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AI: Summary © The importance of being aware of one's actions and not blaming others is emphasized, along with the need to show one's actions and bring evidence to change one's views. forgiveness is a foundation of forgiveness, and forgiveness is a act of mercy. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding mistakes and being mindful of one's actions to achieve a positive impression on one's own image. The importance of forgiveness is also emphasized, and mistakes are discussed as a sign of knowledge and a means to avoid confusion.
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Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Steven

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Miranda. Now one of the sisters, everyone and everything, every human being, every movement, every country, every race, every people, every nation

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has a signature. It has an identifying factor and identifying feature.

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The signature of Islam is mercy.

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Allah Subhana during himself as

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the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, Allah subhanaw taala introducing is nebby salatu salam Asimov's and Naka with me, let me we have not sent you a bonus or sell them as anything other than a mercy to all of creation. I mean, to the words,

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whatever that means, in terms of illustration, he knows it best.

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It is the nature of Islam, to be merciful. The reason I'm saying this is because in the context of leaving Islam,

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people are not impressed by what we say people are impressed by what we do, because what we say they cannot experience it, they can only hear it. But what we do is what they feel, what we do is how they feel. And that's why the codes that we use in customer service, we say that people will not remember what you did, but they will always remember how it feels.

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And that's the reason why it's very important for us to look at our own con, our own conduct, and how we approach people, how we talk to people, how we interact with people, and always be trying to be conscious of the effect that we have on people. Please understand that for people their perception is reality, you might say, Well, you know, I never said that. I never meant that. True enough, fair enough. You will not you will not have meant it. You will not even have said it. But the work you did say or the way you said it. Even if it is unintentional, it can have consequences, both positive and negative. If the consequences are positive, and underneath that.

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That's also not something to feel very happy about because you don't know why it was positive, right? It's unconsciously positive, something happened. But anyway, isn't the result is good. We say it's good, but if it's if it is negative, if the consequences were negative,

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then there is a price to pay. And the price to pay is that you have given a negative impression about Islam. Brothers, sisters, please understand this very clearly. I remind myself when you that we all complain today that we say that why do people blame Islam for everything which is the individual Muslims doing something which is wrong? Why do you say it is Islam? You know, just think about it, nothing changed throughout history. This is how it has always been. Muslims have always been equated with Islam. The only difference was then the Salah Sally, the origin of the early Muslims, who were the companions of Azerbaijan, and those who came after them in excellence. These

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people were happy to be identified as representatives of Islam. They the Sahaba used to say kuno masala they used to say become like us be like us. Why did they say that? They didn't say be like Bahasa this would be like us because that doesn't mean you're not like also salary you are not showing there because you're saying that I am with you, you can see me so be like me and Alhamdulillah inshallah I am like Hamas Alright.

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So when I'm saying be like me, I'm in effect saying be like Moses, Allah because I'm like, this is what this was the, the logic behind the Sahaba saying, Unum Islam be like us, my brothers is the same thing as how people used to equate Muslim Islam people still equate Muslim Islam. The problem is what the result is when people equated Muslim with Islam, and those Muslims were the people who were the Sahaba for Soros and selam result was positive. When people in a equate Muslim with Islam. And when those Muslims are people like us, then the result is not negative, is not positive. So we need to look at ourselves, we need to ask ourselves, what is it that I am doing? Where I am afraid

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that if people equate me with Islam, then the result would be negative? Why am I Why am I putting myself in that situation? Why am I behaving like this? The whole point of leaving Islam is to consciously be aware of the impression the image that we are creating in society. I'm not saying you work for that you're you're working to please Allah subhanaw taala but when you're working please Allah spirit Allah what is the metrics? The metrics is the feedback of the people what are what are the people saying verbally or by their behavior by the demeanor, by their, their interaction with you, and what is that feedback? What is it telling you in terms of how you are coming across to them

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if I want to

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To give a positive impression about Islam that I need to come across positively to the people I come into contact with. And if that is not happening, there's no point in blaming the people. There's no point in saying something wrong with you, and nothing wrong with them. They are only responding to what they are seeing. So I need to look at myself and say, what is it that I'm showing? Please understand demonstration means to actually act. You can demonstrate by talking, you can demonstrate talking by talking but you can't demonstrate anything else by talking. You don't state by showing the power of the see. Let me say this alum himself said this.

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He said that lifecell sobre como una cama de la la Salatu. Salam said the Saba the information the news is not the same as seeing it. Seeing it is seeing is believing. Look at all the TV shows that we see. For example, take the cook the cookware cooking glasses, the cooking shows that we see that we see on television, what are the people doing, they're actually cooking, they will cook something and show you

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even though we know that that is being done for show, maybe some of the some of the some of that food photography is done using other materials, not the actual stuff that we eat, because the other material looks looks nicer. And, for example, if you represent ice cream, then it won't matter if it is not an actual ice cream, it's made of some form or something. Leave that aside. The point is that the visual impact of that cooking class is amazing. You start salivating. Maybe you don't drool but you start salivating and you start you love you want to learn how to cook that thing? Because it looks so delicious. And this is the whole issue of how does Islam look to the people who are looking

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at us? Does it look delicious? Does it look like something that a lot is fantastic. You know, I really want to learn learn about this thing. I really want to be like this person, I really want to

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find out from this person, what is it that you are doing? What kind of life do you have? Because you seem to be so much in harmony with everything and you're not stressed out and you're not freaking out about this and that and the other, you have kind of considered what is it that you do you know, what's your philosophy? What's your behavior? Like? What do you eat? What do you how do you sleep and so on and so forth? Who do you worship? What's your what's your religion? We want people to actually ask these questions because they're so impressed, because they're so so impressed. And so, Merci. Merci is the is the foundation of forgiveness. Mercy is the reason we forgive. Mercy means

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that we respond actually promote justice. But Islam also promote something more than that.

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In the law, yamo be ugly with acid unless one fella orders us to learn to evil with good, not evil with evil, even though that would be justice, to punish evil with justice. And Islam. It doesn't doesn't shy away from Islam actually promote justice. But Islam also promote something more than that. In Allah Yama with ugly with acid. And that's one of the orders us to be to be just, and then to do more. What is it more that more is mercy, this Mercy is to forgive even though the person deserves to be punished. Now, the question of the person having done wrong, it's not even a question. Of course they did wrong. That's the reason why they deserve to be punished. Because many

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times people will come and tell you, when you say forgive somebody, but you know he did this. Of course he did it. He nobody's doubting that nobody's denying that. He did it. That is the reason why we are saying forgive the man if he had not done it, that was a question of forgiving, he did it. But even though he did it, if you forgive him, solar service, no guarantee do something awesome. Guaranteed you and me a great reward. If we forgive, even though

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even though the person deserved to be to be punished, for example, in the famous Hadees soldier Salah, he said I guarantee a house in Jenga for the lie as a joke. And then he said I guarantee a house in the highest part of the agenda for the one who has good manners. And this is now without remember the part of the person arguing on something which is wrong. You forgive that you have the argument, the reasons I guarantee house agenda for the one who gives up arguing, even if he's right, and I guarantee a house in the middle of Jannah for the one who abandons lying, even for the sake of fun doesn't even tell a lie as a joke. And then he said I guarantee a house in the highest part of

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the agenda for the one who has good manners. And this is now without Remember what I said about how you make them fit. How do you make them feel? means good manners. How does a person feel valued because you treat them with respect and with dignity.

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How does a person feel?

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And remember, I was traveling. It was many years ago, it was Ramadan, I was on a flight.

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In India I was on a flight I think some Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi or something. I can't recall. There was a person sitting next to me. The stewardess brought the meal. So I said, Sonia, thank you very much. I won't eat. I'm fasting. The person next to me,

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said to me said, Do you mind if I eat? If it's any problem, then I also did. So I said, No, of course, please go ahead and eat. And then I asked his name later, and his name was George. Now he was a person who not a Muslim. But he was considered enough to ask me whether he could eat while I was sitting in the next seat. I mean, this is right to have with me. And I have no absolutely no zero objection if you ask me. But here's the man with this manner. Think about that, that this incident small incident happened many years ago. It's fresh in my mind. And I'm telling you, I'm telling you about this incident, I'm telling you the man's dead. Now think about it. This is how the

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impression the image of Islam gets bit, which is by our manners. Evidence is the underlying the underlying who he reported from our source and Salah, who said, The Merciful will be shown mercy, by the Most Merciful, the Merciful will be shown mercy, by the most are hammer Rahimi, by the Most Merciful, be merciful to those on earth. And the one in the heavens, will have mercy on you. And this is it. There'll be

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the same two things here he's saying those will show mercy will be shown mercy,

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show mercy to the people on the earth. And unless we show mercy to my older sisters,

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we are

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if you if you look at this, there is also said, He who does not show mercy to our little ones, and who does not recognize the rights of our elders is not one of us and this is

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my my habit and always be merciful to others and you will receive mercy forgive others and unless panatela will forgive you. And this is also in

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there are many bodies which tell us to be merciful which tell us to forgive each other which tell us to themselves in the famous had this way he said that this oma is like one body, your head pains, the whole body feels the spirit, right? You get a fever or your body feels uneasy and painful. Because one part of the bodies is is painting. Today we are like a body which the head is separated from the rest of the body. The pain areas seem to have gone off somewhere else. The rest of the body doesn't look like it's feeling anybody spent a lot forgive us. This is not the nature This is not the signature. This is not the the message of Islam, sisters,

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and those around today himself. He said in this beautiful Ayat of surah Zuma, where Allah said Korea Eva da da da da so Allah fusi la vida de la in La La Jolla. Nova Jamia in one photo Rahim. Allah How can I say? Say? Yeah, you barely see all my slaves I met this is the this is a loss of an alternative. He's talking about people who have committed sins because Allah say, all Yeah, buddy, which one which lives and live in us enough to say to their Yamaha, Amazon seller, always lives, those who have transgressed against themselves, unless calling those people who have disobeyed it, unless you've acted as calling those people who have

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who have angered him, his lips, my lips, many of you know in our life, we like to call those people we like and we appreciate we of course, we will, we will own them and we like to call them

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our people, my friends, my many times you see this in families, if the child does something,

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something right, then the father will say to the mother see what my son did. And if he does something wrong, the father would say to the mother, see what your son did? You know, we tend to distance those who disobey or those who do something wrong. We tend to distance distance them from ourselves. We don't like to own them. But this is not like owning those who transgressed allies owning those who went against him and less wanting those who disobeyed him alessian kuliah Abadi say whatever any other drug I'm harming my own body. If I'm doing you know if I'm if I'm doing anything which is wrong, which I left my budget, I'm harming myself gambling, I'm losing

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If I commit a sin, the sin harms me, if I drink alcohol in my body, which is getting abused, if I'm taking drugs and walking, I'm using tobacco or whatever, any other drug, I am having my own body. If I'm doing you know, if I'm if I'm doing anything which is wrong, which I left, I am harming myself, I'm gambling, I'm losing my money, I'm destroying myself. So the here the issue of understanding sin is that we don't have a loss of appetite, you're not doing a favor to Las panatela. By living a clean life, a clean life is beneficial for me. And a clean life also enables me to create a positive impression about a two others who see me who are my neighbors, and my colleagues and my friends and

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so on. So what they see me and if I, if my life is clean, in general, they will be they will be influenced by that. So I'm not saying though to transgress against themselves, but they are my slaves. Now, what did you say that?

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Do not despair, have the right amount of data, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. So don't think that Allah will not forgive you? Do not think that I have done so much evil that Allah will never forgive me. No, this is from Japan, Japan, is one of the deceptions of chetana Jetta will tell you that Oh, you know what you can be forgiven because you have committed so many sins. So you may as well continue to commit to since the whole point of shaitaan, wanting you to despair, from the Wrath of Allah from the mercy of Allah is because he wants you to continue to commit sins, he doesn't want you to repent. Because he says what's the point of repenting because Allah is not going to forgive?

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Unless denying that Allah is saying very clearly. Oh yeah by the loveliness of Allah and foresee him

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la toma de la do not despair, the mercy of Allah

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in the La Jolla. No by Jamia in the world for him, there really and truly Allah subhanaw taala can forgive all sins, and very recently Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful, one for over 100 sisters in this beautiful act of Allah subhanho wa Taala him he emphasized reiterated his mercy and forgiveness how many times and look first and foremost Allah saying Yeah, Eva de les calling us His slaves, that itself is an expression of the mercy of Allah. Then he says that not only Rahmatullah the second expression on the mercy of Allah and I say that do not despair, the mercy of Allah, then Allah saying in the lie of furusawa, verily and truly, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala we forgive all sins, yet another reinforcement of the mercy of Allah in Hoover for him, yet again, a reinforcement of the mercy of others. In what if Allah has reinforced His mercy and His forgiveness? How many times so therefore, what is it that we must do? As I mentioned to the

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seller earlier, Allah said this, he said, that, if you show mercy, Allah would show mercy on you. So when we forgive people, we must keep this in mind that you are not forgiving the person because of that person. You're forgiving the person because you need Allah subhanho danis forgiveness, I need forgiveness online.

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Is there anybody who can say that I do not need the forgiveness of Allah so I will not forgive this person. No, there is nobody. Every single person needs the forgiveness of almost everyone needs the mercy of

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Allah said I'm sad to say that I just Allah

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because Allah subhanaw taala and this is what I would give this the Why must be due dates. Because once Allah gives Jenna, then in the general Raja,

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because Allah subhanaw taala and this is what gives us the Why must be due dates, because once Allah gives gender, then in the general

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rewards in the general it will be in keeping with the deeds that the person did. So the all the good deeds, therefore we need to continue to do good deeds, for two reasons Firstly, because good deeds attract the mercy of Allah. So therefore, we need the mercy of Allah and secondly is inshallah and once we,

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Allah forgives us, in general, we ask Allah for his forgiveness, then Allah will give us gender based on our duties. I mean, Allah give us the data, based on our gender will come will come because of the mercy of Allah. And Allah will come because of the good deeds we do. I think about this when we are in our daily interaction and so on. So, what happens people make mistakes and people make a mistake, instant reaction is to criticize them instant reaction is to within course correct them. Now, before we go into the correction aspect of it, we look at our intention, what is the intention of correcting this person? Is it really it would have more knowledge? Which one is it what what is

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it because that's the first test that we must take for ourselves and satisfy ourselves that my correction

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My anger or my displeasure with the individual, I'm not doing it for any of those reasons I'm doing it because I'm genuinely interested in that person, many times I've seen is for the benefit of the individual, it is not in order to insult the individual, I'm not trying to get back at the individual. And my correction is not another way of showing my anger or my displeasure with the individual. I'm not doing it for any of those views, I'm doing it because I'm genuinely interested in that person. Many times, I've seen that people do corrections in a way, which is demeaning, which is hurting. And this doesn't help because the whole issue of your attention to the thing that you

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actually told them. So here, even if you had a good intention, to say that I need to correct the behavior of this person, the way in which I attached the dignity of the individual, and the individual quite naturally gets so involved with feeling bad about it, that he or she will never pay attention to the thing that you actually told them. So here, even if you had a good intention, to say that I need to correct the behavior of this person, and the way you correct it, the behavior does not get corrected, on the contrary, the person just ends up feeling bad and that negative feeling is of no use to anybody. So therefore, we need to ask ourselves, what we must do. I remember

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the beautiful,

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beautiful incident once were in Cape Town,

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the person decided or on and when he was reciting Quran I could make out that he was Egyptian because for for the job, he would say God, right, so Gemini is gonna, Gemma is Gamal, and join me this committee. So this person decided, then after he finished sitting there, the Imam of the masjid gave him this beautiful door. And he said, may Allah Subhana, Allah bless you for your recitation. And on the Day of Judgment, may Allah Subhana Allah

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call out and announce and ask you to come and May Allah asks you to decide or and before him as beautifully as you decided to be this much like man and get to this person who is praising the recitation of this, of this other individual, and he's giving him this beautiful.

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Now, the thought in my mind was but you know, however, he made this mistake in the habit of saying, again, now, later on me, I had the opportunity of asking this man, I said, for my own understanding among correction, you know, what did you think? He said, You know, I

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said, do your point is valid in the sense that, yes, gender is gender, it's not gonna, but he said, you know,

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on the day of judgment, Allah is not willing to look at the pronunciation of that person. Let's look at that. And if this person was reciting the heart, with Osho, and with sincerity and with the love of Allah subhanaw taala and his Colombian his heart, then inshallah Allah will forgive him if he made a mistake, if he made a mistake in the massage or in the way of pronouncing a particular word. He said In any case, there are different people of different areas, different regions, people who speak different languages, who by nature say or or pronounce certain words differently from others, that I know I come from from India.

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And we will be speaking people for example, and you do or towards example, or the people will do speaking people we have a way of pronouncing off and ha in the same way and that is hot. So, in if you if you ask an older person to reside, and if he say Allah, He will say holla Now, we know it has to be a Salah means are the system right now, Allah is said so, when you when if a person is resigning currently we say Allah, he's not talking about his art he means he means Allah except that he because of his Urdu language, you know, on his influence of the language he says Salah he's not deliberately saying that because he wants to miss recite the Quran, there is no evil

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people would who speak Punjabi right we have in Pakistan For example, we will be Punjabi Muslims.

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For them the deliberately to distort the the word of the aura that is this language the way he speaks the Egyptian dialect he decided he says it like that. For example,

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people would who speak Punjabi right we have in Pakistan For example, we will be Punjabi.

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For them, the path is for the Zulu speaking people it is hard for for the Punjabi speaking people it is so instead of saying they will sickle So, if a person says I am curious

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Find My uncle. He's not talking about washing his dog, he's talking about purifying his heart.

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He means he doesn't mean our eyes if he says I must purify my, my Michael, he's not talking. He's not saying I'm with wash my dog, right. So the simplicity is just as the speaking person, if he says Carla is small is the value neutral word small doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. But in order to, for example, Toyota has a different meaning shorter sometimes means it means small as it get caught up in one small thing. I'm not saying small in the sense of I'm not trying to, you know, demean or, or discount, the importance of the Quran many times these are all things that people

00:25:45--> 00:25:48

miss read. And also we tend to

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misinterpret words out of context of culture. For example, if somebody uses the word small, in a in the English language, small is the value neutral word small doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. But in order, for example, Toyota has a different meaning shorter sometimes means it means small as it affectionate is very small as a quantity, or it can also mean small as in less important, less important healthcare, for example, light, if you see something is light in English, there's no, there's no value connotation on that. But in order to say halka, it means something which is valueless. It means it also, but it means something which is valueless. So, if you if you are if you

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are talking to people in a particular language, one must keep in mind that the language the words used must be interpreted in the context of the culture of that language, not in the culture of some other language. Because that way you don't, that you get the wrong impression about the word. So it's very important to understand this and say that when I am criticizing somebody, so now, for example, you might say, Well, you know, then is that unimportant? Should we not correct somebody if we start with wrong, of course, that was extremely important. Of course, you must correct somebody that that was wrong, but do correct with love and with kindness and with with understanding that

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this person is decided on because he loves a lot because he loves the color of Allah subhanaw taala. In the middle of that, you, you point a finger and you say, Oh, you know what this, if you did not bring it out properly, she was connected with he got disconnected because of your intervention level and really ask yourself, Is this what you wanted to do? Did you want to disconnect the app from is the inner feeling of the heart of that person? Right? So he's gone, he's disconnected from Allah Subhana data, in which he was connected with with the column of Allah subhanaw taala, which he was connected with, he got disconnected because of your intervention.

00:27:55--> 00:28:33

really ask yourself, Is this what you wanted to do? Did you want to disconnect the app from his? Because if that's what you want to do, then good news to you. We were successful. But if that's not what you wanted to do, and make Toba make us the pirate say Allah, I am I apologize to you. And I seek Your pardon that I did this I did it with a good intention. I want the man to recite the color your column correctly, but maybe this time and place was wrong. So therefore, think of another time and place where you can do that. This is the expression of mercy. The point I'm saying is that mercy means to forgive somebody who's wronged let's dig dig this in another context. Take Take it in the

00:28:33--> 00:29:13

case of for example, in our family relations, right we we have people in our homes in most of our homes, it is the lady of the house, she cooks the food so she gets the food the food comes on the table and you eat the food or hungry left. You know, is the food always perfect? will depend on who's good sometimes some people are absolute masters at it so it's always perfect. But in most cases, it's not always perfect. So there is some time to forget take take the important thing is to take into account the whole picture. What's what the whole picture is here is this person went out of their way. They must have to forget take take that the important thing is to take into account

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the whole picture. What's what the whole picture is here is this person went out of their way. They must have got up earlier than you did. They stood there at the stove and they worked on it. And with the best of intentions they did their best and they produce something for you. And you know all of that. That taste is not your liking. Now what do you want to do? You want to trash this whole effort because the taste was not to your liking or do you want to take into account this whole effort and say who cares about the taste I agree that it is food it is nutritious it is valid. It is going to help my body taste is only the tongue once it once it goes behind the tongue. This makes no

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difference. Once it goes down the gullet takes was a taste makes no difference. Alhamdulillah hon Allah May Allah give it is but let me

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Tank a lot that I can test that I'm capable of tasting. There's a friend of mine, whose wife, he has four children. She says after the third child suddenly, her taste buds completely stopped functioning.

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There's nothing wrong with that. She's 100% perfect, except that her taste buds do not function. What does that mean? It means that she cannot taste anything. So whether it is sweet whether it is sour, whether it's chilly, whether it is salty, not salty, whatever it is, he says everything tastes like cardboard, like like, you know, like tissue paper or something. She so food has no meaning for me she has food has absolutely zero meaning for now think about that. You are making a noise because Allah gave you taste buds. If Allah had taken out your taste buds then no no you should write your your wife or whoever is cooking. Or your husband is cooking. He could have been cooking she could

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have cooking any trash, you would have eaten it because it makes no difference to you. So is thank Allah subhana wa Denis Alhamdulillah. Allah gave me days but that is the reason why I can taste that this food has got too much of salt or too little salt. But I know and I recognize that this Razak is not my wife, or as it is not my husband, the rozet is not the cook it's not the chef it's not the waiter that has it is Amazon COVID-19 Allah Subhana Allah, Allah you gave me this food, this food came to you came to me from you. And I should complain. I should complain about it.

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How would I complain what is less of a hotel Give me the food unless Randall also gave me taste buds. And Allah subhanaw taala decreed that some times salt is more of the salt is less, so that I can appreciate the fact that all the rest of the time we do perfect so that I can appreciate the fact that I have this bus that I can that I'm able to distinguish between grass and between good food. I'm not just eating something. Imagine it's very natural. You know, in many cases, we compare ourselves to to animals and we give animals

00:32:08--> 00:32:16

within I don't know Alexis human quality because you won't be not like that, but as a noble qualities is able to brave like a lion or, or

00:32:17--> 00:32:58

stealthy like a leopard or, or something. Right, if you are a lion, you will be eating rotten meat, you will be eating often, you will be eating into stands full of dark, light, that is what you're eating. If you are alive, thank God that I cannot thank Allah subhanaw taala that you are a human being that you eat food, which is beautiful, which is automatic, which is which is pure, which is also nutritious. So it's raw meat, the lions are getting the nutrition promise, they're getting nutrition from eating awful. They're getting nutrition from eating, semi processed dung from the intestines of cattle, and antelopes, and deer and so on which they kill. Because that gives them new

00:32:58--> 00:33:05

micronutrients, and so on and so forth. But they're getting it in that form. They're not getting it the way you get it, I get it, because we get it because

00:33:07--> 00:33:30

human beings, and ultramarathoner decreed that we get this. So think about that, that now, talking about forgiveness, here is somebody who did a whole lot of effort. And at the end of that, maybe something failed. And you want to track all the effort and look at that, or you want to take the whole thing into account and say, well out of all of this 99% of the team is good, therefore, that's good. And whatever is

00:33:31--> 00:33:39

is not good. This is an opportunity for me to accelerate. This is an opportunity for me also to ungentle hungry. So the person is the house of food is

00:33:41--> 00:34:20

Masha Allah, may Allah bless you for your effort. Similarly, as I explained it earlier about with regard to the recitation of the Quran, with regard to something else, where Alhamdulillah I'm also human, I also make mistakes. How would I like it? If somebody grabbed me by the collar every time I make a mistake? I wouldn't like it at all. How much of dedication effort has this person put into this into this work into the job? And yes, maybe some part of it is not up to the mark. Maybe they made a mistake somewhere Alhamdulillah I'm also human, I also make mistakes. How would I like it? If somebody grabbed me by the collar, every time I make a mistake, I wouldn't like it at all. So

00:34:20--> 00:34:56

therefore, let me not do that. Let me forgive the person and let me look at the positive aspect of it and say Alhamdulillah all of this is good. And then at some other point in time, please never, never, never, when you're looking at feedback, never do what people call a sandwich never combine a positive thing with a negative thing because it is human nature, the negative thing sticks the positive thing will get discounted. So your even your positive feedback which you give them which you give them sincerely, we get trashed, and they will only remember the negatives. So don't do that. praise them abuela because you're looking at the positive part of it and the law. May Allah

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

bless you and so on so forth. Thank them and praise them and

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

and bless them give them and then later at some other point in time, in a context where now for example, the person is sitting in class and taking the center use example not to say here that with class we are reading Quran, so please read, obviously, if that is the mistake the person makes, he will make it again, if he doesn't make it, then maybe there was a one time mistake, it doesn't matter. But if you need it again, now you correct him and say, okay, no, this is the way to pronounce it. This is the way to say this is what it means, by your, by your pronouncing it this particular way. This is how, in some cases, not every case, but in some cases, much of the meaning

00:35:36--> 00:36:17

is getting changed. And this can be a problem as far as leading of satellites on is concerned. Do that in that context. Please understand, I'm not saying do not correct, absolutely, you must correct especially if you are a teacher, it's your right to correct and correct your students, you must correct now to look but do it in a way which takes into account a person's dignity. Do it in a way which is compassionate way which is kind which is and remember Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala can cause you to be in the same situation and worse, if Allah does not like what you have done a favor no matter how unpleasant it might sound, no matter how pained you might be, no matter how

00:36:17--> 00:36:18

offended you might tend to feel.

00:36:19--> 00:36:38

Don't want to do we have in our life, our lives are full of them. Right? The other side of it, if you are corrected, please understand, a person who's correcting a mistake is doing a favor, no matter how unpleasant it might sound, no matter how pained you might be, no matter how offended you might tend to feel.

00:36:39--> 00:36:43

Don't do all that don't feel offended, don't be paid, say Alhamdulillah.

00:36:44--> 00:37:21

You corrected me, because if that person didn't correct you, you would continue to make that same mistake. Maybe you are making a mistake without being aware of it. As I'm not saying you will go to Ghana, for that you will not go to Ghana, Mashallah. But it is still a mistake, it is still something which is bad, it is still something which gives the right impression, it is still something which is a sign of ignorance. Why would you want to keep that you want to keep it for what is no reason. So here is somebody who corrects us Alhamdulillah, thank you so much for correcting me, take it positively, even if you were in this beautiful feeling. And because of this correction,

00:37:21--> 00:37:58

the feeling went away. Alhamdulillah, don't worry about that. Don't feel bad about it. ask Allah Subhana Allah for that feeling again, and He will give it to take the correction positively. So I'm looking at both sides of the person who is correcting and the person who's being corrected, we both need to look at it positively. But remember, mercy is the fundamental point of all this, the person being corrected, also will be merciful. You say, Okay, here is my brother, here is this person who corrected me, and let me be merciful towards him. Let me not hold that against him. Let me not feel bad about that. Let me not be angry with him. Because he said what he said in the wrong way at the

00:37:58--> 00:38:08

wrong time doesn't matter. He's a different time, it would have been much better to speak away from your perspective. They also don't point a finger at him and say you don't know how to correct what kind of a teacher you don't

00:38:09--> 00:38:28

talk more. So approach that person later on and say, You know what, the way you corrected me at that point in time, I appreciate your correction. But if you had corrected me in a different place in a different time, it would have been much better speak of it from your perspective. They also don't point a finger at him and say you don't know how to correct what kind of a teacher you don't

00:38:29--> 00:39:13

talk about yourself. This is how the effect of your correction This is what the effect was on me. So that we are you this is your right to say what the effect was on you the person inshallah will benefit from that because they have been given some positive feedback. A brother sisters, I want to end with this. I want to end with randomizing you the whole point of livings whole point of focusing on living Islam is to ensure that we give the best impression about Islam and to understand and realize that this is not a matter of reacting it's not a matter of we are not giving the world just to give preference to people leaving Islam in. in the best way. Leaving Islam the way Islam should

00:39:13--> 00:39:22

be lived is something which is the most beneficial for us. In Amazonia Outlander is the teacher of Malik with Anissa

00:39:23--> 00:40:00

rosary said that Islam spread the fastest after Fatah maka, because for the first time that non Muslims were able to see the lives of Muslims Close Up, up close. Now, what which Muslim is talking about, he's talking about the ordinary Muslim. He's talking about the farmer, the carpenter the and, and the shepherd and he's talking about the businessman in the shopkeeper is talking about the about about the people who were the ordinary neighbors of non Muslims. He's not talking about the the covering of this habit.

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:01--> 00:40:42

that always was the case. But he said after hatanaka because there are no tensions anymore. There's no enemies and there was no war. There was no state of, of high alert. People who were able to mix together, people were able to come to come close to each other. And then and when non Muslims saw the lives of ordinary Muslims, they were so hugely impressed that they entered Islam when they came to Islam. I remind myself when you are asked this question to myself, how many people are impressed with my life? How many non Muslims have come into Islam because they saw my life? How many non Muslims how many of my non Muslim friends became Muslim because it's ami, Allah forgive us. If this

00:40:42--> 00:41:22

is the, this is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah did not make this as a condition for forgiving us, Allah did not say I will not give you gender unless you bring at least one person into Islam. Allah says, Allah Allah, that is it. And this amount that I simply told us present Islam in the best possible way that you can present well in a little bit on you There is nothing more than to present clearly what you have been charged with. Other than that Allah did not hold us accountable for convincing people for bringing them into Islam. But having said that, this is the mercy of Allah smarter about how beautiful it would be we are we behave with each other the way we interact

00:41:22--> 00:41:27

society, if people were so impressed with this, that they came into Islam, how beautiful that would be.

00:41:28--> 00:42:13

And we remind you of myself, that this impressed with the way we do business, the way we we sit down and sit and walk and live in our homes and our massages and our cars and the way we we behave with each other the way we interact society, if people were so impressed with this, that they came into Islam, how beautiful that would be. And we remind me of myself, that this is not a fantasy. This is not philosophy. This is not my theology. This is how things work, once upon a time, and this is how things can become again, if you and I want to make them that way. Again, it's all completely and totally upon us. Do we want this to happen? If we want it to happen? The framework, the format, the

00:42:13--> 00:42:24

the the template, we have that template is called the Kora. And the application of that template is so nice Sierra of awesomeness asked

00:42:26--> 00:43:00

to enable us to read and understand his color. And to understand the implementation of that color by looking at the life of his blessed prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked them as Mark denic refill your hearts with his door ask Allah bless you, and ask us to open your hearts to the message of Islam and to enable you to become living, walking, talking models of Islam, which impress and hugely illuminate the lives of others. So that that so that you spread goodness around you, wherever you are.

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alive he was abused me