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The conversation discusses the impact of COVID-19 on society, including the use of social distancing measures and "hasn't" label. It also touches on the real return of the virus and the potential for "hasn't matter" to our lives. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying true to our promises and avoiding negative emotions while also offering advice on becoming a positive person.

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salam ala Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala schizophyllum beaver Musa Deen Muhammad Rasul Allah is another writer. He wrote it he was able to sell them. The Steven cathedra and cathedra from Abbado, my brothers and sisters, I called today's Hobart Corona vaccine.

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Khurana Corona is experienced in our society today into is the disease and it's fear

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we seek ALLAH subhanaw taala has protection from both. What makes it most frightening is that you don't know if you have it until a few days after you have been infected, during which you would have passed on that infection to many others.

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So even though the mortality rates is an average of 1%, that is 99 out of 100 recover and the one who dies dies a Shaheed if he dies on human COVID in its various forms is something that we all fear.

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This has altered our manners, our socializing, and our spaces. It has changed our rules of hospitality. For example, we don't invite each other over to our homes for a meal.

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It changed how we greet each other. No handshakes, and definitely no hugs and kisses not even at eat.

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We use masks. We take vaccines, we wash our hands, and we stay at a distance from each other, which we call social distancing. Sure, social distancing should be written down as one of the most oxymoronic terms. But anyway, that's how it is.

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We justify all this by reminding everyone that rustlers are seldom told us to tie the camel. Indeed he did. But when I asked myself, if after tying the camel, do I have Taco Allah? Or Thermocool? Allah heavily German? Do I have reliance on Allah, or reliance on the role of the camel? What is the answer?

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I'm not against box of vaccines. I'm talking about the effect that living in fear has on our hearts. That is why I want to give you a vaccine today, not only for this fear, but for every fear in your life. Once you take this vaccine, you will never fear any creature, big or small.

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The vaccine against all fear is the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala.

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When the heart is filled with it, nothing else can enter the heart.

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It is like looking to a bright light. When you look away, you still see the light and not what you are now looking at the brighter the light you looked into the longer this effect lasts.

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You can only see that light wherever you turn.

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What then of those who looked into that light, the light of the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala His Majesty.

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How can anyone or anything in this life frighten them?

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When they see that threat in the life in the light of the glory of Allah subhanaw taala it shrinks to its real size.

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It is no longer the magnified shadow that you got frightened with. It is a small helpless thing that exists only by Allah's command challenged,

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it can do no harm, or no good without the will of Allah subhana wa there.

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That is the reality of everything and every condition in this life.

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It is not something you fear. It is something which points to its creator, and through which we recognize and glorify our Creator, Allah subhana wa that

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the big rule in life is that what we talk about becomes real. And what we don't talk about loses significance and becomes unreal.

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The most graphic example of this and the most tragic is our perception of COVID versus our perception of jackal. What is our mask and vaccine to prevent a bad result in the

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ask which is more real.

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Which is more present

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which is more immediate

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COVID The threat of COVID or the fact that one day we will stand before Allah subhanaw taala and as soon as Alison said that the time is not even as much as between salaam on this shoulder to the shoulder.

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Which is more real.

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Why is that? Just monitor your conversations, monitor our conversations. How many times a day do we talk about COVID and how many times a day do we talk about the accident?

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I check the weather

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other app for the temperature this morning. And at the bottom of the weather weather app, there is a readout saying New Case COVID new cases, new deaths.

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Every time you open the Weather app, they're talking to you the telling you about number of new cases and number of new deaths.

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And our focus goes on that, instead of remaining on ourselves to say, Alhamdulillah, I don't have it, and I am the law, I am alive.

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So let us open the doors of our hearts, to the glory, in the light of the magnificence of our jealousy

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and drive out all the terrors of this life.

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Let us change our focus from the look creatures to alcoholic, Allah subhanaw taala the Creator to whom is our return.

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Let us see what resources or seller minister have added

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and what he taught us. Let us remember that and practice it

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and fill our lives with contentment and tranquility for contentment is not a factor of how much you have, but of how much you desire and is inversely proportional to it.

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So isn't Abdullah numero de la Roma reports that Rasulullah Salim said once a certain slave of Allah said Yara Bella callaham, Luca, Yoruba really generally when Sheikh was he was photonic

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Allah All praise belongs to you as befits the glory of your magnificent countenance, and the greatness of Your Majesty and kingdom.

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The recording angels the ground Catherine were uncertain about what reward to write, for these words for the grace of Allah subhanaw taala. So they ascended to the Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala and said our up your slave has said something but we are unsure what reward to write for it.

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Allah subhanaw taala who knows what the slave said.

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Allah knew what he was going to say even before he was aware of it.

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Asks the angels and the reason I asked the angels is to establish those angels as witnesses in favor of asleep. Not because he needs to know he knows already. So I'm not gonna ask them What did my sleep say? The angels replied. He said, Yara biller come to come a young baby chick already has the missile tonic, Allah subhanaw taala ordered them and set it down just as my slave said it. And when he meets me, I will reward him for it.

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I will reward him in the way that he praised me. In keeping with my glory and magnificence, this is the meaning of that insha Allah

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my brothers and sisters, ask Allah subhanaw taala to give you words to praise Him and glorify Him in a way that pleases Him and because of which he will reward you as he rewards those who please him.

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This is what does ahava of Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam understood that the slave was focused on and engrossed in the glory of Islam becomes impervious to the threats of the world. The world is laid at his feet, for him to use to fulfill his needs, and to construct and beautify his akhira the world and what it contains are not the goal of a person who's focused on the result of Allah. They come to him as a gift from Allah from from from their little. And so they come with baraka and clay, blessing and goodness, which he again uses to please Allah subhanho wa taala. And as you can imagine, the alarm reports that Russell was SLM once passed by a Bedouin, who was making the

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following go and Sarah.

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And he said, Yeah, Mullah Tara. Hello, are you on while to Holly to who's going on? While the IOC for hold was in for a while to re roll this world? I have shut your way. Masaki lol jiba Omaka he left behind.

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Were either the Cotterill

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were either that were a pill ushja Or others miles or Mr. Li Li washer up our alley in

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water. Freeman who's

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Walla Walla, Baja room fee, free Wi

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Fi Wi Fi. Is your Hi Fi euro or movie hero? Well, Hi, I'm Ellie, our Deema who was I mean yo Maluka coffee.

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And this is Torani in martial arts,

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he said which means all the one whom eyes cannot see who cannot be imagined.

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Who is beyond description? Who is unaffected by happenings, who cannot be overwhelmed by the twists and turns of time? Who knows the weight of the mountains, the volume of the oceans, the number of falling raindrops, the number of leaves on the trees, and everything upon which the night darkens and upon which the day brightens. No sky can hide, another from him. No surface of the Earth can hide another from him. No ocean can hide anything within its depth from him. And no mountain can conceal from him anything within its rocks. Make the last part of my life the best. Make the best of my deeds the last and make my best day be the one in which I meet you. I'm in Europe. And this isn't

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Torani marvelous. Well, as I said, rustlers are seldom

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appointed somebody to bring this Bedouin to him as soon as he completed his salah. As soon as salam had been given some gold from a certain mind, and when the Bedouin came to him, a solar system, gave him the vote and said, and asked him which tribe are you from? The man said that he was from the man who haven't been satisfied. As soon as I said, and then asked him, Do you know why I gave you this gold as a gift?

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The man replied, Yasser Allah because of our family ties.

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As soon as Salim said, while family ties have a right, I gave you the gold because of the beautiful manner in which you praise Allah subhana wa Tada.

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I think about this,

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here, the ordinary man, even his name is not mentioned. And you praise Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that he devised. Think about how long it may have taken him to make this die. How much time did you spend on reflecting on the glory and majesty of Allah that he saw around you? And what did this do to any other cares and worries that he may have had?

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The effort itself is the secret to contentment and happiness. That is the opportunity we all have. Instead of spending our time on social media with our face and our phones, if we looked around ourselves and marveled at the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and then reminded ourselves that this is the one before whom we stand in Salah. This is the one we ask

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for Amen, we make dua to and this is the one to whom is our return Monday.

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How would that change our lives?

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If nabasa r1 aerated that when Rasulillah Salam is to wake up for the hedgerow. He would say Allah Malakal hum and Takaya Musa Viva Viva la diva Murphy him while Akele hum laka muku somehow the wall or the IV in Wanaka hum and I know some our tea will work on hand and they'll have Baba where you can have while uka uka hub or CO Luca hub. We're going to have one

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was Sarah to have

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when are we gonna have Mohammed owns Allah Allah Riley he was a llama Hawk was to have Allah on my like us to obika Amman to violate our curl to where he lay gonna go to work because some to wake her come to furtherfield Lima cut down to warm up or to watch my Serato to warm our island to an Elmo mocha dim one del mu after either and for Allah.

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All prayers and all things are for you. You are the Establisher of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in them. All praise are for you. You have the possession of the heavens and the earth and whatever is in there. All praises are for you. You are the light of the heavens and the earth and all praises are for you. You are the truth in your promises the truth and the meeting with you is true. Your Word is is the truth and Jana is true and the fire is true. And all the prophets peace be upon them are true and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is true and the Day of Resurrection is true or Allah I surrender my will tell you, I believe in you and depend on you and repent to you.

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And with your help, I argue with my opponents. And I take you as the as a judge to judge between us. Please forgive me, my previous and future sins and whatever I conceal are revealed. And you are the one who prays some people in stations who raise some people to stations of honor and lower others.

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There is nothing

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To be worshipped, but you This is in Makati.

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Imagine the baraka of the day which begins with this. As soon as the eyes open the first thing that we think about the greatness and glory of Allah Samantha, and the first thing we speak, is the glory of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And we make dua to him by acknowledging our helplessness and sinfulness and seeking His mercy and forgiveness.

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As soon as salams is also rewarded, made his dua which is called dua nor which many of you must have heard

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he used to say along my geography call we know, Wi Fi lease.

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Wi Fi summary no Wi Fi buzz sorry No. Warming move. Okay, Laura. Woman I had the

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why Yemeni? No Laura. One Shima Ali, you know, when we die by me

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Fi and

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Wi Fi Nuptse you know, wow, Emily

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Wilds Emily.

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Was really you know raw was

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a lung Martini.

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Loving me.

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Loving me No. Wi Fi shoddy.

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Wi Fi bashary.

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Aloma li no Ralphie poverty. One. Fi Lummi was he thing he

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was he

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was in any

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one heavily row run.

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Which means Allah plays light in my heart, and on my tongue light and in my ears light and in my sight light and above me light. And below me light and to my right light and to my left light and before me light and behind me light plays in my soul light magnifies for me light and amplify for me light.

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Make for me light and make me light or Allah grant me light and place light in my nerves and in my body light and my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light. Allah make for me a light in my grave. And a light in my bones. Increase me in light. Increase me in light, increase me in light. Grant me Light upon light. No more than that.

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And then I remind myself, I knew that in our car of the morning and the night we have this beautiful declaration. Allah on my knee as battle. Who should look for OSHA who have a lot of sheet one minor Ecotec? Why gemmy an icon de la la ilaha illAllah wa hudec Shadi Kolak, Juana Mohamed and I will look our talk. And we say this four times

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in the evening, instead of saying,

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instead of saying us battle we say, I'm say to

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this means Allah, as morning dawns upon me, I bear witness before you and before the angels who carry your throne, and all your angels,

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all of your creation, that truly you are Allah, there is no one worthy of worship, except you, the one and only one worthy of worship the one and only God, without any partner, and truly, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is your act and you're also your slave and Your Messenger. Without the aged, that as we met each other and who said that Rasulillah Salam said about this declaration. When someone says Allah manias battle should look, what will she do? Hamada Arshi until the end of the drug, Allah will free a quarter of him from the fire. And if he's if he recites it and says it twice, Allah will free half of it from the fire. And if you research it three times, Allah will free three

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quarters of him from the fire. And if he dissected four times, Allah will free him completely from the fire we ask Allah subhanaw taala to free us from the fire

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Sisters there's only one way to dispel darkness and that is to light the lamp. So also there is only one way to dispel sadness and depression and despair, and that is to light the lamp of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala the vigor of Allah subhanho wa Taala is no, it is light which can dispel all the darkness of the heart and the soul. It can dispel all our fears, and light the way ahead to gain the Ryda of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Every day when we wake up, we have a choice of what we want to focus on. I advise myself and you to focus on Allah subhanho wa Taala and the many ways in which He has blessed us. COVID taught us about this choice very graphically, we can focus on the one who dies even if he dies. Shaheed if he dies with Eman are the 99 who recover and lead normal lives. Remember that whatever you focus on will color your perception of life. I don't know how many of you have seen purple, pink, and even green lilies in a flower shop. All those lilies were white. But after they cut them, they place the long stems of the flowers in water mixed with ink of the color you want to change them to. And that's

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what happens. Please examine your ink. Your ink is whatever you read, whatever you listen to, and whatever you talk about. Keep that positive and you will always feel good. Allow that to become influenced by the bad news that you see on TV or social media and it will have the opposite effect. The best way to be positive is to focus on what ALLAH blessed us with. Enjoy that. And thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for it, and you will see how this uplifts our spirits and makes us happy. Do it again and again and again. Happiness doesn't happen.

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It is made by those who actively focus on the blessings of Allah and express their gratitude. Thankfulness leads to happiness. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you, and never to be displeased I asked Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which pleases Him and to save us from that which does not please him. Robin has an emphasis on our love the field on our Ramnad Anaconda nominal Cassidy. Baba attina for dunya Hazara thermophila atomic and I love and that was all I had on the Bill Curry while he was savage main but I have to go what do I mean? Well, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh