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AI: Summary © The importance of eating healthy foods, including meat, is discussed in Islam. Improvements in the source of income and hierarchy of what is eaten are key requirements for Islam. Improvements in the worker's roles, the use of knife and knife sharpening tools, and avoiding chemicals and alcohol in the mouth are also emphasized. The importance of healthy eating is emphasized, but caution is given against drinking alcohol and seeking negative experiences with certain foods.
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Number serrato salam O Allah. So what

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I want to remind myself and you

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about the importance of eating halal

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because the head is also revised and

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edited by vulgar said Dr. Phil Delano.

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He said that

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if you eat a morsel of food, which is haram

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and that becomes a part of your body,

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then the fire of jahannam is wajib on his body,

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the virus genomes, why the

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second thing the other reason why he said Allah subhanaw taala does not accept the DA of a person who is

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a man came into the budget were a pseudo Salah University and he prayed bread anyone making

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and as soon as Alonzo How will our laws are handled data accepted

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when he eats

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haram refers to two things that is halal and haram haram with regard to the source of income that is one.

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So you might be eating something which is healthiness, but the source of income is Allah. So then that becomes a source of income is one important thing to keep in mind. But the other important thing is the actual thing you are eating.

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There is a widespread

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misguidance among the Muslims,

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they see the field somehow that to ascertain and to make sure that the thing which they are putting in their mouth is somebody else's responsibility.

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I want you to substitute the word poison in the place of the word Haram.

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And think about the same thing. Supposing I gave you something and I said, Well, maybe this is poisoned. I'm not sure.

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I'm not saying it is poisoned.

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I'm saying maybe it is poison. There's a doubt when you eat it.

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Then how do you eat if you if you ate something poisonous.

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When it was doubtful,

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you might get sick, you might go to the hospital, you might get cured. Worst case you might die, but you won't go into janome

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but if you eat something which is haram, you will go to Jannah believe

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I'm not sending you there as well as ourselves and do that.

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So it is essential for us to make sure that what we eat is halal.

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Now we Muslims. This whole thing comes down to the issue of eating meat.

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The first thing to understand is that as a felon when he narrated the head is about the Pillars of Islam inherited five pillars he did not edit six pillars. But Muslim seems to be Muslim seem to believe that there are six pillars of Islam not five

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is the caravan the Salah, the song, the Zakat, the Hajj, and eating with

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the holodeck what I love,

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any meat as long as it is meat.

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If it is some dead body, you have to eat it in there rely on that energy.

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And we have the example of our Hindu friends, the Brahmins

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who do not eat meat at one sitting, they never eat meat their whole life.

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They never eat any kind of meats. They never even eat eggs, many of them do not even eat onions and garlic to please their God.

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And we Muslims claim that we worship Allah subhanho data

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other than whom there is no one worthy of worship and we cannot miss meat in one meal forget about the whole life

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and we make all kinds of excuses and they will add and this and that.

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So let me do what is hard.

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Now I have written the in detail about this. But of course you don't read what I write so what can I do

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but what is complete from my side I can tell when you stand the wall as well as you cannot say I didn't get it because it came in your it came into your inboxes

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the mail was written as you didn't read it that your fridge

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halaal for something to realize there are two requirements.

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The first requirement is that that thing which you are eating,

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that animal

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feed loves the heat by itself it should be something which has been

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designated as Allah

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so for example

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If it is, if it is a big it is not because Venus z does not have that if it is an eagle, it is not alive with the crow it is not valid if it is a donkey it is not valid because by itself it is not valid. So, therefore, you cannot eat that

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the second requirement of hierarchy of something need to be held which is equally important and these are all things which we have created in our minds.

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second requirement which is equally important is that that animal a bird should have been slaughtered in the specific way of the Muslims

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So, the chickens running across the road we hit got hit by a car and we did

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a goat running across the road got hit by a car can you eat it eat roadkill

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it has to be slaughtered in a way that is specified in the Sharia. What is that way that way requires two things

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or three things that were required three things number one, that the person slaughtering, it should be a Muslim.

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Number two, that the person should say Bismillah Allahu Akbar when he's slaughtering it or at least minimum we should say Bismillah the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala should be set on this thing you should either Bismillah or ideally should service will Allah

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And third, it should be slaughtered in the specific method which is that the two candidates and the juggler should be cut in one stroke. So, up and this way, it should be got three requirements.

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Now, various people have given various rulings on this matter, somebody said just saying Bismillah is a vision somebody said that is also not required and so on and so forth. But the ruling on which everybody is most of UK, everyone has is agreed on and they have there's no problem even the ones who have said that just saying Bismillah is enough and are just slaughtering is enough and a person need not be a Muslim can as long as a variable. But no one has denied this particular ruling, which is the ruling of Abu hanifa

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which is all three requirements. The person who's slaughtering should be a Muslim, that it should be slaughtered in the specific versions that the two candidates should be bigot and the third is that the name of Allah should be should be said which is Bismillah or Allah Allahu Akbar on each animal or bird which is slaughtered

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right now

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let me explain to you

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what happens in a chicken Processing Factory. And I have seen this myself so I'm not telling you here's

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what happens in a chicken Processing Factory is

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that the chickens are put into inverted cones which are hooked onto a conveyor.

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So, the chicken goes into the corn the head of the chicken sticking out

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then this is passed through a water bath, which is electrified

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so the chicken gets a shock to stun it and they do that so that it doesn't flap around and so on. But since these chickens are being sent in through this bath of water, since they have not had any

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they haven't had a you know a cardiac health test done before they come in. So, we do not know what is the state of their hearts. So, several of them are many of them with that shock they die.

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So that chicken is dead

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now it comes on the conveyor.

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Now, several things happen. One is in some cases, you have a line of men who are standing there and who are cutting them with a blade and this conveyor moves pretty fast. So it's a question of how he cuts and what he cuts sometimes he uses a little bit more force the head comes off

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and so on.

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In other cases, there is a mechanical from there onwards and the majority is that which is that there is a knife which moves and mechanically the chickens are slaughtered. In some cases they put a tape recorder which says La la la la la la vie gives on the English reliable, but there is no relation between the tape what the tape is saying and what the speed of chickens and so on and so forth. Quite apart from the fact that according to the Sharia, there is no mention of any tape saying something. You can also put a tape here while you're praying oh why why do you need a map? Just put a tape press the button

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behind the tip right.

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Why not do that also since we are so technologically oriented that is do that also, and after that will be another day when we will never even for me Why should I stand there? Put another tape. So there is a tip leading and there's a tip following 100 last allies rally in July. The Harada was 11. So this happens in a third case in Malaysia. They have Bismillah Allahu Akbar.

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Written on the knife

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we used to laugh in this country when we said that there are these Molly's in the villages

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whoa halaal Geeta homolka Phuket they used to take a knife and they would say something and there was a visible dialogue bar and blue on the knife and give it to the villa he takes his life and he slaughters till the Day of Judgment and that night according to them it is a lot we used to laugh and we say all these giant people but this is exactly what is happening in chicken processing factories in different countries Malaysia is particularly written on rice right?

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What did that video tell you in Keller what the guy from Australia chicken factory how many does the process Project

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500,000 chickens per in 24 hours do the sum that is something like six per second.

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Right now this is what comes into our restaurants.

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I'm not saying to you that if somebody invites you home

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that you have to go and ask him vegetarian chicken

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right? That inshallah even like to joke that they are eating a lot but I'm just saying that take it from me. Any factory processed chicken is not just it is not halal.

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So when you go and buy chicken in this place and that place and the other place and you are going and eating in this restaurant and that restaurant you are eating most likely unless you have

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specifically inquired you are eating haram

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Make no mistake Make no mistake

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now to add to this

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what they do and I'm talking about processed chicken which you get in the stores. So you're getting chicken breasts, the news you're getting chicken legs, and people are so happy why garden Oh fantastic. I don't have to buy the whole chicken. The I like the white meat so therefore I buy only chicken breast or have I only you know chicken legs or whatever. Right? All of this

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negative or not, I'm not talking about illegally This is done legally legally and there is a BBC

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documentary on this also which I have sent out. And also which you probably haven't seen

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a BBC documentary on this. Legally they inject water into the meat in order to make the meat more succulent and to make them make the thing heavier so naturally they get more money. Now

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if you inject water, the water will flow out.

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It won't stay in the meat. So what do they need to do they need a binder

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you know what is the binder? The binder is powder made from pig skin and bones

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that is the binder

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so when you are eating chicken you are eating pig skin and bones. You want to eat pig it is going in the go any proper pig meat you know when it bacon or sausage or something. So why Why were these big meter big skin bones

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so one of eating big boys is good big meat.

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Have some swag it was it was Mr. Boucher delegate

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La Jolla water in Manila. And as if just not eating one chicken in one meal will kill

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Allah subhanaw taala may give you a halal food to eat. Why don't do it Allah Why do it.

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Then the question comes?

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No, but I was not sure. I was in doubt. What is the heading

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and all of you went to LSU heard this habitual study besides what does that

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leave that which is doubtful for that which is not? That's vital to supposing instead of arama is it poisons what would you do?

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And not saying it is poison and saying maybe it is poison? I've got a doubt.

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What would you say though you bring me the diarrhea of the doubt.

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No, I've got another Mufti who says that maybe it is not poisoned.

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It was there was let anybody say anything as far as I'm concerned. If there is a doubt I'm not touching the tablet because if it is poison that I will die You know, the movie is not going to die I will die.

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The movie can give any any fatwa he wants but who's going to die you

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but when it comes to the law of Allah subhanaw taala Hara anything done Abdullah good

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muscle mature

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as long as it is dead, I will read it.

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eat fish, eat eggs, eat vegetables, eat nothing. But all of us can do with a diet you know? But no

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We have to eat that chicken.

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We have to eat that meat in the Lord. There are articles and he sent me the article in the not that they actually did surveys in Haryana they have said very clearly that in Punjab all the meat in all the restaurants is Chi it is not holler and the Sikhs say we don't call it hello we call it Kuta

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repuestos Hello girl

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How do you it

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Allah will not accept drugs Allah will not accept Eva Allah Serrano, Allah will burn that body in the Jana we get when

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you want to work because of the chicken. You love the chicken so much you want to burn

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and nobody said don't eat chicken please do eat chicken till it comes out and you didn't really start crying like o'clock in the morning. No problem but make sure that thing is a lot. All you need to do is make sure you go and slaughter it yourself or make sure you're buying it from somebody who's whose hands brought he is a Muslim.

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But any factory or process whether it is garbage, whether it is Venky whether it is donkey, whether it is anything any factory process chicken, I can assure you 100% it is not halal. And I don't care who gives what stamp it is not held up Don't worry about the stamps is that the story by itself

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you're not going into that all I'm saying is and I tell people I know you want to tell people if you didn't know the chicken personally don't eat it

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don't eat unknown chickens

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Do It Yourself make sure that that chicken is hella if it is not an amzing Chicken not because but generally as far as the mutton is concerned at this in this city Alhamdulillah inshallah It is hard because you know it's all in the hands of Muslims and there is no factory processing of butter. But indeed when you go and eat in countries where mutton is also factory process, same issue applies because globally, the beef and mutton comes from Australia and Brazil major suppliers of mutton are Australia and Brazil and both countries do not have

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that many I don't want to go into all the details now how they how the cows are slaughtered and how the sheep are slaughtered and so on and so forth. A cow is put into into a frame and the frame turns upside down. So the cow is all four legs up in the air

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and it's grabs it from the gun when it comes it is stunned by a what's called a deadbolt. It's like a like a shot in the head. Once again many of them die

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and then it is mentioned slaughtered and it is taken. The final point the point that we will make about eating the food of the People of the Book.

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inshallah we are not making haram waters lasala made haram but do you understand what he made? holla

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what Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Sallam said, Allah is the People of the Book, who at that time and especially among the Arabs, they used to say the name of Allah is actually say Allah. When there was rotten diversity, there are no factories so the people are everyone hands slaughtered. And the people of the work of the book The both the Christians and Jews, they use led Bismillah.

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Now irrespective of whatever is in is in Bismillah, and they were slaughtered, that's how that food of the Jews and the Christians, the people of the book was dies. today. There is no Jew or no Christian To my knowledge, you actually attaches a knife to a to an animal.

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Every single thing that is done there is factory processed.

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Number two, the vast majority of Jews and Christians today are atheists. There are two general non Christians there are following Israeli Salam or rosaleda.

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So therefore also not halal. Eating kosher is haram. It is not valid because kosher if you those of you who travel if you ever order a kosher meal, there was a time when we did not get halal meat so we had water either kosher or vegetarian, which was to order generally Asian vegetarian, but if you order a kosher meal, it comes sealed and so on. And very clearly it is printed on the back blessed by a rabbi.

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I've made that up as far as we're concerned that that doesn't count. It's not part of our holiday requirement.

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So please, don't begin with your own fit.

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Read what I sent you.

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And even if you didn't read it,

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that's why I mentioned it very clearly read that at least from my side. Let the job be completed after it's up to you.

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If you have any doubt for a moment

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them to eat something which is doubtful is hard.

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To eat something which is doubtful is haram because the doubt is what? That it may not be halal, how can how can it be halal to eat something which may be Haram.

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So for a Muslim to eat or drink something which is doubtful is haram.

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It's also a measure of your taqwa.

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If you can actually eat something which is doubtful, then why you got some serious problem with regard to your Tukwila Allah and what you will do if you die in that state. What's a very serious problems with your taqwa you got some very serious problem with your Iman and Allah subhanaw taala because otherwise how can you put something about which you have a doubt into your mouth Tell me

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Don't play games with your friends. Do not play games with your feet. Do not eat or drink anything about which you have a doubt. And this also refers to all sorts of secret formulas which are there in the all the junk you drink Allah gave you beautiful water gives you fruit juices. You don't want to drink that you want to drink red bull and you want to drink some black toilet cleaner called Coca Cola or Pepsi or whatnot. And then died this and died that was full of aspartame and all sorts of you know you won't drink it because it has aspartame but you will not not drink it because it has got a secret formula about which there is a doubt naturally.

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Don't play games with yourself. Don't drink all this junk. This stuff is bad for your body, it is bad for your soul.

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There is the clean with our food at least. And of course as we said the earning also should be valid. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to eat halal and to live halal. So that when we die we go before Allah subhanaw taala with ibadah which is accepted mail I'm talking about myself. the Ebola virus itself is a matter of great doubt.

00:21:58--> 00:22:12

In spite of eating all the heroin in the world, my Salah is such that Allah Allah I cannot say Allah will accept Mashallah but at least minimum I can eat halal and do that low this URL by so I ask Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

00:22:13--> 00:22:15

Why do you want to add to that?

00:22:17--> 00:22:25

Why do you want to add to that? And no matter how much we show, how can I put you in Salah when there is haram food in your body? I missed it.

00:22:26--> 00:22:30

Please, it's a measure of taqwa. It's a measure of taqwa.

00:22:31--> 00:22:56

We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to do what is halal and enable us to live in a halal manner to eat halal, and to feed our children. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to open our eyes to the beauty of what he has permitted, and to the harmfulness of what he has privated or Salalah. Alana will get him while he was having his mind that I have to go home