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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the similarities between two titles in the Koran, Surah number 41 and Jalen number 7, emphasizing the need for forgiveness and decency in the former, while the latter is more focused on command and response. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding people who lose their cool and listening to others' emotions, as well as the challenges of being an enemy and the importance of listening to others' emotions.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was Savage binus salaam alaikum everyone welcome to amazed by the Koran a series in which I love sharing with you what I find amazing about the Quran today again, two ayat that I'd like to compare that are very similar in the Quran, you'll notice this pattern in many of the episodes that will compare to IR that occur in different places in the Koran that are similar to each other people complain Why is the Koran repeating itself so much Actually, that's part of its literary Marvel. It's these ions that are similar and only differentiated with with a very subtle distinction. And that subtlety is

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where the where the juice lives. So let's explore that today. So it for salat, this is Surah number 41. And we're gonna compare an IRA from it to sort of IRA which is Surah. Number seven, both of them begin exactly the same way we're in my hands on the communists. shaytani has one facilities builder, that's identical in both out let me tell you what that means. If and when, if at all. There is a poke at you from the shape of any kind. If the devil pokes at you, whispers to you tempts you get you to do something suggests something to you in any way, shape or form. First as Billa seek refuge of Allah. Then seek refuge of Allah. Okay, that's identical to both. If the devils bothering you

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seek refuge you will not find in know who who was semi on him. Certainly he he truly is the one who hears who knows. SME anani. That's insolate facility. Now, who was me and Danny, insert our offices. Inna, who's me on a limb? Certainly he is hearing knowing let me compare the the ending again, certainly he is truly the one, the hearing one, the knowing one. There's an emphatic nature here. The other end now who sent me on a limb, certainly he hears he knows. So in other words, in one case, it's almost as though lies telling me that I need to remember more that he hears. And more than he knows he's emphasizing it even more, I better not lose conscious of the fact that he's

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hearing and knowing and one of these ions, and I should be aware of it, but not nearly as intensely in the other. So what makes them different in Surah, facilite, in which it is more emphatic, actually, you know, I'll start with the less emphatic I'll start without off, hold it off. What would have been better off? Well added on in Jalen, he says right before he says hold on to forgiveness,

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and speak and command people to decency.

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You know, hold on to forgiveness, meaning people are being obnoxious with you, and you're going to be kind and respond with forgiveness. And then you're going to call people to decency. And then we'll dive in and ignore those who act out of emotion. You know, ignore the obnoxious, basically giant is someone who doesn't have control over their emotions. And then in that context, when somebody's arguing with you, and they're demeaning you and you're supposed to hold on to forgiveness, because it's not your every every cell in your body is saying I should respond. Unless I hold on to forgiveness. Then he says, just speak decently. In other words, if they're losing their

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colon and speaking, indecently you still command to decency. And if none of that's working, you just need to ignore people who lose their cool ninja healing. Okay. And in that context, Allah said, when the shaitaan is poking at you, what is the Poke of the shaitaan, you want to respond to him in kind with the anger and the tone that they're speaking to you and and if you respond in kind, that is the shaitaan, winning with this pokes against you. At that point, you need to know that Allah is hearing what you have to say, in now who sent me or not him. He's hearing his knowing. That's one context. But the other context,

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Allah says, well, that test that we'll have Senator will say, Good and Evil are not the same. In fact, reality hears and respond with what is better. Similar, isn't it? respond with what is also about responding? But listen, for either lady, Bina kobina, who is our one?

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Even if there is animosity between you and the one you speak with? The one between him and you, there's animosity, this guy's not just ignorant with you. He's not just obnoxious with you, he's become an enemy to you. Now, who will you and honey, it is as though he is your protective, close, intimate friend. Not only should you ignore him this time, you must now treat him as an intimate friend.

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not allow your cool to be lost. And then he says, Well, now you will not go into details about that level is not going to be reached or met with by anyone except people who have the ultimate patience. Well, my call high level has it all human. Nobody's going to be meeting that level, except people that are highly fortunate. This is not something small. So I want you to understand the comparison here. You're talking to somebody who's aggressive, but in one case, they're far more aggressive. They're like an enemy to you.

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In one case, you're told just forgive what they're saying. Keep it cool. Call to decency, and if they really get out of hand, just walk away. Just walk away out of bondage. But in the second case, you're being told, don't walk away actually treat them like an intimate friend. That's almost impossible. And so he says, Yeah, I know, it's almost impossible. It's for people who have incredible patience, and who are incredibly fortunate with that thick of a skin. Then he says if the shaitaan pokes at you

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Seek seek refuge he is the ultimate one that's hearing he really is listening. He's the knowing he emphasizes his hearing and his knowing here like he didn't in the other case because men what it takes they remember that allies listening and remain friendly to someone who's being an enemy to you.

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You better keep in mind that a licensing analyst knowing that little emphasis changes everything Allah acknowledges how much harder something is just between India who sent me on a limb and then the who who has sent me an alum, Allah will help us appreciate the wisdom, the power, as a matter of fact the acknowledgement in the Quran, Allah acknowledges my emotions and yours, what we have to go through when we OBEY Him. The challenges we have to face when we OBEY Him, Allah azza wa jal make us love his word more and more and more with every passing day barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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An awe-inspiring, short-timed series, educating us about the comparison between two ayat that are almost the same and are only differentiated with a very subtle distinction. In this introductory episode, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan draws a comparison between an ayah from Surah Aaraf and Surah Fussilat. Tune in to find Allah’s commandments in responding to the pokes of shaytaan.

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