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The concept of "monster's" health is discussed, along with the importance of listening to feedback from others. The speaker also touches on the topic of "monster's" sadness and the importance of learning to clean one's heart. The struggles of Islam during the pandemic, including the need for everyone to practice social distancing and wear masks, are also discussed. The importance of hardening the heart is also emphasized, and the recap of the history of Islam is provided.

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alameen wa salatu salam our notion of Colombia will Marcelino Allah Allah He was happy he has made about Allah subhanaw taala has

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said the one who purified himself he is successful

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What is the meaning of purifying yourself? Imagine

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the physical purity, if you want to purify ourselves

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then there are certain things that are required

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and the same thing applies to internal duties purity of the heart, which is what is meant in desire inshallah

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physical purity what you do, you first are aware that there is a need to purify

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Secondly, you go and look in the mirror to see where the dirt is.

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And thirdly, you watch the Dutch.

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Same thing applies for the internal purity and in

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the worst condition to glorify the enough's for this good enough is to accept the fact that you need this this gets on us.

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Now, this might sound like an oxymoron humanitarian everybody thinks they that's not true. There are many people in the world who justify and justify and just divided up they do not need minuses.

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Anyone who says none of this beer is nuts is surely

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in great need for purification.

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So first thing is to own up to the fact that I need to purify myself internally, I need to clean my heart.

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Second thing is look in the mirror.

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What is the mirror of the heart? The mirror of the heart? Is your brother in Islam?

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Is your wife is your husband? Is your children? Is your parents?

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Is the people you work with?

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Is the environment. All of these are your mirrors.

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Do I know what diseases are there in my heart? How do I know that from feedback from others.

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So second condition of purification of the soul of knifes of the heart is to listen to feedback from others. If somebody tells you that there is there seems to be this problem with you, then don't get upset with that person.

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Don't think he is assassinating your character.

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Don't accuse him of this or that. Listen to him.

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Because whether you intended that or not, this is the impression you gave.

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I may not have intended to give the impression, but the impression I gave to people it's

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something which shows the diseases in my heart.

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So listen to feedback. Don't get offended with anybody.

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If you look in the mirror, and the mirror shows that there is dirt on your face, and you break the mirror, the dirt is still on your face.

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Breaking the mirror does not clean the law to your face. Instead of breaking the mirror. It is much more useful to go and wash your face. And so also with your analysis, when you are getting feedback from the outside world to say this is the problem with you.

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Then the thing to do is not get angry with them.

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But to clean your laughs

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third stage is to watch

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how do you watch the Narcissus. You wash their hands by doing the opposite of whatever the nostril

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there is a famous story among the Native Americans.

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And the story is that

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a grandfather and his grandson so the grandfather is really the grandson that there are two wolves inside us. There is a wolf which is good. And there is a wolf which is bad. And these two wolves are always fighting each other. There is a battle between the good one and the bad one

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constantly raging inside.

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So the grandson as the grandfather is his grandfather which one will win. He said the one who will feed

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out of these two, which one will win. He says the one you feed

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and that's a good story for us to think about. In our lives also. There are the desires of the knobs which are against the walls

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and there are the arrows that will go against the desert.

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So which one will win the one you feed.

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So don't get the nuts inside cleaning is out by going against what the nurse tells you to the second hour.

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He called the people to the masjid. He went on the member during his gala event on November and he said to the people or people

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There was a time when I used to graze the goats and sheep of my arms.

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And after grazing them the whole day when I brought them back then they would give me a handful of raisins or some bark.

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And even there sometimes some goat will run away somewhere maybe I couldn't find it ever I came back my arms would tell me they would they would admonish me and they would, you know, punish me for losing that animal.

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And then he came down from the river so I'm gonna fire him now for the law. No, he was also there in some drama doubts that

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he did. What was the point of

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the Why did you do this? Because all you did was you went up on the member and You humiliated yourself before the people. He said what is the point of the

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second hour?

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The reason I did this is because as I was coming down the road, my enough told me Yeah, Omar, you are ameerul momineen

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You are the honey bottle muslimeen. So I had to teach my enough sir lesson

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of who I am really. So I went straight to the masters and I call the people that this is

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a man who could not even graze a sushi. And it is only by the isn't and Hong Kong Allah subhanho wa Taala that today he is able to roll the whole Muslim world.

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That's just another live lesson in that get enough for hope.

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From over if they'll have done one of the national MOBA from one of the two closest companions of Muhammad Rasul Allah, allow us

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to get to know

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I remind myself when you have brothers and elders, that this is one of the biggest needs for us today. And this is one of the biggest things that we ignore and we neglect.

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And why is that so important? Because it's only when the Knox is clean. It's only when the heart is clean, that the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala takes root

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because Allah, Allah is Allah with more things. For job to do, he said yes, through Allah him it was a key him where you live or who will kita

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he said, narrate to them, recite to them the eyes of the Quran, then clean them.

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Then give them teach them the column of Allah subhanho you eyes Lima who will teach the Gita

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one hikmah and then show them how to apply this in their life. The tsunami Visa Center is the application model for the karkala the tsunamis Allah Allah is the application model it is the manual for the Gita.

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Allah is very clear, for example,

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okay boo Salah.

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Allah did not show us the method of Salah.

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which Allah how what

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that was given to me is Allah Allah.

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In the way he is our motto, and that is why he said, Son, Luca Omar, I said,

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Allah, Allah, he's absolute Guevara is when you said Allah said establish the Salah.

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How should we establish Salah? He said pray like you see me pray.

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Allah said make much

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money that is a lie if you have the means to go for half naked.

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How to do that?

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Also unnamed mana Zico masala take from me, the monastic Oh hatch, learn from me how to do hatch.

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If you don't look at the sooner it you say I don't need the sooner you can neither make Salah nor can you make hatch, nor can you be Sokka Allah

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how much what is the

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what is the Saigon on football, what is the what is the Zakat on goods in trade?

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Let me give all these this is how much you should give for this and this and this and this

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and all of the Zim guns when when the heart is pure. Now what are the diseases of that? One number one disease of the heart is hardness of the heart.

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A heart heart. Nothing happens to it. When the kalama was rather recited nothing happens no effect. When you see the QB I have a lot of arrows that have no effect.

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What is what should happen to that?

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What should happen to that

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I was wondering

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what do you love Polo? Either rookie Rollo What do you love

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the heart mushy River and the fear and majesty of Allah.

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way that Julia Dally he is to the to me man.

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And when the IRS of Allah subhanaw taala, recited before them, the man must increase while out of the avocado, only then will the doctor almost run into lockup

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when the heart is affected,

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hardness of the heart

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is the first of the problems and the diseases are in gela, the further reminder is of five minutes, I'm not going to go into the other ones. inshallah, maybe tomorrow day after tomorrow, we'll look at the others. But this is one thing I request you and I remind myself that is think about the hardness of our hearts and our desire to soften the hearts. And the best way to soften the heart is to remember your own death.

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That one day we are going to die.

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And we do not know when that day is going to come. That's the best softener for the heartbeat channel. So let us think about that. And we are eager to soften our hearts and to bring the effect of his column into our hearts. And so that the heart then becomes the mirror for the glory and majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala little lower than the military while it was heavy as right there.