so much. He says, All my life I have given up and I have read novels, and I have freed slaves in the hope that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive me.

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So then I want to talk about this in one era in one place. He said that I will sacrifice all my deeds, and all the deeds of all my family for one day, and one night of our work of delana.

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One day one, and they are which they are which night. He said the day

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and the night in the heart.

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He didn't know that one day in one night, our worker, he said, all the deeds of the entire life of armor and the whole family of armor is sacrificed on this just one day in one night.

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So what is this victory,

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to victory, two forms of victory. The first form of victory is the victory over your own desires and submitting your desires to the hokum of the Navy.

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Want to go and make Amara but also lasala columns and the treaty. We don't like the treaty. We don't agree with a treaty.

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But yet we accept it because our army transits and that is the second phase or the second facet of this victory, which is it that of the mill.

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It does have the mayor whether you like it or not, is that of the mayor whether you understand what the mayor is doing or not

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I'm saying this because today, this is the biggest fitline xoma.

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The biggest fitline rizoma is that everyone is Ambien and that is the cause of huge confusion and the root cause of all the fillers in this room. No one wants to follow anybody.

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We will follow as long as we like what the man is saying

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that not following

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somebody gives you a chocolate you like me to chocolate is a big deal.

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The issue of following guns only when someone tells you something you don't like, but you still follow Him because He is my Amir and I trust him.

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And that was the victory in with IBM, who they be was that was the test for the habba with regard to the position of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as they're

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not as the resource that was that they knew but as the Amir

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and that is the reason why even by so required by the region was taken, because there is an ottoman in that part of Delano was suspected to have been killed. And therefore I

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took this back of fighting and revising your lighting necessary we need to fight.

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Now Allah Subhana Allah knew that that man had not been killed Allah subhanaw taala could have been warned Rasul Allah, Allah, there was no need for wise or when we look at it in that, why why was this duck?

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Again just for the xaba are you willing to give back to my hubby, when he's asking you for fighting in the cause of Allah and losing your life if necessary.

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And that is why another man is Allah when the people who took this by to require Allah, Allah given that give them the good will of Bashar of gentlemen

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even though no fight ever happened

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but what was what was the demonstrating and by Torah what he thought of

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it that was me.

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And then comes Arabia once again the same issue and once the treaty is signed

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam orders and said shave your heads and sacrifice your animals

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and we know the famous story where azura curriculum said this and nobody moved imagine this think about this is very easy today 1400 years later for us to tell all these stories

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put yourself in that place. Here was a bunch of people they were brave people they were warriors they knew they would fight they didn't care about their lives if we lose our life No problem. Let's see on the on the field of battle we will see what what whatever is the you know decision or last minute that

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for such people

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to be forced not to fight for such people to be forced to accept a treaty which is humiliating in every manner even to the extent of the name or soon as he said Muhammad Rasul Allah. Swear when our says if we if we accepted that there is a there is a dispute, either we don't understand is Rasul Allah visa Mohammed bin Abdullah

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unite Mohammed bin Abdullah

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Allah says Allah Allah is writing a GT he says

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that this is my Eman How do I get out?

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So I'm gonna give it to him. And he is out.

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Sacrificing of personal desire, even when the desire is for a bada

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you're not talking about here I want to go to the racecourse. I want to go to the club or something and I'm sacrificing my desire for Allah subhanho

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wa Taala desire data dog images that we're talking about ombre of the house.

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But here what is being said, if this is the outcome of your image, you will follow the hub of the army.

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And in this case,

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the Navy

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and because these two tests were made, so rahsaan gives the hook up, shave your head sacrifice with demos, the sabar in a state of shock.

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They are in a state of great sadness

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the Mahabharata among them. They left Makkah under very bad stances. They love maka, they love the Kaaba, they love the Mandalay maka every time they go the mecca of the harem there's not nothing to stop them for years now they have not gone back to Makkah. And here's this chance to go to Makkah and they are being strapped literally at the gate of Makkah.

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Imagine imagine the the the the the sadness and the and and the and the the the the the anger, the sadness and the disappointment.

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In the heart

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so there's a sitting there, restaurant gives us hope of choice. And then he got up and he went into his debts

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no masala, our mother rajala Juana, she was in the den

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my oma, they are destroying themselves.

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They are destroying the diversity if you disobey the arm of the Navy it is

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it's good

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that they are destroying themselves.

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Almost Allah says Allah for Allah.

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The time has come for you to demonstrate what you say.

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So you don't tell them

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you go and do yourself and they will do inshallah.

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Serrano took the advice of his wife,

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our motto masala delana. And he went out and he asked

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the person to shave his head

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and the answer is and it has a lot to do with the capital. And he started slaughtering his garments and they all did that. Everybody all does not have a following. And the goal was during the zero hour I overwritten the stories they said that the tears mixed with the blood

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because they were weeping as they were doing this

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they're not doing it happening. They were doing it with great sadness no weeping while they were doing this and some of them while they were shaving that they were you know, they were not very careful. So the blade would cut the scalp also the blood would flow and tears would flow.

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But they did it

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no one disobeyed themselves.

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And that is gonna set down the column manager in Nevada has a lack of automobile knowledge, this is the victory. Now you have proven that you are worthy of the doors of fudo has to be open for you.

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I remind myself when my brothers they let us reflect when we are sitting in a cafe. What is our state with regard to obedience to the orders of Allah Serrano's? That obedience to the law is obedience obedience to me.

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We have got a massage today, where we will only accept what we like.

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And that is why we like to have the moms who tell us what we like, or at least an Imam who get intimidated by enough to change his word. Even if he says something.

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You glared at him that he will get intimidated or no, I didn't mean that.

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But if you've got an Imam who refuses to intimidate you don't like the man

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who gets

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I've always said if the Imam does not have the courage to speak the truth standing on this position here, that he should leave him alone.

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Because he's answerable dollars Renata is not answerable to you.

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If he doesn't understand that basic difference, then he has no business to be as simple as that.

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We need to change this mythos of our we need to bring ourselves in a state of obedience. If somebody is speaking with delille from the Gita vasana then we must accept it whether we like it or not, that is the meaning of obedience. Obedience means to do that which you do not like.

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Obedience is not reachable.

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Who obedient to awaiting chocolate, I want the chocolate anyway.

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Give me a chocolate I eat it. That's not obedience. Obedience is when you have to do obey the obedience is great, but it's not chocolate.

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Obedience is to do that which I don't want to do. But because the Amir is telling me

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and it does not matter whether the hammer is older than you younger than you what not what not, we're not looking at the individual. It can be anybody. We're looking at what the person is saying, if he's, if the person is speaking with the lead, if he's speaking with proof, then we obey the person whether the person is older than as younger than as anybody.

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And that is the fifth pillar that we have to bring into ourselves, to be obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala and who is who is Allah in all our actions and that is when in sha Allah, the doors of puto ha will be open also verse, the same just applies.

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But until that happens, believe me, we're not going anywhere.

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We have to bring this into ourselves as Carlos Raja to make it easy for us to do this. And to ease the path to his obedience and to give us the ability to differentiate between our likes and dislikes. And the ACA of Allah Subhana Allah and the Sunnah of Rasulullah

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sallallahu ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy he made the remedy

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Get out from under me.