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I would like to remind myself and you

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that our actions

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have an effect on our lives.

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The actions of a person have an effect on their lives.

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The effect can be good or bad depending on the kind of action that we do.

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And Jason Amara Malhotra Delano, during his collabra when the Muslims are fighting the Persians in the famous battle of

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Saudi whenever Cosmo Delano was the commander of the army,

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and does an hour out of Atlanta sent him a letter he wrote him a letter. And he said, that remember that our actions affect the outcome the victory

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is that Allah has data gives us victory. Only if our amahl are better than the Amell of the enemy. He said if our amahl are not as good as the animal of the enemy, if there are five becomes worse, and Allah subhanaw taala will give victory to the one who has more strength.

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And this is obviously the enemy has more strength.

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Allah does not give us victory based on our strength Allah gives us victory based on our piety and our Iman.

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Similarly, in the battle against the Romans.

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Our water Arellano who had newly become Muslim,

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he had just accepted Islam.

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He was in the front

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and when he saw the Romans

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our Alanna says barnacle bursary. Either my eyes became dazzled, I could not see because he said the kind of force that they had

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the weapons, the gold, the silver, the brocade, and the drums. And the sheer number of the Roman legions, he said was so huge and heavy. That he said I became doesn't like we're not even when this is arriving, we are fighting these people. How is it possible? How can we fight them?

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And he said when I

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was in this state, there was another guy he was standing next to him. A senior that'd be one of the three in one of the xaba who fought in butter. He looked at the reservoir or the Atlanta is wild.

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And he said our era he said looks like you are seeing something big.

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Yeah, have a look at this. See something big so you don't see this?

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He said remember, he said, he said you are not with us in bother.

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He said Allah has never given us victory on the basis of our numbers.

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Thirdly, from the Quran

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Surah Tauba. Read the I had referring to the right loving it.

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What does Allah Allah Allah said that you are numbers because they know and that was the first time that the Muslims were 10,000 a number and they were properly armed.

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And Allah Allah says you relied on your numbers

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and who really didn't didn't say we will win because of numbers? No.

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Somebody said

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and because of that, Allah subhanaw taala turn the bottle upside down.

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What ends instead of being a victory became a defeat. And then navvies Allah Islam going forward

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and he's called Abdullah bin pasado de la Rosa, Col De Anza.

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Abdullahi masala no announced and he called and he called me under the under a very special position which Allah will talk about the under but one of the position of the anzar region is this the under came around Rasool Allah filamentous around a day when the law said that they came to him like like cows come to the calf.

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just completely surrounding like the like the bisons around there, the young when the lions attack

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and that group of 100 somethings around Navis Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala then sent down the ages, and then these en su goon on them and 13 on them.

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Again On what basis on the basis of the Amal of obeying the NaVi is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. When he called the Kim, not everybody came, the people who came and that people number has no meaning. The people who were fighting who are against the enemies are the people of the cave, in the Battle of onine and the from from from

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Bob died

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they were 20,000 in number

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and dissolve around

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100 something

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numbers have no meaning and have meaning

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in what turned the baklava upside down Harmon

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this obeying the law is a reset stay on that hill and do not move even if you see the crows eating from our bodies.

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And what did they and again that neither of them have I didn't do that some of the some of the people who were there, what did they say? They said the Obama applied at that time. Now the battle is over the hokum is not valid anymore.

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reason I am reminding myself when you my brother's is this is what we do with with the outcome of the Sharia. And with the sunon of Bahama Rajaratnam today, with no no but this is one of those This is what

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our today this is a different world modern world does not apply.

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If there is a home of the

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age of life till the Day of Judgment.

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This is your museum.

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Our armor affects our lives, we do good, we get good, we do bad Allah subhanaw taala will punish and Allah subhanaw taala punishes this oma in this dunya itself and this is from the ram of Allah subhanaw taala because otherwise this we would have to go and enter into the Hellfire and be cleaned before we come out. So Allah subhanaw taala to save us from that he gives us punishment in this video, but remember this punishment is not easy.

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So do not invite this punishment on yourself by your armor, there is a big mistake and opinion among people that it is okay to deceive the non Muslims

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people people sell alcohol for example to

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Muslims, and fill in non Muslims.

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They take money from the government, which is not the right government gives a gives some money for disabled people or gives money for the for orphans. So they will give up all credit. And they say we are often and Angela her parents are alive, or they will give some disability certificate or something and they take money from the government and they do this the government has covered.

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The issue is not whether the government is covered or not covered. The issue is when you are living in a country you are living abroad you're you're giving a covenant you're giving a promise to the country that you will follow the laws of the country

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in in exchange for citizens of their country. And if the law is not against Islam, then if you break the law, then you have the the majority opinion of the Almighty that you are covered

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that you are committed because you have gone against the covenant that you give to the government

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whether the government is Muslim or non Muslim is not the issue. Similarly if something is haram in Islam, it is haram whether you are doing it or whether you're doing it for somebody else. Drinking alcohol is around selling it is haram selling it to a Muslim is around selling it to non Muslims our

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our ama and just give you two examples that I

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always shot. So we will not go into other examples. But the issue is that our ama affect our lives. So let us look at our own armor and see which of our armor are going to bring good and which of our armor armor which are the cause of the difficulties that we face in life. So anytime there is any difficulty in life or even when there is no difficulty, it is a good idea to make this up and then to make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala and to change those ama immediately and start doing those things

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and focus on doing what is good and what is permissible.

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So on a gala vionic Orisha lala land Mustapha llama wanted to be like