Mirza Yawar Baig – New Beginnings #3

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of learning a new language, particularly Arabic, which is difficult to learn and has a low satisfaction score. They emphasize the importance of avoiding alcohol and healthy eating habits, particularly in learning a new language like Arabic. The speaker also talks about their food preferences, including eggs, vegetables, salads, and yogurt, and their love for protein foods. They emphasize the importance of focusing on one's goal and making it the most important in their life.
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They are hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala filling me with more saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to see my cathedral cathedral Movado.

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habra, SR hamdulillah

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is either one of the new beginnings

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new Anders,

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basically reminding myself

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one of the things which happens. One of the challenges of New Beginnings is, you know, I used to teach this

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I will send a picture of that here I teach this process of learning theory,

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where we say that if you want to learn a new skill, the first thing that happens is that you lose your ability to perform at the level that you're performing so, and language I used to literally give the example of language learning little knowing that one day I would actually face that myself.

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Language learning is one of the most graphic places that illustrates this

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when you're learning a new language

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the best way to learn new language is the way that I'm learning which is in an immersion course meaning that during the duration of the course you speak nothing but that new language. Now what do you think that happens to your ability to communicate hamdulillah my ability to communicate in English is that the native speaker level and more my English and my ability to communicate in order though is at the native speaker level and more my ability to communicate in Tamil equal and so on and so on. But

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in Arabic

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I understand almost everything but my ability to communicate is very poor. And that's why I'm here in this course. So when I make Zulu for myself and of course it's also the role the language plays in this place very clear and they they say that if you violate the pledge, then you are liable to be expelled without refund and it's a considerable amount of money so

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the moment I put myself under this role to say that I will speak nothing but Arabic What do you think happens to my communication I've literally reduced to sign language. Now literally, I know when I was teaching this course and I gave this exact example absolutely this executive then reduced to sign language

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and this is the difference between seeing something and knowing that thing between

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and that's where a sorcerer sort of said Lisa, Lisa Haruka Marina

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the news information is not the same as

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experiencing it or

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examining it person looking at it feeling it

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and that is so true. So haha. So the car supervisor very seldom laser, laser laser

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calm minor

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what does it actually feel to lose total communicating ability

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it is extremely, extremely painful.

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That's the downside of it very painful. And literally immediately you know, you can be in tears is as bad as that

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the upside of it is that you can literally feel the neurons in your brain growing. And that's the other part of it I want to talk to you about which is focus on the positives of this

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one is literally quite real and that it is also some scientifically medically true which is that one of the ways of, of state of

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keeping away Alzheimer's and dementia and so on is to learn a new language. And the more difficult the language, the better off you are. And Arabic is level four language is one of the most difficult languages Arabic, Japanese and so on. So

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that's a good way to grow new neurons quite literally in your brain.

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Second thing is also to focus on something which

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where you can do something

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powerful and good. And you can see some results. And what I did was that for a long time, I've been letting in thanks to the call here in Massachusetts and so on my ex husband usual exercise regimen and so on had almost gone and with attendant attendant results.

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My clothing is very useful. It hides a lot of sins. So, you know, it was not visible to the world probably that's my whole reason I believe this about myself. Maybe people also saw it but anyway, that's not the point. The point is that

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I put myself I put myself for the last now

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What 10 days

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on regimen of diet and exercise, I'm doing Alhamdulillah over 10,000 steps every day, plus weights in the gym and I eat one meal a day, only in 24 hours.

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completely vegetarian because here the meat is doubtful, even by then label it halal.

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It is more most likely non Zabihullah because nobody can. Nobody seems to be able to even understand what's the meaning of the beer. I check the brands with HMS and they tell me that the halal monitoring service in New York visual we follow the delis, they have not heard of this of this slaughterhouse of Samara. So I don't eat any meat.

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I'm eating eggs and cheese.

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Every couple of days a bagel and

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lots of vegetables, salads. And believe me, two things happen. Number one, my desire for food has gone off. My desire for sweets has disappeared. My desire for you know wanting, I mean I am I make no bones about it. I love good food. And according to me, Hyderabadi Cuisine is absolutely the number one top in the world. And nothing beats that, um, my apologies to all my other friends and so on and so forth. But the point is that

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obviously I wasn't even expecting otherwise the cuisine here, but I'm saying even other cuisines, which I also like Lebanese and Syrian Syrian in Middle Eastern cuisines, I think Syrian tops the list as far as I'm concerned.

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But Lebanese is also fantastic and so forth. But point is that I have no rush, but no desire for any of that. I'm very happy with my two boiled eggs and my salads and yogurt, I fought fat free yogurt. What is they have this year. So the point is that,

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and black coffee, I love dark roast, lack of having a black coffee, one cup per day, black of not not the whole time. It's just one one, you know, large cup in the morning.

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So this is what is done, it's taken the whole desire for food out of the window, which is a fantastic thing. Because at the because literally as a saint was Al Hamdulillah. Swatara has been so kind, I don't have to struggle against anything, it's a little removed the reason the desire itself.

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The second thing it has done is that it's opened my eyes to how little food we actually need.

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Believe me with this diet, there's one meal a day. And this is the meat, right?

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I do not feel hungry at all. So I'm not struggling as hunger. This you have

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no zero, there is no hunger.

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There's no hunger, there is no loss of energy. There's no loss of strength, nothing. And at night, I sleep beautifully. Because I'm tired. And I hit the second I'm gone. Right in five minutes, or maybe less than five minutes. It's absolutely fantastic. I mean, it's Hala.

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These are two great benefits.

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And for those who are interested in the last 10 days, I lost three kilograms of weight. So Hamdulillah I can see the results. I can feel the results my body, I can see the results on the weighing scale.

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Again, as I'm saying, this is a very good thing to do. Because on the one hand,

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the Arabic is difficult. The language learning is difficult, there is a struggle,

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but at the same time, having

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a success story

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to counteract the difficult part. difficult part is not a failure because you fail only when you stop trying. As long as you're trying you're not failing, you're

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you're still winning. But

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apart from the philosophy of reality, the reality also is that

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you do need some during it you do you do need some sustenance to carry you over the difficulty of the struggle. And that sustenance comes from doing something where you can see the results. So this exercise and the diet regimen, I think it's highly recommended. So one of my

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great learnings and sort of Secrets of Happiness in life which I want to share with you is

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focus on something and make it the most important in your life and make it easier to deal with language

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and have the near and in my case the NEOs to insha Allah understand the

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Salam O Allah subhanaw taala better.

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So make something, the focus the clear focus in your life's goal, which is overwhelmingly important, right in front of you. Number two,

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eat 1/3 The food that you used to eat, whatever it is 1/3

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and three, do three times the exercise that used to do. So clear focus on the goal 1/3 The food and three times the exercise, and believe me, literally will see the results. In days. I'm not talking about months and years of struggle in days, three, four days one week, inshallah

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I request you all for your drugs. And may Allah subhanaw taala keep you happy and blessed and help you in ways that you cannot imagine. Are sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remember having to go

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