Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Effort Begets Results

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The success of a project depends on the effort and effort required to achieve it, and the importance of learning the language and identifying past mistakes is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to study and learn the language before committing to a project, and the importance of clear goals and effort in achieving success. The importance of hard work and effort in achieving success is also emphasized.
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In al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Allah, Allah said in Surah Maryam la salud in sunny la masa was around that I read that for a human being is only that which he has worked for

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and laser lilienthal journey, there is nothing for an exam for a human being Illa except masa, that which he made sorry for that which he made effort for.

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He had his open up with Allah Allah. So somebody said

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in Neverland Albania is, in a way, the Tafseer of this, I also

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said that the result of the date is this on intention. So it's these are these are excellent explanation of this.

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What is the meaning of laser is laser in sunny la masa.

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Allah della zing here is to be understood in two ways. One, of course, is in terms of the era, where we are saying that in the era,

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results that we will get for the deed is based on the effort for the deed.

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So you praise Apple for that you will get the word 4000 for that, if you did not read this ally will not get reward. So there's very simple

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and straightforward explanation of the

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opposite of

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the balance of

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the other explanation also has to be understood in terms of the linear

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where the issue is that in this world also,

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if we want a result,

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then this ayah is telling us that this results, which we want in this world, is based on the effort we make for that results.

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So for example, if we want the result to say, I

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want to succeed in a particular goal that I have,

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then the success in that goal depends on the amount of effort we put in to reach that goal.

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I think somewhere I mentioned the Malcolm Gladwell book outliers, if you haven't read it, read it, where he talks about the people who the world knows as you know, great iconic successes.

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And he shows how

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and he's done it very nicely in very statistically he shows how behind that success

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is literally years of hard work, it's not just one or two, it sucks it is consistent, many years of hard work. And he even coined the phrase he says a 10,000 hour rule

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unless you have spent 10,000 hours doing something you cannot be an expert at it whatever it is 10,000 hours you should have done and the rough estimate of that is 10 years of consistent work in that area.

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So the whole point therefore is the two thing can say that what effort Am I making in whatever goal I have. And this applies whether it is Dean or dounia. Supposing for example, you say that I want to understand the Quran, then how many hours a day are you spending in reading and understanding the Quran because we are not going to get why

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you want to understand the Quran jabril Islam is not going to come and explain to us so

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we have to make the effort. So how many are very simple is simply this. If you say no, I'm reading one rupee per day, then forget this understanding the Quran and all that it will blow up his abdomen.

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But don't fool yourself by saying I want to understand the Quran you will never understand not till the day you die because you're reading one record a there is no way in the world that you will understand

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you can give it to her and he is not going to happen period. If you want to understand the Quran, you have to give time to that.

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Similarly, if you say say give a study architect is I want to become the best architect the world has ever known. Then what was he doing? He must be doing architects.

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He was reading books or architects they will go and study buildings you must go and talk to people you must learn and architecture was we must become an obsession. The whole point of this is the importance of within towards a positive area not talking about obsession or obsessiveness in a negative manner, but we think in a positive way. Unless you become obsessive with regard to your

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goals, those goals those projects will not happen. As simple as that

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as we take this

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data set

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desire in terms of the life of this habit, right? It's a very, very, very clear to take the life of almost any of the Sahaba, especially among the Cambrian of the Sahaba, who were around them. They were obsessive people.

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Simple as that. They were totally obsessive people, they had one goal. And that goal was to take this message of Islam into every home in the world. And whatever it took to do that they did it.

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They did not hesitate with regard to anything, whether it was spending money, whether it was time whether it was their own lives, there's absolutely no as it is.

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And that is why the most amazing thing in the world every time I think about it, I you know, it blows my mind, which is that in one single generation,

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in one single generation, there's a bunch of people who are absolutely at the bottom of society, nobody get two hoots about them, they were tortured, they were murdered and everything. The same generation in one generation, they were rolling, whatever was known of the world at that point in time, how

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kajiado tawnya no magic or something Allah did not send you know.

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It's straightforward.

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effort, effort, hard work, and to the exclusion of everything else.

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And the same thing, as I said, I've given an example from the dounia giving an example also from in terms of Islam. Now again, Baraka Islam is that Allah subhanaw taala will also give us the reward in the accurate inshallah Allah Baraka in our work in genealogy, because along with the hard work are also bringing the hedges and you are making good buck. But if somebody thinks that just by making wise something's going to happen, no, nothing, nothing will happen. We have to put in a laserline Zani in law that's very, very clear in Lavasa

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except that which he has worked for.

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And they don't do the pleasure also. And that's why this is taken as the delille. For the issues of Algeria. We will say what is Algeria? will this happen when that happened, Ebola was been tossed together and we read the Quran. I mean, Cuba has the data, this ayah is the delille for that to say lies and lies are aliens any in lamotta there is nothing for me except what he worked for. If you our way drops dead, you can read Quran till you die, nothing is going to happen reality whatever our regret will benefit him. If you read for our bank does not do or do I will benefit that it doesn't matter. The dollar has benefited I asked you what, but other than that, double geria is all work

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which the person has initiated or done while he was alive. So for example, how does the child measure because you might have been the child

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the child is your effort to the children, the children are going to the God of the parents, any work of savagery you do well you build a hospital you do this you do that Majid mothers or whatever that is money which you have spent and knowledge which you have taught

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to happen again, you have got knowledge now that knowledge alleges Baraka What is it to somebody to somebody and that person teaches and so on Allah subhanaw taala gives the reward to the person but what is the basic principle there and laserline Zani Lavasa

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and that was the the the this is the explanation was given by mama Shafi hasta la la when they asked him this, this is a this is a reason because they're very clearly in lamotta except what he has worked for. So I remind myself when you are to be clear about our goals, and then to make sure that we are putting in enough effort behind that goal for it to succeed. It is not going to happen if we call something a life goal and we treat it like a hobby, it will not work.

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If it is a life goal, it is not a hobby there are two different two different things. Maybe a hobby by sample agenda is my hobby. I collect some stamps once in a while here and there. If you ask me how many hours a day are you spending on temperature? I mean, I don't I don't have to spend hours a day. Maybe I spent 10 minutes you know,

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but if it's my life goal,

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then I that the difference in Philately is my science I must become the greatest philatelist in the world and write books on it and all of that other a completely different ballgame. So life goal, become clear about our goals, and then put in enough effort to ensure that this goal is achieved. And then jealous. Why don't we ask Allah subhanaw taala what is Baraka and what is Rama? And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us to do whatever we speak and what we will listen to was alcohol and abuse occurring while he was heavy as mine

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