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Al Hamdulillah Islamic and peace be with you. I'm Eddie, your host, you are watching the deen show every week, same time, same channel. This week, women in Islam liberated subjugated. What's up with the women in Islam? You got them behind this veil? And

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what kind of rights do they have? You want to know these things and you've come to the right place. And you're going to learn, all we ask is that you have an open heart and open mind and we're going to teach you are you willing to learn? I'm sure you are because you're here. We'll be right back.

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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. How are you? How are you? Good, good, good. Thank God, thank god everything is good. hamdulillah Allah, the creator is most animals merciful, and he's hooked us up. So glad to have met you. Absolutely. I'm glad you're here and the

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women, yes. And Islam. And the people want to know, is the woman in Islam subjugated and she oppressed? Or she truly liberated? What do you got to say?

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I would say that Islam in the middle of seventh century, by the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala, has protected, honored give rights to women that today in the West, and any country that you choose, women do not have similar rights like the Muslim woman had in the middle of seventh century. Now someone says, Come on now this fairy tale stuff, you know, we see these women, they're behind the veil, you know, are women over here they can wear what they want bikini top, in the middle of the street. Your women are over here. You got them in these loose fitting clothes with the veil on top. What is this? We live in back? Four or 500 years ago? What kind of freedom is is Islam honored the

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woman and the creator of a woman? That is Allah subhanaw taala has honored women so much, that their value as human beings is up to their own character. Up to the old man as a manners is what we call Islam, religion. Religion, is universal manners. So let's say for marriage, for example, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said that a woman is pursued for marriage for four reasons. Her money, her beauty, her social status, and her manners. That's her Deen. Think about a woman standpoint, you can be born very beautiful or not. You can be born into money or not. You can be born to a family with a high social status or the lowest social status. You have absolutely no control that what is

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the only element that you are in control of your character, your deen your manners, and that's the measuring stick in Islam. slam on the woman is covered. Only her face and her hand is being made as a human being with value not an object for desire, not a materialistic way but a human being that her characters and her stance and her education her courtesy is what matters. If you look at Virgin Mary and most of the pictures that are Christian brothers have even though it's forbidden in Islam to have the to the picked up any holy messenger or character by picture. But if you look at the picture, whatever that dress the Virgin Mary, you see in all the pictures, that is the Muslim woman

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dress code. Yeah, why if you don't got nothing against that, then why does it bother you that this woman instead of wearing less, she wants to wear more? Absolutely. And then you get people that actually object to that. At the same time. People pierced their skins mutilate their bodies with tattoos and piercing and dyeing their hair, different colors and doing all horrible things that actually, if it was a disease, they would be running the doctor to cure the skins from and that's freedom of style or fashion and so on and so forth. For a woman naturally, to protect her honor and beauty and self to the one who would be deserving of it. That's the husband, then that's a problem

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of obviously convoluted logic, the same time the honor that Islam gave to the woman a woman not to be touched unless to a man that is deserving of her that a man that will give her the title of a wife, not a sexual partner or whatever title mistress or girlfriend that they have. A man will be responsible for our own children not should be a single mom or like nowadays, the most important thing that you see, well let's think about the common baby put them up for adoption.

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You see organizations that actually

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target the devastation of datings with with illegitimate children and actually there's a an organization New Jersey, and it made me cry to hear the commercial that actually, if you have a baby, no questions asked, bring it to us Do not kill it. Do not throw in the garbage to die in the cold. Give us the baby. I'm not gonna ask you any questions. That is not a result of Islam that is a result of being against Islam and not following the rules of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, tell us go back in time a little bit, yes, because we believe as Muslims, once you have submitted consciously to the one guy, the creator of all that exists, that He created us in original goodness. So if we

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look back to what some other ways of life, wasn't it that now some other ways of life, they were debating if the woman had a soul, that she is the, the outcome is no sin. And what are we gonna say about that? For example, and this is not in the true teachings of problemas SLM, it's whether made intentionally or through a mis. translation, one of the earliest gripes of Christianity, they claim that it was Eve that deceived Adam, into disobeying God and listening to the devil, and by that all humanity, after they were supposed to be living in Paradise, now we have to suffer here on Earth. So the first sin the original sin, was committed by Eve allowed Adam to be deceived. You look at the

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Quran, and this is one of the Liberation's the liberation moments of women in Islam, as a llama, shaitan Juana. It is the shaitan, who deceived them both into disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, out of paradise.

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Tell the Dark Ages, there were probably three to 4 million women that were burned at the stake, why their bodies for reproduction, you know, they're sinful, they're dirty, and all these kind of things, what Islam is teaching, that's not what any prophet of God is teaching. That's not the teachings of Jesus peace be upon him. That is not the teachings of anyone. And and for that if a woman cooks, well, he or she does something out of the normal, somebody is jealous, the easiest thing is just to burn him at the stake. And that's what they were doing historically. Absolutely. In the matter of fact, there's a tremendous knowledge, that herbal knowledge of the women of the middle

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centuries on the Dark Ages that would benefit humanity tremendously, and that herbal knowledge was burned to ashes with the women that carried it, and they were burned at the stake. That was not Islam. That was not even true teachings of Jesus peace be upon him. That's the people that actually

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went against women and went against the law of Allah subhanaw taala. So now we see that Islam is truly liberating the woman because Islam, God Almighty, He doesn't blame the woman for this. No first sin, does he? Absolutely not. What does Islam teach? Islam teach that a man and a woman get exactly the same reward. And many verses in the end up, you know, the people who are patient, the people who are righteous, the people who are praying that people are giving charity, men or women, men or women after each description, will get tremendous reward from God. When they do that. A woman gets exactly the same reward like a man and a woman is a major part of society. And, you know, look

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at another honor that you know, lots of powerful episode about a woman who is the greatest woman of Islam.

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Ever. Virgin Mary, the only Holy Scripture that has Virgin Mary's name on it is in the end, the Marion's his mother. Yes. There's a whole chapter named after her in that that was my own daughter's name is Miriam. Yeah, she's not unlike her. But at least we got the good name. Yeah. But so Pamela, that that's an honor bestowed upon Virgin Mary, the greatest woman that ever lived and will ever live mine to this amazing. Absolutely. So, so you know, that honor there. Give you another example, with you know, in America today, Allah subhanaw taala had blessed me with four daughters. I can decide, you know what, I want to give my money like let's say Leona Helmsley the owner of huge real

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estate in New York, give her money to dogs, not to her grandchildren or children. In Islam, that's totally forbidden. She has a guaranteed right of inheritance. And the woman in Islam inherits her father, brother, husband, son, even if she's a grandmother, she has the right if her son or daughter passed away, she would have the right to inherit her grandchildren if they passed away again. She inherits from everyone, but only her money is for her. Every male around her responsible financial for her she shares the money and she kinda hurts. Let's take a break. This is amazing. Some Amazing Facts you're learning so much sit tight to learn more Jihad often mistranslated as holy war. The

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word Jihad means to struggle. Islam does not preach violence. It does not preach vicious holy war. It certainly does not condone terror and suicide bombing. Islam preaches compassion, tolerance and justice. Find the truth about Islam. Call toll free

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877 why Islam or visit why islam.org order your free copy of the Quran today. Back here on the deen show with the author of the lies about Muhammad Imam most of his aid. And those are some more lies that people tried to deceive people with some people unintentionally they just don't know. They just blindly following what some other ignorant people might be saying. But now those sincere, open minded humble hearted people are coming to us to learn. So they're learning that Islam does not oppress the woman. But actually uplift sir, doesn't it? Absolutely. Tell us? You mentioned that she has a right to inherit, which she didn't have before. Yes, they were burning women. They were

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discussing with women had a soul. These were the other religions does. But Islam said that, as you said earlier that Islam doesn't blame the woman for that first sin committed. This is there's nothing original. Totally wrong. Totally wrong. Yeah. Okay, so we got that right to inherit, right to bear her own name wasn't as something that now the husband would put his last name on the woman because this was like his property. Why go for at the turn of the 20th century exactly till 1882. In England, the beacon of our Western democracy. A woman could not stand up in court, she was not considered a legal entity, and she could not own property. It has to be in the name of her brother,

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father or husband. She was not a legal entity till 1882 1818 1882. We're about to get into the 20th century.

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And that was in England. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first physical, you know,

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female physician in England and in Europe, for that matter. The most opposition that she got and resentment she got from other females, how could you want to be in a professional that is supposed to be a professional meals. Not only that, they treated women that horribly. But the females themselves was so brainwashed that they did not even know their own worth. And they opposed her look at Islam mandated education for women at the middle of seventh century and dated they had businesses they had ownership. They have the right to speak even women went to Mombasa Salim like almost the leaders of opposition party.

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Sabir Binta capital, Ansari, famous by Omar and she literally saved the life of the Prophet and one of the battles, one man wanted to hit him with a dagger and the battle for hope. She threw herself on him and she received the step in her own shoulder, saving the prophets wife, she came to promises and said, Oh prophet of Allah, all the verses that are, you know, revealed from the Quran so far, are talking about men are talking to men, and I don't see anything for women. And because of that, that was the occasion and sort of the, the famous verse that you know, the believing women and the believing men and the righteous women on righteous men and, and the praying woman or premium or

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going to get equal rights.

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And, you know, these are the rights that Islam gave out of the, you know,

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the first pledges that the Muslim gave women gave pledges to promise I said, and even in you know, scholars will tell you in the science of narrating the hadith of mama say Salaam, women are readers of the Hadith, and the leading one without issue of the prophets wives are more truthful than the average man. And the praise for that. Yeah, it's called Joshua daddy. So the honor of there and at the same time, look at how mothers are respected Islam, a man came to promise as a as an old prophet who is most deserving of my companionship. He said, your mother? Is it? Alright, we know that, then who is it? Your mother? said, All right, profit, then who? Is it? Your mother? The man out of

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desperation, obviously said they know is it your father, so So? Look at her. So there are mothers, and the best thing that a Muslim can do is to pray to God on time. The second thing is to do well, by parents. Yeah. And in the parents, the mother is sacred. The mother is a woman. Yeah. And if you go to throughout the Muslim world, and see how mothers are treated Subhanallah It's amazing. And so when people to come to say that they're subjugated, or that you know, you couldn't be further from the truth. So in Islam, the mother gets the gold, she gets the silver, and the bronze and the father gets the father gets gets they would have been around.

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Amazing, amazing. So let's be fair, because somebody might have heard and said, you know, what, how is this when the witnessing of a woman is one, two to one, that's a very good or the inheritance that is only half that of a man etc, etc. These are very two points. Let's take one after the other. The first one about the witnessing. What people do not understand is that witnessing varies depending on the situation. For example, the verse of the car and to add to that a lot of classes that bring two men as witnesses. And if you have only one man then replace that missing man by two women. That's a business right?

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action that's for recording this. And the reason that Allah subhanaw taala, in the beginning made it to men witnesses, not one men witness, not because one man is a half a witness is for one man to remind the other. So when you replace that man with two women, why did you replace him with one woman, because you wanted the two women independently remind each other without having to interact with a man that might be foreign to them.

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And that is one special situation, for example, you go to a very

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important significant event, which is a husband, accusing his wife of cheating or vice versa. A woman's testimony is exactly the same testimony as a man, she will testify for times that he's cheating, or he was testified four times that she is cheating. And her testimony is equal to say, in crimes of murder, a woman is there and she is credible, like she is not to be lying or have mental capacity issues. her testimony is enough to convict, you know, 10 men.

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So it varies. So they go to these exceptions. And they make it the general rule that is not true. When it comes to inheritance, actually, women get more than fair share of inheritance, for example, the rule in Islam, who would inherit what is has nothing to do with the gender. The number one rule is, the position of the generation is that a young generation that needs more money to overcome the obstacles of life, or it's an old generation, they live their life already, meaning, I have a mother and I have a daughter and I passed away.

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Yes, my daughter would get half of the inheritance that my son would have. And I'll tell you the reason later, but my daughter gets more money than my own mother. Even though my relationship with my mother is stronger than my daughter, I could marry so many times and have 50 daughters, but I have only one mother. My mother gets less than my daughter. And they both females. Why? Because my daughter is of the generation that is a generation that is about to receive live life. So she gets more inheritance. The second thing is who is responsible for whom it's not because she's a woman, or he is a man. The reason is, in Islamic law, the father is responsible for the daughter, then if he

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passes away to her brother, then if if she's married, then it is the father then if he passes away, is the son. They all responsible for her and she inherits from all her inheritance. Her own money is only for her if she likes she can give to them. If not, it's their it's only their money, and they still be responsible for her. Another example, a woman that works. You know, we have so many households in Islam that the woman works. And the husband works the husband and wife both works. Her money by Islamic law is all Harris if she wishes, she can give us some or she can support in the household and spend over the shoulder. He can't take her money, he cannot take his money. She has

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rights in his she can put her hand in his wallet pocket and take money. If it justified. He has to spend over her and her children, if she wishes to give him from her income fine. If not, he has no right to touch one penny. Amazing. It's starting to clear up many of the absolute conceptions and fog and tell us now why is it with all this hype and misinformation? More women? Is it true are coming to Islam, here in America, in UK, all around the world in Europe than men. It's the world's fastest growing religion, Islam. I have been given a class for

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over five, six years now for new converts to Islam. 90% of the new commerce and people accept Islam are females.

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So if that's subjugating, and that unfair, and that intolerant of the one position with somebody explained to me that mystery, that's a unless it's totally the opposite of the truth. totally the opposite. And as you see the go to the severe exception and mutilated and make it the general rule. For example, I you know, every time I speak to someone, a woman in Saudi Arabia, I'm not allowed to drive. So let's say the law in Saudi Arabia is very protective of women and does not want them to be exposed to be alone with a man that they're not responsible for this 57 countries, why you focus on that one country for the one specific thing and leave the other 56 countries women are driving nada

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they go to rural areas in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and they're very hit with poverty. Afghanistan is the third poorest country in the world. And go and roll areas where people are illiterate, do not have you know, the the education or the knowledge of Islam and only picture these people as if these victims of poverty are, you know, the whole Islam and the whole 1.6 billion population Subhanallah Amazing, amazing. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show. Have you ever wondered what Islam and Muslims are truly

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About what do Muslims believe? Who was Mohammed? Do Muslims believe that Jesus will return? is Islam respectful of other beliefs? What does the Quran say about women? Would you like to learn the truth about Islam? Would you like to read the Quran for yourself? find the answers for yourself, call toll free 877 why Islam or visit? Why islam.org back here on the deen show with Imam most of his aid, we're talking about women in Islam. And clearly now people are getting the opposite of what they've been told, yes, Islam doesn't oppress the woman.

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Islam uplifts a woman and I think tell me what you think that women are getting sick of being used and abused. You want to sell a candy bar, a Coca Cola, Pepsi, you got to put this naked woman on there, and they're not being respected. And I think the smart women, they're seeing this. So they see that Islam is uplifting me, it's protecting me. It's not letting me be harmed. Actually, I answer that one of the claims that Robert Spencer puts in his book that we will feel about the lies about Mohammed is that it says when Muslim women are treated like commodities, and Muslim world. And I have to answer excuse me, there's a multi billion dollar industry called the pornography industry

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in America, who you think is the victim of that multibillion dollar industry? It's the woman

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who would look at the AIDS, infections, women and men alike. And look at the ratios of Muslim countries, statistically, it's almost non existent. And Muslim countries look at the divorce rates and Muslim countries and some of them are the poorest countries in the world where divorce is more possible to happen then, and you cannot even compare. And what I even you know, and I want to tell our Muslim sisters who need to answer to this, who said that the Muslim woman are complaining? Did you ask the Muslim woman, the woman, the woman that asked him or Did someone hold the gun to your head and ask you to put this over your head in the morning? Are you worried on your own love and

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obedience to God and the way he uplifted you and he respected you body? That is not something I showcase for for some materialistic thing? Did you ask Muslim women? No.

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Ask them some woman This is important. Those women need to go talk to the women and ask them tell us also before we come to an end, but they put someone on TV, and she tells her story. She She was born in a Muslim household and now she wrote a book. And she's, you know, been given the microphone and she says that, you know, Islam was doing this and that to me, it was oppressing me and I had to run away and this is Islam we gotta say And the answer to that is well, Islam is the law the law of Islam is core and and so now please, with your superior knowledge, show me that I am the end the person or the correct Hadith of the Prophet. The proof is what are you saying that it's not your dad

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committed a crime against you, but it's actually the law itself incorrect and Sunnah. And you're going to be wrong. And most of these people and I would willing to put that challenge out there that they do not even know how to recite one eight of the Quran. One quick little problem Hamas is Allah. That's why there are more interviews that someone like me now you're available of CNN Fox News wants you to come on, are you willing to come on anytime? a topical Islam, and don't even give me five minutes for preparation? I'll go as is. Now how can people get ahold of you? They needed to my email is the lies about [email protected]. You can go to the website of the lies about mohammed.com. And

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my information also in the book itself, so much to talk about, you have your own section at the deen show.com. We've covered many topics there. So I really recommend people can get the book the lies about Muhammad, who is the last and final messenger sent to mankind, closing comments and advice for the sincere person out there who you know what he's like, or she's like, you know, Islam is making sense. What do you got to say to them? Well, Islam is making sense is probably the most common thread of all the brothers and sisters that accepted Islam, they all come to me and some of them are mostly highly educated. Everything about Islam makes sense. Why? Because it's the law of Allah

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subhanaw taala bringing you the best and life and the best guidance and because He created you, he created the manual by which you live your life, and of course, everything would make sense. inshallah, thank you very much as we are.

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And again, again, I just have to thank you, thank you so much for coming to learn about Islam from us from the Muslims. Thank you so much. And I'm sure you got the benefit and you've got to learn that Islam does not oppress the woman uplifts the woman. She's sick of being used and abused for her body. Islam makes that woman, someone who you respect for her mind, someone who you respect, not use and abuse, those most precious thing. to us. We protect those things but the Muslim woman is more valuable than any car, any commodity, any diamond, any of these things. They're our mothers, our sisters, these

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are the most precious things to us and you've gotten to learn how much and how important the Muslim woman and her role in Islam. Oh, it's amazing. It's amazing. And don't forget to interact if you're a woman and you really like what Islam has to say, go and talk to the woman, the woman that you've seen wearing the hijab asked her she oppressed or she liberated. Ask her how she feels. Don't ask fox news or CNN. Come to the deen show also, so you can learn more, and we'll see you next time until then peace be unto you.