Book Review 04 – The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reading a book that is a page turner and has a history of being a black man. They share their own experience of reading a book that helped them understand what Islam was and encourage their audience to come to their community to benefit from it. The speaker also mentions a book called Malcolm X that they are excited to read and encourage their audience to come to their community.
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cinematic command to ye will burn a candle and

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the issue of what was a page turnoff for me

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in terms of the world of literature, and it's Namic knowledge, there are many options that I can choose from books that affected me, impacted upon me.

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But if I had to choose one book

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that would be mentioned,

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because of its transformative nature. It's the book that I read at the age of 22.

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And that's none other than the oral oral biography of Malcolm X, the oral biography of Malcolm X.

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It was authored by a famous African American author, whose name was Alex Haley.

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And Alex Haley was a prominent author.

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As it relates to English literature in America, he's famous for another monumental work that is an integral part of African American culture and history in America. And that is the world renowned movie known as roots, or OTs, in which he went back to his origin which was the country of Gambia, West Africa, and he retrace what happened with one of his ancestors who happen to be a Muslim by the name of cleantech and take contact contain rat metal layer any. So it tells the story about the

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transatlantic slave trade and how our forefathers were brought chained up in the belly of ships across the Atlantic Ocean. Toward now we find ourselves in the belly of the beast, which is America. So Alex Haley collaborated with Al Hajj Malik Shabazz, Rama to lay on a Malcolm X. And he wrote this famous biography, oral biography.

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One of the reasons why choose this as being a book, which was a page turner, for me, personally is at the top of the list, it is the very first book that I ever read from cover to cover. Prior to this time, I never read a book, coming from the inner city in America being poor and impoverished, as many people are in America and other parts of the world.

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I wasn't in an environment in which

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education was pushed, and a lot of emphasis was put on education. So as a result, up until the age of 22, I never read a book.

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And unfortunately, I'm sad to say,

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this is the reality of many people who happen to be Muslims today. And it's not acceptable. Because when I read this book, for the first time in my life, the world of literature opened, Excel opened itself, right in front of me, and it blossomed right before my very eyes. And I didn't know and I didn't realize that when you read a book, the images, the ideas, the concepts, they really tend to touch you more and resonate with you more than watching something on the screen. I think the screen

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they program you and they dumb it down, and they give you a lot of optics that what they do is just really basically make you excited with the eye candy. But when you read a book, I mean, it's an amazing experience, and I was blown away. As a result of that experience. I started to read other books after that, many of which became bestsellers, and they became popular movies. And I'm not here to talk about movies just here to help you understand. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was a book

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that blew me away. The Godfather, another classic. So the point here is up until Malcolm X and never read a book, but when I read a book, read the book, Malcolm X, it had that Mojo had that that wow factor connected to it, to the point where I started to contemplate what is Islam. After reading his story, I wanted to know what Islam was because the book helped me to understand in my community back in

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In America, the African American community, they were people of the nation of Islam, the main Nation of Islam, a non Muslims. And they were all around when I was growing up, and I actually thought that they were the Muslims, the black Muslims, the back Muslims, I thought they were Muslims. When you see one of them you say I said, I'm on Lake Como Salaam Alaykum and so forth, so on. But when I read the autobiography of Malcolm X, I realized there was a distinction between the non Muslims who

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connect themselves to the Nation of Islam, and real true Islam.

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So my encouragement to everyone is to please understand what I'm saying, and what I'm where I'm coming from. My choice of this book, I know it's non conventional, because the brothers who went before me and given their examples of books,

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they gave it hoping that people would go to those books and get benefit from those books. Because they're classical Islamic books. I can choose other books, I remember they had these books, CLR, lemon Nuvola tremendous book, connected to our key there to history, to Hadith and all of those things. It was so impactful upon me, I caught myself a very heavy after Al emammal. There be because I was so impressed with his Aikido, with his sense of fear, with his element will Hadith and with

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his Insaaf, His justice as I did, but I'm going to put that on his side because the book is so volumous over 30 Something volumes, and most English speakers are not going to be in a position to read that book. But the autobiography of Malcolm X, I would encourage every Muslim to read that book, especially from our youth, because one of the things that came across from that book is, regardless of what your background happens to be, in terms of lack of education, coming from the

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inner city, being a criminal, this book shows you that Allahu taala, as the Prophet says, sallAllahu Sallam has the hearts of all of his servants between his two fingers, and He changes them how he wants to change them. Now Muslim yesterday, and you will Muslim today. So Malcolm X our shining African American Prince, Rahmatullah, he it. I stand on his shoulders, as I've mentioned many times, and I encourage you young brothers and sisters here in the UK, and other than the UK, come to know

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about this Mujahid come to know about this, Shahid and sha Allah Marta feasibility lab, and that's why I've chosen this book. Yes, and that's why this book is a page turner.