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The importance of testing and measuring progress during busy times is emphasized, along with the need to consider factors beyond just testing. A jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases makes it difficult to summarize, while the speaker discusses the importance of having a clear understanding of the meaning of Islam and the benefits it brings. The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing and measuring progress, particularly in challenging times.

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In the lambda Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Abed,

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Allah Subhana delasalle calafell Botha well hetalia will work over us and Allah.

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We are talking about tests

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last night that I said I have created death and life

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to test you

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and to test you to see who among you will do the best deeds.

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Hello, hello mother, well had a mother bought the blue to test you

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in what are you going to MLS which of you will do the son of the man the best of the deeds

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this life is a test

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and therefore everything that comes in this life is attached.

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As matter in another place mentioned Diablo akun will hire evil Sheriff

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he said that we will test you with God and with Charlotte but

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with good and with evil.

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So, in this life having plenty

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having good health, having money having influence having power having authority is a test

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and not having that is also a test.

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illness is a test poverty is a test. Lack of will go on to the test and so on both of this

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so how do we pass this test

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passes tests by doing one of two things.

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When we have plenty with angles rather than

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sugar of Allah.

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with Allah in Jakarta, as is no one who is thankful to me I will increase him in whatever blessing I have given him. They will have given knowledge and the person is thankful Allah will increase the knowledge he will give better for Hamilton or he will give a better Is there a lot of them

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and if someone has got wealth and is thankful dollars ran out there as an

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ingredient, someone who got good health any thanks Allah Subhana Allah, Allah insha Allah will increase him and make his health better.

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And in times of

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trials and tribulations

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what do you do?

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You make Saba with Allah Allah said

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powershare isavi

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Allah Xena is a Saba to mozila COVID-19 do in LA

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so let's rather that that there is Bashara for the people who have suffered.

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And the reason for that is over and over.

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Again test Utila

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in the Quran there are several words that have been used for testing

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and fitness one delay is another

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and another one while I want another one. With a manila folder, we will do an aqua sim in alarm while he was he was someone that

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will just do with fear and with hunger and with the destruction of wealth and poverty and so on and with

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issues of health issues of children. So these kinds of things.

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But Bashir is avidin Mandela's Bashara, there is good news. Glad tidings for the people who have suffered and who are the people of our Lavina is our Tomasi button. When the come when masiva comes on them when they have trials and tribulations difficulties calamities, there is the inner Isla de la raggio

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we were from Allah to Allah is our Rita hula gala him himself over to mirror the environment. Will I go more modern and I said for these people. I lay him Salawat to mirror beam Allah data sense alarm on them.

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salata mirror beam guarana, and they raha Allah subhanaw taala on these people, and I was one of those that these are the rightly guided people. So when there are trials and tribulations and difficulty, we have solver

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and when we have

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that's a good situation in life, we need to go Tadasana

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and tomorrow inshallah we'll look at an look at this in a little more detail with regard to what is above

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the server is not just

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apathy server is not just sitting in one place and saying but I'm making some noise loving some server is something very different. But we'll see that tomorrow or today. The important thing to remind myself a new is that life, this whole life is a test.

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So everything that happens every

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incident that comes, we have to look at it from the lens of

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is this the best of to lead

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the evolution

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of Allah Allah subhanaw taala Is it the best thing to do?

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Sometimes we get confused because you say okay, well I'm doing this thing after all what I'm doing is not Haram. You are not talking about Allah.

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You're not talking about Ramadan. The Abu Hassan Rama means what? out of good deeds, who does the best of them. Because not every deed has the same reward. For example, if I'm sitting and reading the Quran is good or bad, it's

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good. But then if Allah is called

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the Jamaat is standing. I continue to read the Quran now.

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Which is the better deed to join in the Jamaat or to read the Quran

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and argue not Am I

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I like icon bhandara Mega

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cabinas very beautiful, Allah Quran pournami maga Jamaat colourway to Jamaat Macedon, upzone Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah Priyanka Heidegger on your dreams, everything, but in the Jamaat to stand and joining the Jamaat is far, far better far superior to do that.

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So out of do good deeds, which is the better one this is the whole confusion is this man, I'm the law by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala.

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We are not in July in the company of people who will do harappa you will not do we are not talking about that we're talking about when you have a choice of two or three things, all of which are good Rundle, all of which are halal, all of which are just out of them, which is the best.

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And for that, I have my own personal criterion, which I have shared with your Google my personal battles as well. If I drop dead, while doing that deep

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out of three things, if I die here, if I die here, if I die here,

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you will be resurrected in the state in which you died. So if I die here, or I die here or die here, which state would I want to be resurrected in?

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That was

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a simple way of clarifying your mind of all sorts of confusion. Otherwise, we will lose a lot of this jazz that sometimes I cannot think jazz mean.

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But the year is an opportunity. Here is another opportunity or three opportunities out of these three are to pick one, how do I pick I say if I am to die in that state while doing that thing.

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I'm going to be resurrected doing that. And at that time, when I had a choice of these three, I could have someone which is something which was better.

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Did I think that I picked something which was worse, that is the that is an issue.

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So I had the opportunity of dying in a modulus of z Corolla, one opportunity. Another opportunity I had an opportunity of dying while I'm having dinner, or lunch or whatever it is with some friends of mine hamdulillah eating halal food I'm eating in a good restaurant, I'm not seeing a haram nothing, not doing that. But out of these two

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Muslims of the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala and having dinner or lunch with some friends, which is the observed deed if you are to be resurrected on the day of Yama, Yama, would you want to be resurrected during the vigor of Allah or eatings ambientes number which one?

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That's simple.

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If we clarify this in our mind, inshallah, we will not be inconvenience. Anytime you have any choice of these, just ask yourself one simple question, if I die and if I die is not not imagination, this is many, many studies to say that that will come and many is of the Qur'an and so on. And so I won't go into all of that here you know all the point is that if we die in that situation, which is eminently possible, and then you will resurrected in that situation, which is a better situation, as well as rounds that are to make us make it easy for us to make the right choices. Because on those choices will depend on the future of whatever we we embark on that at that point in time. For

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Salalah Highlander we will carry while it was obvious way to go