Reminders Awliya Of Allah Part I

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under low bit alameen wa salatu salam

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ala alihi wa sahbihi but

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lots of raw data into the universe.

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Allah mentioned Allah, Allah Allah Allah Hoeven, Allah him whatever he has no

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levena Amano can get davon

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Laval Boucher Phil had to do new villa.

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And as Mandela said Verily, the idea of Allah,

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those for whom there is no fear, and there is no sadness, the whole family in Malawi has no there's no fear no sadness.

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What is only a lesbian, a lesbian armano What can we act upon? These are people who have imagined and who have Taqwa.

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And what for them? level Bushra Phil had to dunya overlocker for them there is Bashara there is good news in dystonia and

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inshallah today and let us see under the W.

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Let us think and remember

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the issue of being a volley of Allah.

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First of all,

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since we vary translations,

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it's important to clarify this point that all translations will do.

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That you will read English, although

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translate the word Valley as friend.

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But very important to understand that the word friend is not to be understood in the way that we understand friends.

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When we say a friend, in a worldly sense, we mean someone who is equal to us.

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But there is nobody equal to Allah.

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Laser committed he was somewhere was here. Last ran out Allah is not like anything in his creation.

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In Arabic, the word worldly

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in general means friend, but it doesn't mean a friend in the same sense that we know.

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It means someone who is loved by and who is a close confidant of and someone who protects. That's why Allah does it. Allahu Allahu alayhi Rahman.

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Allah said, Allah is the Wali of the people who have in mind

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so an Allah is the volley of people, then we understand it in the sense that Allah subhanaw taala is the protector and the soprano Tara is

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these has special concern and special care for certain people, who he called his earlier.

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And we know from the Hadith,

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that Allah Subhana Allah said, that Allah subhanho wa Taala declares war on the one who travels is Allah.

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Allah Allah declared war only on two people, two kinds of people who are the one is those who travel is earlier. Who is the other

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the people who deal with interest.

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The only two kinds of people that Allah subhanaw taala declared war against.

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It's not a simple matter.

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Sort of simple matter. So before we

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embark on any path that is leading to one of these two things, you should think very seriously because you are asking for trouble. You're begging for trouble, big time trouble. We're asking for war with Allah.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala when he said Allah, Allah Allah, we mean those people who Allah subhanho wa Taala holds close to him, those people who Allah subhanaw taala loves and those people who are not a monolith, Allah will protect specially and who Allah subhanaw taala will declare war against those who trouble them. Now, who are these people? Is it so and so and so and so and so on? So, no, there is no deli. And this is a very important element. A lot of well meaning good people fall into some serious trouble by naming only Allah.

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There is no value whatsoever in the Quran or the sun, to name any individual as a family of Allah. The one who is doing that is speaking about Allah subhanho wa Taala without knowledge which is the biggest possible sin that you can ever commit.

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The biggest possible sin you commit is what to speak about Allah without knowledge.

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We do not say anything about Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah subhanaw taala did not say can we name the Gambia

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Yes or no? Yes. How many of them?

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The one with Elementary, but we know that there are more than that. Yes, today nowadays there is a

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new the trend. People say that maybe Krishna was also an abbey. And people say maybe Rama was also anime. And maybe Buddha was also an AVI. And maybe Guru Nanak was also an AVI and so on and so on.

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What is our position on this? What is the position of the analysts on on this issue?

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No, it is not. It is on number one, we don't know. Number two, if we are to go by what Krishna or whoever are supposed to have taught them they could not have been ambia because they were teaching.

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Right. So we do not say about Allah. Do you know do we say that they were more than the ambia? Which were which have been mentioned in the Quran? Yes or no? Yes. Why? Because Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, I have sent an AVI to every courier to every village to every town to everywhere, where people exist.

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And we know from the ideas of localism in some cases, the number of 120,000 or something has been mentioned Allah.

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But we do not say about anyone other than the ones that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that so and so is another of Allah. To make a definitive statement, you have to have proof. without proof if you make a definitive statement about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then you are speaking about Allah without knowledge, which is the ultimate of all since it is the mother of all evils, will everything start from that?

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So when when we talk about only Allah,

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do we say Allah Allah has only or not Yes or no? Yes. Why? Because Allah,

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because Allah, so Allah subhanaw taala has Alia, who has Alia? Who knows? Allah knows?

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Allah knows, do you know? No? Do I know no?

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I have my volunteer

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about who I know only would I do not do anything bad about him? Can I say that he is the only candidate? No, I can say I hope you the value of Allah, I hope Allah will make him a volley of himself. I can say I hope I know that he is a very good man Alhamdulillah.

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But can I say so and so by naming and so enjoy is a value of Allah. If I'm saying that, then I am speaking about Allah subhanho wa Taala without knowledge, which is the ultimate of all that is the mother of all evils.

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The only one who can say so and so is the value of Allah is the one who's receiving that. So if you are claiming that somebody is the value of Allah, then you are claiming that maybe you are a developer, that way, you know where that leads to. So be very careful about this. Right That is a source of great deviation in among the people.

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Number two point

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Allah that Allah subhanaw taala now made a criteria he said Who are the area of Allah, Allah Xena, Amano wakanow.

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Who are the only of Allah the ones who have Eman And the ones who have Taqwa?

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Now we have a lot of people who are given and worked up. So Allah Subhana Allah in His great mercy, and in his great Namah Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the door wide. Anybody who has a man and who has taqwa

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of Allah inshallah, so any Muslim, anybody who has a man, and who has duck, what is the Valley of Allah? What is the level of this wilaya? We don't know Allah knows best will lead with another Of course,

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of course, but who is always there is a we have no clue. And we are not interested also in finding out because then that is not one of those things you can find out anyway. So there's no point in talking about it, there is no point in discussing it. Because all that can happen is it can lead you into areas which make you into a center which we don't want to be, we do not discuss what is the level of which really adds on to what we don't even know who is already in the first place. So how can you discuss the level of value when you don't even know the person is the word, but yes, there are earlier and who are these earlier? Anyone with the man and taqwa Now does that mean therefore

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that you can become overly? Of course. Of course that is the whole point of the AI. The whole point of the idea is to show us and to open the door and say, do you want to become aware of Allah here the way

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you want to be? Here is the way this symbol

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and this is the beauty of the column is the beauty of this Deen Allah Serrano data opens the door to show us the way of how we can become the earlier of Allah. And if you become the God of Allah, then what else? Is there another good Caesar I declare war on the one who travels mine

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My family

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knows when that becomes a special protector of that person. And others Rhonda said that my slave comes so close to me and tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about it and my slave comes so close to me, with his now I feel, that I become the hand by which he holds.

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There has become the foot by which he walks the leg by which he walks, become the year by year by which he has become the eyewear which he sees.

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This is the reward.

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That is the reward.

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And if you want to reward what what do we need to do, man and Taka inshallah tomorrow we'll see what is the man what is taqwa? How do we reach that? We ask Allah subhanaw taala since he has opened his door for us, to allow us to enter and to make us among these Olia and to make us live our lives as is earlier. And for us to die as earlier was Allah Allah Allah will get him while he was on his way to go.