Ramadan Reminders – Day 7

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AI: Summary © The concept of taqwa is discussed, where banks pay interest on cash and convert it into charity. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not using interest rates and suggests setting up a factory or investing in businesses to make more money. The speaker also touches on the use of NEMA and war with someone, as well as the history of Islam and taqwa as a means of income. The speaker suggests individuals are being punished for their actions and encourages them to get out of the situation.
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me know salat wa salam ala surefit on vevo mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah Haile he while he was able to sell them this live in the theater. On my bathroom it was on sisters. In our series of

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reminders for Ramadan Kareem. We are talking about the concept of taqwa. And as mentioned in the issue of

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seeing the reality of something, whether something is a blessing or whether something is not a blessing

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is not

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Think about the situation. And we'll see how this relates to taqwa. Absolutely. Bang on nail on the head.

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Take, for example, somebody who is wealthy, right? So at Hamdulillah, they are wealthy, they have halaal wealth. And they have a lot of surplus cash. Now, what do they do with the surplus cash, obviously, they don't stash it under their bed, they put it in a bank. And because they're Muslim, they don't use that interest. for themselves, they take the interest and they give it away in charity, the money is sitting in banks in fixed deposits. Now, from the bankers point of view, that is not good news. Because the bank is paying that person interest. The bank does not want to be anybody interested bank wants to wants you to pay them interest. Now, how do you convert this? So

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what happens now? I read this person who's got all this cash in the bank? Are they starting? Are they hurting for anything? No, obviously not. They've got all the surplus cash and sitting there, they have the best of everything they have, you know, best. Not one, multiple houses, I don't call them homes, but houses, they have the best of cars, they can they only travel first class, when they go anywhere. They can take a holiday and they take multiple holidays in the year, they go to the best of locations. And maybe you know, because they are Muslims, and

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many Muslims do this. They have an apartment in Harlem in the in the clock tower. They have they it's their routine, that they will go and they will spend the whole of Ramadan in their apartment, and they will pray and they will make multiple hombres maybe they will make Hajj every year, you know they will they take the best package. So they are

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saved to whatever extent from the difficulties or Hajj. So they are making, you know, ombre every year maybe more than one they are making Hajj every year. They've got an apartment there and so on. And if if anyone criticizes that, they say, Well, you know, humble Allah has given us wealth and we are using it for about hamdulillah no problem until this point now.

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Then what happens?

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Then the bankers come to them. And the banker say to them, you know, you got this money sitting here, and we are paying you this interest. 3% 4% 8% 10%. Right.

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But annum, which is ridiculous, why do you want to simply get that interest? And you say, Well, you know, I'm not even using that interest, I give it away in charity. This is even worse. Because the bank doesn't tell you like this is hurting us. We don't want to pay you interest. They don't say that. This is your problem. You know, you have all this money, and you are wasting it. This is an opportune last opportunity. So now, this is the worm with the hook embedded in it. Now what happens to you, you swallow this one, right? You don't see the hook. Now the hook is stuck in your throat. So you ask the manga. So what should I do? The banker says right? Now you are listening. Now this is

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what you must do take out this money, not the or not your money, we keep your money as collateral, we will loan you money, right? We will loan you money and we will loan you

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money which is much more than what you have because obviously your collateral is we don't give you exact amount we give you even more. And this money now you invest in the market, you set up a factory, you buy businesses, you do this, you do that. And you make even more money and you know the beauty of it. You're not even using your own money, your money is within quotes safe with us. Your capital is safe. And you are only paying some interest which is okay, which is out of the I mean, you know you're making so much profit out of that profit something you're paying as interest is part of your cost.

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You set it off in your cost in your balance sheet also it look good and so on and so forth.

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So what do you do? You

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I agree.

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And you borrow this money. Now. This is the front and back end of it. What did you actually do? A lot Ronald had given you a hyperlink of you're talking about the issue of taqwa. Allah had given you a halaal income Allah gave you halaal.

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In access,

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Allah gave you much, much, much more than your need. Allah subhanaw taala satisfied your need and was rather satisfied every possible desire that you might have or your children might have.

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It was all that. Now think about this. Every Muslim every person of Eman and taqwa is by default a value of Allah.

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I'm not making that claim. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this. Allah said

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in Allah in our earlier Allah, Allah when Allah him Allah whom he has known alladhina amanu Acharya taco, Allah said Verily there is no fear and there is no sadness for the Olia of Allah for the for the preferred slaves of Allah. Who are they? They are those who have imagined taqwa now, this is the mercy of our Rob jelajah Rollo that he did not mention a criterion he didn't mention a measure it didn't mean he didn't put any metrics on it. He didn't say amen to this extent accord to this extent, inshallah anybody who said lai lai la hammertoes Allah and who tries his best to live his life as a Motoki concerned about the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala no matter what it is, no

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matter how weak his demand might be, inshallah this person is a worthy of Allah Allah. Right. So by default, this is where you were. And in addition to that, Allah has given you all of this NEMA. Then what did you do? You will listen to the banker, who was in it, who was a shaitan in disguise, who was a agent of shatta myalgia, New Orleans, they have got both.

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And you rubbed out your name from the list of the earlier of Allah and you wrote your name in the list of the enemies of Allah. Now, you will if you ask me, how is how is that how am I an enemy of Allah? I will ask you the simple way simple question. If you are a war with somebody, what do you call the opposite party friend or enemy?

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Allah subhanaw taala declared war

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on his behalf and on the behalf of Muhammad Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam on anyone who deals with interest received as a result and clarified that even more and he said, Allah has cursed the one who borrows on interest. Allah has cursed the one who lends on interest Allah skirts The one who is a witness to that deal and Allah has cursed the one who even writes up the document for that.

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a person dealing an interest is cursed by loss we have a person dealing in interest is has accepted a declaration of war from Allah subhanho wa Taala Ando solo salam, so what does it make him?

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An enemy of Allah, Allah,

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the who did this, you?

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Allah gave you this, Allah gave you wilaya free as an airman on top of that Allah subhanaw taala gave you enormous wealth. So what do you do with that?

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You converted yourself into an enemy of Allah.

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Now if you die in that state with this interest based loan and whatnot you have taken

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still there you die in that state.

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Believe me,

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you are going to face almost no data as his enemy soldiers are seldom said when these people die when they are brought before Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, the Malacca will give them a sword each and they say there is your rub go and fight him because you accepted enmity of Europe. Here is a weapon for you go fight it

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is to seriously ask yourself this question. You are a Muslim right?

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How do you do this?

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How long do you want to be in this situation?

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How are all these cameras and hygiene wonder Allah does not accept a bother coming out of haram income.

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Please get out of all this.

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Get out now because you don't know how long you will make the NEA now make it stiffer make Toba and make every single effort to get out of this and whatever you so called lose is what you gain this is your evidence before Allah Allah. I spent this money to seek your forgiveness Please forgive me. ask Allah to forgive you ask Allah Subhana Allah to help you ask a lot smarter to be with you. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to cover you in his mercy. He is a thermo visa for as low as collage monitor to cover you and to enter you into Jenna

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If you make this effort

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with Allah, Allah will tell you what it was. I remember