Tom Facchine – Thank Allah First – The Khabib Approach

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the creator in helping individuals achieve success and profitability. They stress that the creator is the one who Give talent and guidance to individuals, rather than the individual himself. The speaker also acknowledges that the creator is the one who facilitated success and profitability for everyone.
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As Muslims, we thank Allah for everything because we believe that Allah is responsible for even our ability to work hard, even the gifts that we have and the talents that we have. It's true that it requires some work and input from our end, right? Somebody who has a talent for sports, for example, or a particular sport, the talent is God given but then they have to apply that talent and have discipline in order to push themselves to greatness. But there's a whole lot of other factors that go into it, like who's going to guarantee that you're going to stay healthy, is that something that's completely in your control, who's going to guarantee that the other sorts of circumstances

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that surround you and your life are going to fall in line so that you're able to benefit from your hard work and your talent, how many athletes out there are maybe super talented, and even have the discipline and the hard work, but something happens to them, they get in a car accident, or they get mixed up in legal trouble, or they have a parent that passes away? Or all these sorts of things? Right? So it won't do it's not adequate? And it's not accurate to praise ourselves and to think, well, this is just because of my hard work and I got here and if you didn't achieve what I achieved, then it's just because you didn't work as hard. No, actually, we believe that the Creator is the one

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who facilitated all of this for you. He gave you the talent in the first place. He gave you the ability and helped you be successful and you're striving to be disciplined and to apply that talent and then he also facilitated your situation by everything else that's around you and going on in your in your life, things that are way beyond your control. Right. So yeah, I mean, pat yourself on the back. He deserves a little bit of credit for what you did, but really even that All praise is due to creator

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