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Well, most of you were selling robotic either be you know, have you been 100 in water early he was talking about.

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So the name he chose for today was a name that

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probably should have done last year. But but I didn't. It's one of the early names you should you should always learn about when you're learning about Allah subhanho wa taala. And when I was taught,

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it was probably third or fourth that that you were taught about. And it's up there with those with those major names like it's Mala and ICS is Mala. Mala, who I had, I had, these names are are unique, and they don't have synonyms, and they're, they're in their own category. The name I'm gonna talk about today is different than the names I've talked about in the last number of days. Because because it's an umbrella name, it's one of those major names, many other names fall under Islam, Allah Haim will hear this Mullah Hill movie, and the proper translation for it, to the best of my knowledge, knowledge is the encompassing of all, all things in all patients being cognizer of all

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under this name. Many many names fall like the name of Allah subhanaw taala, Eileen and Samia, see you and leave severe Nokia and Shahid and Appodeal in limbo Haman

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and a rubber Walkman and allow him all these names felt under his name and will heal because the concept of healed the meaning of incompetence or of all is you and compasses all with his knowledge

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with his dominance, and with his care.

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So when he encompasses also piloti encompasses all through his knowledge through the fact that he dominates all and through the fact that he cares for all as well. So all those other names fall under this name, this very large name animal here. And in Arabic, the word Halal is sometimes used for the ocean. That's how that's how we're used to it. But what it means is to surround something, a Hapa is something surrounding something else. So it's not just the rounder but as the incompetent because he doesn't really do it physically. It was more of a figurative figure of speech. He encompasses everything and everyone General General. It's in the Quran and the actual name and

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Mojito plays in the Quran seven times worse than either it comes with

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nothing, he doesn't come with any name, or we alone, it's always a little bit it encompasses at least 25 Names of Allah subhanaw taala under it, it's an umbrella name that has 25 names under so it never comes with a name. It's always more HIPAA, Omo, HIPAA all by itself, because it already has the meanings of so many other things. What's interesting about it is how it comes in the Quran and where it comes in before.

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Of course, the actual verb of a halvah actually comes in the form maybe 1718 times I don't know the number, but it's something like that. But the actual name is only seven times and you look for the name or the verb referring to Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, where Allah uses it and when it's used is very very specific. So you'll find it as one of the first names that are referred to in the Quran if you're starting to reading from the beginning so if you read about how you heard the manual or even if you almost the first or second name after that, there's going to be Rila who he of whom will calculate the I O slightly diminished sama if he able to imagine well I don't know about open

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Yeah, I don't want to be I won't feed him middle solar and hydro on Moti will Allah whom will hit them big Gaffney speaking of this believers and how they behave towards all the signs of Allah subhanho data it will help was always going to come whenever the sin is complex. Whenever there's more to it than just what you've seen. There's usually it's usually more than one layer and more than one thing has been done. That he'll lose his name is way below him with gasoline he compasses the disbelievers everything they do everything they think everything they intend everything they think oh all everything they say all that they are incompetent that he

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isn't in Congress or of all you'll find it in the big is in the very heavy it looks like we're Allah would

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the home office

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or the man the lady yesterday our

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ad normal cell phone. When you hear Buddha we say in mineral Mihaela you Asha It's why people say they do not accomplish anything of his knowledge.

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So taking away the concept of them encompassing anything within striking go to see you take a look at the end of sewers you'll find the name of Allah Subhana mohill coming at the end there were a number of students you find it at the end of Zurich firstly that in no fee miriah 10 million European and D they are in delegates that they will ever meet their Lord. I know he will be cliche him he'll indeed he

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encompasses all

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so what you were thinking and what you did based on that thought and then when you come in, you're held accountable, it's all it's all accounted for. Solely. You'll find out at the end of SUTA Allah Allah who led the salah cassava Osama what Wamena out limits lagoon he created seven cosmos and it's the same number of origin and planets. Well if it is it will move as his commands come through all that makes his way through through all these layers. He died level and Allah Hi that PolyShades so you know there are lots of others capable of all when Allah ha ha ha be cliche in Elma in that he has accomplished everything with his knowledge in the usage here was the knowledge you'll find at

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the end of Zookal Jin Lian lemma Avila who said

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that it will be known that the prophets have given and have done their due diligence in terms of teaching the message what are how are we made a date him and Allah I was I was in Congress them in terms of what they own but they own it not really theirs he knows what he owns and what they own it is to begin with

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and he his whole county accounted for everything they did all accounted for then it down to the number down to the number

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there's a beautiful is

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pulling in Rebecca a hell of a nurse and when we told you that your Lord and compasses all people and this I was there for the province and I said them to make them feel safe. But don't worry, encompasses all supply because nothing is is getting lost. No one's escaping from the group. No one's been forgotten or being left out with putting the Aleca in better health in the province, mine no longer and then Muslims they felt safe because based on that, that person will Allah Hina

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we're counting on the model be cliche him

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we learn him out

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of the orange everything subhanho data, and he is encompassing of all yeah, let me add him well cellphone, what are you fearful whenever you hear? He knows what, what you've done, what you're doing now are you going to do what you've done before but you don't encompass his nose, you'll find a suitable Rouge always get the name of hate and hate was always going to be with major things. It's always a hallmark it's at the beginning of the process. And the biggest I was important I have the Quran it's always connected to sins or deeds or actions that are horrific in nature. So it can be something very complex, very difficult to in the name will hit will be used right because it makes

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it easier than using many, many names of his 200 they can just use back when it makes up for a lot. So historically, what happened to the believers would Rouge those who are thrown into the trench to burn alive at the end of the sorority and will Allah will meet him mostly

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those who did this and those who had that done to them. Allah subhanaw taala is there he accomplishes all of the key accomplished all of it, and it's all recorded. And accountability is still to come. Accountability still to come. When you find interesting the Quran

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speaks to this concept. Well now can Allah Lyra jeiza whom in shaitan fish similarity wanna fill in now who can I leave and for the euro? Allah Subhanallah Nothing escapes from him in the sky or on the earth? Indeed he is the most knowledgeable and he is the most capable. See, that? is basically what defines the name of Allah subhanaw taala and in Allah lie of Isha even Phil is nothing is hidden from Allah subhanaw taala not in the sky, not on the earth.

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Why in the womb affair different way? Larry?

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And his hands are the keys of the unknown no one else knows him but Him we are level mapping very well. What matters to me what opportunity

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What a hot button fearful imagine what are what I have is in the movie he knows was in the first was in the sea. And if a leaf falls he knows of it. And if something drops or something ripens or something turns dry, he knows about his power without even even down to the details

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and then what you're going to find this this concept being explained his name. I'm gonna give you a few examples of a story that the name of Mr. Hill came in powerfully. I'll tell you the story does get stuck food I mean in this they're hiding from the eyes of people. What is the food I mean Allah and they didn't bother to hide from the eyes of Allah. Well who I'm not at home even though he was with them.

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If you buy be too mad,

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as they said things that he was not that he does not approve of. What kind of love will be my Yeah, my goodness.

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We're here. But Allah subhanaw taala was there. And he encompassed everything they did was was pretty what happened. What happened was that two new Muslims

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stole from another new Muslim. They stole some wheat from his shack, and they took some wheat. And then they took also a

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what's a dual

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The shield, and the shield was very valuable. It's very, very, very expensive. And that was it was well thought out. Now this man, I just became a Muslim. And he became extremely upset. He wasn't upset because he lost the wheat. He was upset because he lost his father his shield. So he told his nephew, his nephew was a good Muslim, but that this man was an older he was a Muslim for a longer period of time. And he was he spent a long time trying to get his uncle to eco Muslim. When this happened, he's like off this road, everything. So he goes and he said, I'll fix it for you. I'll take care of it. So just going looking around, and he sees a trail of wheat. So he follows a trail

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of wheat. And he arrives at the house of the people who actually took it.

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And he could hear them cooking and making food. So he knew that was inside, but he couldn't actually just open the door and enter but he knew it was him. So he goes back and shows the prophets of Allah Hadees. Like we said,

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this would happen when this went on, and they fall. And here's what he found. So the brothers it was like, alright, that makes sense. Now the people who were inside they saw this man see them do. So son was sitting on the on the roof. And he saw this guy put one and one together and figured out that they're the ones who still so he went doesn't look someone figured you out. So what did they do? They were proactive. They gotta get timely. He said, Here's what we've done. We need you all to testify that we were with you all night, and that we didn't go anywhere when they send someone take the shield and bury it in the backyard of the Jewish man who lives beside the guy who lost the

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shield. And that way we go to the profit center that we have nothing to do with this. And it was this man who is sending out a false accusations. And he's lying. And he's destroying our reputation. Right. It's character assassination. Basically, that's what I need people to be very tricky people to testify. So the family says we're good. So the guy what are the one of them goes and he buries it in the backyard. And then they go to Dallas with Allah, but

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you go to say, tell us otherwise he sees someone saying this about so we are people knowing for our integrity and knowing for our dignity. And we didn't do this. And we were together all night and no Allah. And what we did see is we saw this man, the name was saved in the city and he was the he was a Jewish neighbor. We saw him go into the Shaka tickets. And if you go look somewhere in his backyard, you'll probably find the shield that he's looking for. So the problem is I'm like, Alright, someone go and look, see if you're looking at the back. And so they go look in the back. And of course we find the shield. And then they bring this poor man who had nothing to do with this

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whole issue at all, who had no idea that this was stolen, didn't even know there was a shield to begin with. And now he's being prosecuted for something he had nothing to do with. But all the evidence seems to be pointing towards him. And the Quran would come down in that incident that

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he tackle Medina Nursey, Lima Allah, Allah will tackle her in in a Hoceima. We're stuck with Allah and Allah had kind of a horrible aim. And the prophets I think was commanded, ask for forgiveness. Your ruling on this and the way you went by this wasn't correct. Ask for forgiveness. Subhanallah very,

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very scary. We're still in the locker Rahima went to jail and in the DNA, and Fusa home and don't defend those who betrayed see whenever there's betrayal and scheming and lying, and harm and bad intentions, the name is there, just because of incompetence, all of that, because anybody covered one part of it. But that is not only that, he knows about it, he dominates it as well. And he's there he's caring for the other part as well.

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Don't defend them you stop food I mean

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are they hid from the eyes of people but not from the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala but he accomplished it all. You may

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win them when you're 18 hoping that the Muslims would die in the neighborhood and whatever they'd hoped when they went that they wouldn't come back. That's why they left 300 People left hoping that they left at the right moment now they left them exposed now police will come and destroy them and you'll have to put up with it with Mohammed and doesn't have any longer but they didn't and then I again he says in them he says school hustler don't assume when good comes your way that bothers them when to simply come say here to hear from OB they're happy when when when bad things come your way when people die or people are harmed when just below what a couple but if you show perseverance and

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piety, now you're dead room can you do home che there skinning won't harm you in the law have been here for ALLAH SubhanA without in offices, everything. What they're doing is Psychology. Because it's complex. They had bad intentions. They said bad words. They did bad things. So the word the name of Allah has panned out and he'll tell you, they'll find it right there. And that's what you

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Find the name

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of the problem. Well, I would definitely call them T omen

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is counted them, the human beings one by one, they will all come to him subhanaw taala on our own.

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Lovell want us to Allah why that couldn't be shaved shade. He counted it all. And we forgot about it, don't come up to him and find out that a lot of the things that we've done, you don't remember anymore. Because they happened many, many, many years ago, you were younger, you can't remember all the details. But he did. He doesn't forget is all accounted for just incompetence. He's been cogniser a boss.

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I love enable heal, because it's such a powerful one. And it gives you comfort, it also gives you a level of

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makes you fear a bit more, because nothing is being lost. Nothing is falling through the cracks, mohill subhanaw taala with everything,

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everything, how do you live by the name, I believe that the only way to live by this name is to acknowledge its meaning, and surrender to Allah subhanaw taala in a suitable manner, meaning actually understand that he is feel that every single detail of your life is known to him. He doesn't just know what's happening. It doesn't just know the events that occurred and what each and every one of us did. He also knows the thought process that went into it on your behalf. He knows the feelings that were inside from you and from the others.

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So there's really no way for you to come up with an argument that will beat him supine without a you'll know pm or when because he is just a general Louis it's all there every angle. That's a concept of surrounding that every angle is covered, who and will help he's covered every angle. So all you can do is just stand there and hope that he forgives you and hope that he offers you mercy and you live like that you understand that? Then the way you you worship Allah subhanaw taala has a higher level has a better level of humility and has a better level which is why the word Islam is a part is name of our religion. It really needs to surrender the Submit it's fully submit to him he'll

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win contest everything with his knowledge on campus everything with his domination and accomplished everything with his character views upon them without I hope that was helpful. Is it a bit of a different name? Right it's just as important as all the other names of panic like Hamdi chetola in the field go to Lake Austin Allah who has seen the use of