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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of showing faith in Islam is emphasized, particularly in the context of the delay in mail delivery. The need for individuals to show their faith in Islam's actions is also emphasized, along with the importance of protecting from demons and not wanting to pray with them. The speakers stress the importance of showing one's true intentions and avoiding giving what one wants. The discussion also touches on the need for individuals to show their faith in Islam and their actions.
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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah, Colombia even silly. Allah Allah He was heavy as main bad a lot Ronald Dela said into my own. follow a little muscle lean and levena Oman sala de hims Hoon

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levena home euro Wham o now

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we'll do this in two parts one part two day one part torrentshell

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Alexandra zip,

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file a little mousseline.

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He said woe to those who pray.

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Cursed or those who pray.

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Cursed are the mousseline people who are making Salah.

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levena home and Salah to himself Oh, Allah, Xena on your own.

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Those who pray and who makes Allah but the delay in the Salah

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salud him so Allah Xena Iran, and they pray to show people

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I find myself I knew that from desire. Two things are very clear. One is

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in terms of Nevada, and in terms of anything that we do with respect to Allah subhanaw taala First of all, the quality of that thing is very important.

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is doing something is not the issue. The quality of it, what is the quality of that thing which we are doing? And with Salah as we know in Surah when we know Allah subhana

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wa homefries Allah even Khartoum

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other phenomenon, Allah Xena home, he allowed him pleasure. So in their Salah, they have Harsha. So the issue is, the quality of the Salah is very important. That's the first thing. Second thing is

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one might say, why should Allah Subhana Allah be so tough?

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After all, somebody is bringing.

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So what if we delayed it a little bit for his own convenience, or whatever it is?

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The issue is Allah Subhana issue is avoided, being an of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah

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is the issue of attitude.

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Because there are motives of others why No, that is not a change on the neck.

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rodeos of Allah subhanaw taala is voluntarily mowing and making such that I know that.

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In this world, there is no compulsion or gravity, there is no compulsion in Islam. So therefore, if somebody does not want to accept a law, and the vast majority don't accept the law,

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you will need to take the just the headcount which they generally tell us that there are 1.5 billion Muslims Allah knows best. But even if that is true, that is still only 20% of the population

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of the world.

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One fifth,

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for the vast majority 80% of the population in any case does not about Allah.

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But they are not. Lightning is not striking them dead, you know, floods are not coming and epidemics are not counting the vine,

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the vine, the rich, they are wealthy, they are having a whale of our time.

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So, in this life, Allah Subhana Allah has given this freedom,

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free freedom is not free of consequences, the consequences are there and these have been involved but there is no immediate catch.

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So you do not want to worship Allah that is okay. You got you need not worship Allah.

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That has its own consequences. But in this world, there is no one to stand with a sword around your neck to see you have to watch Well, nobody will do it, nobody will do it, nobody should do it, nobody can do it.

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So therefore, the whole issue of audit and that is the value of being an object of Allah subhanaw taala used to voluntarily do something with the majority of the world is not doing

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because we live under because we have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala because we fear the day when we meet him and we expect His mercy and we expect His forgiveness. Therefore

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we wake up in the morning and the government makes so do we make Salah.

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So when you are delaying our Salah

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then what are we saying?

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What everything so boys have been having right? He's my neighbor is my elder. So his marriage because marriage is right. Under terror, I

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have not said

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If we do it if we do this even to our own elder in this dunya it is not acceptable for us.

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Whatever you're doing it'll

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add you to Hyannis Allah Allah Allah. Allah has come. Whether the Muslim calls it or not is him at the time was Alaska

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but we say

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oh we'll we'll pray with it for something.

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And what is the single reason why we delay Salah, our own convenience. There is an app for whatever reason can there be convenient, whatever it is well in the water maybe you want to sleep a little bit longer in the indoor it might be because there is a bug going on one to finish that in that there might be some meeting whatever it is.

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We do this

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and that is the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke in such a hard manner however you do live solid

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and the second aspect

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while living on your own people who pray to show

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so even if normally we will don't pray and because there are a few people there is only a stand up agenda when asked about

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money any

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mother suddenly as our gala Why suddenly

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and this refers not only to Salah this refers also to all the other kinds of evil and I'm not saying we it's not our job to

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ascribe these motives to people and so on. But you know we will they will go over over every year.

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And under nothing to stop you because it

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did not analyze your hazard did not stop anyone from coming for over it wants to do more every day also nobody can stop you so hamdulillah This is good. And let people do as much as they want. But there are people who will do over and then they will talk about it for the rest of the year.

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For everything after that.

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I'll show you the badges doesn't allow

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anything whatever I went for what are they Why do you do not conference meet you know after the after given our data.

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For everything that reference will be I went over now the American equivalent for Amara you want to show the world that you went for our watch.

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So the issue is that whether it is a value whatever the value, whether it's an endeavor, it might be, it might be fasting it might be you know, giving charity.

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We do we must we need to do our about that only an Olympus egoless round.

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And if you think about it, except for the first Salawat the first Salah is to be done in public. That's why you are

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telling the old world this is the time for Salah come ISIL and the word Salah is done by Gemma in public in the masjid or wherever we are doing but but other than the for all the other service. It is between you and Allah subhanaw taala

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between you and

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whether you wake up what the hydrilla don't pick up attaches with Allah. So don't spoil that by telling the world

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if you whether you're fasting or not fasting is between you and Allah

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don't spoil that by telling the world what I like but if somebody finds out and so on, it's okay that's a different matter. For an issue of Korea, you might tell somebody or some close friend of yours, you might say you know about your patches and so that's all it is. We will know after How did people know that

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somebody knew. So it's not as if it's, you know, state secrets or not. But the point I'm making is that with the intention of showing people with the intention of doing the will including for example if you can decide what are well

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then you always have the desire I want to be the map.

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You might not be the movie but you want to be an Imam is a test of Allah.

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I always ask protection May Allah protect us from demons? You don't want to even is a testament because it ruins it for me it ruins your own job in the salon.

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Because when you are

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the bar and you are

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worried about why does the character not buy am I forgetting something? Then some thought will come when somebody is that if there are 100 people behind you then the weather at least I'm tough on myself, whether you like it or not the thought always goes oh my god, there are 10,000 people praying behind me.

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In the 11 Allah if Allah subhanaw taala does not forgive that my Salah is ruined, it's finished it destroyed.

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There have been occasions that I have repeated myself for this reason.

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The mallet is a Boogeyman, you don't want about it. But if you have to do it, but what about somebody who wants to do it because he knows he can run with malice there was only you're completely ruining or you're commenting shocking

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because you have brought the the the approval of others into your heart instead of being viral as Roger has approved your brain for the approval of other people now

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So under life, by the grace of Allah if you are if you are aware divine, this is the Baraka from Allah Subhana.

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Allah subhanaw taala Do you remember, try and make it very, very clear and make Toba and inshallah that's not an issue somebody asked this is specific questions somebody asked me I have a law and they said What should I do? This man asked the question he said I said the Quran well, and when I'm reading the Quran when I'm reciting in Salah in as an Imam, the thought comes to me, he says supposing I decide to recite 50 if he said I thought comes to me that I am doing this to show off to show people. So I shot my resignation I at the end of 10 I asked if I get the thought I immediately go through

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what should I do?

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So that I was even replied to him, he gave an answer he said that if that thought comes to you, when you are reading the venue or reciting the Quran, inshallah, then make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala in your heart and elongate your recitation, if you are planning to recite 50, if you will say 60. I was 17.

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He said because he thought is coming from shaitan. He wants you to shorten your recitation, because because of your recitation, other people are able to get closer in their Salah their Salah is good, they are enjoying their Salah, and this benefit that shaitan wants to stop. So therefore his pudding is what's what's on your heart to say you are reciting to show people that you make double Allah will forgive you inshallah, and beat the shit out though if you are blind to right. So when you add you increase this, but I'm gonna do but the point of all of this is we do it with awareness, and we make Toba continuously.

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So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to inculcate the right attitude with regard to Allah. And the attitude as we have been saying the last couple of days is the attitude of such that before Allah subhanaw taala, the size of the body, of course, we do in salah and otherwise, and the size of the job to be done continuously, always an attitude of bodia an attitude of obeying Allah subhanaw taala, of accepting whatever Allah subhanaw taala tells us, and the demonstration of this attitude is to be as early in Salah as possible. Pray at the earliest times and pray with sincerity, not for showing anybody. You ask Allah Subhana Allah to beautify our Salah to increase the whole show and lo

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in our Salah, to make the Salah with complete a class only and only for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept our salah and to elevate it to the level where it is acceptable to him and to accept it from us. Was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was happy erotica.

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