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So that was Salam ala

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alihi wa sahbihi Allah

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in sort of the

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history of the governance of the surah and the meaning of all the ads and costumes on I won't go into that.

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This one is in the Surah bhamashah illa Allah

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said when the person comes to question and the person comes to ask you something

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do not send him away Do not rejecting

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somebody comes to ask you something, do not shoot him away, do not reject Him.

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So handling Allah subhanaw taala Allah for the understanding of these things

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we were in Malaysia and he when he was there

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he came and he mentioned something that he read

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where one of them have a theory in his head

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what about the rub himself?

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who commanded his neck? Maybe in this way?

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I'm not sorry. lafollette and her

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who is the mechanical design fellow and let's run it that way. If somebody comes to you don't shoo him away, don't send him away some bizarre income somebody's coming to ask for something don't chase him away.

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And that is one of his alums advice when he said if somebody comes to ask you something, let him not go to another process.

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Someone needs something he comes to you you fulfill his need to the best of your ability Do not let him don't send him somewhere else.

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Someone coming to you and says can you can you help me Don't say no, why don't you go and so and

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so, is your mama saying that

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what about himself who advised him never to do this? What do you think he does?

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While I never thought of this I in this context one masala forgotten her Allah subhanaw taala that really w somebody comes to you don't send him away. So what do you think?

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If you have

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to reflect on the

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development of you anyway,

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who else did was

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when you when you met

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let us make dua with the

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with the understanding with the feeling with the with the complete connection and the awareness of who we ask.

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Who are we asking?

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You're asking the one who advises me or massage

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ask Allah with this understanding.

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You need to do this. What are you

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How can you send me a very label?

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Who is this?

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If you are thinking sending in a

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lot more

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no one can give no one can take away No one is worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala

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so if you don't

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why would I go anywhere

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you left the law, why should we worry well

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then you know that no one other than Allah can use

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Why did you ask anybody? You are dead

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I'm not

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I'm not talking about that. I say why but ask you guys why should ask?

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the law

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in the law,

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you know,

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all of us.

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What a law.

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What do you have? Lucky

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Standing up a single action, you

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know, we accept this symptom of Allah.

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If you want me to get up and walk, you will pick it up or walk.

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I don't know anything else, if you want me to get up and walk,

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you get

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everything belongs

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to Java,

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via the console,

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it does not belong the land does not belong to anybody, life does not belong to anybody, wealth does not belong to anybody health does not belong, knowledge.

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And whoever allows television to give some of it to that person then has the responsibility of making several videos that have gotten into the

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news given land. He was used on this land according to the last

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one was given us this in this time, Don was given given knowledge is knowledge for the benefit of the people and to lead them towards Allah subhanaw taala

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the one was being given wealth was used this way, for the benefit of the people and in the service and for the bigger

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it's not our deals.

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Don't give me money for this.

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One of

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the new letters ask Allah subhanaw taala with

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because that is our reality.

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Our reality is complete and totally

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he going to be accepting his own

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warning accepting

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without your home?

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But when it goes out, it will not return?

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And if I did

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so if only is completed with this

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and then

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I'm on the side

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is not your job to send me away.

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But you advise me Don't send anybody away.

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Anyway, let me send someone

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a lower D when it comes to me, I didn't go to that negativity, but

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who is

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the new one?

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Let us make with this complete understanding.

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That our from Allah, knowledge from Allah, Allah, Allah of wealth, whatever we have is no law. Any

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any, any control and any power of the gears are lost.

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And we are Colorado data to allow us to use this only service.

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And we asked for a piece and we

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do not send

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And let me ask you.

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As I said, it's not a matter of what is it they won't even let it

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be for somebody else.

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But when I ask you give me

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I will not go

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because you haven't recorded it for me without the interference or without me going or asking somebody else.

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make me a model of your product. Make me an example of a world that you can live without asking that you can give without giving somebody the omegas garlic desire for a temperature Allah and negative Java

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because every day we hear every single day is one

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Last time we are living

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one must never despair almost never get depressed Of course.

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At the end of the day, the journey is temporary. So it doesn't matter what happens to me. But every day there's only bad news the whole time there is this happening in theory of this happening here. There is no seems to be no good news about

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Phillips from the outdoor action the managers from our enemies embellishment to protect the mystery wherever they are, and relative

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to sources that they cannot imagine. But nothing as well as raw data with complete age and complete submission to Allah subhanaw taala

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because it's only when you get a council manager will open the doors of His mercy on us insha Allah.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala never to surplus anywhere we are data that we

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that we are asking him, and he advises me not to send anybody of jell o he

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doesn't have dv. He's called

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as he expects me to be. And we expect the reactive with us videos.

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And he asked me expect that he will give us a topic that was pleasing to Him and that he will give it to us and be pleased with us or Salalah holiday