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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi them via even more serene Mohammad Rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah He right it was salam to Steven cathedral cathedra

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Amato, my brothers and sisters.

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People ask

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what is about about what is happening in Philistine?

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The question people ask why is it happening? Why doesn't it change?

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And today if you think about it, Philistine is just now center stage. But

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many things I have on it if you take the last few years,

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you had the whole thing is out. You had a one star for 20 years you had Syria. You had Yemen.

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Then we have the Rohingyas in Burma, then we have the wiggers in China and it's not one, right.

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It's not so there it was

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Somalia, Sudan, right, Sudan. I mean, may Allah have mercy is what Allah it is. It is not one thing, not only for this Pharisee it's all over. So why is this happening?

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Two or three things we have to be clear in our minds. Firstly, Allah subhanaw taala told why Allah gave us the reason and those that is it Zahal fossa wilberto Well Buhari Bhima casa, but I did not see live music on by the lady Amarula la mujer une Allah said, the facade the trials, tribulations, difficulties, pandemics, wars, killing whatnot, which is spread on the sea and the land is because of the actions of people what comes what people have earned Biba Kasturba alienness you know, you think about this earning

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see something it may happen accidentally you don't say I earned it, it happened. Right? Good luck or bad luck, whatever become something happens.

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I got dizzy to happen. Maybe something you inherited. So you did not do anything for it. You inherited because of your parents or whatnot. But earning me is what it means you actually working for this thing. Right?

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And he's working with nothing.

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So there is a difference between earning and inheriting.

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Earning and finding, Allah is saying we might cassava the ugliness beneath your castle with your effort, you made this image and with our effort, we are buying debt we are buying disaster we are buying all kinds of trials, tribulation masiva.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala has people say that sometimes people may Allah have mercy. They say if there is a God, why does he read about the people so all these who don't and who don't know Allah? And these questions, the answer is very simple. Allah subhanaw taala says, so I allow it to happen so that you can get a taste of what you are doing to save you from a bigger punishment, so that you turn towards the last one.

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In other places, that are available and music on the home. One Inuzuka now Minella will do not as I will acquire Allah Allah when you're you will give them a taste of the small punishment before the big punishment, so that they can turn towards us.

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So first thing to understand is that these things happen because of our deeds. It is because each one of us is responsible, you me I am responsible, you are responsible. It is what we are doing in our lives

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in our daily lives, because of that, trials and tribulations are coming. Now the driver deviation does not come for example, if you are using your hand, somebody who's drinking alcohol, he's drinking a lot of alcohol. How does he drink the alcohol?

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He's been using his hand he picks up the glass with alcohol he drinks it, but what is what happens to him he gets cirrhosis of the liver.

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Nothing happens to that that is fine. His liver packs up right cirrhosis of the liver he dies a painful death but hand is fine nothing happens to the hand. So hands what can I do? I didn't do anything wrong, because of you, you You did all this stuff. So happens awareness somebody is walking.

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So what is involved, his hand is involved his mouth is involved.

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But where is the problem in the lung?

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you eat

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all kinds of high cholesterol foods and and stuff like that.

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What what is affected the heart? The heart didn't do anything poor thing. It's you know, it's

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so the problems which are happening in Varanasi or Somalia or wherever the people who are actually affected by that those who are killed with this thing and so on. So

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But believe me, it is not their fault. They are actually being rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala because Allah subhanaw taala said, Allah said, love Allah Subhan Allah Xena hotelu visa vie de La Jolla, moi Bella here on Ngara beam use a horn Allah said those who die in the path of Allah, those who are killed because they are Muslim, those who are destroyed or the people try to kill them. I don't use the word destroy, they're not destroyed by the by because they are Muslim. Allah said they are not died or they were not even died. They are with the alive.

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But the hell they are alive, and they are with their rubbish and there is and they receive a visit from the Robson that this is a in the matter of the rabies sort of macro thing, which means eating this or that no, it will be with Allah, and they're getting there. So for them. This is fantastic. This is beautiful. And if you ask them, the shahada, whether there's rather

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when Philistine or Somalia or Yemen or anywhere, the people who are shaved visibly, if you ask the Shaheed Do you want to go back to Somalia?

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I am with my Rajala general

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I am within rugby him years ago, I will go back to this world for what

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I don't know why I'm very happy. So whoever has gone hamdulillah they have succeeded. Question is us.

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Question is us who are live. So our responsibility. So therefore what to do, if it happened by our hands then it can be corrected also by our hands, meaning these hands have to rise before Allah subhanaw taala number one to make is the foreign Toba

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please, it is high time we learn to drop some things in our lifetime in our lifestyle. We have to learn to change some things. If we are not praying we have to start praying because if you believe me,

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whatever happens in philosophy or this or that if I am not doing Salah if I'm not making saliva, I'm not establishing salah and I die without salah I will go to Jana. Whether anybody else goes anywhere makes no difference.

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All of this is meaningless. If I die without salah I am in the Hellfire because I have died without Islam.

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Right. If I have oppressed somebody if I have taken away somebody's rights, if I have not given my rights to my brother or my sister by your neighbor or whoever, I will be answerable to Allah subhanaw taala no matter what happens in the world

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so if I'm not praying I was not praying.

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If I'm not giving zakat, I'ma start giving zakat if I'm not fasting, I will start fasting

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if I'm eating haram I must start eating Halal if I'm eating if I'm my business is haram I must change that business if I'm if I'm working with or living with interest based loans, I must get rid of those bowls. Right?

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This is the way

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people ask

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I have a halal stamp I'm buying in a restaurant depot or somewhere else what is

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what makes meat halal, the simplest. The simplest thing to ask is odia qurbani say on Iran.

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So, if I asked you how do you do there? Tell me please how do

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you take a sheep or you take the gavel or whatever it is then you take a sharp knife then you cut the throat right. So, supposing I tell you

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the journey

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I have a factory

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where I am

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killing or processing meat have a meat processing factory right. So, I will sell you one ship is $500 so, you give me $1 that give you a ticket and this ship you can come and collect the meat after five after you know two hours.

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So what when you asked me was it refers to how are you killing the ship which is going into machine

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machine will kill it.

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Is this is this idea is this cobra? Is it acceptable?

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is hot.

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So then how is it Hara? If you're doing it other than Iran? Is there a different way of slaughter on the day of Edo rasa and the rest of the year 364 days no problem some other method but either other has is it like this in this day?

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I see.

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Our method hamdulillah of slaughter is the method of slaughter. Whether you do it

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or either you do it on needle fitter or you do it on a normal day or a Sunday or a Monday reduce it makes no difference.

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This is the method of slaughter if you want a bird or an animal to become halal. First of all it should be halal. You cannot take a pig and a dog is not a no, but it should be parallel. And second thing is that it should be slaughtered in a particular way and that particular way is called zabiha.

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Which is hand slaughtered by a Muslim using a sharp knife in the middle which is prescribed, saying Bismillah Allahu Akbar or at least Bismillah.

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So we have to practice this.

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Not simply by anything if he was around our brother, you know what, that meat is more expensive. It's not very expensive. That is the price for the meat. The other meat is not less expensive. That is haram.

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If you want to buy the cheapest way the cheapest beat in this country is pork. So by the Bible, it works.

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Well if that is your criteria, which is cheap, cheapest is pork.

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Is that the criteria? Or I was saying it should be valid. If it is halal, this is the price it's not it's not a question of what is more what is this? No, this is the price.

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Seriously I we have to we have to examine ourselves. If something is wrong with your help, you will not say let me go to the cheapest doctor

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which will say that no so is it price is not the issue. I must be cured I sent me to the best doctor.

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What will happen even if you don't get cured, you will die right maximum end of the day what die you will die anyway one

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who is going to live forever? Nobody.

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But do you have to worry Jana? No.

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The Hadees Abu Bakr said if nobody not not anyone less than that, ah Abu Bakr Al Jazeera Delano. He's had his he said Rasul Allah is Allah Salam said, anybody who eats one morsel one piece of haram and it becomes a part of his body gets digested. The fire of Jahannam is wajib on this body. He said this viral Jana will burn this body Illa mashallah We ask Allah to forgive us. But the point being, that it is something which is so serious, so we have to start practicing it, eat halal,

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and haram. interspace dealings, doesn't matter who says what Allah made it haram nobody can change it.

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Rasool Allah Salam said, the one who's who gives on lends on interest, the one who borrows on interest, the one the person who writes down that transaction, he neither lead nor borrow, so he's only a clerk or

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official or whatever. He's writing the transaction. And the two people who witnessed that transaction is all of them are cursed by Allah's vital data they identify and he said good observer is that they're all equal.

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We have to make this the foreign Toba if we want the situation in the in Philistine or wherever to change, we have to make this the fire of the war we have to go before Allah cry before Alliance era whatever I did till now I seek your forgiveness. I am giving up this stuff I will change my life I will bring my life on to the path that is prescribed by you make the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salah my path in life please forgive me and remove these difficulties

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hustle bustle artillery.

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Say to Darrin.

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He was hitting with the devices with his students. A man came and he said please make dua we have a difficult problem we have no rain it is you know famine. He said go make it over make us the fourth

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he went away after that another one came after some time. He said I have no children please make dua I am you know I'm desperate we have no children. He said go make you suffer

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then another word game is very poor I have no money I brought food to it. He said go make a step one.

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So students asked in this area say the three people came with three different problems. One man has got famine, another one has no children. You got no money. Three people with three very different problems. You gave the same solution to all of them.

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So why?

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He said I was about to reserve a call to stuff we were back in O'Connor afara usually summer Mira

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Volume this will go on BMW Urbani welcome Jana to a jaguar. He's

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making stuff art Europe, he will forgive you he is the most forgiving then he will send you rain then he will give you children and then he will give you well then he will give you a garden and give you reverse

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so called to stuff.

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I remind myself when you let us make Lord or is the partners make Lord And Lord we suffer. And ECFR is not simply taking as

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much behind things one was as far as we know. Instead what is in the heart is the virus truly looking at my own life and saying, I'm making stuff far for this reason. I look at wrong things I what I listen to wrong things I read wrong things I do wrong things I speak in a bad way. Whatever it is right for each one of us, it will be different May Allah forgive us. Whatever I am supposed to do, I must do what I'm not supposed to do I must leave and make this FR and we ask Allah to accept our Dhamma We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to minister bar we ask us rather to forgive us. We ask Allah to remove the difficulties on all the people in the world and we ask Allah not to hold

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us responsible because they are suffering and we are the reason we ask Allah Subhana Allah to not make us the reason for anybody else's suffering to save them and to save us. Or Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah He was doing good