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In the number 11 salatu wa salam O Allah, Colombia Allah, Allah He was happy

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The second critical requirement of teaching the Quran

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is to transfer the love of the Quran into the students.

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The Key of course, is that

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if we want to transfer the love, we have to feel the love for the Quran ourselves.

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Love is infectious, but they won't catch it unless you have it.

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And that's why we have to see Do I have it myself? My brothers and sisters.

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The Quran Al Karim is the column of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is not a creative thing. It is a secret of Allah subhanaw taala the Quran is the closest that we can come to Allah subhanaw taala in this life, in this life, we cannot see Allah monitor, but we can read his GitHub, we can read his column, the Quran is Allah subhanaw taala speaking to us, and therefore it is very important for us to feel that.

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Think about this. Tal Allahu Allahu Allah subhanaw taala is greater and, and, and above any examples that we can give. And we do not give the example of Allah. But we illustrate, when we receive a letter from somebody

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we love it creates a feeling in our heart. We it puts a smile on your face. Many a time you would have seen somebody reading an email and the person is smiling and you don't know why is he smiling? But only that person knows why he's smiling because he's reading this email or reading this letter from somebody who loves if we get a threatening letter, if we get a any kind of hate mail from somebody, it makes us angry.

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We don't like to read what is in that hate mail. We don't deserve that criticism or we feel we don't deserve it. And so it produces some feeling within us.

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We get a lot of

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mail which is which is really junk mail.

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It creates irritation for us or it leaves us indifferent, you know, something or the other happens when we read the Word of anybody. Something happens to us inside. So what happens to us when we read the Word of Allah subhanaw taala does anything happen?

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Seriously asked this question.

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Seriously ask this question. Because Allah subhanaw taala said about this Allah subhanaw taala. Very clearly Allah tala mentioned in Surah the log file all Willa rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in mineralogy chirala Hua Ji la Kuru boom wava. Talia de la Hema to Tommy.

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Be him yet alone.

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Is it very the moment in the believers are those who when the seeker of Allah subhanaw taala comes before them, their hearts shiver with the grace and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala with the fear of Allah subhana wa Jalla kulu what is utterly utterly via Ivana and when the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala recited before them, the moment in are those whose Eman increases whose faith increases whose and whose yochanan Allah subhanaw taala increases while arrabiata walk alone. And the result of this increased jackin is that they believe in Allah, that they rely on Allah subhanaw taala that they have tawakkol Allah Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala described these gave this to us as a diagnostic tool to look at our hearts and to see what is happening to us inside ourselves. Allah subhanaw taala said about this great and magnificent column of his where he said Lois

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laroy Hashimoto Satya Hashimoto, have them in CATIA till

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till Carranza Luna de Beauvoir in de la la homea de

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las Renata gave the example and he said that if this column were to be sent down onto a mountain, the mountain would humble itself. Shatila because of the fear of Allah subhanaw taala because of feeling the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala

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the Kalam sent on a mountain What does it mean? Does it mean put the book on a rock? It means if the mountain understood describe, the mountain would humble itself

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would be rent asunder.

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ask myself what is happening to my heart. When I hear the column of Allah when I read the column of Allah

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When I decide the Kalam of Allah, what is happening to my heart? Is there any change whatsoever inside me? And if there is no change, then I need to ask why is there no change? What is blocking that change? And I must remove that block. Because what is the point of reading some reading the column of Allah, what Allah subhanaw taala said when the vicar of Allah comes before my slave, their hearts shiver with the majesty of bicycle. And we repeat this over and over and over, and nothing happens to our heart. Does it make sense? Does it make any sense at all? My brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking to us. Allah is speaking to us.

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We need to feel that the Quran asked questions. We need to respond to the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala in one place that Allah is Allah Vika Finn Abdullah,

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is Allah not sufficient for his slave? What is the answer to this? It is not simply enough to say, but I have a lot of it inside my heart, what am I saying? Is my robe sufficient for me or not. And if my robe is sufficient for me, then that has to be visible in my life. There has to be visible in a heart which is completely free from the fear of anything other than a loss rather than a heart that is so completely free from anxiety, that it is always at complete peace. A heart which is in complete harmony. Shahada, JIRA had to lay the great mahad is the great,

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the great Allium among the terrain. He was giving a lecture he was delivering a lecture there were 1000s of people listening to shut up.

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When a man came in, he whispered something in his ear. And the people saw that Jacob de cada Gilani shut his eyes, and kept silent for a couple of minutes. And then he continued his lecture.

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And then after some time, the same man came back again and he whispered something into his ear. And the people saw the shadow

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lolly, once again, when did it win within himself? Once again, he went into kind of Baraka, he shut his eyes. And then after a couple of minutes, he continued his lecture, when the lecture finished, his student asked him, they said to his crew, they said, they said to him, they said you did something which we didn't see before.

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And then related to him, what happened? He said, What were you doing, why did you shut your eyes and so on?

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He said,

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that one of my ships, which was to come into port, with a great deal of cargo, which would have meant a huge profit for me, the man came and told me that the ship sank

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and all the cargo is lost,

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and that I have incurred a huge monetary loss. So, I went within myself to see what is the state of my heart, and I found out hamdulillah there is no change in my heart.

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So, I said are hungry lion I continued my lecture, he said, After some time, the man came back to me and he said, you have the earlier report was wrong.

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Earlier report was wrong, the ship has come into the harbor, it is safe, your profit is safe, your goods are safe. And the sheriff said I went back into my heart to check the state of my heart is my heart in the same state

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and I found my heart is come What is the meaning of the My heart has come it means that my heart is not affected either by sadness or by happiness with what happens in the morning.

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Or you might say what is wrong with feeling happy, what is wrong with very happy is that if you feel overly happy, then when the opposite happens, you feel overly sad, which means that your connection with the dunya is not with Allah subhanaw taala and demonstrated another thing which is a corollary from this, which is that the issue of the old our Salah masala when they had a different source of income,

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he was not giving this lecture, after taking a fee from the Caribbean. He was there was no entry fees to his conference. He was not giving this lecture in order to make money to to run his house. He had a business he was a very wealthy man. He had a business which ran his which ran his work have been and he did his Dean his his work of Dean for free. Today we take his name with respect and his name is is worthy of all the respect that we can give him We ask Allah subhanaw taala to raise his dad and to give him Jonathan for those who Allah and to give him the the the accompany of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah subhanaw taala and to be pleased with Jacob de cosas de la Talalay, but

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my point is that it is not sufficient for us to talk about our Allah and to talk about our early Allah and to talk about our Salah for Salah hain and to talk about the the teachers and an hour ima it is not sufficient to talk about them. It is important to actually emulate them and follow them and how are we following them, see how I see what they did. The teaching and learning of the was

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Something which they constantly monitored the effect of it on their own heart. And they say what is happening to me as a consequence of teaching and learning the deep. I find myself when you let us not

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teach the Quran in a way where our own love for the Quran is not demonstrated. As I said, Love is infectious, but they won't catch it unless you have it. And that's why it is very important for us to connect with the Quran. To think about Allah subhanho wa Taala has greatness to react to the caliber of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala ask questions, what is the answer that we have to give? Think about those answers? Let let the students think about those answers. As you're teaching the Quran, when the student decides an ayah, which is about the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala, stop the student and say, you just decided the ayah toward the glory and

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magnificence of Allah, what happened to you in your heart just now? You connected with yourself? Is anything happening to you in your heart? Or are you just reciting following just the rules of the drill for example, which of course we have to follow, but it does mean it is meant to connect us with Allah subhanaw taala that it is not meant to disconnect us from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So how are you as a student? What has happened? You did you do? Did you? Did you look into yourself? What is the state of your heart? I asked you and ask myself, when was the last time that a teacher did this for us? When was the last time that we as as teachers? When we did this for our students? Did

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you stop the student at the end of an ayah? And did you ask him what has this What has this is done for you? What has this what has happened to you as a result of desire? When was when was the last time that a student incited an ayah and he stood up and he said to the chef Alhamdulillah Today's lesson is overshare I want your permission to leave because this I want you to stay with this if I want to go and make a cup of Salah I want to repeat desire again and again and again and again and again. Because I want this to sink into me What a beautiful lesson I have learned from the Quran. I want to stick with this. Please forgive me. I will come back today tomorrow for another lesson. But

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today's lesson legit and with this ayah so that I remained with this I when was the when when did this ever happened? Tell me?

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When did this ever happen? Why should it not happen? Who is going to make it happen? If you and I are not going to make it happen? Who is going to make it happen?

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I remind myself when you my brothers and sisters.

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This is a privilege to teach the horror is a privilege.

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Honor it so that Allah subhanaw taala will then open your heart to his column.

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Michelle used to say you will never understand the Quran until the Quran, the noozle of the Quran until it happens on your own heart.

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Open the heart so that the new soul of the Quran will happen in our own hearts. And that is when the understanding of the Kalam of Allah will come that is when the English will come. That is when Shara surah will happen that is when we will get the injera of the karma of Allah subhanaw taala when the real meaning the meaning is not just the the the the dictionary meaning the linguistic meaning of the word, it is the meaning in terms of understanding the glory when he said Allahu Akbar, what is the meaning of a lot but Allah

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Allahu Akbar, what is the meaning of Allahu Akbar? When you said al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen What is the meaning of ham? Not the linguistic meaning when I'm making Hamza fala what is happening to me inside when I say Rob burada mean what is happening to me inside my brothers and sisters love the column of Allah because that is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the closest that we will ever come to Allah subhanho wa Taala in this life, love the Golem of Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala will love us transfer this love into our students so that they will be connected with Allah Jalla Jalla wa Salahuddin Abdul Karim Allah Allah He was obvious main erotica.