Ramadan Reminders 2019 – #17 Beware of Conflicting Apps

Omer El-Hamdoon


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When we try to install apps, which don't work with operating system, whether it's on our computer or on our laptop, we get a message called, or saying you have conflicting apps, or this application doesn't work with the software that you have or the system that you have. And this is a phenomenon about conflicting apps. And what we think of it in a technological sense, it also applies to our life sense. And as Muslims, we have to make sure that our purpose in life our aims in life, do not conflict between wanting the dunya or wanting the accurate because Allah subhanaw taala says, Have you are those who want the dunya and of you are those who want the economic community to dunya are

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so important for the Muslim to announce and to declare, and to have that reality that he wants the Acura. But this doesn't mean that he has to neglect the dunya because a person should strive to achieve in the dunya by who's making that dounia subservient to his purpose for the Acura A few years ago, when I delivered the talk and was asked to deliver a talk in Liverpool titled Dean or lunia. I objected to the title because it's not a choice of whether Dean or dunya, but rather I said it should be dunia with Dean or dunia without him. And I think this is the important reality that we have to have. So our focus and our application should be the one that accurate we want the dean and

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we want that to be to be the primary purpose and all other things will just serve that in that reality. Let's make use of Ramadan to make that reality. a reality.