Reminders Overcoming Spiritual Blocks Part Iii

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the construction of Great Wall of China and the Empire State Building in Egypt, which is the only two remaining structures. The importance of the Greatness of the Kingdom of the model, the wealth of individuals, and the d union is emphasized. A royal palace where a woman sold rough diamond to cover her ankle and later sold it to the king, but the king refused to pay and refused to give lessons to her. The royal family emphasizes the need to focus on the Acura Where is My Dad and the importance of the d union in the wealth of individuals.
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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam, ala, Colombia. And I leave you as heavy as we are. But

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we have been talking about the issue of blindness of the hearts

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and minds of our intelligence sort of the room

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will see you fill out the forms are okay for Ghana, Africa to Lizzie and I'm in

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Ghana, Accra. homebush, Nicole Dynavox aroma seeking, let's

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go and travel in the earth

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and see what happened to the people who came before you. What was their ending like?

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And there was other as it

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can walk through home machine.

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Really most of them were people who committed

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blindness of the heart

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is the inability to take lessons from life

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is the inability to see the true the truth behind something.

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It is the inability to see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala in what ever comes before our eyes.

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Today, tourism is a very big industry.

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And for the most part, tourism consists of

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going from country to country city to city see this palace that palace this for that for this row in that room

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take photographs and go

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I was gonna go to them.

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You weren't that bad man. Oh, my shallow water beautiful building.

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Architectural Marvel does that. Go take photographs stand in front of a photograph.

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And then you go home. And so also in other places, you go to Egypt to see the pyramids.

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You take some photographs you go home he was aware of.

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And this is a sign of blindness of the heart.

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Because Allah said go and see Allah did not say Oh, is it one thing? And then do what?

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See the truth behind it, reflect on it?

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reflect on it and think that how is it that somebody who had the kind of wealth that it took to build something like the Taj Mahal?

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Where is he today?

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What did he do in this world for the sake of Islam?

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Whatever he did, I'm not saying he did not do i'm not saying he did. I'm just saying whatever he did is the only thing which is going to help him today, wherever he is.

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That one will not have Cadbury's, yes. It's creating some revenue for IoT.

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But for the one who build it,

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where is he?

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And in what state is he?

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And that was a tomb.

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That is not where he lived.

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So what must the balance of the one who built the Taj Mahal? What was the Palace of look like?

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Just think about is a tomb is like that. Then what is the palace like

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the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, if you look at design, that is one of the two manmade structures that is visible from outer space.

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One is the Great Wall of China. The other one is the Great Pyramid of Giza.

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Only to

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the Empire State Building is not visible, nothing else is visible. These two structures are the only two manmade structures.

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The whole boroondara been this bridge and that bridge all those towers in Egypt, I mean, in the UAE nothing is visible route is best. For artists, there's only two things which which are visible are these two Great Wall of China and

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Great Pyramid of jobs.

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So the king who built the Pharaoh of Egypt to build the keops you think about that, what kind of wealth are we talking about?

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And what was the balance of that King have been like

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what kind of oxido was he?

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And as Ronald Bella finished,

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I love finished the kingdom of Egypt. I love finish the kingdom of the model.

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Allah Subhana Allah

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When is the kingdom of Genghis Khan?

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I told you before, the only relic that exists of Genghis Khan is it is a base of a pillar. That's it.

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The largest empire that ever existed on the face of the earth

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was the empire of Genghis Khan. Number one.

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It was four times the size of the Roman Empire.

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Because Bobby

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the only thing which remains is one piece of stone.

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Somewhere in Mongolia and carnivora

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so what happened to the greatness of Genghis Khan?

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A man who put entire cities to the sword, whatever then

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we'll see rowville are the ones who Roca can akeeba to live in a couple

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less raw data sets even with the AI of your heart, take lessons don't follow the same path.

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And don't think you know I am not building the Red Fort. I'm not building the tag man. That is because you don't have enough money to do it. There's no other reason.

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There's no there is not oil thinking is it?

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And that thinking is what needs to be changed. It's not a question of the material is not a question of scale or the money.

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Whether we bought one brick of a foot, you know all that while it may not even be the thinking is it

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and that thinking is what needs to be changed.

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That we need to remind myself and you that we need to focus on the Acura Where is my dad my dad

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not the tomb. But the man the palace

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what is that is it your RV? Am I building a palace in the upper agenda

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because that is the only balance which will be for me if I build a palace in general it is going to be there for a while here I believe it anyway

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if I build a palace here I have to leave it in any case.

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So I'm going to say

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the same video of

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the day was a golden leggings.

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They said that

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the carpets in the palace in this hotel

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were such that if you walked on the carpet your foot sank up to the level of your ankle

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silk Persian garbage which was so soft if you walked on the carpet was like walking on on the lawn

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the entire street from rubble all the way up to genre that or that one of the oldest straight road

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that straight on either side had diamond sellers

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they used to sell the rough diamond uncut diamonds they used to sell them by weight

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not carried by weight

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where is the kingdom?

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Where is it all you have is the tombs of the kings and you have the old ruin of the fortress what happened to the the kingdom where the soul diamonds like today you sell beans and vegetables

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shot the uncut diamonds there was what does that you know

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and they were selling it by the toto is to do that is to sell buy which

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wasn't working very well.

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When RF came

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and laid siege to the fort,

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the queen mother who was there?

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He went out to negotiate with him

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to go back.

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she asked him

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What do you want from us

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to go back?

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RND lab

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said 30.

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And other than thought to himself is asking too much. He asked for 30,000 gold coins.

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But he said 30 to 30,000 is a 30

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she went back to the vault and she sent him 30 lakh gold coins 300,000 gold coins, because he thought he meant the 100,000

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he thought how can anybody ask for 30,000 is too less. So if he's saying moral King, you know he's a man we must be paying 300,000 so you sent him three cartloads of gold coins 300,000 gold coins

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or is it was a British

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Got salah and dangle as a model that he did not specify 30,000 is the only the 30.

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And the place where this

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agreement took place is called for them as an

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Apollo stadium

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that's where it's called for the moment

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the point I'm making is all that wealth

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got them nothing.

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In the archives they did something it got them that but in the dunya nothing.

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So what is your wealth and my wealth going to get us?

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What have you got and what have I got? that we do not hesitate to anger Allah, we do not hesitate to do something which we know is to be wrong.

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How is it possible

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that's why when Michael when you never we never feel safe from the anger of Allah, Allah. Allah has to say the most foolish person is the one who feel safe from the anger of Allah.

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We have complete faith and confidence at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala But do remember the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is for the animal lover. It's not for the one who is rebellious. Allahu Allah. Yeah. delko malfatti 18 Allah said I didn't say

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go read the Quran.

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This is completely stupid idea in people's minds is oh unnecessarily the frightened as a vagabond module has a burrata Huggy. Kagura monogamous alma mater.

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I love Allah. Hooray. Kiska. Giotto, Baccarat Scotty, your life is no Hollywood megara this woman goes over in a shed you do licchavi Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah was me.

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I am not saying Allah subhana

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wa lauscha diesel, unless Raja is it

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well over a marvelous wonders, but for whom for the one who makes over

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not for the one who rebelled not for the one who deliberately does something knowing that it is wrong, who deliberately does something knowing it is haram, who deliberately breaks so now knowing that

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for for that person is a punishment, the one who refuses to make our

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event you you myself and you let us make Toba let us look every single one of us have things to make trouble for never think that there is because I am sitting and talking here that I have nothing la quwata level

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I am sitting and talking is because I'm This is my position. There is no other reason.

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We must all make tobert must all look at ourselves internally and say what is it I'm doing wrong? Make Toba see with the with the eyes of our heart, learn to take a breath, learn to take lessons from what we see around us.

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And there are lessons to be taken every single day from every single thing and that is why we ask Allah subhanaw taala to open the the eyes of our hearts and to help us to see the lessons of life before it is too late. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to draw us towards him, and do give us tough we have to make Toba and to accept our Toba when we make Toba and to cover us with His mercy and His forgiveness was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy as my erotica.