Road to Return #10 – The World And Its Splendor

Yahya Ibrahim


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The dunya and its beauty this worldly life and its experience is a beautiful thing in the prophets, I seldom said at dunia who worked on hadera this worldly life and its experience is like a beautiful green lush garden. Right? It's something that's meant to be enjoyed, but not at the expense of the afternoon.

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See, I don't ever want you to think you shouldn't have fine expensive things or ride a nice car or have lots of money or enjoy luxury product. That's not the way of Islam. It's not that we say we can't have nice things you should want to become a millionaire and to have lots of wealth. But don't let it arrive in your life from a wave that is going to ruin the next life. Don't do something now that has a great and sinful effect later. Don't be involved in a haraam relationship now that makes your life feel great when you know it is disobedient to Allah and will bring you ruin later on in life. And more worryingly in the next life, because we're people who submit to Allah, Islam is

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submission were people who recognize that this life doesn't end here that there's more to it than what we see and experience now. So be careful with your athlete. Don't ever assume that we don't want to enjoy this life. We want to enjoy it. But we want to enjoy it in the way it was meant to be enjoyed through the halaal and not through the her arm. And her arm is defined to us in the dunya by the prophets, I send them Maha caffee, soldering, her armor, the things that make your heart feel troubled, wiped, and your poly Allah hymnals. Anything that you're scared that people see you saying, doing writing or behaving in that way. So if you're sitting there and your text messaging,

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and you don't want your parents to ever see that you don't want your classmates to know you said those words or sent that picture, I know for a fact that that's wrong. There doesn't have to be in the verse in the Quran, don't send a bad picture on Instagram, it's known it's held on because in your heart, you're worried about it, and you're worried if somebody was to see or know that you sent it or did it. Anything that gives you that feeling that you're a bit troubled by it, or anything that you don't want people to see you do or say you're be in that place or with that person, or doing that thing, know that it's a level of how long it has its place and how long and the dunya

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makes you want to do it and makes you feel it's okay, you're only here for a certain period of time. And everything around us is telling us you know, you've got to enjoy it while you can get it before it's too late. You know, everything is driven by this sale and scarcity mentality. If you don't do it now, when are you going to do it, if you don't enjoy it, now you're going to get busy later. You know, this is the time to be young and free and do whatever you want and experiment with your life. And that is the dunya calling you to how long May Allah Subhana Allah protect you from it. Dunya of course, is something that's lowly wireless. RF euro is something that is elevated. And don't ever

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sell yourself short in this life by having a small moment of happiness in this life at the consequence of losing eternal happiness, greater happiness in the days to come and in the life to come along me