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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of investing in construction projects based on the decision to do so instead of waiting until the end of the test for higher returns is emphasized. Personal success and weaknesses are also discussed as tests for one's ability to achieve their goals. The need for clarity in one's mind to make the right choices and avoid negative emotions is emphasized. Interesting tests online can lead to confusion and negative feelings, so individuals should test their abilities before committing to a club.
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salatu salam ala Sheila, Phil MBA once again when it was habeas May,

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Allah subhanaw taala. as even as why utara COO,

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coo Ivan, our homelife done on Allah right that I said that does mankind think that they will be left alone, if they simply say

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that we believe, and that they will not be tested?

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like asking us a question for what we believe.

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Now, what is this test,

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a test set of many kinds, but the basic foundation of every test

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two things, number one,

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that the test is

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where we have to choose between two things.

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And as a result of which, there will be an increase or decrease in our position of

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every test leads to a promotion or a demotion.

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And every test is a choice between two things.

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The choices are of two kinds. One choice is a choice between obeying Allah and it'll be online. And this is the most foundational of choices

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do you'll be allowed to do or do not have

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the job of Helen and Helen.

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But there is another higher level of choice.

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When a person has gone to a position, inshallah, the person does not do what is haram,

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you reach a higher level of choice, which is the choice what I call the choice between investments,

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where do you choose to invest, you have an opportunity to invest money, opportunity to invest time opportunity to invest your energy, opportunity to invest whatever Allah has given you. Where do you choose to invest it in something which is giving you a higher return, or something which is giving you a lower return?

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Now what gives you a higher return and what gives you a larger, anything of the dounia gives you a lower return anything of the accidental gives you a higher return because Allah subhanaw taala mentioned very clearly, that our armar are going to be with almost no time for that guy to say that. He says that what remains are the good deeds. And therefore when there's an investment opportunity in this dunya.

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And when I say I will not invest here, I will invest the same money, or the same time or the energy or the same talent in the era, that you're making a very wise choice, and you have passed the test. And then Allah subhanaw taala takes you to another test another level.

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But if you don't do that, and if you say that no, no, but you know, I want this thing, which is of the dunia I want this house, I want this.

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In the house, I want this kind of fancy this and fancy that or I want this thing or that thing lunia you are making a choice, you make a choice of investing that money in something of the dunya instead of investing that money they occur.

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And obviously that is a bad choice. Because if you

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die leaving that thing.

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And if you have

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if you have got that thing, by Alan means, then you will request in malice monitor, if you went into some doubtful means when you were getting that thing, then you have the other alternative. But that same thing, if you had used for the benefit of the date, then that thing would have been a source of great

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joy for you. And it's also great to work for you in the ACA. So that is a choice you're making. So every time we there is a choice to do something, we must always ask ourselves, is this the best investment and then consciously choose the best investment. The other so there is as I said two things one is the choice between obedience to Allah and disobedience of Allah. Now between Salah For example, one of the choices that we have, that we face is club memberships. Now, no matter how many arguments you give, the fact remains that if somebody says, look at the reason for establishing of the club, maybe you're using one piece of that club, but that's not the reason for establishing of

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the club. somebody tells me is the owner of our club, the name of a gym, what would you say? If someone says the name of a swimming pool? What do you say? If somebody says your club is the name of a place which is established for the sake of people to get together and have a good time and have parties and you know, go to the bar, have a drink? What do you say? If you want to pull out because there's no end to fooling ourselves. You're not called a member of a hotel, you're called a member of a club. There's a membership there is an interview to be passed. And that interview What are they seeing they're seeing whether you are fit to join them by whose standards by the standards of

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Muhammad Rasul Allah, or by the standards of all the people who disobey Allah.

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I know that all the people who

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deliberately commit Haram, by their standards, you have to go that desktop, go to that club, if you think that club is based on those standards, then go to the club wearing a turban wearing a man wearing a Mashallah and with your with your trouser above your ankles, and see if you get through the membership.

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The point I'm making is that we can fool ourselves, but the day will come when we will be called to account. And what a tragedy, if you are going to get the punishment of Allah because of a something as completely stupid as a club membership.

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That is a test. So these are the issues of tests online, if you think you will not be tested. For each one, there is a test, which is for him. This is the this is the beauty of, of Islam. And this is where

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you know trips. For somebody who's interested in the the the test will be in learning the knowledge of the deen and not acquiring given along with it. And this is one of the big problems of today, you learn a little bit of a few of you out there, you learn to read the Quran better and using that you are, you know God's gift to mankind and you then look down on other people. And you will start Pronouncing fatawa here and there and you walk around as if you're great at the test that you have failed that test, because you went into arrogance for some other people a test maybe a club membership for somebody else, that that may be something that it is important for us to identify

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what is the test. And the best way to identify that is to go back and look at your heart. And this is where the heart or the debate is the best move to ask your own heart. And you know what your heart will just ask your own heart as it is this thing which I'm doing is this correct? Am I comfortable with this? If I die in that place tomorrow? Am I comfortable dying in that place? Because that is the final analysis of analyzing this, if you die in that situation? What are you going to say well as well. And that's why the issue of tests. So those are very, very important for us to be very clear in our minds, and ensure that we never do anything, which sabotages are all

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accurate, because the accurate is the only thing which which will remain

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Everything else will be

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everything else will be will be will have to be left behind

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and be either a source of goodness for us, or a source of evil for us malice rantala

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help us to make the right choices and give us the courage to make the right choices and not put us in a situation where Satan fools us and we are afraid of the opinion of people who whose opinion matters absolutely nothing. Whereas we are not concerned about the opinion of Allah subhanho data, which is the only thing which matters was Allah had been getting while he was happy as me

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