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Lessons from the Anbiya – I love the Messenger #27

Mirza Yawar Baig


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Live on other Rahim Al Hamdulillah here on Big Island.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala Aisha Willem Gable, mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does live on cathedral cathedral Pamela do my brothers and sisters as I

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mentioned to you yesterday,

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a lot of annadelle had told us that

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in the life of our soul, Allah is always alive is the best guidance the best

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source of finding the right path and being on the right path, that can that we can possibly have. And

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listen does not this does not refer only to his personal life, it refers to all his decision that refers to everything that he chose to do or not to do.

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We were talking about the construction of Mozilla who leave and lots of lessons for us to learn in terms of the construction of massage that we have, and we have always had massages,

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grand massage, massive structures, very beautifully decorated, you know very, very embellished with all kinds of things.

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structures which reflect the the wealth of the builders, in some cases, the one by one person,

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name, maybe one king, maybe one maybe one wealthy person. In other cases, they may be built by state or

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even a group of people but this is what the what the show. Now I am not going into or I don't want to talk about people's intentions because of course on the Allah subhanaw taala knows what is the intention of anybody and I'm the last person in the world to say that somebody's intention is good or bad.

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But I do think it is important to see what we need to know about the construction of massage. Now imagine if first of all was built on mud bricks and had a root or a roof of dead palm thatch the flow of sand swept clean. When it rains sometimes water were driven so in rip down

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it's a very beautiful thing to be so close to nature to be able to pray in a place where you know water drips in the rain. And don't think of it as you know this is such a nuisance they do not do so this is mashallah Ramadan Allah subhanaw taala

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he was once traveling from Medina to Makkah with my very dear friend asked him

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and his family my wife and I were traveling and we stopped asking took us on the on the old road, which goes past brother. So on the way it was time for another event, then he shot. So we prayed, we combined the two Salah then we prayed, and it was a full moon and we prayed in the desert, we first thought let's go find a machete then we said oh, we all have although and we have some water in case somebody wants to play in the desert. So just stop the car, park the car by the side of the road and we pray to the side and I tell you to one of the most beautiful prayers that I have ever played out in the open not a sound that road is

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it's very sparsely

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sparsely trafficked hardly any cars on the road. So there's no almost no ambient light. So it was just the full moon which is bright, bright, bright. And

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there's just as beautiful throughout me pray to this and it was so beautiful. I also remember once I was in Dubai

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and I asked to spend a night in the desert that's a long story and some stories with its I won't go into that but there again I prayed. I was alone in the in the camp the whole night when nobody else wanted to stay there. And I prayed a Shah then I prayed Fajr I call the Athan for the Chandon proposal, and very, very beautiful situation, to stand there alone and to pray and of course we know we are not alone there. The Morag of Allah subhanaw taala and whoever else Allah wants to send Allah Subhana Allah Himself is watching and listening is so beautiful it was so much it is I wish it was like this.

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That is that is we we know have learned to wear salsa Salim said that.

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You know it might the next day would be

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the light would be of the sun would not be sharp and it might there might be a real rain

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And on one particular Ramadan, the Sahaba said that we saw that the blessed forehead over sorcerer Salah had Greene's a sandwich stuck on it, because it had rained, and some water had dripped, where he was praying and he made sudo. And this is what happened

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now is in the construction of massage, the Alama have said that the sheet

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which is using good material for construction, so, good architecture, good material for construction, in today's world, taking care of the carbon footprint of the building, and of its energy use, for example, recycling of water,

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water, wastewater is used in the in the in the wilcon, and so on, you know, greenery around all of these things are handled that is no problem. But what is called Zarafa. This is prohibited Zakharova is just you know, gold and silver. And immediately. Now, immediately, obviously, we do not have In Islam we don't we don't have imagery of, of people and animals and stuff. But even immediately of users, flowers and this and that,

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which is distracting. I mean, sometimes if you go to some massages, you have this carpet, which is you know, you look at the carpets, very beautiful carpet, there's no doubt about that. But if you try to pray on that carpet, then as you're looking at the place of success died, it seems as if the whole thing is moving or something, you know, it looks like

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butterflies and whatnot. I mean, it's very distracting, and this is not this is not permitted in Islam, it's much better to have simplicity in that. So Zakharova is

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is prohibited. And the only difference of opinion among the scholars with regard to the crossover is not whether it's permitted or not, but whether it is haram or macro, right. So it is not permitted. The difference of opinion is only the degree of prohibition. So it's not something which we'll go through. So, money or land which is used for these things for Zakharova for you know, showing up the making these Majid sort of beautifying it with all these kinds of stuff is something to be strictly avoided, wasted divided and not to be done.

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Also, especially important,

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if you are using overseas property, land or this is private anyway even if it is your own personal

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wealth, but especially if people are donating money for it, you know, lock property, even your own money when you have put it into a budget to build a masjid the masjid then belongs to Allah subhanaw taala it's no longer yours. You can't say like this man was designed today at war I'm going to decide that I will convert this into some other use, it cannot be done this is a masjid is once built belongs to Allah and nobody has any authority over it, except Allah subhanaw taala. So, budget cannot be like that, like people, nowadays they sell churches to you know, because the

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population that you cannot sell a magic number, even if there is nobody there is still a machine.

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using of

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land and money, for decoration and so on, this is prohibited the Sahara was under the law and said, If you decorate your most half and if you decorate your massage, you will perish.

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You will perish and today this is May Allah forgive us this is something that we do and we take pride in that.

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Let us look at why Rasul Allah is Allah Allah designed and built the masjid first. Why that is so important. And to do understand that we have to see the role of the masjid in the life of the Muslims in the community of Muslims see what the role of the masjid is? First of all, first and foremost it is the place of of Salah and decode. So its place of Salah by GMR and the goal of Allah subhanaw taala So prayer dhikr number two, it is a center of learning

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that a lot of time in Makkah

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and which was the masjid it was not the official Masjid.

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In that sense, it is

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it was

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a house which was used as the place of gathering so it performed the same purpose. So also Majid and W in Medina

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were full time schools magician who lived till you know COVID Shut it down and so on even now, there are

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Hello guys and measures in our way, for the learning of the digital Quran. You can even learn online this website where you can go online and learn that use of Quran from digital, the teachers and machinery and you can get yours from them.

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So I would recommend you please do that. Look it up, you'll find the,

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the link for it.

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So the magician is a place of learning. So halacha has to study for and, and to study all aspects of Islam.

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It is very important to keep the magic alive with these actions with these

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things. Because I have always been against doing these things in homes, in people's in people's homes. This is the trend in many places, and it seems to be a good thing. And people say no, no, what is wrong after all people, you know, gathering somewhere to do something good that they can't go to the movie? Why can't they go to the masjid? The same people drive miles and miles and miles to go to their offices, they drive miles and miles devoted to markets and so on. But the moment is a must do they can't go to the money. Why? Then why did you build the machine? Right? Why did you build the machine? If you're going to

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depopulate the machine and do hello cars in people's homes? Then why do we have the budget for what to do what the second thing is

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that these harassing them in homes, invariably, they are putting a financial burden and a burden in terms of effort and so on, on the people of that home. And people here almost invariably means the women.

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I don't know how many men stand there and cook the food and so on so on. Now, no matter what you say, in our culture, we It is unthinkable for us that we invite a whole bunch of people to come for alaka. And they come and we just allow our ego and volume Salaam and they go home. And all they do is you know drink of water from the tap. Right? That doesn't happen. That doesn't happen, that cannot happen. It's a good thing it cannot happen this. This is a part of our culture, which is good under law that we are hospitable. So if people come, we feel compelled and we should feel comfort, that we should give them something to eat something, drink some tea and some coffee and so on. And

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believe is never 10 Coffee is already much, much more. Now. The problem is that not everyone can afford that. So big for that reason. People will not go to the Halacha because they feel that if I go to the alotta then I'm always eating in somebody else's house and nobody can come to my house because for various reasons, right? Various things. Maybe Maybe I'm not wealthy enough, maybe my house is not big enough, maybe I do not have somebody in my house who can cook and so on and so forth. Maybe I can't afford it or whatever the reason. The point is that I can't reciprocate and therefore it is against my honor to go and eat in other people's places and I can't feed them

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myself. So this discourages people from going to the masjid is everyone's place. It's a neutral place. It is the house of Allah we are all the slaves of Allah. It is our place we can all go there without hesitation we can pray we can sit and listen to the Quran we can have Allah cause. So I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend please

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do all your good works in the masjid. Because that is the way to keep the masjid populated. Right? Don't depopulate the budget please don't do this. It is not it is very, very, very, very, very, very bad. Right? We don't have this thing about this. How come we don't have this from the Sunnah Visa Center, right? When he does well as a result of all His teaching and His electron and so on in Mozilla NaVi, or even next door in his own house. He didn't do it in his own house. He didn't do it in anybody else's house.

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In the masjid, where did Imam Malik radula they have his have his gurus in the masjid whenever I haven't have them in the masjid.

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So budget is a place of gathering it's a place for people to come together to study the book of Allah subhanaw taala. To to read the book of Allah subhanaw taala to reflect on it to ask questions to get answers and so on.

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It gives them

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four things. So Kira, which is tranquility, peace, peace of mind and heart, Rama at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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descends on them, the angels will surround them and Allah Subhana Allah We mentioned their names and a gathering better than theirs and we know this from the

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third use of the masjid

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is that it is a place of meeting a place of gathering for Muslims five times a day for Salah and for Juba and to meet for a

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Any kind of collective reason that the Muslim so this meeting can be just social. And we encourage that it's very good, people should meet and socialize. And it is nothing wrong if there is some food. And if you know people are having some tea or some dates or some samosa or whatever is appropriate to the culture, there's nothing wrong with that, it's a very good thing, to also have people who can, you know, eat in the masjid and so on.

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And to, to socialize, there are other there are they also have behavior, and socializing does not mean that you yell and scream and you laugh loudly and you, you know, tell jokes and, and wrestle and follow the police. No, socializing means we do that, but we do that in a dignified way in a very well mannered way. So eating and drinking is fine, but you know, yelling and screaming, and,

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and joking and so on, is not okay, in the machine.

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Then meeting can also be for some serious reasons, maybe economic reasons, maybe reasons of safety and security,

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maybe reasons of education. In the in the case of, for example, minimize or did you have some form of what we call mucked up or, you know,

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part time school, right, where it's after school, before school on Sundays, Mondays, whatever, it's a, it's a part time school. And this in our Islamic tradition, this is done five days a week, right or six days a week. It's an everyday thing. So daily, there is this couple of hours, one hour, two hours of part time school, which happens in the month there is a huge benefit in that because it's the baraka isn't the repetitiveness of the of the schools. In many Western countries we have Sunday schools.

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In in Masonic, so please understand this, nothing wrong with it. Islamically there's nothing wrong with having a Sunday school by all means you have a habit. It's a matter of your convenience. So you are free on Sundays. But remember, if you are giving to Allah subhanaw taala that time because this is your within your spare time. So you go to Sunday, go to the school, or you put your children in school only on Sundays, one day a week. Think about this. The Sunday school, whose son is it, who's whose practices, it's a practice of the Christian church, right? Because Sunday School is from the from the church, and the church, invited these people because of the marriages, thinking that it

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will be beneficial for them. But ask yourself, who is buying churches, what is happening to judges today, judges are empty, and they are being sold.

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To what it is undisclosed over the church, nothing. Because just studying religion, one day a week is not a particularly effective way of studying. Because almost always by the time next Sunday comes those children are back to zero. Whether

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the I in the dairy system, every day, there is a repetition of the class, there is reinforcement of learning. And, you know, one hour or two hours a day. So this is something which is hugely beneficial. And that's why

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this is also done in the massage.

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Room. The Missoula web also was a place of staying for the poor for a sample sofa, who stayed in the back, they had a sofa. They also stayed people stayed there because they were poor. People also said that because they were not poor, they stayed there to learn. So I

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don't know what I'm of the Motherland who are poor people, but they stayed there to be close to us.

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And to be able to learn from him, but Majid massage is also a places where the traveler is allowed to stay. Now, of course, in today's day and age, please be guided by whatever safety regulations you have. So I'm not suggesting that you turn the matches into a free hotel. But at the same time, this is possible that you have

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people coming and staying for a day or two days or a few days. In the cases, for example of people going out in the work of Dawa, they might go from legitimacy these days and massage all of this. There is no problem with that.

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in terms of the budget also the place for Dawa rasuna Salam permitted the Christians from Nigeria, they came in the state in Macedon and this is something that is well documented. They came in the state there they prayed their resources and instruct them so this is also shows the

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the great wisdom and the and the tolerance of Islam and Muslims that we don't simply when people tell you that

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Muslims attack others, tell them this is so so completely false and stupid.

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And Muslims don't do any of that this is this is a false allegation because the soldiers himself permitted the Christians from Nigeria to come and stay there was a vision event they prayed he did something properly and obviously they were not praying to Allah subhanaw taala they were they were doing their own their own prayer.

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The budget is therefore in short is there is a place of tarbiyah for the Muslims and

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you know, that's something which we need to bring back Illa mashallah our Messiah today are not pleased with tarbiyah at most their places of five times of my time, Sarah with patchy attendance because usually maybe it's out of others or the ratio you have more people but others other solid we don't have people and another big thing I must say I was add here is one of the reasons for that also, is because especially in the in America and other I don't know about other Western countries in the UK, it doesn't seem to be the case. But America people stay far away from that. So there are a few bizarrely that people stay far away from us.

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And this is a obviously it's a deterrent, it's a inhibitor from attending the masjid

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five times a day because, you know, the whole idea of getting into the car and driving there and so on it.

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Unless you do that you can't you can't get to the masjid. It's done and especially in bad weather it's it's cold, it's you know, the snow and ice and sleet or whatnot. But if you if you stay close to the budget then become the ideal is being stay in a place where you can walk to the lesson.

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And not even not even a five minute walk, two minute walk, stay as close to the muscles as possible. I know of places especially in England, where people have consciously taken this decision and they've come and they have bought up houses

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in around masajid and even even sometimes at a premium

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just to be close to the house of Allah you are the neighbor of the of Allah think about this right? neighbors have right right? So you never the right, that if you are now the neighbor of Allah, then you have a right on Allah subhanaw taala because you are his neighbor, because you're the neighbor of the house of Allah. So think about like this, and then you need to fulfill that right? By going and praying in the masjid and taking care of the Malays in whichever way you can. But along the Rila Inshallah, you can then say, well, I, y'all, I'm your neighbor, right? So please, accept my dua.

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Another thing which Rasulillah Salam did was that he

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allowed people who are the best in something to do to do that thing, he did not.

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He did not simply give responsibilities anyway to anybody. And he did not, for example, use rule of seniority or something, you know, the oldest personal senior person, he

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used people

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in a way which was best for them, their talents were used in the best way as a specialization of work as division of labor. This is what wrestlers also did, and that's something that he also did that must. Now some of the

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for that are virtues or machines and why we've also said, One Salah in my Masjid is better than 1000 Salah in any other Masjid except al Masjid Al haram. And Mercy the alarm the reward for saliva Haram is 100,000

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times the reward, the reward for

00:23:48--> 00:24:02

Matura guards or Salah in Messenger Oba is the is like an ombre. Now please understand one thing when we say when we say is reward for Salah we are talking about

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what you get for that salah

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but it doesn't mean that the Salah is good for 1000 Such Salah for example if I pray to rock out of center the further in mercy the Navy I will get inshallah the reward for 2000 salah but how many salah but how many fighters are the one

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that's it, so I can't say well now I have prayed 2000 further Salah so until you know for the rest of my life this is enough right for the for next 2000 days. I don't have to pray further because I have prayed in much in a way. And if I pray in the hub, then for 200,000 days, I don't have to pray because I have prayed one time one time No, don't confuse this a reason I'm saying that is people actually do confuse this. They have in at least in our Indian subcontinent they have this

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one of these

00:25:00--> 00:25:13

false beliefs have something called quasi armory so they say that you pray to rock out of Salah with the intention that you are praying this alas Casa for all the sorrows that you missed in your whole life

00:25:14--> 00:25:24

and this works it doesn't work the Salah is as much as you pray so if you prayed for a cup of Zod that is for a quarter of the workers nothing else you pray to God the Father that sort of got

00:25:26--> 00:25:39

nothing as used to regard regard enough in that regard nothing that's it. He's not forgot it just took I don't have it. But the reward of that will be 200,000 in Masjid Al haram 2000 In

00:25:40--> 00:25:48

marches anniversary, right the reward is different from the number of Salah So don't confuse the two there's no such thing as because I agree does not exist.

00:25:49--> 00:26:04

Then does all as salaam said you should not travel to visit a masjid except three. That is Masjid Al haram. Majid Al Aqsa and my messages message and Wha The idea here is

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

the seriousness of going to a masjid

00:26:08--> 00:26:25

is saying don't don't turn massages into tourist spots right? You're going to see the architecture or something no go to a masjid to pray. And these are the three massages where you should go to pray. May Allah Allah give us the opportunity to pray all of these for those of for those of us who haven't done it

00:26:27--> 00:26:29

then the

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00:26:34--> 00:27:32

importance of rather Janna the garden of Jan nine matches the number we used to be the wide coverage area. I don't know if Jane died but that is the Hadith was a setup. He said my brain or body or memory or all the tongue maryada Jana? Well, memory Allah howdy. He said, between my house and my member is a garden among the gardens of Jana, and my member is on my house of hotel cosa, right now. This is from the right. So the DUA IBEC. Whenever 100 Allah, Allah gave me the opportunity to pray in the other Jana, I do I made. As I said, Jana, you gave me the opportunity to pray in this in this garden of Jana, and it is your son and it is your promise that once a person enters Jana, this

00:27:32--> 00:27:35

person will not be ejected from gender.

00:27:37--> 00:27:47

Once a person once you allow a person to come into Jana, you will not throw that person or agenda. So you allowed me to go into Jana. So please don't talk me out of China. This is a dynamic and

00:27:48--> 00:28:01

it's kind of smarter to accept this dua for myself and for you all. May Allah grant us the opportunity to pray in Murchison who live in the other Jana many many times before we die inshallah

00:28:02--> 00:28:30

Ahmadi Abdullah bin Zayed Milan who is our dream at the time when the masjid had been built. And people were thinking about the best way to call people to prayer. Now in his dream he saw a man getting a belt. So he asked the man How much will you sell the belt for the man said, What do you want it for? And Abdullah avellana replied, He said to call people for prayer. The man said how about if I chose something better? And then he gave him the words of the other.

00:28:32--> 00:28:54

Then he returned, and he gave him the words of the Aqaba. So I'm delivering data Alana went to Roswell, Roswell Salem, and he narrated his dream and the soloist has said Inshallah, this is a good dream, it is ruya to luck, and he said call Bilal and teach him the words his voice is better than yours. Now,

00:28:55--> 00:29:05

there is another narration where it says and I also saw this dream and he came at that time and he also reinforced sad as well I also saw the same dream.

00:29:06--> 00:29:07

biller was taught this

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these words and he was the first one who called out the that. So the lesson here, of course, is that

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the rackets according to talent, the ability the follower, obeys without

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an argument or complaint. Think about this the beauty of the Sahaba

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were Abdullah bin Zayed

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didn't see Arcilla you know, this is unfair. I saw the dream you're giving it to your long biller or they learn how to call the other and you know you at least let me call it once it so this hamdulillah Allah showed me the dream this is baraka for me that IVR HRM wants to

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call let somebody else do it whose voice is better than mine? I don't feel offended if I don't feel bad. I don't feel I should have been given this thing. These are very important lessons to learn.

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For us to practice in our lives, nothing new in our own life, some of you have you do you have a good idea somebody says, Good idea, let someone else do it. No need to feel offended that Hamdulillah this isn't the life Allah we have this. And as I told you, sir Amara Allahu came at that time when he was teaching the

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teaching the

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other and he said, Oh, I had the same

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dream. And as soon as salam was very pleased with this whole thing, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to learn as dean and two practices deed in a way which

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pleases Him Gela DeLallo and we ask Allah to be pleased with us, and never to be displeased. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah He was