Adnan Rajeh – The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah #17

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The current crisis has impacted individuals and their spaces, with communication being essential for everyone to respond outside of their own circle. It's important for individuals to respond outside of their own circle and avoid losing momentum. It's crucial for individuals to use email for urgent matters and respond to phone calls for personal information. A man named Salatu was mentioned as the controller of a modern day and was taught to use sought-after information and believe in oneself. The video ends with a message about a lecture on Islam.
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About Your Will Imam will Muslim on fee so he and all the Allahu Anhu coil and the use of Allah Allah you said and written a collection of Imam,

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Muslim and his Sahaba Rachel's Bible Herrera maybe tonight and the next tomorrow and then we'll finish the significance of Jeremiah and show the themes which will be the last one or two more generic for you and Charlotte is a very short Hadith but I think it's extremely important. So, the meaning of it is is worthy of contemplation he said Allah His thought was that Antara either call or rasuluh we agree he will Imam we October onset naka de la was originally Mr. Mohammed who theory by law who for call from a lava Doom water. He said I saw something this hadith is that if a man or a person in the midst of a jewel, Mahatma, I mean the Imam has gotten into the bar and said, you know

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Salaam Alaikum. And before he says Archangel, Salah, anything between those two moments, if someone says to someone beside them, my brother or a friend or Hunslet, meaning stop talking, please listen, pocket lover. Love is when you can perform an act. That is not a part of a have a ruling or not a part of a ritual. And there's a lot to say something that you're not supposed to see in this specific

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situation. And Imam Ahmed in his narration, he adds to that so that the clarity is that follow a lava and those who perform low meaning speak out of turn or out of place in a position where they shouldn't pull out your Murata. They don't get the full version of Joomla they lose the version of Joomla by talking and that is if you are looking at someone who is talking, asking them to please be quiet so you can hear the mom speak and you lose your Joomla. By doing that. This hadith what it explains to us is that any form of communication outside of within gym or outside of the communication you have with the Imam will cost you the reward of Joomla any form of communication if

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you decide that you're going to talk to anyone, you're gonna look at your text messages or text someone back for example, that will take away the version of Joomla that's just because Joomla and the two the two hoppers for Joomla are basically in substitution of that first took over borders Baraka Joomla up to but then you have to hope as you listen to so that takes care so during Joomla you're in Salah you can't attend Joomla without will do and then go make will do it and come pre soak it in Joomla no you have to help will do when your friend Jim was like tawaf. It's a part it's an act of worship. So within Joomla any form of communication, any form of communication. That's not

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what the email them and that is very much not recommended. Like you're not welcome to speak to the Imam during the whole by the way, but what you can do is you can respond to the Imam meaning the Imam says you know Neva kulula ilaha illa Allah then you see, in the Allah if he talks about the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam you suddenly it Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad, so you can respond to what the NAM is doing with this via and the Helene and Takbeer and Hamid in Thamesmead any form of exalting Allah subhanaw taala is is actually recommended. But that's response into what the Imam is saying. Some scholars Devi respond. Now with that same action to someone else outside of the Jamaat

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you lose measure of drama, even if it's an eland technique, and Tommy, it has to be with email, because this is what we're doing. We're here to work together, we're here to actually elevate our spirits, we're here to take the urgent we're here to celebrate the Lost count data has granted us and the presence of the melodica and the and the reward that's there. But there is a system. And I see this a lot from the number. It specific, I don't see as much, many people, I do see people speaking every once in a while they do. But the majority of people I see are looking at their phones, right now. Don't look at your phone and your mom, unless you are on call emergency physician

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or IANA. You're unless you're someone who has to respond immediately in order for lives not to be lost. Then in July, your phone should be off or you should not respond to it no matter what happens. Because that's a form of communication. It's like if would you if your phone goes off, take it out and take a look who sent you a message and maybe respond quickly. But no, and I've seen that by the way as well. Just so you know, I've seen that with my own eyes. I've actually saw someone take their phone out respond and continue as the man was going email was taking too long and it seems faulty and he shouldn't have taken but you're not allowed to do that you lose your octave or you lose your

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soul after that. And John was no different. And he talked about he taught us how to use sought to slam

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Yahweh the Imam Muslim Okay, so he heard about the Allahu Anhu coil and the use of allah how do you how do you send them either fine or giulietti? He will email me Yakubu unset Fahad lover was an email Mohammed Oh my lover for Joomla This is the tough that will be on Oh, well. It will be almost impossible for me not to point out the you know the beauty of this day where the Prophet alayhi salatu salam came to this world and is today the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam also

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left it. And it to me are the scholars that taught me in Damascus they always gave a certain degree of significance to this memory and the reverence and love they had to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they couldn't hold it back, but it between the birth of someone and the death of someone is their life. And that's what this day reminds us of of his life out here. Salatu was Salam and what he did the heritage he left us the privilege that we have of knowing humanity he'll salatu salam, and how and caring, you know, the teachings and the legacy that he left us out of your soil to us. And it's such it's a very meaningful thing I was on my teachers would take lobby and our Oregon

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attorney and those two months all they did was just talk about the shadow of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is something it's what I was taught Yeah, and even even to him though, I kind of lost my way from that a little bit. So it's a beautiful night to increase your salah upon the Prophet salallahu Aeneas IBH mine in remembrance of something of a day that was very significant for us as Muslims the day that he and he entered this world on a history to Islam and the day that we were blessed with his presence. I hope there was a benefit to you why Salah was not Allahu wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in early or savage means like Maliki in a particular frequency I don't like to.

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Just as a reminder, we do have a content I'm continuing my lecture. So if you don't mind praying your sunnah I quickly and then if you want to attend you're welcome to if you intend to long sooner or a taller type of thing and do that in the extension if you will.

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