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Then under Illa, Salatu, salam,

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ala alihi wa sahbihi wa,

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we were talking about the importance of tools. And the most critical of the tools, as I explained yesterday is the issue of critical thinking.

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Critical thinking is a three step process.

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And we'll do the first step today. And then we'll follow

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the three step process, one is awareness of your current situation,

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what we call a concrete experience,

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what we call is how onea

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or being in the hazard,

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complete and full awareness of where I am, and what I am doing, and why I am doing it.

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From this, the next step is a reflection of our code.

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What did I do? Why did I do, what else could I have done, and so on reflection on that experience.

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And the third process after that, is the process of selection

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of learning a lesson from that experience? So three step process. One is the whole

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being hazard being present.

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So we look at that, what is the meaning of being present? And

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what does it entail?

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Now, being present obviously, doesn't refer purely to being physically present and that that's understood.

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But what it means is being present in every sense of the term,

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complete awareness, physical awareness of what is happening to me mental awareness why I'm doing what I'm doing consciousness of that

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and what effect it is having on me emotional awareness is this making me sad, glad Batman what right emotional awareness that in that instance this for example, you are sitting here now, as much as I have to set up the budget and you are listening to some talk what is it doing to you?

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Why are you here? You will be somewhere else you chose to be here why listening to this what is it doing to complete awareness?

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Why is that awareness important? Because that is your raw data,

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for analytical thinking, you need data.

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And that raw data is your awareness of being in those circumstances. If the awareness is poor, if the awareness is lacking, if the awareness is contaminated,

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then your basic data itself is contaminated. And then we have the legal principle garbage in garbage out. So, if you if you start with garbage, you only end up with garbage you cannot can cannot end up with good theory and with good understanding if you start with incorrect or incomplete data. And that is why see this in relation to the headaches of Buhari when it is seldom said in number to be near.

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See the context of this in relation to the health of bar

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restaurant in Albania. He said the worth of the date the reward of the date is based on what the near when does the need to happen before the action or during the action or after the action before the action? Yes I mean you might even make anywhere in between but ideally Where should in the near for Salah should be made when after you finish Allah know before you begin before you begin the Salah, the Nia is in the heart You don't have to stand there and say I am now praying to Rockcastle aku father on this particular muscle line this Masjid under this light No. But the Nia you are standing here to do what you are going to do some yoga exercise or something No. And here was a lot

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of budget.

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We will not go into the extent some of the IMA said just being there alone is Nia because why did you come here you came up with a lot of other so there's no need for anything else and there was a lot of other that is enough. Other people said no consciously think about it.

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Nobody said say it with your tongue. This is the integration which we have brought in and that's because when we were small and people were teaching us they said make the NEA like this.

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You know like small children. If you ask him he said the Karma Karma tavita Allah Allah Allah is always our is part of the karma. No, that is what he has been taught because he has been taught because he's learning now the three comma four comma five comes out, which is worse which is second, which is third, and mindlessly. That's a good that's a good illustration of mindless following of religion.

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Somebody taught you something in order to make you remember.

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Right. So, for example, if somebody is teaching you the three the other day in class

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three, somebody says while he's teaching us while while giant, they will start saying okay by law called first school for law now he this this child now is 50 years old. You ask him as a police as well if I use a pineapple,

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pineapple casilla Why

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is this?

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Where did you get this first one for stronger

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learning which at that point made sense, but because now you're mindlessly doing it through your whole life makes no sense.

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So So also with the Nia of Salah, so also with the Nia Buddha's also with the Nia of the Nia is important why because the Nia ensures that you are fully in the experience here and now. Yes, that is why mama Navara holiday.

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He said in his book ariados Allah in His hair or Nia, fi equally acquired were frequently Amma Buffy equally one barista one coffee. He said the awareness of the near aisle is higher or near the awareness of the near Why am I doing this? Why am I saying this?

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I am in a particular situation life. How do I feel about this aisle is Harmonia at that, that hazard of the NEA

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being aware of the NEA fee equally acquired in everything we say we're fee equally ama in everything we do. We're fee equally in all the situations in life that we find ourselves in

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happy situations and situations on L bar is the word huffy whether this is visible or whether it is in

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complete awareness.

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Now why is this important? As I told you, first of all, it's important because it is your data, this is the basis of your analytical thinking.

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And if this data is wrong, then the rest of it is wrong. So this data is important.

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Second big benefit

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and we are standing in Salah for example give you examples from Salah, standing in Salah for example. If you are completely and totally aware of what you are doing has it in the system what will happen to your Salah

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doodles. That is the meaning of wushu and fotofest Salah, I'm standing in Salah I am completely and totally aware that I'm standing before my rub Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah is seeing me whenever reciting the Quran Allah is hearing me he is listening to me. Yes, complete awareness. I am not going to want to hear that no, no thoughts wandering means your awareness is gone. You are standing here, but your mind is in your house in your shop in somewhere whatever. Right so you You are now split. Two pieces, one piece is here and the other piece is somewhere floating around in cyberspace or some other space.

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Our end is bring that back right here.

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In front of Allah.

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So the quality of your action improves. Number one, number two,

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complete awareness of your situation makes you thankful to Allah subhanaw taala it makes you give sugar to Allah subhana wa

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jal hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen I could have been anywhere in the world but Allah subhanaw taala decreed that I should be in his Masjid

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worshiping him Is there any Amal superior to the fourth Salah at the time of for Salah

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there is no Amell which is superior to the first Salah at the time of for Salah at the time of first Salah physically you cannot do it because nobody will let you do it but at the time of for Salah when the JAMA is going on. If you are making tawaf of the Kaaba, you are tawaf is haram. Your top is the is not the right thing to do. Your top has no valuable for America. You should have been standing in that jar praying that whichever side was with the Imam and with the Gemma.

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So even an action like that. Allah subhanaw taala made for Salah the best timer even in jihads visa Videla what is a lot of time for for telecoms, even though I'm fighting for the sake of Allah subhana wa Taala there is no other superior to that that is the peak of demand. But even there is no time for for Salah stand in salah and because you are fighting in the path of Allah subhanaw taala that methodology of the Salah is different. It's not the same like you do here but it is it is anywhere in the Islam or the Quran or the Sunnah.

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say no because I am fighting yeah three Sevilla Salah is for me Salah is not required no nowhere

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the most superior Ahmed what is the most superior amor if you find Ramadan

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if you have good health Alhamdulillah Allah has given us if you are not sick if you are not traveling right? If you are not sick and you are traveling during Ramadan during the daytime what is the most superior Amel that you could be doing? fasting? fasting, there is no other hammer better than that. You cannot say no, no, I am going to be slaughtering camels and feeding people all day from morning till night. Why should I fast? I'm doing good, good. Is it bad? Is it bad to give charity, I'm going to sit here and distribute banknotes from you know, from morning till night I will have piles and piles of notes. And I'm giving charity and giving more charity and more charity.

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And while I'm doing this charity will have a snack. So what

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so you just committed something which was Haram. So now the penalty for deliberately leaving one fast is liable on you.

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If you deliberately leave a fast without a shadow reason, meaning that you are not sick and you're not traveling, can you just make a bite by doing one's fast? No,

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no, you are not subject to a penalty, just keeping one fast is not is not

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sufficient. You have to fast continuously for 60 days.

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So if you leave 30 days of Amazon

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do the multiplication

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you get the point I'm saying you have to release a slave

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or you have to and this is in order.

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This is in order it's not with the Allah has not given to do this or this neuron in order.

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And the least of that is fast continuously for 60 days

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for leaving one fast one for fast

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because that is the most superior hammer. So now if somebody who is fully in the present, fully conscious

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is he ever going to leave a fast? Will he ever leave us alone? No. If he's a Muslim, he will never do that.

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And he will thank Allah subhanaw taala so benefit number two of being fully in the here and now and fully aware is that you become thankful to Allah subhanaw taala you have a headache

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and you're fully aware that I have a headache. What is part of that awareness? Part of the awareness is that 100 Allah inshallah This is a small headache I eat one tablet, it's gone. It's not a brain tumor, which is giving me this headache one kilometer down this road is the cancer hospital go and see how many people there have headaches and see the reason why they have headaches. So what do you do with a headache? You complain? Oh my god right now shall $100 bill Allah May

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Allah forgive my students for this headache. Well, I take away the headache nothing wrong and making black

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hungry La La This is Eric. I could have had so many other things al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen you're not giving me any of those problems? Yes, you get stuck in a traffic jam this guy next to his cursing and Lucha white. Sal hamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala gave me a car that I can get stuck in a traffic jam.

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Please understand the chap who's walking on the street he's got he's got no traffic problems.

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Have you ever thought of it like this?

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You own awareness? The guy walking on the streets he's got no traffic problems. You got a traffic problem why because you have a vehicle

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should we thank Allah should we complain which one Alhamdulillah Allah gave me a vehicle and the bigger the vehicle The bigger the traffic problem also

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try driving a residence or Rolls Royce on this road as it's driving this bus you know

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in a will in right census we will buy a Rolls Royce in Hyderabad For God's sake an absolute senseless thing to buy. You can't park it you can't drive it. It's I mean it's a major nightmare to drive that thing in traffic. Some guy comes close to you feel very physical attack mica, la hora, whatever.

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Think about that. awareness.

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Awareness is a friend of mine, his mother

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bless her. She had a diamond ring very expensive diamond ring. She was making Voodoo one day in the in the house. She was making Voodoo. She took it off and put it on the counter and she made widow she forgot about it. And then two three days later, she remembered my gun. They searched all over the place. It was not there. Very expensively. Obviously somebody stole it.

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So her sister her daughter's in laws and everybody oh my god where What happened to her? I mean, she's absolutely calm and quiet. Because somebody asked her how come you're not saying anything.

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So in order to translate for those who don't know she knows what she said right away. Teeth Aveda.

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logger karma.

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She says it got stolen because I had it No. If I didn't have it, it wouldn't have got stolen. Well Allah gave it to me it's gone Coca Cola was violated.

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Imagine the issue of attitude, being completely the here and now thanking Allah Alhamdulillah Allah.

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Allah Allah salatu salam, he said, Alhamdulillah Allah, we thank Allah in every state we are in.

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Second benefit, third benefit of completely being in the here and now

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is immediately as soon as you commit a sin you become aware of what you did.

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Did you all commit sins? But the minute you do that, immediately, Allah Allah what what did I do immediately? matoba

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there's no it's not that you're committing sin after sin after sin.

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You know, it is wrong still you are doing it? No.

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The minute you commit that sin, the moment you are standing in that place, your first question you need to ask yourself is why why am I here?

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Why am I in this place? Where sin is being committed? Why am I here in the workplace?

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Allah gave me two legs start walking.

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If something happened

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shala Holla Holla Holla

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in Allah when Allah Raja immediately Victoria Lima, I'm sorry, I will not do it again. I make Toba and no, never go near that.

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Because you are in the you are in the arena. So three benefits number one,

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good data. What is happening to me I'm fully aware number two, that makes me thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and Allah says Allah in Chicago as you then know, the one who is grateful to me I will increase the bounties Alhamdulillah

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and the third one is immediately Toba. anything happens immediately.

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Sometimes it is small things happen you know it's not big things. Small things happened yesterday for example now because we have finished quite a lot of the Quran. The habit

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is deciding less. So we are doing about now one juice also maybe a little bit less. So Tommy is limited by 1030 instead of normally what and what now we finish by about 1111 is the after this button 45 so yesterday we vote and 15 right so we've aged about half an hour early.

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Now we finish Angola which Alhamdulillah we go outside conversation, thank god this is the correct amount of time for time. should never be longer than that. So don't

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keep it shut and go home.

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Keep your mouth shut and go home. Go to sleep man.

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Allah gave you the time for rabada Alhamdulillah vizilite Allah we didn't ask nothing of unreal Allah. May Allah give us the same reward inshallah. Right? Just say Alhamdulillah go home Go to sleep. Why must to say kalama of cover before you leave.

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For an intimate government does not mean going out of Islam but Quran. Allah gave you an AMA and you say well, you say this is thank God it is over.

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I said that 15 minutes that 30 minutes of therapy 30 minutes of standing in the holder of Allah 30 minutes of listening to the Quran on the day of judgment on your scale. You will cry tears of blood for that.

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for one minute of that for about 30 minutes. for one minute of that the value of that one minute of that you will cry tears of blood but it will not you will not get it if it is not there.

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Alhamdulillah Allah gave it keep your mouth shut.

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When was to say nonsurvivors to speak downstairs.

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Go home and go to sleep.

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But if somebody is fully aware of his of himself, he will never let that under the law. Allah subhanaw taala gave me today I'm going home early Alhamdulillah go Mali.

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awareness and that's why I want to end with this. First rule first tool of critical thinking critical analysis is complete and total awareness of the here and now. Salalah Alana will carry while he was IVs main barometer