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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam O Allah schizophyllum via mousseline rali he was heavy as rain about

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111 in la de la ville completed one Ramadan and today inshallah is that they are read

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and well as full of Baraka and sire for all of us inshallah,

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the day of aid and this applies to both of the visa to the the end to AIDS.

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First of all, the Harrison of Israel asylum where he said that in Islam, we had there are two eights

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is a fifth further end is

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any third day that somebody wants to introduce some qualities of this and ease of that this is not from the sun. And nobody has a right to introduce any age in this religion which didn't place in that place in the first place.

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second issue of aid is that it also underlines the fact that in this religion of ours, everything begins and ends with the shocker of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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From the law we thank Allah subhanaw taala the the aid is, means happiness, expression or happiness, or the expression of happiness we do not do by throwing colors by exploiting firecrackers or by jumping and dancing all night we do the fact we express our happiness by thanking Allah subhanaw taala in the form of Salah

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in the form of solder, and then we received as a

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reminder for what is to come.

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So thankfulness of Allah subhanaw taala to be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for what he has given us, this is the essential quality of this Deen and it is the essential quality of the Muslim to be conscious of the narrative of Allah subhanaw taala and then of course we are conscious of the Namath of Allah and we thank Allah for them Allah subhanaw taala promised to increase those numbers inshallah the deer eat is something where we begin with thanking, thanking Allah subhanaw taala Hazel feather and as well as I also are

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characterized by charity

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and eagle feather, the amount of fitrah which is to be given preferably before the eighth

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and then of course, there is a difference of opinion whether if you do not give the fitrah before eat, whether your Salah is accepted Ramadan is accepted and some people said it is accepted, some people said it is not accepted, irrespective of that it is to be given. And therefore if you are to if you have to give it and you have all the days before Ramadan, and before you have to give it then why must relate anyway. So let us give it ensure that we give the federal before we go for eight, the Federal can be given a couple of days in advance. So it's not that it has to be given on the way to the to the Salah or something. So I have a lot

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that's for is a fit for Ebola, obviously, again, charity is a very important part of the aid, where when you do the money, then you you give some of the meat to the poor. So first element of our aid is to thank Allah subhanaw taala second element of our age is to be charitable and to spread the happiness not just give it to yourself, ensure that those people who do not have as much as we have around the bottle has given us that they also share in that happiness of that day because of charity. And the third element of both of the heats, is to meet each other is to meet each other the whole brotherhood of Islam, the whole brotherhood of the faith is reinforced, and even people we

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are, we probably don't know them, maybe strangers but when you go to these guy, we go to the budget for solid read.

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And then we read them and we read them warmly, because they are Muslims no other reason.

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Not for any temporal a personal reason, but because there was. So this is the third element of it, which is to

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reinforce and reiterate our being one oma inshallah, so I think these are the, and of course, we then go later on and meet our families and so on and we get together. So all of these inshallah is our expression of our happiness. It's not by becoming a nuisance to the rest of the world, but it's a expression of happiness by sharing by charity by thankfulness, Allah subhanaw taala by

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reinforcing the Brotherhood of the faith, so hamdulillah he itself reminds us of the essential character of the Muslim and we remind myself and you that this is not restricted to the day of it. That is the character of the Muslim It is to be practiced all through

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Our lives. All of these things which happen often comes in the government's want to remind us of what we should be for the rest of the drought our lives and shall Salalah harana will Karim Valley he was a big man, Veronica