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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The message of Islam is to love one another and to receive their op opiances. The title of Islam is the single word, Islam, and it is centered around the concept of God. The history and characteristics of Islam, including its title, are discussed, along with its use as the main source of communication between Muslims and their counterparts. The importance of faith and fulfilling projects is emphasized, along with the need for a "will" law for the entire population. The segment also touches on relationships with wild birds and the importance of building relationships with them.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier Eva mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi, right ally he was, he was seldom to see even the Sierra Nevada my brothers and sisters.

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The topic of Mahatma is the connection.

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14 157 years ago a window opened in the heavens, and God spoke to man,

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Allah subhana wa della della della who sent His message to us through His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Taala he, while he was have you seldom the last and final in a long series of honored messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to every habitation of mankind through the ages, starting with our father, Adam alayhis, salam,

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all of them brought one single simple message, that we must worship none other than our Creator, with whom we are directly connected, without the need for any intermediaries or agents or intercessors, or facilitators. When we speak, he hears us, when we ask, he gives us, He created us, sustains us, protects us, tests as helps us, rewards us and to Him is our return.

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To him, we turn for all our needs. To him, we tell our story before him, we shed our tears. To Him alone, we complain about those who oppress us. And above all, him, we thank for all that he gave us. Our relationship with Allah Serato data is very close and personal.

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We know him

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and he knows us.

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We are in awe of him of his glory and majesty. We bask in his glory, we marveled at his magnificence. We delight in the variety and complexity of His creation. And we love him more than we love anyone and anything else. This was the message of all the prophets and messengers of Allah subhanho wa taala. Through the Ages, the same message

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a simple message of love, and warmth and comfort and mercy.

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The message of Islam

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we reiterate this in every record of every Salah compulsorily at least 17 times a day, in the fight for Salawat when we say he can model what he cannot study.

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Oh Allah, we worship only you. And we seek help only from you.

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I belong to you. I ask only you for help. Because I am yours.

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I'm asking. So help me

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there is no concept of God in Islam. Because God is not a concept. He is real. He is Allah.

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He lives he's yours. He knows

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who Allahu Ahad

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Allah the law merely dwell on veulent Willem yaku Lok of one I had,

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who will Heyoka you

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who was Samuel Busey, who I live with that is sudo

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who accorded ala kulli, a Shia, he went a while

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who Allah.

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We know him and he knows us. This is the essence of Islam, a direct connection between us and our Creator, who is concerned for us. And so he sent us a way of life to follow called Islam, which is designed to make us hugely humongously beautiful and successful in this world and the hereafter.

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Allah subhanaw taala introduced himself in the Quran in many ways.

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One of the most beautiful places where he introduced him to introduce himself in the Quran was in Surah Toraja.

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And these eyes begin with his blessed name, or rash man,

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the Most Beneficent, the peak of Mercy

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Allah's rather

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with him in a shape and you're ready Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim the

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eye level for

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I love

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Shamu Ruby or host

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one edumove was Szeged arrow yes do the

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me is

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love dot o fill me is

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warping will was Nerville phase three Wila to me is

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one law law Hi

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Fi have

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Wahl have both owners re

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Furby a

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rugby Kuma took the

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these are the opening ayat of surah Rahman Allah subhanho wa Taala said he began

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by his own blessed name, the Glorious and Magnificent Allah, Allah,

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the Most Beneficent Allah

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He has taught you mankind the Quran. By His mercy, He created mankind he taught him eloquent speech, the sun and the moon run on fixed courses, exactly calculated with measured our stages for each and the herbs and the stars and the trees prostrate before Allah subhana Horta and the heaven He has raised high and he has set up the balance in order that you may not transgress, do balance and observe the way it will equity and do not make the balance deficient.

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And the earth he bought out for his creatures there in our fruits,

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date palms, producing sheet, fruit stocks, and closing dates

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and con with its leaves and stock for fodder, and sweet scented plants.

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Then which of his blessings,

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Then which of the Blessings of your rub?

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which of the Blessings of your Lord? Will you both gene and humans deny?

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There is much more but this will suffice for the present. The key question is what Allah subhanaw taala asked at the end, then which of the Blessings of your rub Will you deny?

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Islam invites us to live thoughtfully and thankfully, an attitude of gratitude.

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Islam as a religion based on a book, which is the transcription of the spoken word of Allah. That book is the Quran Al Khadim.

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The Quran is the actual speech of Allah, spoken by him, received by his angelic messenger, Jabril Alaihe Salam, and communicated once again as the spoken word to his human messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It was recorded, as it was received and preserved, without any alteration or change to this day, more than 14 centuries after it was revealed. This is a historical fact. It has been preserved, preserved without any change in as much as a single letter for 14 centuries. And so it shall remain as long as there is a single Muslim left on the face of the earth to defend it.

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It is memorized in its entirety by millions of Muslims all over the world, a tradition from the first day that it was revealed, it is read for blessing, for strength for patients in suffering, to give thanks for pleasure, for peace of mind, for solace to the broken heart, and most of all, and most importantly, for guidance in the life of this world and

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deliverance in the hereafter. The Quran is an amazing piece of communication between the Creator and His creation, an example of extraterrestrial communication the like of which doesn't exist. When people ask the question Is there live beyond his Galaxy? Or beyond the universe? The answer is yes, of course there is.

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The One who created this galaxy and his entire universe, the One who created all that we know and all that we are yet to discover, lives and sees and hears and acts, and has spoken to us.

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That speech is the Quran. Just reflect on this for a while. This is what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received and communicated to his companions, the Sahaba to his family, and his family anyway, once again, as the spoken word.

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From then on, the Quran was preserved in the hearts and minds of those who received it by memorization, and it was simultaneously written down. It remains in the memory of millions of Muslims as the primary source of Islamic law, and through the practice of its orders and advice, preserved by people who know its value.

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The Quran is not an intellectual concept, it is not merely literature. It is not merely something recited so beautifully, that it brings tears to the eyes, even if you don't understand what is being said. It is more than all those things. It is the word of Allah, my Allah, your Allah, my Creator, your Creator, my Sustainer, Myra, your Sustainer your who fulfills my every need, who fulfills your every need, and to whom I turn at every stage, and to whom you can also turn at every stage. He loves me, and I love him, he loves you. Do you love him? To him I belong to him, the whole universe and all that it contains belongs to him you belong.

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And to him and my is my return and the return of everyone who ever lived on the face of this planet. Every word in the Quran is there. Because Allah subhanaw taala put in there. Every sentence is constructed in that precise matter by him geladeira the grammar is a miracle in itself. It is neither poetry or prose. It is something that is so majestic in its address, that you can actually feel the creator

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and hear Him speaking in your heart.

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You can feel his power. And you spontaneously say Truly, this is not the word of any human. There are many historical incidents recorded where famous poets and linguist and scholars of Arabic of the time listen to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam reciting

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the Quran. And they said the same thing. This is not the creation of any man

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and they embraced Islam.

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Nobody knew or was connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala more than is blessed and honored prophets and messengers. My favorite story in the Quran is about Ibrahim alayhi salam and the DUA that he made as a young boy.

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It shows his connection.

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Allah subhanaw taala described his whole story to us in just one eye

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and was around that as a wife called I Brahim or a B Irene he gave her to heal Mota Paula to mean Paula Bara wala kill Leah to in call will be all of a whole arboretum may not play the fossils on a lake Asuma there Allah Allah call Lea Valley min one.

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So mother on Maya Tina Casa wylam Unknown Allah has ease on highkey Allah Subhana Allah has said to him

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and remember when he rivaling Salam said Myra, show me how you give life to the dead. Show me how to resurrect things. I will bring things back to life after they're dead.

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And he ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla replied, He said Don't you believe

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do not believe?

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And he Rahim Allah is Allah He said Yes, I believe, but to be stronger in faith.

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He Allah subhanho data said take four birds then cause them to incline towards you tame them, so they become your friends and then slaughter them and cut them into pieces and then put a portion of them on every hill.

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Call them and they will come to you in haste.

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And know that Allah Subhana Allah data is almighty, always

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just reflect on this beautiful story that Allah Subhana Allah recorded for us to learn from.

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This is simply a conversation between two, the boy and his rock. He will have an exam couldn't have been, you know, in his 20s or something, you lose a little boy.

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Maybe they're 10 years old 1010 1112 Something like this. It's a normal conversation. It's not someone calling on Allah subhanho data in a panic.

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The alignment troubles me no normal competition. Show me how you bring the dead back to life.

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If everyone is alive as Allah subhana data to show him how He resurrects the dead, and then see Allah is response. He doesn't just answer him. First, he asked him in a loving way. What don't you believe?

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Man? This shows the beauty and the love of that relationship. What don't you believe?

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Allah knows what's in the heart of revivalist and why does he need to ask him

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these shows that are very close and personal relationship of love.

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Allah subhanho data is Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam is closest confidant.

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He talks to Allah every day.

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That is clear from the response in Allah subhanho TELUS question

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and that's the response of Eros arrives what? He said, Oh, no, of course I believe

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I'm asking so that may fit may become stronger.

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As well, as I said, I've said laser cover local wine. The report is not the same as the inspection. The grammar is what I was saying, show me.

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Even I was robbed Surat believes unseen. But he wants to see not because he doubts, but for the joy of reinforcing his belief. The greatest joy on the day of his action, ask ultramarathoner to granted to all of us is to see the one we believed in unseen.

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In the words of Saint Augustine,

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faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

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Faith is to believe what you do not see the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

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So Allah, Allah gives the young Ibrahim alayhi salam, a project in response to his question, and was around Delock would have answered him by instantly killing something and bringing it back to life. But he didn't do that.

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On a side note, Allah subhanaw taala told us about someone else who asked the same question.

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Who asked the same question that Ibrahim alayhis salam asked.

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And Allah told us what happened to him.

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Instead of the Buddha again Allah does it. Olga Lizzie Muralla courier Dean, we're here for Fabia Roshi had a call and he had the level bar demo the

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for the will law for Amata hola with me at the high Maga or like I'm Levy's all levies Do yo man. Do all other levies Damodara

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Yukawa Shalabi Columbia doesn't was good ILA Hey, Malika Yala guy. Lynas. He was a real Arizona he gave and oh geez. From my neck to

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Morocco ha la firma phylum. phylum Dubba you know, Carla, I love one Allah Allah. Allah J. Cole the

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Allah tells us are like the one who passed by a town. Some man was going by a town it was ruined. Buildings are all collapsed and they were no people there

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are like the one who buys by our town and it had tumbled over its roof over his roofs.

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And his Mansur Oh, how will how will Allah ever bring this back to life after its death?

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Now this is not a question being asked one on one to the Creator. This is a man actually expressing his disbelief

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or his may not be disbelieved. Maybe he's sort of wonder to say, How can this be done? In a way it is disrespectful because the man is saying, even God can't do anything here

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is like that. That's the kind of, you know, tour of this thing. So the man says, Allah says are like the one who passed by our town and it had tumbled over its roofs and he said, Oh, how will Allah ever bring this bring it back to life after

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reject. So Allah cause him to die for 100 years, then raised Him up again.

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And he said Allah asked him, How long? How long did you remain dead? The man said, perhaps I remained for a day or a part of a day. Love is to your one hour, the hour. And he said, Allah said no, you will remain dead for 100 years. Look at your food and drink. They show no change to the foreign disagreement is ever analysed. And look at your donkey. The donkey was dead god decompose just the bones the skeleton, and does we made of you assigned for the beaver, look at the bones, how we bring them together and clothed them and clothed them with flesh. The man saw his donkey being resurrected and coming alive again. When this was clearly shown to him, he said, I know now that

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Allah subhanaw taala is able to do all things. Now just stop for a moment.

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And think of that happening to you. May Allah protect us from this.

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You that happens to you or me. When we awake 100 years from today,

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we will find a world in which not a single person knows us.

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Our whole family and all our friends, even two, three generations that

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our money if we had any money in our pockets is probably no good.

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We have lost our identity. We don't exist, but we do.

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It has all the makings of a nightmare. But none of this happened revivalist Salama, essentially, he asked the same question. That is the meaning of a connection.

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A relationship with the one who has no limits to his power. connections come with privileges and responsibilities. If you want to enjoy the privilege, you must fulfill the responsibility. Same rule in life, different strokes for different folks.

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So now young Ibrahim alayhis salam has a project find for different bird wild birds. It didn't catch for chickens, he had to find four different wild birds and train them to come to him when he called them. Now you know, that you got you can never do that with adult birds and wild birds. So that means he has to find nests with fledglings. Not too young because they will probably die and not so old as to be untrainable. He had to know what they eat. And he wasn't googling this stuff.

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He must take one fledgling from each nest, dig it all, feed it, raise it, train it, to come to him when he called

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not just keep the bird in a cage, all these things time and energy and learning new information and skills and a high degree of complexity. Then when everything is ready, and he has four wild birds, which are his free flying pets,

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Allah Subhana Allah tells him to slaughter them chop them all up, mix up the mincemeat with everything in it, the bones and the feathers of the head to the feet of the units,

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and then separate them into four parts, each of which will have bits from all the birds, and the project is still not over. He must take each pile to the top of one hill.

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So he's got to climb different hills.

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And when he's done that, there's Graham double Hill and put that lump of mixed meat on top of one hill and the other one and the third one and this one.

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And when he's done all that he must come down into the valley between the hills, and call the birds and try to imagine how that must feel what must have felt when these birds came flying.

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All Mixed Up in four or five different places.

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And yet you can imagine you know how this would have happened.

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They weren't bits of heads and pieces and tails and whatnot flying across the across the sky. No. Allah has his ways and these are beautiful ways and very subtle.

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When we marvel

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that that feeling of you of seeing this happen is the payoff from the relationship with Allah subhanaw taala.

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When the Bible at all incredible tests that Ibrahim alayhi salam faced in his life and wonder how he did it, it comes out of this connection that he had with with Allah.

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A connection that every one of us can build if we wish.

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Allah subhana data is not some remote all powerful, yes, but in accessible power, no. Lie is real. He is here he is with you and me.

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He, He knows your response. He loves us and we love Him.

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That is

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and we are Muslims.

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And Auburn has alumni and personnel we love the field and our Hamdallah facility. Robin I thought Phil and Ruben our copier on NASA yet in our

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webinar Tina duniya Hassan at our villa Philippines

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are SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was

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