Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders The 4 Step Process Part 5

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative emotions that lead to greed, including a lack of sugar and a sense of satisfaction, causing people to feel sad and fearful. They suggest avoiding feeling like one is larger or better than others and dealing with the scare of one's life. A man from Yemen claimed to be a member of the ain't no one is a savvy group, causing people to feel sad and fearful.
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In Al Hamdulillah

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salat wa salam O Allah.

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Allah Allah He was happy here Manuela. We have been talking about the issue of the skeleton knifes as one of the four steps in teaching and learning of Islam, starting with the delivery of the Quran, and then the skill to knifes and then dailymile Quran and then the practice of the day in terms of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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Does he has enough so we covered the issue of shark in the heart. And then we covered

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the other issue of

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love law and the issue of being thought thoughtless with regard to law. So how's that and heedless.

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The other issue of the kids enough's has to do with

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the various other negative emotions that builds on us.

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For example, jealousy, for example, envy,

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for example, hatred,

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and so on, and inshallah tomorrow we'll look at the issue of

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but if you look at some of these things, like jealousy and envy,

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they lead you to commit in Haram.

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Because only when people are jealous, then they do.

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Because you're jealous of somebody who don't like what somebody has. So you bad talk the person namikawa slander, all of this happens because of jealousy. And because of envy because you don't like whatever Allah Allah has blessed somebody else with.

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And we we know from that is gonna be Salah salam, that envy is permitted only in two situations.

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One where a brother or sister may have the knowledge of Islam more than you, and you wish that you had that kind of knowledge. And the second case is where they have wealth, which they are spending in the path of Allah. And you wish that if I had this wealth, I would have liked to spend it in the same way in the bottle. only do these two cases is envy permitted, and Alhamdulilah company of people where I have the pleasure of doing this and we in both case,

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but Alhamdulillah, other than this, to be envious of somebody for whatever they have in the dunya and so on. And then this, as I said, this leads to committing of major sins because of this. And so also issues of hatred, one of the biggest problems of disliking people and Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this in the Quran also was Rockefeller said that he said to the music in America, he said, You don't accept something from my Nabhi. Not because what he's saying is wrong. But because you don't like him.

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And we look at it, this is one of the problems of ourselves. We do not take feedback from people because we don't like that person, even though that person will be speaking the truth. Now, who are we having the one who is being honest with ourselves, because if we don't take it back, then you cannot change, you cannot improve yourself? And if you say no, I won't take feedback from so and so because I don't like his face. How does it matter? Well, it doesn't affect him. It affects only you. And that's the reason why this hatred is a bad thing because it's, it kills you from inside. And when you are sitting and hating people is your blood pressure which is going up and you internally

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are burning yourself, the person you are hating is sleeping peacefully in the house, he doesn't even he doesn't know he doesn't get as far as you are concerned you are killing yourself for no reason. So therefore, hatred also is a negative emotion. So similarly, I mean, I don't want to go into a whole list of emotions, we have to look at our own lives and look into our own hearts and say whatever is negative in my heart, I will remove this. Greed is another major, major thing. One of the biggest problem with greed again, greed is one of those emotions which leads to haram and that is the lack of sugar of Allah subhanaw taala. Because of greed, you always look at the other person.

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So if you have a house with you know his house, His house is better, better and bigger. Now the problem with that is Alhamdulillah. Allah has given you a good house, but you are not content with that because you are looking at somebody else's house. So you lose the joy of what you have already. Plus, now you are making cofra inevitable Allah and Allah.

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Allah is Allah Allah will punish you. If he is ungrateful to me, let him be aware that I will punish him that my lab is shoddy. So greed, again is a very nasty thing because of this. Greed also keeps greed results in

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engineers in Buffalo,

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only greedy people are decayed. They don't want to lose, they don't want to give. So if you just think about this, each one of these negative emotions leads to so many other things. And are the negative it leads to, in some cases, measures in the leads to, in some cases, just, you know, destroying yourself from inside emotionally. So all of these are made, and the whole issue of does good enough is to free the heart from all of these things. And then finally, before we close for today, one of the very big issues in with regard to those given us is the issue of Cuba

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is the issue of feeling that I am bigger or better than somebody else, that my brother is better than somebody else. My cat is better than somebody who is at my level with Allah is better than somebody else. This is absolute nonsense. Absolutely. Nobody can feel this about if they're feeling this about themselves, and they are the most Gomorrah in the world, they are the most misguided people to the word because only Allah knows what is the origin of

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the most famous incident in the history of Islam, which net which illustrates this is the issue of is the story of

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Satan, always an uncanny

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valley from human? And he said to his Sahaba he said to one day in a company of Sahaba and

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Ilana was also there. He said, there is a man from the tribal Quran from Yemen, his name is always

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and if he comes to Medina when he comes to Medina, if you meet him, ask him to ask Allah to forgive you. Ask him to make dua for your forgiveness. Right.

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And Omar Catalano also was one of those peoples except Omar if you meet always attorney asked him to make dua for your forgiveness as little as a lesson and passed away says in our system became califa he passed away

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right during his beloved he remembered this thing with

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him so every time any tequila came from many people give her a million he would ask why this was so in one

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time when he needs during his

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he saw a man who entered matches in a way and he was praying and says number I'm sorry Mr. There's something different about this man. So even when he finished his praise Allah He asked me sir You always Academy so he said Why are you asking said because I need to know if you are this person and he gave him the description and the man said yes.

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Tell us tell him to go back and tell him gave him the description of this man he said always Academy will look like this. And then he says always Academy had used to have Luca dama

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you know the the skin you should look at one and he said he made that Allah Subhana Allah Allah God

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and there's only a small batch the size of a coin which is there with on his body. So this was the the idea of recognizing him give him give them this information, although he had never seen that name self.

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So So the number of mentors will come in and he said this whole description is that you are so and so is it yours? Do you have this disease? Yes. Like you're cured. We got this bald patch that he showed it. So he said make dr for my forgiveness. So So goodness me loving and you are so happy.

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You are I am subject to you. How can I recover? You have nobody i'm not i have not even seen a visa lottery i'm not i'm not as happy you're a savvy.

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He said no. So lies Alice lm told us and not me only told all of us. He said if you meet always Academy, ask him to make the ask for your forgiveness. Now imagine the man who's being asked to be glad he's a dabbler is not even a savvy. He's being asked to make dua for the comedian

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because the agenda does not mean that the director of Omar Al Khattab is less than that also have know that the zombies happy no matter what. But the issue is that he was a man who lost loved one is a loss of love, and he could not come to meet nevertheless and when that time because his mother was was ill and aged and he did not want to leave her and he was serving mother and Allah like this action of serving the mother so Allah subhanaw taala gave him this level. So very, very important for us. keeper makes us blind to such things and we tend to look at people's lives and look at look down on people and we know from the Hadith that Allah subhanaw taala said I will destroy he's a

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giver is my they have given giver is my clock and if anyone tries to take from this I will destroy Kibriya is only wireless router is not for any human being to feel that he is you know he's up but no, we only allow and that's why this is another very major issue that

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We have to deal with with regard to the scare to knifes inshallah, we will continue tomorrow was Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah He vasavi as main Veronica.

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