Mirza Yawar Baig – No measurement without purpose

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "weirdly happy" feeling of being born with a tiny little bird on a garden, as well as the "weirdly happy" feeling of being born with a tiny little bird on a garden. They stress the importance of reflection on one's health and relationship with Him, and emphasize the need to prioritize worship. measured actual results of worship, rather than just measuring one's overall results are emphasized.
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To learn another haven from the

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serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just given birth here on cathedra Hua Mavado. My brothers and sisters, as I'm sitting here,

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I'm looking out over

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flat grassland, it's all part of a golf course. There are

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some big trees, three of them with moss hanging on them very beautiful.

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And there are sandhill cranes, there is a family of three

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looks like a mother into full blown chicks.

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They don't know where the father is, usually they are in pairs, so the Father will be somewhere around.

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these are,

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they come from

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there along with their cousins, the Siberian cranes, which are all white, or the Sandhill Cranes

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are very beautiful, they have a gray, overall gray plumage with a red cap.

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So they're like, you know, they stay stand out because it's the little red cap on and on top of the head.

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To see a bird that big, up close is very unique experience, a full grown Sandhill Crane, standing up straight would be would come to about maybe,

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you know, maybe close to four feet, or close to five feet, four feet, something

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so it's quite a big bird. Very beautiful.

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Very beautiful to see. Weather also here is

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it's now 25 degrees Celsius, where I came from Massachusetts where Springfield is minus five Celsius. So

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it's great. It's better to never say that

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last router as world is full of variety of all kinds of things.

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As I'm talking to the

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fringe of what looks like a fringe, it's too far away to fully receive clearly where

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it is very, very small. So on the on the ground is is five foot, tall bird almost five foot tall bird and other trees, this tiny little thing which is a

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little bigger than a teaspoon, probably.

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All the $100 rather

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nebulous is just Taqwa is the desire to please the one we love the most. And that is a loss of an older. The more we love Allah the more we want to please Him and that makes us more watery.

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I remind myself the new to remember that all the promises of Allah subhanaw taala are for the Moutoku. The people with Taqwa not merely for the Muslim moon, not merely for the Muslims,

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and others will carry opens the door to the Paris of Taqwa filled with Allah subhanaw taala grace and majesty.

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So I request you and I remind myself to reflect all of our health and our relationship with Him. It's not just a matter of talking about it's a matter of thinking about it, reflecting on it, just sit quietly, one place, away from all kinds of disturbances, you know, for the person that follows the most. The worst of them keeps on beeping and warm, I just put it away somewhere.

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And you will discover how life not just goes on goes on very, very much better

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than it was when you had the voice in your head. You had your face in the phone all the time.

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And talking about faces the form Believe me, we, on an average, most people spend

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at least four hours a day

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before their phone, you have the tracking apps and most phones seem to have it.

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inbuilt I don't know what if you don't have it, then it's worth getting it. And the trapping app will tell you the tracking app will tell you how many hours is spent on the phone.

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it's quite common to have the app telling you that you spent

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you know today we spent seven hours today spent six hours

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for the phone and it's important to keep out of this

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and use our life

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in a more purposeful manner.

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So reflect on that and our relationship with Him generalization or just some

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you know just just

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reflection or loving is something which is not very

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Well for us my relationship with Allah, what is it?

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When I say you're gonna do you're gonna say, What do you mean? What is the true meaning of you're gonna do you're gonna say, I don't mean the grammar. I don't mean the translation.

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I mean, what does it do to us when you say it?

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What happens to the heart?

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And this is the great tragedy that

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faces us today, which is mechanical obedience.

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We have become robots. Now. You know, disobedience obviously is a is a terrible thing. And

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but then, you know, I always say to myself that forum for a person who knows Allah for over 30 for Muslim disobedience is not an option. So don't be don't be thinking or disobedience. We're saying obedience, how can you be better? Because Allah subhanaw taala her motto and if Hialeah blue Acoma you come, sir, who am Allah, Allah did not say I have created a death and life to test who will do good as in who will choose good or bad. Allah said sunrella, which means who will choose the Amel, which is better than the other choice, which means you got a choice of two good things.

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Who will choose the better of the two good things?

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Right. So now,

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in this case, we are saying here that

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what is the way of worship, so we're not saying disobeying Allah or being a lovely thing, obeying Allah, but doing that

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isn't the best way. So it's not mechanical obedience, like like robots, you know, machines that may do what they're supposed to do. But when there's no heart, there's no spirit, there's no laughter, there's no tears, there's no nothing, just mechanical movements.

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focusing exclusively, on the external, as if the internal does not even exist, the total absence of focus on the reality, the marks of the purpose, the reason, and therefore no thought for the effect, or the result of the action. Now, we don't say or do an act of worship, for any purpose. I mentioned this in the last reminder as well.

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We have no purpose, we just do it because we are supposed to, we are supposed to do it. You know, we were taught this by our parents or in the market, or mothers, our whatever, this habit.

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Maybe we also have friends around us who pray. So we also pray when we go to the masjid even and pray.

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But there's no goal. When you go to a shop, there is a goal, I want to go buy something or I want to bring something back. You go to a restaurant is a goal, I'm going to go I'm going to just run for the kind of food, I went, I'm going to this to this Hyderabadi restaurant because I love Hyderabadi Cuisine. And I did not go to the Chinese restaurant because even though I love Chinese cuisine today I wanted to eat has robotic music, there is a purpose. For every single thing we do, there is a purpose, there is a reason you go there. And then when you think about the experience you are do then evaluate the experience. It was okay. If I went to the restaurant, how was it? It was good, it

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was not so good. What can I do better? What can I do differently? And so on and so on. And all that happens. But all of this happens. I submit to you because we start off with a purpose. So my question is, I'm not before the question. Unless you have a purpose unless you have a goal.

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We cannot measure it. The camp can't be any metrics. Because when I had no goal in the first place, what would I measure? Measure is what? What is good, what is bad, I never started with any purpose in the first place. So if we,

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if we do something without a purpose, there can be no measurement. So then I there is no way of improving because I don't even know how I did it this time. So how can I improve?

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So it's very important to ask ourselves this question. What is the focus?

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total absence of focus on the reality of it, this is very, very sad, as far as our worship is concerned, so we don't say or do an act of worship for a purpose.

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So we don't monitor the result and therefore, when nothing happens, you're not concerned this is the other tragedy.

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If you went to a restaurant and you didn't get the kind of food you wanted, you would It would it will have an effect you know, it will leave some feeling for you say well you know, next time I was I was think twice before I go to the restaurant, but when I go to the masjid, I pray and I come back, I didn't get anything. I'm not even bothered because I didn't want anything. I didn't start off with wanting anything. So we didn't do it for anything to happen. Nothing happened. So no problem, right? We don't want it as a result.

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Because we had no purpose and then we get nothing. And so Okay, so you got nothing. Nothing happened no problem because nothing was supposed to happen.

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I want to close this today with this inshallah

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more tomorrow but it gives us some thought. Please, before you start your worship, whatever it is, and Salah is obviously the most, the first thing we don't you will do today will be Salah. So think about before you start praying ask Allah subhanaw taala to put this into your heart in my heart and say why am I pray? Why am I praying? What is my purpose of prayer? Because only then will I be able to measure whether my prayer met that purpose whether I achieve this purpose. Did I do it? I do it. Did I do more if I didn't want a hungry life. I did not do more than I should think about this and say, How can I do more? This is the way to go about

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some of the anatomy very well early he was happier together.

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