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Focusing our Love, Fear & Hope for only Allah

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All right.

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So this is part two of speaking about Phil Heath. And when we spoke about this the last time we met, we said that we wanted to understand both the philosophy that we have as Muslims of why we believe in a lot, and being able to rationalize it and speak it out intelligibly to people who may come and ask whether genuinely or antagonistically, you know, with empathy as to why we believe in the things that we believe. And part of the focus, of course, is that we don't just believe in a loss of cannabinoids, Allah, that he's the Creator. And that's it. Because many other people, many other faiths, many other traditions have the claim that they believe in God. And most will say that they

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believe in the one God, even Hindus who practice faithful and in their tradition, faithfulness to a number of deities, ultimately, they believe they all funnel back to one God. And that's what the pagan Arabs at the time of the prophets I send them were like, they said, Listen, and john, and he had to imagine what he does. He's gathered all of our gods into the one God. And if you were to ask him, Allah says, in sort of an uncovered manner, he will

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say, we believe in the one God, right.

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He is the one who created the heavens and the earth. So that isn't the criterion that divides us from other people. It's not that we believe in God, we believe in a deity we believe in in a lot, and everybody else doesn't. But what we believe about a lot, is distinct, is unique. And that's why I tell he is about focusing our knowledge of God into our worship of God. So the second level is not just recognizing that there is a law, but now recognizing that it is only God, only the one God, the true God who should be worshipped. If we have come to suppose that he is some kind of went to Allah, the One who is in charge, the creator and the wrong, good. I mean, and we broke down. So looking

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Fatiha in that regard. So we said that there were three levels of caffeine that we do

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through media. And so what do we have up here? I have the worst Okay, that any bad it's another word. So depending on where you read it, or where you study, it'll say that Tony did pretty bad that that though he the focus of all worship only to Allah, what how do we define the word worship.

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And I want you to circle that word, that word worship, in English, and in the purpose of us as Muslims, people worship, for important reasons. The word worship, the stemming of worship comes from three important factors, either love, or fear, or hope. Even when you come to worship a lot later on today, we're gonna pray together, right? And when you come up to July, your expression is I'm not just doing this because the teachers obligated it's part of our school rules. No, it's supposed to be because I have a love for God, I'm going to take timeout, I'm going to listen to something beneficial. And this is going to make me from those are the lavon, who will do it, those whom Allah

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is pleased with, because I'm doing what he's asked. And that will give me satisfaction and pleasure in my relationship with him. But number two, ultimately, people worship out of fear. There's something you and I or others are scared of, and it doesn't matter who you are, as a human being, there comes a point where you're at, you know, it's Oh, my God, oh, God helped me. And I log into this imagery in the fall, and that people are in a ship and the mountains, the waves begin to cascade on them, they feel that the ship's gonna, gonna submerge, and they're gonna die that will last and they can engage. And at that moment with sincerity, they made your arm. They say, Oh, God,

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help me. If you see me, lacuna, and let me know. So I'll be a good person there.

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There's fear. God might my son, my daughter, my wife, my father, my mother, there's, they're unwell. I don't want them. You know, I don't want them to be annoyed. I'm going to worship You know, I'm going to do something, hopefully God will be able to help me. That's this third level, which is hope. If I do this, if I give this charity if I go too hard, if I, you know, do this thing, then maybe God will help me through this difficult point in my life. When you put all three together, it becomes the best type of worship. When you love, fear and hope a lot in equal measure. That's the greatest kind of worship and that's the word tough one, write that down. The word taqwa piety,

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righteousness, the fear of God.

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of God and the hope in Allah is the best type of unity of worship, putting all of our worship and focus in our relationship with the loss of time. So we've said rubia, that we believe God is God. He's the only one who's in charge who has power and Chi Alpha you and Carla and Barrett and moussaka, he's the one who created out of nothing. He's the one who sustains, he's the one who needs who takes. He's the one who provides a was up. And if you believe that Ruby and necessitates and leads to only one conclusion, that there is fun to hear that he should be the only Illa he is the only one who should be worshipped. So kind of with Anna, and there should be unity of worship, that

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I focus all of my love, all of my fear, and all of my hope,

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towards that one, rather than that one Supreme Being.

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And therefore a law tells us as he advised all of us, and mankind from beginning Yeah, and you'll recognize in sort of America, first when he won the second chapter of the Hold on, yeah, your NASS or

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public lands,

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all mankind, worship your Lord.

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So don't even bother, unless you have a problem because He is the Creator and the creator of those who came before you.

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Perhaps you will attain tapah and anytime Allah speaks about worship, he will leave the concept of a divider with the concept of being the one who is worthy of it. So even when you come to pass, what's the greatest outcome of fasting land, the concept of home, I go hungry, I go thirsty, I will do the things to worship a lot, some kind of winter.

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So how do we define who will hear a loved one says Naboo, or venom to worship our Lord alone. It means worship, which is the love of hope and hearing allowing complete sense and the meaning of events. So who is the one who is worshipped in needs and Mabu? The one who is deserving of it the only one who should be deserving of it. The one who is the object of my love, the object of my fear, the object of my hope. And therefore, a lot tells us that when we make this statement that Eli ha, there is no ILA, there is no maboob there is no one I will worship in the love except a lot. We've learned that there is an Effie and negation of everything, you and I are ordered to disbelieve in

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everything other than a lot. As much as we are ordered to believe in a lot to kind of dive in. So none needs to be invoked. The word invoke means called them to summon may drop to ask for things, except a love. And none is to be relied upon except a lot. So just say I'm sick, I don't go to the doctor, knowing that the doctor is going to heal me, I go to the doctor with the hope that the doctor will be a tool that can be used to heal me that I can use the medicine. But I know that that doctor, there's other people who have gone to them and they didn't get well. And I know that surgeon who's done that surgery, there are other people who responded well, but others who didn't, that the

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ultimate lifespan isn't in the doctor's hand, but it's in my it's not my hand, it's in the hands of Allah, I know that there are people who took that chemo or took that medicine or to that therapy. And it helped but there are others who didn't.

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And therefore the healing is from Allah, my reliance is upon a lot. So although I'm taking medicine, I don't say well, I don't need to make your app because I took medicine, of course it's going to work. Because that's not how life is. So we'll take the medicine but I'll do my part through the worship of a loss of kind of Medina, how insincere of a person to consider just because I made Dr. alarmist enter it know, that you are is a part of the medicine but the healing is with a lot. It's not the doctor who heals or the medicine who wields it's the healing in the fate that is fated for me that I asked a lot to complete for me. And therefore we don't rely upon anything except a law. We

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don't offer sacrifices are made vows accepting the name of Allah. So you don't say I swear on the cabin. Once the cabin The cabin is meaningless. It's been it's made out of stone. It's been built and rebuilt most recently in the 90s.

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It's sacred but it's not the structure. So you would say well up in Canada, I swear by the Lord of the cabin, that sacred that's timeless. That's a journal That's a lot. You don't say I swear on my life. What's your life you're gonna live at 100 uS 200 us and then when you pass it I swear on my mind

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There's many people who have been blessed to not see and live happier lives than those who do see.

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So why are you swearing with something that's finite that can be given and taken, when it's only a law that you should be making a vow in. So we never make a vow except by the Holy Names of a loss of kinda one time.

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You can take I swear on the Lord of the by the Lord of the land, I swear by the Lord of the cabinet, I can make an oath with weakness on the branch, I swear by Allah who has revealed this for you put your hand on the forearm, but it's with a law's name, not the book, not the cabinet, not your life, or your death.

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And therefore we don't worship except with the name of a lot, some kind of with the other four, almost.

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So now we're going to begin talking about the declaration of faith that you're gonna say from the head, we Muslims, man, we were Muslim for so long, and we say like, 1000s of times in our life by now.

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If I were to say to you here, take this $100 go across the road, we have a neighbor, she's non Muslim, neighbor, he's non Muslim. Tell him Look, I'll give you $100 say after me that and then they'll often say, give me the money. And they'll sing it. They'll say it 1000 times doesn't make them muscle. Is it a key to genda for them? Has it changed anything in their life? No, the pronouncement. The statement of luckyland in a lot is meaningless without its conditions. And this is where we need to pay attention,

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saying that the law the law has conditions. It's not just oh, I'm, I declare faith and that's it. It's I declare faith. But now that faith requires me to adhere to a particular mode of thought, to a particular moment of action to restrictions and fulfillment, things that I'm asked to do. Things I've asked not to do.

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So let's begin studying the Shahada. I want you to circle that word, Shahada. The word to hasn't come from Shafi death, or Shahada to read. This means to see something outside our door right now. Just say we hear a crash. And all of us heard it. We walk outside, there's a student on the floor. And you know, there's another student they were in a tussle. They were arguing with each other something had never happens in our school, but just say, and I come out and run the Hanson lie, I bring the principal and we go, what happened? I say, Did anyone see it? Did anyone witness it? And we're right next door just right outside their door? Can anybody say yeah, brother, I, I'm a

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witness. So you heard

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when when somebody says, Did you witness it? What do they mean? They mean, did you see? So what do you witness about a lot? Have you seen a lot? No. Have you seen Mohammed? No. Have you seen the revelation of the Quran? Have you seen gibreel? Have you seen the angels? Have you seen Jenna? Have you seen Hellfire? Have you seen punishment in the brain? Have you seen the things that we believe in that are part of the articles of faith ventures? No. So what are you witnessing?

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So why are you saying I have the capacity to witness? One of the ways that I show that I'm a witness is I woke up today 425 in the morning, and I made Hulu when everybody else on my street is asleep. And I got ready and we got my family ready and we said Allahu Akbar. And in my video I said that shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah in my my boy made he said, a shadow and let you know a lot in my soul that he has to be a shadow unless he does a lot. Everything in my life declares that I am a weakness.

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That I believe in a law and I disbelieve in everything other than, from what I eat, to what I wear, to how to what I like to what I hate.

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Everything shows I declare my faith in Allah, and therefore that's really important. So therefore the statement of lacking lacking a lot when you say I witness that there is no God but Allah, because look at my life, my life is a testament is evidence that there is a lot

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in how I lead my life and how I lead my family in how I lead my ethics that will become clear. Why do we do that? What's the blessing of the shadow? Well, the first thing I want you to understand it is the essence of our Toki. It is the very basis of our faith. So if we have a non Muslim teacher, as we do, sometimes it comes in for relief or as a substitute or as a sub teacher. And he comes in and goes, look, I had a great time at your school, which is what they usually say. Can you guys tell me a little bit more about what you guys believe what's you know? Describe like everything about Islam is kind of you know, there's so much but give it to me in one sentence.

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summarize the forum in one sentence summarize the life of your profit in one sentence summarize your belief in one sentence. What's that one sentence? As had one La Ilaha Illa Wha What are you? And Mohamed Pasuma every version of Orion comes back to that reality. every verse in the Quran and comes back to that very same thought that I'm not going to worship anything but God and I'm going to put my faith and reliance upon Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah either in the law what No, no, no so look at that Mohammed is one of the long lists of prophets and he was the last one to come and complete our belief in a lot

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the statement of letting let you know what is the key to gender the prophets I send him said it is mythical.

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And every key has you know, little shards in it. You can't just put any key in Ghana. You can just put another key and gentlemen that key is cut in a particular way. Nobody entered general without a passport, the prophets I send them said liars regenda de la Vega. Nobody enters paradise without a passport without a document. Mike Tobin feed written in it. Miss Malacca was number one, he was the name of a love of gracias, immersible as the key to it, giving us an idea. But tjahaja me lately I happen to enter, enter the servants of mine into jedna because they believed in me and worship none of of me on the day of judgment when our deeds are weighed all of our bad deeds in one side, and all

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of the blessings of a law in that side. So have you been thankful enough to allow just from this morning, from the time you woke up until now? Have you done enough thankfulness to a lot for that vision you've been able to enjoy just for today. Just so far, you feel that your life is that witness that I'm thankful to Allah for being able to see just for this morning, these last few Four, three or four hours. And I can tell you in my life, I'm hopeful in the love mercy, but I'm not hopeful that my good deeds are enough. And the prophets I send them said in the hadith of minimalism, nobody enters agenda on account of their good deeds. It's only through Allah's mercy

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that you will enjoy. So all those things are in one side, they're heavier than the good deeds I will have performed. And then Allah will order the prophets I send them said that they can be multiplied, given that the good word that he that he loved, he put meaning that I chose a law when it was difficult

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that I woke up from my prayers that I you know, war. You know, for the sisters, they wore their pajamas, they dignified their parents. They honored themselves they ate what was kind of returned away from what was wrong. They you know, kept the eyes pure from all these things that were lacking in the law. It's conditions Rajapakse. Everything else here is light in comparison to believing in a law the way you should, so becomes a passport to energetica

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It's a means of forgiveness for one Sudanese.

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Prophet Yunus on Instagram is a very good example. So Prophet, humans, a profitable law and the law said to keep calling your people to faith, and they come to faith and you know, call them to faith, don't give up on them. And when you see that my punishment has arrived, warn them about because I will punish them if they don't come to me. So after many years, finally, our laws punishment is about to descend upon the people of humans, and human suits up into the sky and change the sky. And that's it, the sign that Allah is gonna destroy them, but Allah has not yet given him permission to meet them.

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And he says they're done. And he leaves without permission.

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So lots of kind of data shows our property settlement is good example to say Listen, I don't even need you to Mohammed to lead these people. When the people have units in lahoma units when they saw the punishment of Allah descending, they repented to a lot even without him. And he had already left so Allah save them. And then Allah tested prophet unit. As he's in shape, he was ordered that he be taken overboard, because

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the fish took hold of him and begin to drag him underwater. He's gonna drown.

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And as he's being dragged down, he makes the drop of his skull fall. How does he ask Him for His forgiveness? He says Nah, either.

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I will I only worship you. So glorious. Are you equal to monogamy? Am I wrong? My son, he doesn't say oh law save me. I'm going to drown over law. No law in the law is the greatest way of asking for forgiveness. It is the greatest way in anger, in happiness, in sorrow in regret in repentance, that era in the law in every moment that every turn, remind yourself that you are here as the servants of God and that you turn away from other than that my reliance

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isn't on my parents. Let me learn only you over love. And if my parents aren't here, you'll still look after me. I'm alone. Right? A lot is the center of all affairs.

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The prophets I send them said title not finding the best thing any prophet ever said. any messenger ever said, any human being ever spoke is less law in the law is that statement that there was none that is worthy worthy of worship, but Allah subhana wa Tada. It is a penny McClay about that lesson word.

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Finding finally

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the Candyman lagging behind the law is the highest branch of faith. And I'm going to give you another supplement to the notes that you're already filling in as we're going through.

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And that'll be for the next screen and shell law that we'll work through. And it's we're gonna study the tree of faith.

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And I'm also kind of Allah says in sort of the Brahim what method you can imagine a shadow of Athenian plenty but in us to have that be tomorrow how to summon the example of the believer. And the example of faith in Allah is like a blessing magnificent tree of heaven. Its description is its roots are deep in the earth. Well for will have its amount and its stock and its trunk grows up and reaches into the heavens, and its roots and branches, flower all around a lot juxtaposes that and compares that to evil tree where its roots are up, uplifted, shallow and disease, and it's easy to be toppled over. There are three parts to a tree that Allah speaks about the roots in the base, the

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trunk that holds it up, and the branches, meaning the fruits that we have, and we're going to recreate that in our nose. I want you to know that as Muslims, it's important for us to reflect upon ourselves in that capacity. How strong is our tree of faith? And where is it rooted? And how deep are the roots of faith in our heart.

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So there's the tree of faith that you have in your notes and you're gonna add notes to it, we're gonna continue through it and chop off

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the tree of faith. It's you know, most people when they see the trees, they appreciate the outside of it, you know, the top of it, what you know, is in a mango tree, delicious. Is it you know, orange blossom tree, and it smells really nice. They look at it sighs but really what makes a tree significant is its root structure. And it's what's beneath the surface. That is what makes the top and what's above the surface meaningful.

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In as we're getting into summer now in Australia, your rose gardens outside your home right here, you might have some rose gardens in the wintertime. What did your mom your dad or your gardener do? They went out and they prune the heck out of them? Right? They cut off all the branches. And you had this you'd have this big push. And now it's this little small rose garden bush. But now it's summer is coming in with a little bit of water and fertilizer, it begins to expand and the flowers begin to bloom. When you were fertilizing it, where did you put the fertilizer on the stem?

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Or on the ground?

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On the ground? Where did you water it at the top of it or on the ground? On the ground? Why? Because it's the roots that anchor.

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What is going to be grown there, it's what is going to absorb the nutrients. It's what's going to funneling the water, it's what's going to keep that tree healthy. The roots number one is equal to the heart of a believer. So my heart is where a man is supposed to take root. That's where the belief in the law is supposed to begin. It's from in my heart that will begin to do the other actions that will be pleasing to Allah. If I do actions, if I do the flowery things and the fruitful things. We don't believe in the heart. It's called hypocrisy. It's called a foul. You're doing something outwardly that isn't inside. And nobody wants to be like that. Nobody wants to have that

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cognitive dissonance, where the outside is different to what I know of myself on the inside. So the man in the heart anchors our actions. Although it is beneath the surface. It is what supplies the rest of the body with its energy, nutrients and strength. If the heart rate

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means healthy if the roots remain healthy, even when the leaves fall off. Even when it's pruned, even when it's lit on fire, if you you know, we have bushfires and forest fires here in Australia, and all of a sudden, you'll do you know, I remember Pemberton, three or four years ago, it was, you know, there was a massive forest fires, we went the next year, and it was bad. You know, there was still a little bit of charred remains of some trees. But those trees that were healthy and its roots were deep, they reroute, the outside kind of got burns increase, but it all fell off. And all of a sudden, the shoots grew again, if it remains healthy underground, where it's not seen, we're only

00:25:40--> 00:25:53

allowed knows what's in the heart. If it remains healthy there, even when the trunk is attacked, even when the leaves have fallen. Even when there's little sign of life on the outside, it can regrow with strength.

00:25:54--> 00:26:38

That's a believer. Nothing in life takes away the mind out of your heart, whatever difficulty, whatever the last cut out of your life, whatever has been taken from you, whatever fire damage has happened, your roots in your heart, there's faith in the loss of kind of time. Now, that's not enough on its own. Because the tree is in a tree, if you just look at roots, you call that? What is that there's no tree there. Tree, it can't just be roots, it's got to regrow. And there's got to be a stem, there's got to be a trunk, there's got to be a stock, something that is powerful, and hold up, what will grow on it. And the second part of the tree is the trunk, the stock, the stem, it's

00:26:38--> 00:27:09

the actions of the body, which are the proof of Islam in the heart. So if I have the man in the heart, I can't say all I'm good inside. And that's enough. No, I gotta prove my faith. And I got a witness my testimony of faith in Allah, the five pillars hold up the five pillars, and that's why we call them pillars, because they hold up the structure of Islam, the five pillars, the Shahada, so that so young zakka, had their work, hold up,

00:27:10--> 00:27:21

faithfulness, and prove what is in the heart, the regular practice of mine, Islam, strengthens the tree, and makes the roots grow further.

00:27:23--> 00:27:53

So if I don't have a, you know, a big stock, the assumption is my roots haven't haven't continued to grow. So for me to continue to grow the roots and to continue to supply nutrients, I need to branch out to get more energy, more oxygen, more co2, all of the things that are going to help this tree to grow and make the roots roll deeper. So for the roots to continue growing, I have to have actions on the outside.

00:27:54--> 00:28:14

It's a proven statement, that if you cut at something at the top of a tree, it actually is felt in the roots and they absorb more water, they absorb more nutrients, they react to and say we need to conserve more energy to grow even greater, you would have studied some of that in biology. Third, and finally,

00:28:15--> 00:28:19

the branches or the fruits

00:28:20--> 00:29:10

of the tree is our right just conduct our exam. It's what beautifies us it's what makes us fragrant. It's what we want to look at and see and others and finding ourselves. It makes me happy. When I've done something that is righteous. I want to be a person who fasts I want to be a charitable person. I want to be kind and happy and smiley and generous and forgiving. Those are the fruits of the faith that is deep down in my heart. So faith blooms only with strong roots and a solid healthy stock and Trump every so often the leaves and the fruits are picked. And every so often our scenes cut away our branches.

00:29:12--> 00:29:26

Maybe I used to pray at night but you know I began to do this thing that was cut off so a lot took away my ninth graders maybe I used to pray to or copy for friends now I don't even pray fed because that nice. It's kind of way now the stock is being injured.

00:29:29--> 00:29:56

Sometimes I get cut, I get pruned by the difficulties of life by the shade bonds influenced by my sinful soul. I disfigure my tree of faith, but it can regrow again and again. If my roots are watered and if my actions are pleasing to Allah, the property selling said seek to ensure maximum demand which 70 different avenues 70 different branches of faith.

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

All of them are pleasing to love the best

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Have them is the Shahada, the witnessing of faith.

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As you can imagine that like a lot is the best, it's the height of the tree. It's the thing that is most beautiful of all of this. It's that gem, it's the theme that you want to beautify your tree with, that you can say, look at my faith in a lot is unshakable.

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And therefore, to witness faith is one of the magnificent parts and parcels of our email.

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This is an important

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discussion, and it will be on your final exam at the end of the year, make sure that you've taken ample good notes. And you can go back to hearing this and watching it later in chapter one.

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How do we define the word enough? What we say that the workiva

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is a black guy that's on the line. And he said, It is enough is the one who seems turned to in worship,

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who returned to in worship. So for some people, their event is their own soul, they loved things so much they love their desires. So it's like they worshipping they worship the almighty dollar. For some people, they worship status and fame, they'll do anything just to get attention. For some people, they worship deities and objects out of love or fear or hope. For us, our event is only a month. And therefore the correct meaning of the Shahada is a genuine that you got a lot, there is no God or deity that is worthy of worship. It's not just there is no God, but a lot, there is no God or deity worthy of worship. The worthy of worship part is the emphasis in our Shahada. And that's why

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when you say ash,

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and Eva, they're shut down on the weakness statement as shadow it shut down, requires a stress and learn that there is no God or deity worthy of worship has been the last part in lava flows, there's no stress, it's meant to be facilitated and easy. If you disbelieve in all these other things other than a lot becomes easy to recognize a lot.

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And therefore we have an acceptance and a rejection, we reject everything other than a lot. To us only a lot of all others are to be ignored. This believed in and rejected in terms of worship. So there's no I'm going to worship a law, but I'm just going to hedge my chances on something else, I'm going to worship other things along with,

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we don't worship other than a lot, and put our hope and our love and our trust in other than the one. And number two, our acceptance of a lot is that we praise Him, worship Him alone, at the exclusion of all others.

00:33:05--> 00:33:48

Now you need to come to some of the conditions. Because over here, I want you to know that sometimes Muslims do crazy things. And not because a person was raised as a Muslim, or that they came into Islam, that they've abandoned some of the themes that have been absorbed culturally, into Islamic traditions. And they are not part of Islam, and they were condensable in some, so let me get an I don't mean, you know, I'm not picking on any one culture. But every one of our cultures, wherever you guys are all from wherever I'm from, we have certain things that have crept into the practices of Muslims in certain regions that have nothing to do with Islam. I remember I was invited to a

00:33:49--> 00:33:54

I'll begin with Indians. Not that I'm upset with me. I love Indians.

00:33:56--> 00:34:36

I went to a Muslim Indian wedding. And I was shocked to have like, the fire ritual in the hand things that are directly taken out of Hindu customs. And then I went to a Pakistani wedding. And it was surprised they're like, Whoa, what's happening with these Pakistanis? I love me some Pakistanis and for the army and all that. But what's happening in the world, the woman is the one who gives the dowry to the man that the man had. It's not the man who gives but the woman is also her family's expected to give. That's the opposite of Islam. Then you go see the Turks, Egyptians, Arabs, they some of them, they have this false concept. So they'll come go, you'll get into a car, and it'll

00:34:36--> 00:34:42

have it kursi and under it, it'll have the nuts of B, do you know the nother? What does it look like? You don't know?

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

And there's gonna be a little yellow there. Where does that come from? Well, that's the idea of Zeus. So if you were to speak to a Greek, they'll tell you Oh, let's see if Zeus they're not gonna tell you it's like, cuz that comes from the false belief that Zeus

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

Hellenistic Greek god have so long ago that if you felt people were going to be jealous and looking at you, you'd pray to Zeus and his, I would look after you. And that's where that comes from. I did it courtesy with the IM Zeus

00:35:15--> 00:35:23

and put it on their children on a gold thing. My son is protected. So that little thing you're wearing that that's protecting your son.

00:35:24--> 00:35:34

That's the thing that's going to protect your son. Yeah. Like, no, that's not Islam. That has nothing to do with Islam. Then you go to another culture. Where

00:35:35--> 00:36:24

are my Malaysia, Singaporean malaise Indonesians? You're like, Whoa, four day weddings, and they got all these little rituals and like, Where do you get all this stuff? Where do they have some of the traditions that have come are not from Islamic traditions, they're from the culture, some of them are acceptable. But others come from a paganistic perspective, from a perspective that came from the remnants of ships that existed, and therefore becomes very important for us to have our reliance on a lot when we say I rely on a lot, I don't rely on that blue dot, I don't put that on on my front door. I don't put that on my, in my business and say, you know, now it was gonna protect me. But

00:36:24--> 00:36:53

just in case, I got that blue dot, right. It's not a part of our faith, our faith, even as Muslims, our faith isn't derived as a currency on the woman's Okay, now the house is protected. It's that you have it in cursive and calligraphy in your home so that you see it and recite it to remind you to ask Allah for his protection. It's not the writing on the wall that protects you, if you believing in a law that can lead to that protection.

00:36:55--> 00:37:03

And therefore we accept Allah and what Allah brought and what Mohammed's I celebrate. One day, there was a woman and I want you to see this.

00:37:04--> 00:37:25

There was a woman she had a bangle, and she was wearing a chicken to the Prophet sighs send them and that bangle had been made for her. It's gold. It had been made for her by one of the older soothsayers, you know, magicians of Polish, and the prototypes of Mandela, what is this? She said, All this was something that I you know, and emulate.

00:37:27--> 00:38:06

He said, the people who believe in a lot don't wear things like this. So she broke it, because it was so tight. She said, Oh, I can't even take it off. I've gained weight, you know, so she broke it. And then she ordered that to be given to charity. Right? The problem is lm said that the one who believes in that era, who believes in the superstitious practice of bird sighting, back then they could see Oh, my God, a black crow landed on the doorstep of my home, I'm not going out today, something bad's gonna happen. It's like you find in culture today, Friday, the 13th, or a black cat looked at me through the mirror, like, Oh, it's just like this and you're walking, and a black cat

00:38:06--> 00:38:30

is looking into that window and you look in the window, the black cats either in the window and look at it. Oh my god, right? Or Oh my god, you walk under a ladder? You're dead? Right? Even some of the content that you find or break a leg? They would say that to actors and actresses people going on the stage? They would say to them break a leg? Why does it it's like a weird thing to say, like somebody's going to

00:38:32--> 00:38:32

break your leg.

00:38:33--> 00:38:44

You should say, you know, wish me luck. You know, it's their way of wishing luck. How? By saying Break a leg, it means that

00:38:45--> 00:38:55

I hope you don't break a leg. So I'm gonna stay it so that you don't think I'm like giving you nothing? You know what I mean? So I'm just gonna say it in that way. Or knock on wood?

00:38:56--> 00:39:38

What's knock on wood mean? Where does that come from? Because it's like that, you know, it's that sound, something's hollow something. I don't want anything from you. Right? It comes from Christian doctrine as well. You know, cross your fingers. It comes from the belief in the cross. So the, you know, people they had that as as a concept, right? It shows like, you know, God's gonna help me through this. Right. So a lot of the things that we see, some of them are condensable that we don't believe in. I know some of it just general vernacular. But some of the things that have come into our tradition, we should be very, very careful with right as Muslims. Let's talk about the

00:39:38--> 00:39:59

conditions of our Shahada. What do we mean when we say we believe in a loss of kind of data, and this is where we can get to continue the next time you meet? Right? So the next time we meet we're going to talk about how do I know if my life gives weakness to my belief in Allah? Am I a person

00:40:00--> 00:40:01


00:40:02--> 00:40:16

who believes in La Ilaha Illa law in the way it should be believed it is likely that in a more meaningful to me, and I'll run you through, you know, the second, we're going to talk about them in a lot of detail the next time.

00:40:18--> 00:40:54

So the first seven are things that we do, we must have knowledge of a lot. You can believe in light language just by saying we don't know who is this God who is a law that you're worshiping. You need to know about his names and his attributes, you need to know about His revelation and his prophets and messengers, you need to become acquainted with him, you need to have general knowledge. But that's not enough. That must extend to you being certain that when I know about a law is unshakable that the questions that I've had the things that have come to mind that I've asked the knowledge that has made me certain.

00:40:56--> 00:41:37

So I had a thought in my mind, and I, you know, I know about a lot, but this question keeps nagging at me know, I need to get the answer for it to find certainty, and certainty in the heart is where doubt has been removed. So anytime you don't have a question, your requirement is to seek an answer. I'm always open to hear your questions, other other people around, you are always happy to receive your questions. Don't ever have a question in your heart, that is an answer, and you leave it because it remains there and other people can manipulate it to lead your way from a lot when that was never your intention. Number three, acceptance. And that's really important. It's one thing that

00:41:37--> 00:41:40

you didn't just say, you know, there's something in my life that I'm not doing.

00:41:41--> 00:42:09

Just say, you know, some have a lot, somebody struggling to wake up professional, they pretty much have all the other factors that if they say, Well, listen, that's just how I am lokala just gonna have to accept me as I am, I don't accept the fact that I have to wake up for failure. Or, look, we live in this model, you know, I gotta get to work, I gotta get to school on a certain time, it's inconvenient, I'm just going to pray when I wake up, and you rejected the construction of a one.

00:42:10--> 00:42:55

It might be a no II job, I'll never wear it. Never that stupid. It's an Arabic fee, it has nothing to do with, I'm just going to be a decent grind. net, I reject it. So when you have a rejection of what Allah said, It's different to saying, in sha Allah, I hope to in Chai, no, this is from Allah. It's something that I'm happy with. But I'm not doing it at the moment. And inshallah I hope to, that's very different to rejecting it altogether. Number four, submission. And then you can just accept and say, I accept it, but I'll never do it, you'll have to come and try to comply to as much as what was said. And that's the key, these two words are the key to seven piano. Well,

00:42:56--> 00:43:37

we here means we accept what are foreign, that means we submit to try to practice it. Number five to do a tutorial. Don't do it because I expected or your parents expected. Don't stand in, don't come up to the prayer just because it's a tool room. It has to be truthful between you and alone. Number six, it's got to be sincere. Once you're truthful with a lot, then you become sincere meaning it becomes out of love, and fear and hope and a loss of kindness. And the final thing that is requested of your worship and your belief in Allah is that it is done with love for Allah and love for his creation. Everything comes back to love.

00:43:38--> 00:43:50

No seven are the things we do. And the last two are things we don't do. So we deny worshipping, we don't worship anything other than love. And finally, we do that until

00:43:51--> 00:44:18

our death surprises, those nine conditions. If you gather them together and approach along with them, you are from those who have been given the keys to general and you are from those who will have that passport. How will that be implemented. Odia is the one who gets his book in his right hand in the passport is enabled and to enable. I always knew I was going to do well. read my book I'm going to gender

00:44:20--> 00:44:38

issue many other people they get in their life and they're scared to they know they're not making it. Why because they don't have the conditions of that ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah blah, blah some kind of Allah gracias ease and successful loan money. And I'll see you again next time with another installment