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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi MBA Eva mercerie Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah you are early he was over Selim does live on cathedral cathedral.

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They come to the fourth quality

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that a shepherd of sheep needs to have in which his concern and compassion

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concern for his flock and compassion, meaning, understanding their needs, understanding their pain and understanding their suffering.

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Now she must be fed, they will not go and look for food on their own.

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If food is not provided, they will simply sit and die.

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One of the classic examples of this, even in horses, for example, the horses of the Mongols, the Mongols were just past them, they never actually fed their horses, they didn't have stall feeds, they didn't have

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you know, haystacks. Horses found their own food they grazed and even in the winter, where there was snow, and sometimes, you know, heavy snow.

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Mongol horses would dig

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with their horse in the snow and find food. And the most of them have had their horses. Whereas if you take thoroughbreds, if you take

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horses from other parts of the of the world, the hospitals die if you if you don't feed it, it cannot forage, it doesn't understand doesn't know how to do that. And especially not in the snow and snow and so on so forth. If it is not fed, if it did not put it in store, if you don't, you know, take care of it and

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cover it with a blanket and so on. The horse will just die but not the Mongo pony, the Mongol pony was Hardy. It grew.

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You know, it's even before it grew thick.

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Not far but you know, more hair to stay warm, and it found its own foot. Now sheep are even worse, the sheep will not do anything at all, if I've seen sheep in the in the meadows in Britain, for example. And they have bales of hay, which are put out in the not even in in one place. They're all over the field, where Shiva pastured bales of hay are put out, the sheep doesn't feel the code because it has wool. But if you don't have the hay there, that sheep will die.

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So no matter what, no matter what the weather conditions, may be the shepherd must ensure that he takes them out to the right grazing ground, or has an alternate source of food and water for his sheep. The shepherd must think of his sheep's nutrition before he thinks of his own. So concern and compassion for the flock must be uppermost in his mind. When she gets sick, it is a shepherd who must sit up in the night and nurse them. Sheep are delicate, and they are easily injured. So the shepherd must be compassionate, and help them over difficult ground. And as I said, Sometimes

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this may mean carrying them across sheep are also particularly stupid. I mean, I've seen sheep getting stuck in a,

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you know, in a cliff between two rocks. And after a lot of difficulty, you pull the sheep out and he jumps and gets back stuck back again in that left again. So they're not particularly smart, but they are you they are your flock.

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You can't abandon them. So many times, you would have seen as I mentioned before, a shepherd getting a newborn kid a new one lamp on his shoulders or even, you know, an older one, because it's not strong enough to walk because it's, it's, you know, getting tired.

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So that is the quality number four, which is concern and compassion. Number five is vision.

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Sheep are close to the ground and they and so if you're seeing sheep walking, they're close to the ground and they walk with their head down. And so they can't see very far and they are not aware of hidden danger, they just go and fall into something. The shepherd, on the other hand has a vantage point because he's standing up tall, and so he can see the danger long before the sheep become aware of it and he can warn the sheep against profits for see the results of deeds with the doers of the deeds don't see when a shepherd is hurting his flock. He's the only one who knows the direction to take and the destination that he wants them to reach. The perspective to have a perspective is

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Because perspective determines direction. If you do not have perspective, you don't know which way to go. Perspective is the

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is the result of being aware of your present situation, or present position and being aware of the destination. So perspective is a consequence of holding two images in your mind simultaneously, the image of where you are, and the image of where you want to be.

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And this is something with the prophets, the messengers of Allah, they specialize in that, which is the dunya, one akhira. So here is the dunya. Here is the world. And this is what the Acura will look like, depending on what we do in this world. So the prophets, as I mentioned before, for see the results of deeds, with the doers of the deeds don't see

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when others and so therefore, a shepherd is the only one, when hurting his flock, who knows the direction to take the destination that he wants them to reach sheep will simply go in the direction he sets, even if it is harmful. And that is why it is essential for the shepherd to be clear about the direction in the first place. And so vision is very critical perspective is absolutely essential. Point number six is simplicity. Shepherds life must be simple by default.

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The shepherd cannot stay away from a sheep, a shepherd can't be living in a palace. And the sheep are, you know, somewhere in the field outside, it doesn't work. A shepherd has to be there with the sheep, he has to sleep with the sheep. And believe me doesn't smell that nice, but the shepherds life has to be simple by default. So the CEP shows so the shepherd learns simplicity, austerity, and he learns to live without luxuries.

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Shepherd must carry his own possessions,

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as the sheep will not carry them for him. So he has to be light and mobile. If you have seen, you know, camel shepherds and shepherd the horses and shepherds of cattle, you know, they quite happily, they can load a lot of weight onto one of the animals, the animals strong enough to carry that. But in the case of sheep, no, you can't you can't put entrepreneurship. So the Shepherd has to carry and therefore the shepherd must be light and mobile, the shepherd must be physically tough, and must take hardship in his stride. He has to sleep early, he wakes often in the night to check on his flock, he can't sleep very soundly. And then he wakes early as the day breaks, and his flock begins

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to start. If he is steep too long, the sheep will leave him and go away in all directions and get scattered. And then the Shepherd has the whole hassle of finding them again, which may not be that easy.

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Point number seven, is closeness to nature. Shepherds naturally live close to the creation of Allah subhana data. In most places shepherds camp out with a sheep moving from grazing to grazing and do not return home for months. shepherds who graze their sheep, in hilly areas, they actually have to move from grazing ground to grazing ground depending on the weather. Because when the snows come, they move down into the plains and when the

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heat starts in the plains, and they go up

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into the mountains, and so also other places, and sometimes they don't return home for a long time.

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They're only companions are their sheep. So therefore a shepherd must love solitude and must know how to keep himself engaged. To be a good shepherd. There is plenty of time to reflect. There's no urgency to go from place to place. And the opportunity to get to know yourself very well exists among the joys of being close to nature as being able to see the stars, eat and drink natural things sleep on the ground,

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to listen to the silence, to become comfortable with darkness and not feel threatened to see the sunrise and set to recognize the signs of Allah subhanaw taala in his creation, and so build your own connection with the one to whom you will answer one day.

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All these are the benefits of herding sheep, even if you do not do that literally today and I think it is very important to literally do that as well.

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It's important to ask how many of these qualities are within us and what are we doing to develop those that are not?

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This is a very important quality to have in terms of leadership in terms of taking care of others,

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which is essentially what a leader is supposed to do and

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Any time grazing sheep and being a shepherd is a very good way of doing that was Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was a member of Tigger hotline