Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Perfecting Salah

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of consciousness in the Buddhist philosophy is discussed, including the use of consciousness in one's health and life. The speakers stress the need for everyone to be in a state of awareness and focus on the meaning of what is recited, as well as the importance of consciousness in predicting outcomes and staying in a state of Yoth. The speakers also emphasize the need for everyone to be aware of what is recited and make a sound during sleep, as well as the use of wireless monitoring systems and the importance of consciousness in the internet.
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Begin outside of Salah.

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Begin in your normal daily life

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by what do you think number one is by being conscious of the obedience of Allah knows that there cannot be a pushover for somebody who is engaged in doing disobedience.

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So, first thing in the Buddhist philosophy has allies to guard the eyes

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is ensure that the eyes do not see anything.

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So, God the eyes was also said that the eye is the route to the heart that it is the arrows of that what are your ideas instead of art, if you see anything higher up then in the in the Salah, that will remind you so instead of being focused Allah that you are seeing pictures in your mind and that is a bad thing. So my dear god the number two is that the IRS the IRS must not listen to anything which is haram

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because again, if you listen to something which is not permitted in Islam, then inshallah this will come to you. So that is again. So obedience to Allah subhanaw taala especially in that age

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and then obedience de la raza with regard to or life itself.

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Second one is the issue of eating

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or doing anything with Allah so whatever Allah has done as far as prohibited us from putting in the mouth don't do that. Somebody came into our

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van came to me and I'm telling me how can I go to Ghana?

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And he said before you say anything, because I am a lazy man. I cannot do Don't tell me one long story I cannot do that to tell you something it's very simple, but how can I reach them?

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So they might as well carry on like that I said

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he said two things. Number one,

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do not go cheap. Because if you join with Allah subhanaw taala you will not go to them. So do not do it is the number to

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complete the four eyes or whatever is made for you do this in addition to the fact that you can do and arquilla hamdulillah even if you do not do nothing but the four i don't think so Salah is for Tom as far back as

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he's a third God whatever goes in your mouth

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do not eat her up be very very clear if you have to be hungry be hungry but don't eat something which you are not sure about. Obviously you will not go into something annoying used to her but maybe something you're not sure Allah Allah knows you're not telling me

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and four is that God your income

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do not earn haram and do not spend there is any river anywhere in interest and

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if you do these 14 inshallah Allah will give you that.

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So, to come back to the issue of Puja, Salah, all of this is important. So the obedience to Allah. Then constant remembrance of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. Now the Buddha is not getting a convenient I think one as well is consciousness Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah is watching.

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So we have to be very clear with regard to our

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constantly the heart must be constantly in the number of dollars. So

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it is very concerning.

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event the beauty of that

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is that anyone who sends

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me Allah will turn around on him.

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So you say you

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don't want to live

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in sha Allah Allah 10 times Allah subhanaw taala you are constantly having this Allah Allah subhanaw taala coming on you that you will say so the gorilla continues to all that we're doing the heart must constantly be against the government route that one of my shoe he told me that when you wake up in the ones that make it a habit is as soon as your eyes have eaten in the night morning, as soon as your eyes opened

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he didn't make it into a habit. He said inshallah, when you arrive opens in the cover where the angels come to question you, you will open your eyes as well as Allah Allah which is not a fatwa or something like Elijah light. So the point is that let us remember this.

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Then the Ha.

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Very, very, very important. Sahara is extremely important. And always try to be in a state of Moodle. Anytime you go

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to the bathroom immediately so 24 hours continuously try to be an agenda was even in the right when you go to sleep, make photo and then after that, do your car off in the night and the flowers are for an enjoyable process and so and then go to sleep inshallah

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then obviously, when you sleep

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Do you go into sleep with inshallah so God continues to add consciousness of that today unfortunately, even in the closet, we'll see how even men now the death they have the long jeans and so on which it goes right down not only below the ankle, it goes below the hood. Now that thing is dragging on the ground everywhere, wherever you are walking, you know, houses, the houses toll, I mean, a lot of what is on the earth as well and then it would seem close to government budget that people play with that this is way better to make sure that and then y z z. So, now having the router above the ankle is very important underlies this. So now that we have you know, the headings, but

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also from the point of view of data that are very very important to make sure that you are in a state of the head and all of this is the only becomes everything outside. So if all of this is clear outside of law, then you make window and you come and stand in front of us law that when you stand the horizontal before you make that will

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become become conscious of what you are doing. You know I'm I'm nowhere

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near V

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equals v

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is at the heart of the near the awareness of the near p fully acquired in all that you see, will be fully fully armored in all that you do. We're physically in every state that you find yourself and bar is so unhappy whether it is visible or whether it is hidden.

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So when we stand for the law, it was easy to simply come and grab me as allowed but inshallah is that as well but make a little bit more of a standard there and think where am I having the house of another I know that I'm in the presence of an advantage that I'm about to make Allah Allah Allah

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make us unconscious. Then the hours we live in a tiny little gym because we were of getting the protection of under from Japan Japan America production is the only way it was always there.

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Some of my job also said to reside the motor they will not before you actually begin Tara because that is also protected from sight that who Suzanne Minh was was will Hannah, who is the one who does all this you know problem. So do the research those those who not and then you make a Nirvana law and you're standing before Allah subhanaw taala and remember that is always a Lhasa visa Rhonda was a la Cana Katara were in

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London para la jolla was standing there and worship to worship Allah subhanaw taala as if you are being him and even if you do not see him grow I like seeing you.

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So consciousness is Allah, but now you are in Salah. Now in July it is very important that you concentrate on the meaning of what you're reciting.

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So no matter what you are reciting it is very important for us to know the meaning of what we are reciting I'm not saying the entire computer word but at least some knowledge about what surah Am I residing, What the What am I actually saying before Allah subhanaw taala

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alone is a vision inshallah for us, but we have to know the meaning of some of the bacteria and and concentrate on the meaning of Be aware that I am reciting the color of Allah subhanho wa Taala back to him

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whose color

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and we are designing the column of Allah that colors was are you are you are you are repeating of the wireless LAN asala now in the in the repeating of that we are doing it badly or if you you know you are doing it of course you forget you forget that's a different matter but you know you don't make effort and not good. So think about the meaning of what you are repeating the dots all as Raj is explaining to Ll join our dialogue. So showing this wireless monitor the issue and then the it was the practice with Allah Allah that in the sewer that used to reside if there was an IR of Bashara bootstrap for a few seconds and he would make the llama Jalla Jalla Ma Ma whatever was the

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another if there was a higher of performance rather punishment then he would

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do is rather be Allah protect me from this. So inshallah we can practice this and you already come to the I will stop for a few minutes and not you minutes but you know few seconds and you

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do some make some sound. The thing is, is we're doing this in font rather large would be in Arabic If you don't make the block

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Any other language that you make right Arabic but other than that inshallah, so consciousness of what we are saying so then we are in the inshallah if we do this, then in the Ozarks Allah insha Allah Allah, Allah will bring aboard and then of course obviously make dropper to drop, because it ultimately be, we go to Allah subhanaw taala with the will of Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah doesn't make sense and come close, nothing go I always when I read,

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if I if I want to say to somebody come come here

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I was a comedian as a stand up comedian, you know, what I can do?

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I will not say,

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how can you move?

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know, how do you both because anyway Sunil Allah,

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Allah, so, nobody becomes close to Allah by himself. I cannot say about Allah by

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Allah nobody can do that. You will become close to Allah by the will of Allah. So,

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please make me close

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at Intel.

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So, Intel we make, we do all of this, we ensure that our life outside the Salah is always consciousness

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and then inshallah was that we have the Oprah

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Allah, Allah Allah Allah

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