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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the misery of the British during the Spanish- undernourished war and the importance of religion in achieving success. They emphasize the need for individuals to follow the commands of Islam to live by being a complete way of life. The speaker also touches on the cultural makeup of people, including their natural gender and attractiveness to men and women. They emphasize the importance of practicing Islam in order to live by being a complete way of life.
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Mr Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara freedom Viva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to Sleeman considering cathedra from Ubud, all my brothers and sisters, we continue with a beautiful story of whosoever is Salam. As we mentioned in the last class, usually CERAM

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gave the interpretation of the dream and then you also gave them the recommendation of what they should do, which is to store the con in the cup itself, not to take the seeds out, corn on the cob, store it as it is, and

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for those seven years when the harvest is good, he said, just store it as it is, but

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don't consume everything. Eat only a little bit and save it and then that is what you will eat in the linears when the harvest is not there. Now this is

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interesting to see now here they usually Salam learn the lesson that Allah subhanaw taala taught him which is that we asked only Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said, we asked only Allah subhanaw taala and usually Salam gave him the answer, he did not bargain for his freedom.

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Now, having said that, let me also clarify that as far as asking somebody who is alive, as usable as an object is not haram it is perfectly, perfectly acceptable and it is something you can do without any problem inshallah. But as I told you, the standards for the MBI level salaam are different from the standard for us and hamdulillah for that, Allah does not hold us so strongly to a to a standard. But for the MBR level Salam standards are different. The MB LM was Salam o tested more than any other person will not innovate. And so as a result, I was tested

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more than anybody else.

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So it was very solemn gave him he understood this thing, and he gave the answer, he did not bargained for his freedom. He also gave his recommendation, which is the IRS last night, which is not part of the dream interpretation, but it's where everyone doesn't have data, where Allah is teaching them what is to be done.

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The king was very pleased and ordered the use of a salaam should be released and that he would be made an adviser to the king. But he said, I'm recused. Because as far as he

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was concerned, he had been imprisoned for a for something he did not do. So unless his name was clear, if he was, if he simply accepted being released from prison, then in a way, that would mean that he accepted the fact that he had been imprisoned and that was right. So now he's being freed. He said, No, I should never have been in this prison in the first place, which is correct. So he, when he refused, the king said, Bring him to me. But when the messenger came to him, this was he said to him, return to Europe, return to King and ask him, What happened to the woman to the women who cut their hands? Surely my job Allah subhanaw taala is well aware of the plot.

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So he said these people are they play the game, they trap me or they try to trap me. And when they fail, they punished me. So I'm the one who's who's completely innocent, this is the right. So the king called rather than now, this is now an official matter, the king got out of them and he says, What was your affair? When you did seek to seduce use of Elisa? The women said, Allah forbid, no evil, do we know against him, he said, The they also realize that this is no serious matter. So this will be he has not done anything wrong. The wife of Al Aziz, she says, Now the truth is manifest to all it was I who sought to seduce him and he is, he is truly and surely of the truthful.

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Then he was very Salam said I asked for this inquiry in order that he as is the moon husband may know that I did not betray him in secret, Allah subhanaw taala does not

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does not guide

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the plot of the betrayers and he said I do not know this is the this the humility of usable Islam you know very serene enough Salah Martin Bisou in the Mara Mara be and he said I do not free myself from blame. Verily the human mama Oberon FC in Uppsala, Martin Bisou Illa Mara, Mara Beezer, I do not free myself from blame. So he's saying that even though what do we see we see here, that here I'll use over is Allah was was being seduced by this woman who was beautiful, presumably and also she was very wealthy and he was powerful and so on and so forth. And he resisted her so he said, mashallah, great. You know?

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He's a he's an honest man. He's a truthful man. He is

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faithful to his to his master was the husband of the of the woman and he did not betray the master. This is what he said. I'm says no, this is not my doing this is not my greatness This is not my by my purity and my piety. This is the rationale of Allah subhanaw taala if Allah subhanaw taala had not guided me if I had not predicted me I would have fallen into this trap. He says very I do not free myself from pleasure I'm not it's not my doing I'm not free. And I'm not saying this didn't happen that this happened because I am Bureau I am so strong No, he said Verily the human self and that's that's an Amara, the NAPS of the human being, even zelvin inclined to evil. Except when my

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Rob bestows His Mercy upon whom he was very the my rub is off, forgiving, Most Merciful. Well, my body will not see in enough Salah marathon Bisou Illa Amara Hemara

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in Nairobi, Allah hooray. He said very my job is most

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Most Forgiving and most Merciful.

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The lesson here is that I'm sad. May Allah have mercy on us of if it was

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me, in his place, I would have rushed to the door and answer the call of the king.

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The story of use varicella is a story of patience from the beginning to the end. Also, it's a story of foresight, by the Grace of Allah subhanaw taala. Usually Salam asked for the inquiry to clear his name because otherwise there was always a chance of someone wrecking of the incident later, he was the only Muslim in a land of idol worshipers, he showed how he could be useful to the king, and so was given the highest status in the land, even though he rejected their religion. This shows the difference between Islam and other religions in Islam, the religion is supreme. For others the religion is incidental. So if if something does not suit people, people will change the religion

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they will they will they will change the laws and so on and so forth. And we see this in the world all the time he say you have to have soul so he's an orthodox something and someone is a moderate something and someone is a reformed something and someone is something else in Islam there is no Orthodox and reformed and moderate and, and you know, salt free and

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and sugar free and whatnot, no cholesterol, Islam is Islam, there is one religion, Russell has brought one religion and this is true, isn't it Sarah brought one religion, Musa is brought one religion, all the messengers of Allah, they will not only one religion, that religion is the the halal Allah and Mohammed also has a for us for us is Muhammad Rasul Allah. So, Allah for them, it was the Rasul of the time. So the there is no one worthy of worship except Allah, no messenger brought different flavors or different strengths of religion, right?

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This is what people have done. This is why people have this is what people have done, they watered it down, they change it, they, they did whatever they wanted to do with the religion to make the religion compatible with their desires.

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Right. So like, we have Sharia compliant here, it is knifes compliant the religion they made the religion into something which is compliant with their desires, I want to do this, and I'm going to, and I will not leave the religion completely. I will not say I don't believe No, I believe, but I believe in how whatever I want to believe. So I will change it around and I will do whatever I want to do with it to make it suitable for myself. And then therefore I call myself by a different name. And last rather I mentioned this in the Quran, and it doesn't

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have to be you don't have Eradicator we will talk to me right unless rather than I said, Do you believe in some things from the book, and you leave out some other things? And then another matter that I said, What is the recompense what is the reward? What is the, the,

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you know, the payment for these kinds of behavior for selective obedience, I obey what I like to obey, and I live out what I don't like to obey even though both of these orders are orders from Allah. And both of them are equally important, but what I like and what I don't like so I take what I like and I leave out what I don't like, and that's it. What is the recompense for this Illa is Yun Phil had in dunya. We all mail accurately you will do not Isla Masha. Allah said that for people like this, there is the reward is nothing except difficulty and problems and diseases and calamities and, and loss in this word hardship in this life. And on the day of it doesn't end with that, as on

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the Day of Judgment Day will be turned and they will be written

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And then they will be thrown into the Russia deal as the most severe punishment. Why not because they completely rejected not because they totally they left the religion they didn't do. These are not Kuffar here I'm talking about people who are who have religion, there's no God, there's no Allah, there's no day of judgment. I don't really know they're not saying that, they are saying Lila, they are they say we believe, but they take what they like and they leave out what they do not like selective obedience is disobedience. That is understand this selective obedience is disobedience. And not only is it disobedience, it is

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a sign of arrogance. Because here is Allah subhanaw taala, who has made things

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who has made the beautiful and good things halal and he has made the hubba is he has made those things which are intrinsically in themselves, they are evil and they are bad Allah made them haram. But we said Oh, no, no, hold on second. Harold is okay fine. But what is haram? I will take from this what I like because of this Haram is nice. So I will take it and what I don't like I believe it. Now take for example us over a Salam think we know this, we are all human beings, we know that

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attractiveness, the attractiveness of the opposite gender, if I'm a man, that it is part of my genetic makeup,

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it is the most natural thing in the world, to be attracted to a beautiful woman, if I'm a woman, it isn't the most natural thing for me to be attracted to a handsome man. Now, point is just because something is natural, just because something is normal within case which is biologically normal, it does not make it the best thing to do. And it is not a sign of understanding or civilization or something. To give you a very,

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very, very simple and easy to understand example, a young child who has not been potty trained, will do his stuff, no matter where he or she is. Right. And that's the reason why they wear nappies, because when it comes, it comes.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. But when you grow up, when you get potty trained, when you get civilized when you get knowledge, what do you do? You go and do it, you still do it, but you do it in the correct place. You don't you don't go around wearing nappies. And you don't do it wherever you feel like doing it you don't start in the middle of the street. And you're in it except of course if you're in India, you do that. But other than that, you do not you know this is this is this is barbaric. It is it is animal behavior. It's not even human behavior. Animals do that. If I if I feel like if I were an animal, if I want to urine into urinate if our defecate ever get there,

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the cow does it and the sheep does it and the dog does it and so on. Now, she will be human beings love. And this is the whole point. The whole point is that religion comes to teach us what is right and what is wrong. But if you pick something and believe out something, we are playing games with Allah subhanaw taala, which is always a very, very bad idea.

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Like the very famous story, true story of the great poet. Mr. Vallee, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive him and grant him Jana, he was in Delhi in 1857. When, depending on which study you read to the first war of independence from British rule, which failed, or what the British call the Sepoy Mutiny, because that's where it started the the sepoys of the East India Company, they rebelled. And there was because they're very, very bad time very, very full of violence and so on the Indians were fighting

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the, this was this was a time when the Muslims and Hindus got together and they fought has won.

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And they lost the battle thanks to the

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to the to the traitors and to the to the

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to the collusion between the British and the Rajput kings and the sea kings and the biennials the the trades when particularly money as of, of Delhi and and the Rajput kings of Rajputana of Rajasthan and the Sikh kings of the Punjab, and these people sided with the British against their own countrymen. And eventually,

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the the Indians lost this war and India was then relegated or sentenced to another century, 100 years, from 1857 to 1947 is almost 100 years of British subjugation and slavery and route. Anyway, the long and short of this is the point I want to make here is misery was in Delhi at this time, because it is a terrible, terrible situation.

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He was arrested, and he was brought before the court.

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And the judge asked him he said,

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Are you muslim? And he said I was allowed

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So Mr. Algebra guy G Adams Alma. Somebody's alive said yes, I'm half a musket. So the judge said the judge is a British yoga Englishman just as well as I was out I said what is what is half a Muslim? He said Shara pita was warning. He said I drink alcohol but I don't report. Now see the thing here is that as a joke, okay, we're gonna love it. This is a true story from history. What is beloved, but the point here is that this selective

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obedience is disobedience. Allah subhanaw taala made pork and alcohol equally prohibited. Just like Allah subhanaw taala made gambling and alcohol equally private, it just like Allah subhanaw taala made fornication having a physical relationship with a person you're not married to. Haram just like Allah subhanaw taala made interest based dealings haram. But we

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pick and choose, right, we pick and choose. So you people have the deal in interest, because it suits them. Somebody, some people will drink alcohol. There are people I know who stopped drinking alcohol in Nevada. How utterly shameless Is that

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is that you stop drinking rather than away. If you think it is good, that don't drink it all the time. This is so utterly, utterly shameless. So, this is what Allah subhanaw taala is wanting us and do so well is that I will say this is the tendency of the human being, that we are attracted towards sin, but safety lies in resisting that attraction. So we do not do it, not because we are not attracted to it, we are attracted to it, but we do not do it in order to please Allah subhanaw taala so selective obedience is disobedience in Islam. That's one of the reasons I'm did not bring several versions of Islam, we did not bring several flavors of Islam. You brought one religion, like every

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other Prophet brought one religion. And the, the choice is very simple. You either obey it, or you don't do it. And that's why as I said, as I mentioned to you, the is we have sort of Bukhara, which I recited for you, when Allah subhanaw taala said, Do you believe in something of the book and leave out something? So unless Martha is wanting us not to be selectively obedient, but to obey everything, and Allah said, also has always been able to fulfill me further, while I thought who would want to Shaitan in the hula Komodo movie? Allah subhanaw taala say, Oh, you will believe enter into Islam completely and fully and totally right. Don't pick and choose, don't be selectively

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obedient. Do not follow the footsteps of shatta Verily, He is for you and open and clear enemy. Think about this, what is the meaning of saying, do not follow the footsteps? Allah is not saying do not follow shatta Allah say, Let's not say don't go with Chet are very, very sticking you holding your hand holding your neck? No.

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And that's it, do not follow the footsteps. Why would you talk about footsteps? If the individual is there?

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If the individual is there, you will say don't follow him.

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Why do you say don't follow the footsteps? Because he's not there. Only his footsteps are there. What is the implication? The implication is that if I follow the footsteps, I cannot live the one who made the footsteps.

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I have to blame myself. Because the one who made the footstep made the footsteps is gone. Who chose to follow the footsteps? Me? And that's the reason why I'm not aware of that. And so the one that I mentioned is rigid on the Day of Judgment. The Jetta will say valid alimony, one on one physical. He was a don't send Lana on me. It's in Latin yourself. Don't blame me. Don't curse me curse yourself. Because I only whispered to you I only suggested I only left my footsteps. You are the one who decided to follow those footsteps.

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I will let us stop fooling ourselves. Because the day will come when everything will finish and we will go into our grids.

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Just now two to three days ago we saw we saw the passing away of Chef and Khalifa and here from Abu Dhabi, the president of the UAE may Allah have mercy on him. And may Allah forgive him. We beach Besides, we saw that he passed away to obviously he was a he was a king of a country which is pumping oil. So he was a very, very, very wealthy man. And obviously he had he had power he had authority and so on and so forth.

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Today, where is he? He is in our our bus of keys in his group. Where is wealth

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on the surface of the earth. He's inheritors, whoever inherited from him, gets his work, his power and whatever else yet is here.

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And in the gray what is happening

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if what he had was hella

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If what he had was was good, then he will be rewarded by law. If what he had was haram, if what he had was the result of oppression and cruelty as well, then he will face

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whatever Allah subhanaw taala decreed for him for that

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our brothers and sisters really seriously think about this Nobody escapes. Nobody escaped every king, every beggar,

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every vagabond, every great scholar, every ignorant fool we all end up in the same place and that is in our graves.

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Meaning we all faced a lot about that I mentioned this a

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while in Nevada to a foreigner who

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for one Josie I didn't know he was gonna Janna podcast, but what I had to do in the 11th hour

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is very, very clear. Allah said every single living thing every single living being will face that will die

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Nobody will escape

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everyone will die.

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And only on the Day of Judgment will you be paid your reward and

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and the one who has been freed from the hellfire and enter into Janna only that person is successful?

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And this life of this world

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is a 3d movie.

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Allah didn't say that. He's a la Mata or let's say it's a deception

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I'm seeing 3d movie with that's what it is. Deception you put on the 3d glasses, it looks real.

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It looks real.

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But we know it is not real. It seems as if you have been transported into that place you're not you're sitting here

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this is a this is an example of to understand what life actually is.

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So here usually is 11 saying that

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My nerves would have taken me into sin, but Allah subhanaw taala protected so we ask and seek Allah's protection number one number two, remember the protection of Allah subhanaw taala comes in the form of the Kitab of the book of Allah subhanaw taala in our case Al Quran

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the order of Allah which Allah has sent us is protection

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how is the order protection because if you follow the order you're protected

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so we follow the order

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if we leave the order and we want the protection how's it gonna happen tell me

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how is it going to happen

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consider the order any any order Wallace rather consider it like a password.

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You want to get into the program you want that door open you have to type in the correct password.

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You can't say no no, no no. Why should I type p when I'm an Arab and I can't say for me I don't park my car I bought my car so therefore let me say but

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you can say whatever the damage has been. Nothing was going to happen that that program will not open

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the password is the password you use the password exactly as it is uppercase lowercase characters, letters, numbers, whatever.

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Even if you're wrong with one

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door doesn't open this is the nature of the auto Allah's router unless rhondella gave us an order and the audit takes and takes us into gentleman we leave the audit takes us to jam this is our choice

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and when I'm obeying the order the others rather just like I in a password I can't say I will not type this letter I will not have that character no you using the password you have to type the password as it is.

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So use what is now he was only Muslim in Atlanta idol worshippers he showed us how he could be useful to the king. So there was he was given the highest status in the land even though he did not follow their religion. So people knew they weren't entirely to the people that said, Well, here's a man who knows his stuff with the white man. So we take his advice and Hamdulillah

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this shows us the use of what he said in order to get this position he didn't change the religion he didn't didn't accept the religion. He didn't say everything is fine all is one all roads lead to Rome or whatnot. No, he

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stood by his religion. Everything else can be and should be changed in order to make it possible for me to obey Allah subhanaw taala This is the difference as I mentioned you between others or us for others, their desire, their wish, their job, their wife, their husband, their family, their business, whatever is the central thing and the religion must become compatible to it. So if I have a business and if I want to borrow on interest where I borrow on interest I said on

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For salah I don't know but I'm busy with my work so I will pray everything covered.

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Sorry, Allah is not begging you for your obedience.

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If you

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decide to obey, you get rewarded. If you decide to disobey, then you get punished. This is Allah's law. But people who understand this, what do they do? They say no Salah time is solid time.

00:25:26--> 00:25:39

If the sharp needs to close, I will shut the shop. If I need to take time off to do my to do by salah I will take time off. If my company says well you know I'm paying you for eight hours you're taking out half an officer is no problem, I will work half an hour extra

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I will work one hour extra.

00:25:44--> 00:25:45

Let Allah subhanaw taala give me the reward.

00:25:47--> 00:25:52

I will not take money to do what Allah subhanaw taala commodity

00:25:53--> 00:25:54

and so on and so forth.

00:25:56--> 00:26:06

Religion is supreme worldly gain is incidental, whatever comes come because we know that our sustenance has been the man

00:26:08--> 00:26:10

and this will come to me. I don't have to worry about it.

00:26:15--> 00:26:17

Today we live in a world where

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in the name of secularism in the name of whatever understanding and so on. So what

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try people are trying to force Muslims to say, to keep the religion at home.

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This is what happened with Christianity to keep give to Caesar what is Caesar's give to God what is God's meaning keep your Christianity in your church keep your Christianity at home, the world belongs to us.

00:26:45--> 00:26:56

So even though interest based lending is haram, it is driving it in Judaism and Christianity. It is the norm in the world which is run by people who are using Christians.

00:26:57--> 00:27:34

Even though eating pork is haram and there is there are there are verses in the Bible specifically prohibiting eating a pork. Pork is the most common meat eaten by Christians. The Jews stick to not eating pork, but the Jews deal with interest even though it is private it in their own religion. We don't do this. We follow what Allah subhana wa Tada has ordered us to do. And Allah say it has been backing Hara. So if you are a Muslim, you do not do interspace dealings, no matter what. And if you're still doing interspace dealings and you call yourself a Muslim, then this is between you and Allah.

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Remember one day that you will meet Allah subhanaw taala and then you are going to be explaining to us around how come you dealt in interest was rather not only privated But Allah's mantra

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declared war against the one who deals in interest. And you accepted his declaration of war. And now you understand before Allah subhanaw taala and ask him to forgive you and give you Jana if Allah gives you I have no problem. But if he doesn't give you know what it is.

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My brother sister Islam is public so private.

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Islam is not private, as in hidden, and Islam is not private as in anybody's property.

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Islam is neither hidden, nor is it anybody's property Islam is.

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Public, Islam is for our whole life. Islam is for us to live by. Islam is not meant for us to hide somewhere in a corner and practice on Fridays, or Saturdays or Sundays something like No, Islam is

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something for us to work, something for us to talk something for us to deal with each other. Islam is the name of our society.

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Islam is what we believe Islam is how we worship Islam with our manners. Islam is our dealings with people and Islam is our society as either a bada

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a flat

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and then marmelade and Marcia

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all of these are Islam. Islam is not something to be relegated to the masjid or to the,

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to the Kaaba or to the Hara. Islam is something to be practiced in every single aspect of our lives.

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This is the beauty of Islam. Islam is a complete way of life. Islam is not just a set of beliefs, related a set of beliefs about Allah and a set of rituals related to worship know.

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Islam covers every single aspect of our lives. And that is why Allah Samantha has sent his orders in his guitar in his book and Quran Al Karim and he sent the interpretation of those orders and the method of following those orders.

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through the life of his

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Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa used

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to live by us to live Islam is to follow the commands of Allah subhanaw taala in his book and to follow the beautiful sunnah of Muhammad Rasul Allah He SallAllahu Sallam ask Allah subhanaw taala to

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help us to do this in a way that pleases Him, and which will be inshallah a means of our deliverance and a means of earning his forgiveness and His mercy when we meet it was sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa Sahbihi.

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wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.