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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala should be able mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Sleeman Kathira cathedra.

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Our ancestors we

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from the latter day, we read janazah and We buried our dear brother

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our money

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matters a tune

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or how to Lolly

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I was speaking to his elder brother

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and doctors yet and asked him How old was he says he was 53

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just 53

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May Allah subhanaw taala

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give the neutral for those without reserve.

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And just this morning,

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I got news from

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my city Hyderabad

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with the passing away of another friend of mine,

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Asha Abdullah

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was 50.

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And nothing no illness, no nothing. He just had a massive heart attack today.

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The reason I'm mentioning this, of course is first of all to request you all to make the for their forgiveness. Last Words delegates out to the families.

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But also remind myself I knew

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that this day comes everybody.

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We have said this a million times you've heard this a million times.

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The thing is for it to

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You know, I last three years I have not traveled I've not been

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I've not seen the inside of a international flight. I lost three years, I think I took maybe two or three diversity credits.

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But I used to travel so much. And until three years ago, thanks to COVID this stop that I have a gold card on Emirates.

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So Emirates Gold Card is like the next thing to Jana in this world you know so it's

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you get all kinds of free upgrades. You buy economy ticket to get an automatic upgrade to business class and so on and so on.

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So I like to give examples from from travel because it applies to life.

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Imagine that you are sitting in the boarding the departure lounge.

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Any airport, I leave the airport you think about any airport departure lounge, you're sitting there you have a boarding pass, right?

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What is a boarding pass have

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all of you or many of you have traveled many times you know what a boarding what is on a boarding pass. There's your name, there's a flight number

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there's a time the system barcode.

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So you're sitting in the depart, departure lounge and

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you have you have a boarding pass

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but his boarding pass of yours

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out of the four things which are on it. Two are missing.

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What are the four things name, flight number, time of the flight and seat right?

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In your boarding pass? Whenever is there

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your flight number is there.

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But there is no flight time.

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And there is no seat number.

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What does it mean? It means that this is a boarding pass, you will go

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but you don't know when the flight takes off.

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And you don't know whether you're going to be in the

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cattle class

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or the business class or the first class or what you'd be the NOC numbers you don't know. Is it economy? Is it coaches what is it? Or is it first class?

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We have no idea.

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I want you to actually put yourself in that situation and ask yourself if that is and there's no if this is the reality. What I'm describing to you I'm doing that allegorically was an example but this is the actual reality we are sitting

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in the boarding lounge

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you're actually sitting in the boardroom.

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Now, question is what should we do?

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Although one of the points I think probably probably, he said, cover band aid which I'll Nico Yassa VR will

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cover by the way shall Nico Yassa VR Vijay both are gay gay back in the year with

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both of both are gay but he's you had the year where

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he said that all the friends here

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they have gird their loins. They are ready to go.

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All the friends who are sitting here have tighten their belts, they're ready to go. Many have gone already. Those who are left behind are waiting to go

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and when you go what happens

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everything gets left behind.

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Except what we send ahead

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again, today was my Rupert Reed

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sub Todd Harar Raja Raja blood telegram and Dara

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he said all your shine and your

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arrogance and your wealth and you know who am I what am i Everything will be left here

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I always remind myself

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May Allah give you those of you who do not have children may Allah give you if you want them let me not you

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pray for what you don't want. But if you want children may Allah give you good children Salah inshallah.

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But say supposing

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somebody has a child

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and two days later three days later the child dies

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so what will the general announcement what will it say?

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It will say so and so's child died? Yes. Because there is no no name was not given nothing just two days maybe the mother didn't even come out to the hospital she's still in the in the hospital before she came home child died. So and so's child died

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even the child is born, he has no identity. Who the child we don't know. It is a bucket.

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Aisha got the

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and there was our device was it a boy was it a gun? It was a boy it was a girl that's it no identity.

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Now let's go to the other end

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if I die here in this community then inshallah you will read another form Yes.

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So wonderful.

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So now imagine that my body is brought here

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and all of you are standing in line and you are going to bridge another for me and

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because of my brother is here so

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he makes the announcement so he will say after the Salah is over

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the Serato janazah will be very very good. So now they brought my body it is there they put it in a corner somewhere

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and when the surface is ready what will brothers over what would you say? Bring what

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bring the body

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bring the body

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today when I'm alive I'm sitting in this chair he will not say bring the body to the chair no I have a name right

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but when my life is gone bring the body bring the janazah move the journal he will not say every chair have a row What's your CompTIA has gone Hollis there's the body

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when we are born we have no identity

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when we die if as soon as we die if you haven't even put me in the ground my brothers I mean our Absolutely. First of all you have mercy on what is this? I mean you haven't even put me in the ground.

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And already My name is gone.

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So what was that name worth when I am alive? And if I'm saying Wallah I'm Jeff will admin villain. What full on what Fula which will

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what is that? What is the title? What is it worth?

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Zilch, zero. No. Because while I'm still my body's still warm

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you have stopped calling me my name.

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Now to you I'm a body

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while I'm alive, my salah May Allah bless all of you, I mean we have we love each other we respect each other, a good to each other. But as soon as we die

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My name is gone. I have now a body bring the body

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it's very important to keep

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is connected to our reality

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and our reality is this. That is what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned holida Allah in sunny Hallo minute daddy, lamb Yocum, che a Moscow

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Allah Coronavirus, it has mankind forgotten that there was a time when they were not even mentioned

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not even mentioned

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I remember I said for you that this time will come

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whether we like it or not, this time will come boarding pass has been issued

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just the flight time

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and the seat number

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and the seat depends on what we send ahead.

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Like seats. How do you get into first law by paying first class? I know

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you want to travel first class because that's where

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you're gonna get deported. That's your problem.

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snagged the guy getting deported also has a seat no

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you do not get deported one go in style.

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The law we ask Allah for this inshallah.

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So just to remind ourselves that let us focus because we don't know where the time comes out of this. Nobody knows. Nobody would nobody knows.

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And the only way to ensure that it is good is to continuously remind us that's why I sort of said the most intelligent one is the one who remember the death most often. Because then he will keep on preparing for it. However, if he makes a mistake, we will make it a part of the well that's cleared. As far as possible. He will give himself say we won't make mistakes, but maybe a week something things happen. No problem hamdulillah let's round out our Overeem

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we make immediately so forth over there good.

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to keep us in a state where he's pleased with us, to enable us to continue to live our lives in a way where we prepare for that day when we meet him. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make that day the best day of our lives and make the last of our days the best of our days and the last day when we meet on the best day of our lives. Masala ha Vickery, Marathi us