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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back in our Islamic q&a. So we're ready for the next question in sha Allah so let's let's continue Bismillah

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Salam or aleikum.

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Salam aleykum.

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Mashallah. My name is Solomon.

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Yesterday, man,

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please. In the Quran let's see what

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is haram?

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Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to interrupt, you're still a man. But you're gonna have to repeat the question for us.

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I said I want to I want to.

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Yeah, I said, I want to know if there is a clause in the Quran.

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Western education is the same.

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Western education is saying, Is that the question?

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Okay, yes, that's efficient. Okay. Just like hello, hi, and thank you. So, this question here, is Western or against secular education? Is it something that is permissible? Is it something that is humane? Is it something that is sane? Absolutely. And it does not actually specify Western theology or secular knowledge in the poor end, but Allah subhanho wa Taala generalizes and gives us an indication ffilm and nahu La ilaha illAllah. learn and understand study their religion, and within the religion, why so that you can understand who Allah subhanho wa Taala is, this area here is a very comprehensive area, for on the one hand, it is talking about Islamic sciences. But in order to

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implement and understand Islamic sciences, especially in our world today, we need to have an addition we need to have the secular knowledge and of course, the secular knowledge, knowledge that is beneficial knowledge that is going to help you understand your religion, knowledge that is going to help you understand your relationship with Allah azza wa jal in this world, how are you going to pray? How are you going to walk in the malls? How are you going to be Muslim? Wherever you are? So absolutely, you need to have secular knowledge, you need to study the sciences of this world. And this is why shift or thaman or Hema hollow once said that, of course, the priority, the main

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knowledge that you want to always focus on is the Islamic knowledge that is always going to be our priority, because that, of course, helps us in this world and in the hereafter. But in addition to that, the secondary knowledge that is also attached to Islamic knowledge, is of course the knowledge of this dunya the knowledge of this world. So those university students who are going to school and you're studying all of these different fields realize that that is actually something that is praised and encouraged, with the condition that you also uphold Islamic knowledge to that, once you do that, insha Allah you will be a very good practicing Muslim. And wherever you are in the world,

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you will know how to practice your religion with knowledge and wisdom. jozek moelleux Hi, now let's take the next call.

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Mr. Li walakum wa salam Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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My name is the hair and I'm

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from Cambridge. My question is

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how many how much thing will you get when you're when you lie?

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shala Thank you very much. So hi, just Hello. Hi. It's an excellent question. How much sin Do you get if you lie? Now really, and truly the reality of lying is that there isn't one particular sin for lying. However, there are punishments depending on the degree of lying and the reason why a person lies. The Prophet peace be upon him. One said that

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From the punishments of the grave is going to be the liar. And it's actually a very explicit Hadith that describes many things that will happen in the grave. And one of them is a punishment for the liar. And that punishment will continue until the day of judgment. And that punishment is for the one who intentionally lies who lies for no solid reason, if you'd like, there's no purpose behind it, maybe they're looking for attention, maybe they're just trying to stay out of trouble, whatever the case is. And of course, all of these things they are held on and discouraged in our religion. That person who lies is a person that is dishonest when you are dishonest. Eventually what will

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happen to you is you become dishonest with your actions, you will become dishonest with yourself, you will become dishonest with the people around you. As a result, it leads you to other problem areas, it leads you to other issues that can be greater and eventually a person like that may destined themselves to the punishment of allies. So really, and truly look at lying as a small door or a window to other great sins and other great problems. So this is why Allah azza wa jal constantly tells us in the Quran, stay away from sin and fear Allah azza wa jal to the best of your ability. If you do that in sha Allah, then all of the other problematic areas and the greater issues

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will be you will be protected from them. So great question. Let's take the next question in sha Allah smilla

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Wiley como Santa Maura Tula? And my name is de Tifa. And I'm from Switzerland. And my question was, is it possible to be a modest Muslim and wear fashionable clothing? Ie colorful, headscarf accessories? Does this not defeat the whole purpose of wearing the headscarf and being modest? And my second question was a continuation of the question you answered earlier about the prayer trains select early. And is it permissible for a student or working person to pray a short ad in the UK as a charge really late during summer period.

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Okay, just like Hello. Hi. Thank you. So the first part of the question here is, is it modest for a Muslim woman that she wears different color hijabs, you know, some hijabs that have sparkles things like that? Or does that defeat the entire purpose of the hijab? For all of our sisters there, I give you one can one guideline that insha Allah if you follow it, you will never have this problem of trying to figure out what is good and what is not what is modest and what is not. Brothers and sisters realize that the hijab, or for that matter, any type of clothing that men or women, Muslim men, Muslim women that they were, there are a couple of things to consider. When a woman she wears

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her hijab, she is permitted to wear colors. But those colors have to be subtle. Now what defines subtle, subtle means is that no one will be attracted to you in the sense that when you walk by, they will see that you stand out from a crowd that you stand out in a congregation. So when you when you are subtle with your hijab and the colors that you wear, you want to at the same time maintain a sense of moderation and you blend in with a crowd, you blend in with a Gemma or you blend in with a congregation. So this doesn't necessarily constitute that the Muslim woman loses her modesty. The second point that you want to keep in mind is that you also look at the people in the society that

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you're living in. For example, in some countries, if you were black, that is part of their culture. That is what is considered modest. In other countries, if you were different colors, that is still considered modest, that is still considered a good Muslim woman who is practicing her religion. So you also want to keep in mind what kind of culture or what kind of society that you live in. And of course, the rule is you don't want to go and step beyond the boundaries or the realms of the Shetty. So keep that in mind. It is up to you to look at the society and the village or the community that you live in for you to know what is going to be modest or not. Keep in mind that when you do that,

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you also practice all of the conditions of your hijab and you maintain that the hijab is a sense it brings it should bring a sense of humidity within your heart, and it shouldn't be something that decorates your body and causes you to stand out. The second part of the question here is, as the sister mentioned, is an addition what

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If you're a student, and this is actually in addition to a previous question that we answered regarding prayer, and actually praying the Salah before it's time, but there's a solid reason like you're a student or you're working and you know that when break time comes, you're not going to have a chance to pray that soda. So is it permissible to move it back a few minutes. This here again, it is extremely important. This is an explicit command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and all of the books they mentioned that it is a criteria and a pillar of Salah that it must be prayed on time. It can never be prepared before it's time it can never be prayed before. It's time. So this

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is extremely important. There are some things some matters of the Shetty era, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made very strict and this is one of them. This is what Allah says in Surah Nisa that the Sala has been written down at specific specific times for the believer. So once you follow this criteria, it is really and truly up to that servant to try and observe their sada no matter what condition that they're in to the best of their ability and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what your situation is, knows that if you have to delay a few minutes for whatever reason, just keep your heart sincere and inshallah try your best to perform on time and not before it's time. Let's take

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the next question we spend that go ahead.

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It comes to labor cattle. My question is, has the dairy got to be of material value? can include the husband helping the wife memorize a chapter of the Quran that allow higher? Well, you can Great question, the mahato or the dowry, the gift that the husband gives to his wife, when they get married. And we all we all know that the mother or the dowry is actually a pillar of marriage in Islam, you must fulfill that. Now the question here is can the Dow theory does it actually have to be a materialistic object that is a value? Or can it be a service? It can be a service and this is also based on many Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one in particular, were a men a

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Sahaba he wanted to marry a woman but the prophets I send them asked him, do you have any gift anything of value that you can present to her? And the man said no yada sola All I have is this is out all I have is this garment that I wrapped myself with the prophets I send them ask them, Do you not even have a metal ring? And the man says yes, I have that. And that's it. I have no other wealth, no food, nothing. So then the prophets I send them said, Do you know any poor and and the man said, Yes, I know this sorta I know that Sora. And so the prophets, I said them allowed this man to provide a service to the woman that he wanted to marry, what was the service The service was to

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teach her and teach her something that he already has. Scholars have taken this hadith and said it is permissible to also make the dowry or the Maha a type of service. So you can say to your husband or your future husband, Look, my motto is I want you to cook or cut the grass for one entire year. This is my service or I want you to do the laundry for an entire year, whatever the case is, but it's got to be something that the woman she is content with. And she is pleased with. So absolutely, it can be a service just like hello. Hi, Don. Let's take the next question.

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On a one on one likoma Satomura Tula My name is Rosa mama I'm calling from Andhra okay.

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My question is

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with with with context to your earlier answer to the witr prayer, where you said there is no limit to the width of prayer, sorry, the novel prayer. When I have hobbies in Book of with where I share a viola and her mother faithful believer scenes that profit moments of leisure needs to stay level Raka.

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So can you clarify me on that? And the second question is with regards to Suna, when in Book of Juma say Buhari, the Morocco and Morocco said

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they are 12 rockets and he breaks down those 12 the cost of the zone.

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Oxygen? Yes, yes. So I appreciate if you can hear me out those things. Thank you. We come great question. Brothers and sisters. The first part of the question is the witr prayer. Now we know that there are many a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praying with her prayers. And sometimes it would be tool cards sometimes if I'm not to work as one word or cards sometimes

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It'll be three records and actually there are even narrations that it was even five rockets. The salata, Witter. Now brothers and sisters realize when you categorize things, then things will make sense. Whatever has been specified in the Sunnah is specified we can change it. So for example, the winter prayer, in addition to that the sun Notah cards that we pray after our

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compulsory prayers, so the tool cards before fudger and the Rockets before and after the hora and so on. These have been specified in the Shetty or they've been specified in the Sunnah. They have explicit Hadeeth to show their amount. So this is important, what is specified we leave it at that, but the general rule is that if it is not specified, so let's say after you finish your winter prayers, or you finish the Sunnah prayers after sola Tovar after sola to lower you pray total costs on when you are done. Can you pray an extra tool or carrots? Can you pray an extra four? Can you pray an extra 10? The answer is yes. Because after what has been specified, it's left open for you

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again, you can pray as many voluntary prayers as you like. So once you categorize these different scenarios, these different circumstances then things will start to make sense, as long as we have evidence that there is an amount and we mentioned this in the first part of the question, when we addressed this earlier, once it is specified, and there is an amount that you should pray or that you should perform, then there is no question that's what we stick to, such as like a level higher. And for that question. Let's take the next question. Go ahead.

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Wiley, Casa Del Mar, amatola, lower cat, brother,

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another brother married his wife, and the mother has been paid.

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And the motto was that we will have a deposit to buy a house.

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The wife has not consummated the marriage, but a month later decides that she wants to divorce.

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What is the situation for the brother and the sister? What is the Islamic ruling on that? Okay, great question. Is that Hello, hi, Adam. So the brother is asking, What if two people get married and they agree on a mahato that there is going to be a deposit on a house or, or whatever the whatever the case is, whether it's an actual object or a service. However, prior to the marriage being consummated, there is going to be a divorce. What happens in this situation, scholars agree that before consummation, whatever mahato is paid should be returned, the woman she is entitled for the entire amount to be returned to her. Now the question here is a deposit for a house. Now, in

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this particular case, here, the two parties should go to a judge if there's one available and Islamic judge and if there isn't one available, then you can at least go to a respected Mmm, or a student of knowledge, who is going to determine a value of whatever amount is going to be between these two individuals, and that's what they will pay. And if the deposit of the house was a specified amount, and they both both of them agreed on the specified amount, then that is what they have to return back to her. Now this is of course with the condition that it was paid, if it wasn't paid, then everything is going to be fine. And there's no issue with that. So that's important insha

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Allah and and and I'm glad that the questioner you mentioned prior to the marriage being consummated, because if it was consummated, then it will be a completely different issue with the mount. Sometimes it'll be half sometimes it will be nothing depending on the situation such as ecolo height on the stick one more question. So now go ahead. I salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah and I have two questions. My first question is, say, if you have a picture of a dead person, like your grandmother, can you show it to your children and say, Oh, this was your grandmother, or this was your uncle and center? And my second question is, again, about Salah. And I just want to know how

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you perform the sinner prayers. So do you do a lightsaber before for jet or after door? etc? is

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a great question. The so the first part of the question is if you have a picture of somebody who has passed away, so whether it be a grandmother or somebody that is close to you, a brother, sister, whatever the case is, and you show your children and you remind them that look, this is who your grandmother is, this is absolutely permissible, and there is really no harm in this. As a matter of fact, it can actually be encouraged because what you're doing is you're also teaching your children, you're teaching your children that, you know, this is a reality in life that there was once upon a time where this person was alive. So once the

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Children are mature enough to understand that and to comprehend what it is that you're saying that absolutely It is a beautiful reminder for them, especially when it is somebody that they can relate to like a grandmother or a relative and so on. And the second part of the question is again to send the prayers How do you perform the sudden the prayers and assuming the prayers are usually done in Tooele rock art forms. So before the fetchit solid, there are two cards, the tool cards are performed exactly like fecha. Then you have salata, veho, which can either be four or two, depending on certain narrations before the prayer, then two after so what's going to happen here, let's use

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fetcher for an example.

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It's going to be fed your time you hear the event and this is going to be consistent and the same for all of the other prayers. You hear the event you make your Dora Now is the time that you perform the Sunnah prayers. That is to happen prior to that obligatory Sala so for fetcher. This is when you will pray tool or cards. When you are done the tool or cards you wait you pray, you're selected federal and then you're done. And if it's like a Sala such as McRib, where after mclubbe, you pray to Sonora cards, then what you will do is you will perform your sonatas, you will finish the solder, and then you will do your zip code. And immediately after you've done your thicker, you stand up and

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you pray your tool rakaats it should be done quietly. It is not something that you recite out loud, you can recite whatever sutra that you wish, and you can keep it as long as you want. So really and truly the room is there for you to play with on how long you want it to be and how much you wish to recite. But it's important that the difference between sonoda carrots and other prayers is that at least it should be done quietly and to your self. So having said that, brothers and sisters, we want to conclude this beautiful session of the Islamic q&a. And for all of us here I remind you that realize that whatever is said we do this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask Allah

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azza wa jal to bring sincerity in our hearts. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring sincerity in our homes. And having said that, may Allah azza wa jal reward all of you I thank you. This is Muslim Khan, was said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh