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The speaker discusses the importance of asking oneself who is their actions for and why they are taking them. They stress that it is important to consider one's actions for their well-being and that they should not waste their time on something they don't want. The speaker also mentions a video game and a YouTube video about learning to speak properly and correct mistakes.

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Very low setup was Salam ala rasulillah No, but

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I love our data showed us the example of Ibrahim A Salam

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as the example, to be followed,

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and about Ibrahim alayhis salam and his position, Allah della said, in nasality going also key for my alma mater, lillahi Rabbil alameen

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verily my Salah,

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I sacrifice

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my life and my debts are for Allah subhana wa Taala, who is there a brand

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This is an example that is being given to us and shown to us in the Quran by Allah subhanaw taala.

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So that we use this as the criteria

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to judge our own lives.

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And to say that in my life,

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who is my Salah, for in my life, and my Salah is all divided? And who is my sacrifice for anything that I do for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala? Who is this for?

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And then who is my whole life? And who is my death? Why

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it is a test of the last of the one week that he asked this question about every instance every decision

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and say, Who am I doing it for? By doing this to please Allah subhanaw taala? Or is there some other reason

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because for the Muslim to do something for any reason other than the pleasure of Allah

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is not the object is not permitted to do something which

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is not for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala So, therefore, we have to ask ourselves, why myself and you that you must ask ourselves before every action to say who is this action for?

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Is it something for the pleasure of Allah or not? Naturally, if you ask this question, or is it for the pleasure of Allah, it has to be according to the Sharia awesome because there is nothing that is going to lose a life it is against the Sharia, or if it is against Islam. So that goes without saying that that whatever we do has to be in accordance with the Sharia law. But in addition to that also with regard to the flesh,

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because that is another condition something may be according to the Sharia well, so now what you may not have seen it, so therefore, the last is very important, the sincerity, the thing that is being done is only for the presence of homeless man, okay.

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And whenever obviously without saying it, what I'm saying it just to reinforce that wherever then therefore, a decision comes a decision point comes where

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there is an option to do something, which is against the Sharia also, naturally, the Muslim will not touch it, he will not go anywhere near it. And this thing which we should not do may not necessarily be something which is haram in itself. But it might be something which is a waste of time.

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Not Haram in the sense of being punishable for it, but certainly it's a waste of time. So you are questionable for it.

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Even if there is no stated punishment, but there is a definitely an issue of being questioned for it.

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And I usually give the example of all kinds of video games and computer games as one such thing which one can debate whether this is something which is punishable or certainly it is not something which is recommended. And it is something which is for which you will be questioned that how is it that you wasted your time,

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you know, playing bricklayer or whatever else the other game, when you would have done something more useful is a completely ridiculous way of living. And so also for many other things. I won't go into the list now, but there is quite a long list. So the point is that we have to also ask ourselves, what is it because it's time that we have is a finite

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quantity and therefore this time, where am I spending it? am I spending it spending this time in trying to gain the pleasure of Allah or his time getting wasted and not even talking about doing haram inshallah will not do but you also do things which are not necessarily haram but which are a waste of time. So we have to ask ourselves and say, am I wasting my time? What am I doing with

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that time could have been spent instead of playing some silly game which could have been spent in reading something beneficial, gaining the knowledge make getting a new skill? And so a lot of people go around saying, Oh, I would like to become a great speaker.

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So what is the shortcut to become a great speaker

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without some grace because fotografen state is

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you want to be the biggest peak, there is no shortcut you have to speak. So the more number of times you speak to that extent you will get practice, but how is that going to

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If you're going to be spending your time with your nose in the you know an iPad or somewhere, playing some some silly computer game to create material read, get some knowledge and stand up talk, make mistakes, get corrected, talk some more, make someone mistake, get corrected, and so on and so on and so on inshallah one day.

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And so although many other skills, so it's very important to take the pain and take the time and travel to learn these things, doesn't happen, nothing happens automatically, neither this

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and that's very important for us, therefore, the ayat of the Quran, where Allah is Allah, Allah subhanaw taala quoted and he said, in US allottee when nozaki or mahaya Amati

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as well as evil I really salams words of his word which Allah subhanaw taala returned as kalangala that comes for us again and again and again, in the salaat in many other things, or lessons for us to say that this is the life of somebody who Allah subhanaw taala loves is the life of somebody who else knows Allah Rudolph called him as Holly. So therefore if you follow that life and if you follow in his footsteps inshallah, this will be something for our benefit.

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As well as doesn't make it easy for us.

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Today is the last of the facets of religion shala and tomorrow is it so for you also, inshallah, in Nevada in advance, was a low low and military rally was me which means that I have a ticket