Yasir Qadhi – The Unacceptable Symbol of Islam For Islamophobes

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of journalists discussing the use of the niqab during France's election and how it became a symbol of Islam. The journalists speculated that there were likely engineers and scientists involved and that the use of the niqab is a reflection of the political and cultural beliefs of the people they are covering.
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I want you to understand what this means people that have been elected to take care of a country are discussing for days and weeks and months a piece of covering that some ladies wore when France was discussing the niqab for weeks on end, some journalists calculated that in the whole country of France, there were probably 1900 Nickleby ladies in a land of 70 million people, less than 2000 Ladies chose to wear the niqab and the parliament is stopping his business and not talking about health and taxes and whatnot. And for days and weeks, this is front page news until finally they end up banding the niqab. One wonders what is going on here? Of course, we all understand and every

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political analyst that is neutral understands it is crystal clear that the hijab then you have the burqa has become a symbol of Islam and the Islamic civilization and it is now the visible understanding of what it means to be a Muslim


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