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We were talking about the issue of

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leaving Islam. And the issue of differentiating on the basis of being Muslim.

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I want to remind you and myself that

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especially those who are charged with and those who are given the responsibility of propagating a message.

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There are two things which are absolutely essential for them if they want to be successful in that job of propagating the message. One, that they should know what the message is, they must have knowledge.

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And the second one, that they should be confident about their own message. They should be proud of it. I'm differentiating between arrogance and pride between giver and pride, not talking about arrogance, we're talking about pride. taking pride in something is gize. And it is necessary that you have confidence in what you are doing. And you are not apologetic about it.

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If you are apologetic about something, obviously, you cannot convey to anybody else because you yourself are not convinced. So how are you going to convince anybody else? You yourself are afraid of displaying the shark, the shark of the of that thing, you're afraid of displaying the signs of that thing? So how can you convince anybody, so it is necessary to have these two things, knowledge

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of that thing, and be confident and proud of it. If you take Islam, Allah Subhana, Allah sent this oma not merely to practice the religion themselves, but also to convey it to others. You're not about forcing it to anybody, we're not forcing anything on anybody. We're talking about presenting something which we believe is the best thing in the world,

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to others, because we love them because they are our friends. So it is only natural that if you have something which is good, and which you like and which has good consequences that you want to share it with your friends. Now, of course, your friend is welcome to take it or not to take it but your job is to convey how will you convey that? Number one if you don't know it?

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So knowledge about the religion is very, very important knowledge about Islam is very important. I mean, I said knowledge I don't necessarily mean that everyone has to be on everybody has to be moved to something No, but basic foundational knowledge. Number one principle of this knowledge is proper and correct knowledge about the aqeedah of Islam. What exactly do believe what is Islam?

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This is very important and for many people, you might be surprised how many people they don't have a clue.

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They are Muslim, but if you ask them please explain what is Araki then they have no idea.

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They are praying and they are doing this and that but they because it doesn't come out of the air you have to learn it. You're not you didn't learn it so you don't know it. So it's very important to learn. What is our Akira? And what is the correct Akita number one number two

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very important also for us to learn the Syrah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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The reason being, that Allah subhana wa tada sent his book, The Quran of Allah, and Allah subhanho wa Taala sent his dubbi to demonstrate for us how this column is to be lived by.

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So the Sierra prasada Salaam is the tafsir will Amell of the Kalam of Allah.

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It is a tafsir in practice.

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So if we don't study the Sierra, then how can we understand the Kalam of Allah.

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So it's very important for us to study the Sierra for solar is

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very important.

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This will give us a basic idea about the knowledge of Islam. In addition to that, of course, the more we learn, obviously, the better it is. But at least this much.

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Third thing is to practice.

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Because confidence comes through practice, confidence doesn't come by doing about something. confidence comes by doing that thing.

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If you want to have confidence in flying an aeroplane, you have to actually fly the plane. By learning about aerodynamics or learning by the principles of flight or learning. You know how a plane is flown, you will not have confidence you will know about it. I mean, if somebody gives you an examination paper, you will pass it, but if they put you into a cockpit, you are dead. Right? So the point is that you have to actually do that. And that's why the practice of Islam actual practice. Knowing about Salah is one thing. actually having Cujo in Salah is something else.

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And that's why the practice of Deen is very important and in the practice of Deen

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It is very important for us to ensure that both the outward physical

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signs of Islam are visible and also the internal signs of Islam in terms of our behavior in terms of our hearts also that both are equally important we don't differentiate between one and the other.

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India was ruled for give or take 200 years by the British

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So, was most of the Middle East

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Egypt, British colony most of the Middle East British or American, right. travel all over India travel all over Middle East, what is the dominant clothing you see

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trousers and shirts predominant

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there are some people who will wear robes and some people in India will wear Indian dress and so on but predominantly trousers and shirts. Why?

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Because the British never wore a thong because the British had never gotten

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the British or never wore sherwani.

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You know, sherwani or the anger cause of the mobiles,

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right are the Muslims, this is actually not even Arab dress, this is Indian dress. This went to Arabia from India,

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the michelob, which we call the shy which is actually a mobile, mobile quadras Royal dress,

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the British never was never wore that.

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And if you look at some of the

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very beautiful drawings and paintings of British India, if you look, look at some of those things, you find this British district collector or district magistrate or somebody sitting in some small village in up having an escort, and he's sitting there with a suit and a soul octopi in that heat.

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Here's his face is red, like a bit rude because of the heat. But he does not wear the Indian dress, which is far more sensible.

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Why, because his clothing his dress is a symbol of who he is, and Who is he, he's a representative of the ruling power.

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So even though the local dresses you know, far more sensible to wear Far, far more comfortable to wear far more logical in terms of the weather, he does not change his dress, what was the result of them not changing their dress, you change your dress.

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No law was ever passed that every Indian must wear a trouser and a shirt. The Indian started wearing 1000 shirts for two reasons. First of all, because it was a dresses rollers. And secondly, because it was convenient.

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So people start wearing point I'm making is that if you have something good, and if you practice and demonstrate it, then people take it.

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But if you are hiding behind a wall and hiding behind a screen for yourself, then obviously you cannot propagate anything, you cannot send a message to anybody.

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So I want to end with this and say, let's remember these two things. We were sent to convey the message of Islam to the whole world.

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And how do you do that? By learning about Islam, and by demonstrating Islam, not about not talking about Islam, demonstrating Islam in practice, Islam spread because people demonstrated Islam Islam didn't, didn't spread didn't spread because people talked about Islam, talking is easy, demonstrating Islam, not just in and demonstrating in our external appearance, of course, but also and even more importantly, in our behavior, in our manners, in our dealings with people.

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In our environment that we create around ourselves, we need to consciously demonstrate Islam in a way which shows that we genuinely believe that this is the best thing that happened to mankind, which it is, but we need to actually demonstrate that in our lives. And then you will find that people will come to Islam like they used to come in the time of the Sahaba era was made when people actually came and asked them give me what is in your heart.

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Now imagine if something if something like that happens to you, I will nice will fit somebody comes in Please tell me Give me what is in your heart I want I want this.

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So, let us try and do that especially the people who are unethical here. spend the time that the whole calendar programs and so on so forth. So obviously you are participating in that. But while you are here also take advantage of whoever is here. What do you need to learn learn, right? And make sure that you at least get started and obviously in 10 days, you're not going to

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accomplish all the learning but at least get things started. If you have any doubts and so on in your mind, to clarify them and so on.

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is also here with us

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Don't make his life miserable. If he if you see that he is reciting Quran and he is doing his door, don't disturb him but when he's free, then ask him for time and then

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you know clarify any doubts and so on and so forth that you have inshallah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us and to bless us with the nor of his house, to bless us with the Company of America, and to bring in these mallacoota sifat into our lives, not only for the spirit, but henceforth for the rest of our days are Salalah Alana will carry while he was savage may refer to God