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Eddie starts the show off by asking the Guest questions about people’s misunderstanding about Islam and then they get into some serious statistics that will blow your mind out about Islam. After that they get into the best ways a Muslim can Grow in Islam and the best ways to make the most out of your time and get the most rewards with Allah the Almighty Creator.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Islamic on Peace be with you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of The Daily Show. Do you know that you can get so much you can be blessed in a way that's beyond your imagination and make the best out of your time. At the end of this show, you're going to want to throw away your whole DVD collection if it consists of Sylvester Stallone, john Clooney, and all the other Hollywood superstars. And if your music collection is all about Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, googoo and all that other stuff, and you know what, at the end you'll be convinced if you're sincere, you want to know that all of that is a waste of time and you're going to be getting

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rewarded for spending your time in another manner when we come back we're going to be talking about this and giving you some evidences and trying to connect with the faculty that God has given you all around the purpose of life why you been created we're going to be talking about how you get closer to your Creator through this knowledge with our next guest here on the dean show.

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Please be with you Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you Salaam Alaikum How are you say peace around peace to you? Are we people a peace or war of peace? I mean why why is Islam now we know okay slobs submission to the will of God obeying God worshipping only God same guy that Jesus worship but now you have all this hysteria around Islam all this Islamophobia and people painting Islam like as the other Hey is the big Hollywood bad guy caught trying to get you why you think this is now they see you because before the knowledge is going to come in they see you that the you know beard and the soap and they think look at an Arab now Qaeda and you know Taliban and all this other stuff and

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they're not even they're like men turn the channel they might have bumped in by accident but you know they're just let me hear what these guys gonna say we're going to incriminate them now we got them they're plotting planning of blow something up. What are you gonna say? Have you heard this ludicrous See this? This craziness Have you ever heard and how do you address it?

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We begin the name of Allah. The Most Merciful right? Not the god of war. Yeah, at the most vengeful every chapter no plan begins with In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the store of mercy say for one chapter.

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All praise and glory belongs to Almighty God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth from the King of kings, Master of the Universe, and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all his prophets and his messengers.

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Undoubtedly, to any genuine researcher, an unbiased reader

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all these misconceptions of Islam and being a bloodthirsty religion and violent and savage and ruthless, and all these preposterous claims, there is nothing but false. But why is it there? Allah subhana wa tells us a premise in the Quran that we must understand where he said, Well, Pooja and hepco is Apple belted in unbelted again as a hookah say to the Mohammed peace and blessings be upon him. The truth has arrived and falsehood has perished. falsehood is bound to perish I personally think it's bound to perish and why was it there? It only left when truth came when truth and falsehood, right authentic knowledge and fake knowledge are sitting on the same table, there is no

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comparison. But when there is incorrect information out there about Islam, then anything could be inflated with hot air and you assume that it's

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worthwhile. So basically, ignorance is one thing. And another because as you said, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and fast growing religion, United States and the fastest growing religion amongst women. Cambridge University has unreal statistics about how fast Islam Cambridge University, absolutely about how fast Islam will grow in the next few years.

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And there are a lot of people out there that don't like this, people that don't care what the truth is. They just want to keep making their dollars, and they want to live what they think is the highlight at the expense of humanity. Right? So they're going to distort the image of Islam, because the only legitimate competition that has, you know, survived the test of time and survived the test of criticism, and it's spreading like a gentle wildfire throughout the earth. Amazing. Amazing. We got some statistics here that we show in the polls by FBI that they did this research and it's amazing they try to spread this this this false fallacy about Islam like spreading terror and having

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but if you look at the statistics of where Islam is on the totem pole here, it has the lowest percentage of terrorist acts because you got crackpots in every religion. Isn't that true?

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Research their religion for sure, absolutely. Why is our news media foaming at the mouth when it comes to stories about Islamic terrorists, but not white guy terrorists? It's not because Muslims are a bigger threat. In fact, between 1980

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In 2005 94%, of all the attempted or successful terrorist attacks on US soil were not carried out by Islamic radicals, but instead by non Muslims, mostly white guys.

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So then why the obsession, we say peace, we mean peace, and we want peace, but peace comes from the creator of the hemisphere. So we first got to submit to the owner of peace. And you can't do that without what we're going to be talking about knowledge. You can't talk about God without knowledge. You know, you want to talk about you know, I start talking about the President and I don't know his biography and you know, you're going to start upsetting people. What about the crater? So, isn't that one of the most important things now is to seek knowledge to get a GED master's degree PhD, but what's the virtue of seeking knowledge of the purpose of life? why you've been created? A lot of the

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most highest is in the Quran in one verse. Your Fila who Latina mahnomen qu one Latino to El Mirage, Allah raises those that have been given faith amongst you, and those who have been given knowledge many degrees. The famous scholar Portobello ham, Allah says, what this means that Allah raises every person with faith above everyone doesn't have faith, he gets with vets

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and elevation, then he raised the people of knowledge on top of the believers. So for believer it gets paradise eternally, and the good life in this world, then what does that person get that has knowledge on top of his faith, and he has excelled in that aspect. Allah has even honored Forgive me for the example

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a dog in the Quran, because of him being educated in the verbatim Word of God, the Quran, God Almighty is honoring a dog

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instead of the man. And the fifth chapter of the Quran, Allah says, with regards to the animals that are allowed to eat, he includes in them one lm two minute Java, mocha livina, to Allah Mona him to Allah Mona, Mona Malema Cola, which means, and also is permissible for you to eat the dog catch hunting dog that you taught from what a lot of these are the verses, if he brings back a catch for you. And you know, he's the one that caught it. You're allowed to eat that even though normally dead meat and it has touched the dog. But this is an honor for the dog because of some knowledge. So what will knowledge do to a dignified upright human being? Right, who was placed on this earth to lead

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the planets in goodness and in charity and in progress and in development and in civilization is exactly what Islam did in the days when they valued knowledge. Just you mentioned dogs do Muslims hate dogs? You heard this? Absolutely. The ruling on a dog survivor in Islam is that it's impure? Right? It's alive over there. Absolutely. And there's scientific medical research to back this up. And there are human elements that are impure as well, when a person goes to the bathroom, the things the matters that he releases the substances are we don't hate human beings, right. So perhaps this is one of the cheap shots that people take, hoping that others will not go back and research but

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then hamdulillah All praise belongs to Allah. The likes of these

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weak assaults actually lead people to go back and learn about Islam and increases the numbers. So when you research this, you go ahead and use the faculties of the crazies given you. You don't just blindly follow ignorant people you research you see that this is, you know, a lot of these things, you know, are false and fallacies. They're not facts. And how can you be someone who's you've submitted to God, you're a Muslim, Jesus was a Muslim, Abraham was a Muslim, Moses was a Muslim, last the final messenger. All of the prophets of God were those who submitted tonight Jesus didn't worship the Holy Ghost Trinity and stick in a stone in a bone. They worship the one who created

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everything, and were his creatures. So we want to worship the one who created us. That's what Islam is all about. If you could dig that you'll dig Islam. So tell us now you're a Muslim, but you don't have knowledge. Now you're flaring up and you hear these degra gating things about Islam your religion and this can usually causes people to go and do irrational things we're not people emotional people go burn in flag jumping up cars, creating havoc riots, if you are studying your religion, you can intellectually combat a lot of these silly arguments. Is this true? Absolutely. Even many of the people that misunderstand the concept of jihad for example, right that Jihad means

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God there and so the throats

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the core and use the word jihad, right?

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in a context in Mecca in the early years of Islam, before battle, self defense battle was even permitted. When Allah said to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace and blessings be upon him was a hit home big hadn't Kabira and make jihad against them with it. It is what the Quran meaning intellectually bring to them, the arguments bring to them the proof, because the arguments made by the Creator of the heavens and the earth and the creator of the human mind, cannot be stood in front of right. So this is of the ways that people dispel the myth.

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conceptions and make clear the lies so that the people can see as clear as day. This is Islam and this is what works for me. And this is what my happiness and my salvation is contingent upon. That's based on knowledge. You got to sit down, you got to open the books, you got to read watch visual, if you don't like to read, watch, get off of all the reality shows and all that other nonsense MTV Cribs and Pimp My Ride and you're wasting time. We'll be right back with more here on the deen show. Whatever Allah commanded you to do.

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Islam has tolerance and mercy and compassion. To know that Allah, you know, will forgive you, as long as you do what you need to do as long as you turn back to him. Islam is a system of mercy and compassion. And it is for the best benefit of all of the people that's around it Muslim and non Muslim.

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It's a way of

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brought to

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the messenger Best of

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Show us.

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this is the D. D, Deena

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This is the Dee Dee daddy's

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back here on the D show. And we're with Muhammad shonali

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Thank you for finding the time to be with us. My pleasure. And we're talking about the importance of knowledge to people see the benefits of getting a master's degree GED you know, completing something in a trade, and we're not called to be monks You know, when when when the young man or young woman who started getting you know closer to the purpose of life, they research it based on evidence that this provide the creator provides for us. It's clear now that people started Oh, you're a chef. Now, you know, they start giving you a chef now you you grow a little bit of beard, the woman's getting more modest than and now they start to put this down they start Why do you think this is the friends

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they're also Muslims? All this guy's turned into a shake. Now he's praying and they start to belittle the deen. Why do you think this is

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a law? Hey, this is a complicated subject that has deep roots and an old fountains that sprouts from

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but in a nutshell,

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will say this goes back to the hearts as we are sooner people will sooner follow the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the original orthodox organic understanding of Islam.

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We hold that faith begins in the heart and it is in the heart. And it's part of action inseparable, right? So the heart

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is healthy and able to benefit you on the Day of Judgment that's a loss is no for and nothing will benefit on that day no welfare children except someone that comes to allow the healthy heart. The scars that a healthy heart can only come when it has been freed from two elements. The first of them is shubo hats meaning doubts and misconceptions. And the second is shadow temptations. Right. So the issue of doubts and misconceptions. This can only be repelled to save your heart with authentic knowledge. If a person doesn't know this is a part of the deen he may fall into the trap of what making fun criticizing lampooning someone for doing Dean, right, applying Islam, and he has no idea

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that system is a disaster, right? There's an even greater disaster. Many times nowadays, we see people when they get into college, and they see philosophy, professors and just the art of rhetoric, even though I have my reservations about that. Just complexity for the sake of sounding cool and sounding sophisticated. People come into college and they say all religions are manmade. Hmm. And they prove it they say and they strike examples with a certain religion, the most prominent religion in the country, for example, like Christianity.

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And this has been almost accepted. Hands down. Now in 2006, New York Times Magazine on the cover page was called the end of Christian America. Oh, everyone's just leaving Christianity is on the New York Times Magazine. 2006. So he proved with Christianity

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that it's been man made and I see Didn't I tell you all religions are manmade. And then when the Muslim doesn't know his religion, he thinks his religion doesn't have answers with other religion doesn't have answers. So he puts his head down as well.

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This is a disaster, there is a doubt that enter his heart and could lead to disbelief and meeting Allah denying his existence or denying his authority over the creation or denying his right to be worshipped. And this was the message of all the prophets worship god alone without any partners. The second temptation, the second disease of the heart is temptations.

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And the only way to repel temptations, we said that is with knowledge, temptations is with the fear of Allah.

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And you will not fear Allah nor love him nor trust Him, nor hope in Him, none of these until you know him. So in reality, they both go back to knowledge. Allah Subhana Allah the Exalted in the highest isn't the Quran in nema yaksha la Hammond a bad Allah, it is only those slaves of Allah that have knowledge that truly fear him that truly fear him. So this sanctity of your hearts if you care about it, the gateway is knowledge and that's why it's no surprise at the very first words to come down from that point on is what if recite in the name of your Lord.

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So now you have for instance, on one end you have reality shows daytime drama, nighttime Drama,

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Sports, video games, and then you have time that can be spent learning the verbatim Word of God the Quran, watching a lecture, where a person of knowledge is explaining the Quran, he's talking about a certain topic that relates to the current society helping to increase Islam, where's there more benefit, where you going to get more reward

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the comparison between those two like the comparison of this world in the next because all of those first category

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and that the grief and the second category has benefits without and without ends. And many people say no, but it's okay. I already have that. The benefit of that and I know my Dean

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and a person needs to be honest with himself. Don't lie to yourself and don't trick yourself because you're not going to trick a lot a lot of the worlds right I met a brother in college during the daytime have been drinking coffee. How are you okay? Are you sick? reason why you're not fasting. He said dawn you don't know what happened. What happened? He said I forgot to Mexico I forgot to take the short meal before dawn so that you know I can fast

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I said so what he said so I can't fast said Who in the world told you that?

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Who told you that if you don't eat that snack, you're not allowed to fast it's one of the conditions of the first and he broke his fast breaking the fast in the daytime Ramadan is

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is a major major sin is one of the pillars of Islam. Right? You can see but he's excused. He didn't know he might be but in reality you're only excused by ignorance for the things that you had no access to knowing. You know, another example on the day a very the father came to me and said to me, you know, is it true that a person was very very sick person when he gets married? in Ramadan? He has three days I was like, What do you mean three days is you know

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you guys three days, you know like a grace period leeway. And I was like No, who told you is it a chef? And is the concept of course the the concept of chef and what is the chef and where does knowledge Come come from?

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We need to revisit the sources of our Deen and revisit the Quran and Sunnah. And and the lies of the early Muslims how they understood it a lion that is clarity and in that is happiness and that is the fear of Allah and that is loving your religion, being proud of your religion all through knowledge. How can we get people motivated more because sometimes it's very difficult to sit, okay, you're just programmed and you're conditioned. And it's even sometimes you know, action packed thriller, you're flipping through that you can't sit still nowadays, everything is just moving so fast, fast food fast cars fast everything's fast, fast, Dean, right? I'm not feeling it. You know what I mean?

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Maybe, you know, I don't I'm turning the lecture and I'm it's difficult sometimes for some people. But I think if people see that for every second, is it true if I'm lying cut me off. For every second that you're sitting benefitting by learning the deen obviously is going to benefit you can help you develop to be the best human being gets you closer to Allah to Jenna. You're getting rewarded for every second. But over here watching all that garbage. You can you're getting sins. So how can you expound on this benefit? Your Is it true every second you're watching? Let's say they're watching us right now? Is there a reward in that? Absolutely. To the degree that many of the

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scholars held the view that after the obligations after fulfilling your duties, your respective duties, the greatest act you can do in Islam, bar none is to seek knowledge sitting there and listening to seek knowledge. Tell us you're going to seek knowledge you're listening or you're reading right.

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Alabama, used to say,

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seeking knowledge is not equated by anything. If your intention is correct, meaning you just want to get closer to a lot learn more about as they learn how to apply

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please Him and OBEY Him and the likes. And Eman Malik Rahim Allah medical mal is one of the four greeting members again. His student I believe, is our beloved Noah rockin Allah.

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He got up after one of the prayers and the classroom and Malik was about to begin and he started praying soon, started praying soon. So he told him sit down before he started. He said for that which you got up for, is not better than that which you're sitting for.

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Prayer is the second pillar of Islam the greatest action in Islam after you make testimony of faith. That's how you become Muslim. Many of the scholars held the view that seeking knowledge is greater than even the voluntary prayers. So there's no no there is no time lost with seeking knowledge. Picking up a book, watching a lecture and audio in a car instead of music, contaminating your brain. This is empowering you know, time lost only good deeds, rather the right intention, time is gained. And not just good deeds, bad deeds are lost. Time is gained how when you learn knowledge, you're able to teach it to someone. That means if you show up on the Day of Judgment, and you haven't, you

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know, got 10 out of 10 on every subject, you've lived another lifetime you taught someone how to do something, you get all of that in your skill as well. So perhaps a person has gained time that he lived lifetimes through others by teaching them what he learned. And also he said not just good deeds, you lose your bad deeds, the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said that even the

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the the ends and the fish in the sea seek forgiveness for the seeker of knowledge. And he said Salah Juarez and other authentic it that no people get together to seek knowledge and remember Allah except that they are told stand for you have been forgiven. So it's really something to think about when you're playing all the Xbox games wastin time Grand Theft Auto and all the other nonsense is out there. You're wasting time losing time getting bad deeds, instead of good deeds with right back with more here in addition, okay, you've got your dream home, and you've got your dream car, but you're going to get old and things got to happen to you in your life. And then what have you got, at

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the end of the day, it's an empty dream that has no real Foundation, we are going to die, and we're going to meet our Lord and He is going to judge us, it becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is. Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society.

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This is the

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back here on the dean show. And time is short. So we got a few more points we want to cover. I think this is so amazing that you know, and I really because a lot of people are caught up into wasting time with you know, the Xbox and you know, the reality show is this some very important to cut this out. I heard one person of knowledge saying that Shakedown is not a different one. He comes in to the person's house and he sees the TV's not the TV itself. But what comes on the cable TV off, and he leaves my job is done here. Hmm. So is this something tangible that people can do just cut off this cable, where 95% of the stuff promiscuity, even many of the commercial showing naked women and

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people kissing and all this stuff that contaminates the heart and put on some good programming that's going to help you to increase in goodness. And

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part of being a Muslim is loving Allah and His messenger and the Muslims. You know if you can allow me even the Muslim Justice Initiative brothers that I tried to collaborate with, in New York, Muslims for justice.org these are people concerned night and day and they don't find the time. They're the only people work and they can't find people to back them. And they wish that the brothers and sisters would visit their websites and they like Muslim brothers and sisters that are telling you number one,

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we have been helping our Muslim brothers and sisters just in our locality just in the United States that have been prosecuted for nothing that have been framed or otherwise they have received unjust treatment or haven't been given a fair trial. Love for your brother, would you love for yourself, even if what you're watching is not impermissible and unlawful or up for scholarly debates. You know, even one of those brothers that

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was given a 30 year sentence I really thought of them handing them a loved one in patients and all the brothers and sisters out there that have been locked up wrongfully. He says My message to the Muslims outside is to not take blessings for granted. He said you know like what he said like a doorknob said, huh? He said you can get up and turn that doorknob and walk out right now. I can't.

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I was just something profound, you know, something really.

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And it really shatters the heart You know,

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you can get up and walk out. Go give your mother a kiss on the cheek, you know, read a book, attend a lecture, give something out about Islam, people dying to find out about about Islam. Allah knows you may plant the seed that you can never imagine what it will sprout look at the brothers from these two siblings from the NFL, right. The free agents they put their career on hold for Islam. I'm asking you to do something

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For the deen of Allah subhanaw taala right? gain in nearness you say I know my Deen loved the most hi says, Well Holly esteli levena Allah moon Olivia, Allah Allah moon, tell them how much of a bajada

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Can they ever equate those that have knowledge those that don't forget the scholars and the layman know, even yourself when you gain knowledge about the deen not just facts, not just superficial stuff when you're close and connected. I mean, okay, the backbiting is impermissible, that has a certain effect, as opposed to knowing that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam ascended through the heavens in the night journey. And he saw people with breast nail breast nails, and they reclining themselves and their cheeks and their faces in the light. Who are these these the people that used to scrape away and eat at the honor of others mean they use the back of it and speak about

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slander people? Knowing the superficial fact and knowing details, knowing a Muslim goes to paradise forever. And then you read the descriptions of Paradise and the likes that Allah comes to the people of Paradise and he tells them Do you want anything more? They say? How can we ever want anything more when you've given us what you never gave anyone?

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He says I'll give you that I make permanent for you. My pleasure. Amazing. Yeah, that feeling something you can never get in the soil. That's true. Now, no matter how pious you are, you're still worried that yeah, it hasn't been accepted, you're still worried that you may fall off before you die or the likes. But when you come into contact with the Quran and Sunnah this nurtures your heart to become a different human being they can't equate so make yourself a different human being that's what I would leave with we're gonna we're gonna just start close up something tangible some more some tangible Okay, now they're looking at their DVD collection got Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt,

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you know, J Lo, and you got like, 100 DVDs here, and you got 50 cents and Kid Rock and all the CDs and you know, but the the the the empowerment through what the creator wants us to do. Howdy, this is empty. So what can you do right now? What do you do with all this stuff? A lot of the greatest blessings and tests test of time, right? Where it's not so great. Lo not have swore by it when it's lost, I swear by the passage of time. And as they say, a person's days or three, the day that passed 30 gone and the data is coming is not guaranteed. And all that remains is today. And today all you have today is your moment, you don't know the next moment is going to come. Right so live the moment

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the greatest of athletes, the greatest professionals, they see I can't waste a moment you know. So I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make these words sincere and make no benefit or lack of care for our Muslim brothers and sisters. And for the non Muslims out there. Do not belittle anything. And as they say procrastination is the grave in which you bury opportunity. don't meet Allah listening to a CD or or cursing someone out or caring or something that is not worth caring about. Rather be be transformed through the knowledge that Allah revealed into a different type of human being and this will transform you'll be better to your parents. They'd be more productive in society, doing good in

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society, doing good to your neighbor, doing good to your family, to your friends, you'll be a better human being. If you get this knowledge. Is that true? Absolutely. Because these are the signs that our love is the person that he believes and this is all these good deeds. And so I have a credit he said peace and blessings be upon him. That when Allah wishes Well, for a person who loves the person, he gives them understanding of the deen so they go hand in hand inseparable. Thank you very much for your time. Thank you may God Almighty the creator rewards you in abundance, things like hello.

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And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. Now you be the judge now you're going to have to go back. If you've been doing good things, inshallah God willing, were encouraged to do more good things, spend time getting to know this way of life. So you can be confident knowing that you're living the correct way of life, the way of life is based on proof on evidences, and is from the Creator of the heavens and earth, and you're proud to be one who is submitted to the one guy not worshiping his creation, but worshiping the Creator, knowing your purpose in life, knowing that in store, if you keep living this beautiful good life, this organic way of living, wholesome

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way that produces nothing but good, you got paradise at the end, and you're not wasting time. And that's what we want it to persuade you to be away from wasting time doing things that are of no benefit. So at the end, now, it's your choice. What do you want, you want paradise, something that's eternal, or you keep following your lesson desires and you end up in a hot place because their judgement is something that's going to be it's ahead of all of us, and we want to be successful on that day. So it's up to you and if you like what we had to say continue to tune in or give us a call operator standing by you want to gain please call us at one 800 662 Islam. We're here every day to

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answer your questions at this number. You can also pick up the new junior to Dean at this website. Tune in every week for a new show. We'll see you next time God Willing Peace be with you.