Nadim Bashir – Elite Followers #25 Abu Bakr (RA) pt 8

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of the Islam-IA (Qwhale) line and the use of the "monster" line. The spread of Islam in various countries and countries like India, the Middle East, and Europe is discussed, including the loss of political power and the need for religious freedom. The speakers emphasize the need for educating Muslims on the idea of "medicals and the ability to act on what has been said and heard."
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We will be talking about some a hadith Narrated by Abu Bakr Are you allowed to line the death of Abu Bakr Are you allowed the line and the appointment of Omar Omar Pablo de Alladhina as the Khalifa as an S Khalifa. Today we're talking about something really, really important that we learned from the story of Oh, Bukhara Leola and, and something that we can use to dispel some of the, the negative notions made by Islamophobes. First of all, before we get to that, the Quran we talked about last week about the, the compilation of the Quran, and this initiation by obika roseola line. As you all know, that in the Battle of Yamama, it was a battle against Mussolini, or even a cadaver this man

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who claimed to be a prophet and his followers. And in this battle, there are many who failed, who lost their lives, and in an effort to preserve the Quran for the upcoming generations, understanding very well that now there are so many IgM E's coming into the fold of Islam, it is necessary to compile the Quran and hence obaku The Allah to line with, there was slight hesitation in the very beginning. But because of the persistence of the others the habit of Yala tonight home primarily by by Omar whether you're allowed to run obika, or the alotta and he took it upon himself to create a group of Sahaba led by Zedong, Yolanda Zeto. The yellow line zabe in Tibet, or the Ultron took

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compile the Quran and this is indeed a Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. Because in the world that we live today, for example, the the even though Islam is the fastest growing religion in the entire world, but the religion that has the most followers right now is the Christian faith. And if you look at if you sit down with Christians, you will notice that from one denomination to the next denomination, they all have different Bibles, like a Baptist will have a Bible that the Lutheran people don't use. And the Presbyterian people are going to be using a different Bible, which is very different than the some of the other denominations that do exist. And there's so many denominations,

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the Methodist people, they have their own, they have their own. You have the Unitarian Universalist people, they have their own, everyone has their own the Catholic have their own, the Protestants have their own. But when you look at Islam, no matter how divided Islam is today, there's still only one Quran, you can go to any place on Earth, you're still going to find only one Quran. And there might be different interpretations of the Quran by their own people. But there's still only one Quran. And this goes back to obika the Ultron taking it upon himself to keep to compile the Quran, and then it was preserved through through the efforts of northmen Ibn I found all the ultra on the

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next thing that I want to come to get to is the fact that

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in the time of overthrow the Allah today, we're not going to actually go through the battles that he fought. But if you study Islamic history, Islam expanded by the time of God Allah Tala on home, and the Holy ferocity in Islam spread for East as much as Sri Lanka in China. And it sounds spread far west as far as Europe. That's why, you know, there's we find Islamic history or Islamic artifacts, or buildings that still have Islamic architecture. Still, in Spain, you have there are places like near Italy, there's a place called Sicily, that there was a lot of Muslims who were living there Cyprus, there was a lot of Muslims living there, during the time of the qualify Russia then, and if

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you if you study Islamic history, especially the time of automatic Nathanael, the yellow line, he was the very first person to send a group of Muslims to China and to Syria, Blanca. Now, when you think about how do you know how is it possible that there's such a high percentage of Muslims in Malaysia, in Indonesia, and all these countries, even in even in China, there's so many millions of Muslims. And it makes you wonder how is that possible? Is because these people they went these people, they went and they spread, they traveled, and the Sahaba they traveled, they died in these countries and they're buried in this countries. How many Sahaba were there the Prophet saw some

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there are so many Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but when you study where they're buried today, it goes to show you that it was for their efforts today we are muslims like me my daddy go to Yola, the lion was a man who was who he was a very first man to bring a source of light. He was he was the very first man to bring a source of light inside and measure the number we and this pleased Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was sending them in a great deal and he's and and but when you study the life of the Medalia Allah Tala and he was also the only one

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If you remember, he was the only one who has witnessed the job. No one else has witnessed the the job only three, Daddy was the one who wins the job. He is today buried where he's burned in India. Now, for most of us sitting over here for a lot of us sitting over here, our ancestors, if you go back, back, back, back back, we were Hindus, I mean, if Islam if these people, if the Sahaba did not actually travel to these lands, and they did not spread Islam, today, there's a very big possibility that you and I today could be Christians, or could we could be Hindus. I mean, it's very, very possible. So these people, they did spread, they went, they went far and wide, to spread Islam. But

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going back to the time coming back to the time bucket of YOLO. Tonight, we're talking about that was long after oboe, Viola time. But during the time of obika, the Allah athalon There were two main countries that he went and he conquered. One was Iraq, and one was Syria. Now, when you study about, you know, when when we come across non Muslims, and they began to talk about the violent nature, they say that they've also had a very violent nature. And they say that Islam spread by the sword and Islam went in force other people to accept Islam. And what they usually do is that they study this history. And they say that look, look at Ubercart look at Omar, look at Earthman. Look at Ali,

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look at all these people. Look at all these people, they went and they fought wars. Now, when you and I sit down and we discuss this matter, we always say one thing, that every war that Islam participated in or the muscles participated in, it was purely defensive. Right? That's what many people they say. It was purely defensive. It was not an offensive attack. Well, the reality is that the battle that took place during the timeless wa sallahu, it was in a more defensive by the battles that took place during the time of the qualify, Russia didn't we're not so defensive. But there were more offensive. There were there were offensive. Now, you may think like, like, okay, then there's a

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problem over here, right? If there were offensive, like, there's so much, there's so many stories, and there's, there's so many stories that we find in the qualify regime, where the Muslims they reach they're, like in the story in the history of telefone, where the Sahaba came was Hobie came, who was hardly mentioned in the books of Sierra, he comes to the king and he says that he asked, uh, what are you doing over here? We have no business with you. We're not coming in conquering your land. Why are you coming here and trying to conquer our land? And what did he say? He says that we have come here LinOTP legionary. Bird minute, Reba, Tillery bad either. Rebagliati robbery bad. We

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have come here to take people out of worshipping people to worshiping the the creator of the people. That's why we have come here. So it's not true that all the battles or all the wars in Islam were defensive. During the time of the Prophet there were defensive. But during the time of the qualified Russian, they were offensive. But now, here's the question. Was there anything wrong with this? And their answer is no. Because just like Islam, was now starting to become an empire. So was the other empires that existed? Remember, during the time of the qualified machine, there was no such thing as a division of countries, you never had that this concept of divide dividing countries and having

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like state, I mean, like, country lines and so forth. This all happened like in the 1500s, this all happened the 1500s. So before this, there was nothing like that. And, you know, you know, if you go on YouTube, and you try to study, you know, history, you will see that there were no, there were no country lines, but you just see empires growing, you just see empires growing like you'll see the Mughal Empire growing, you see the, the Roman Empire growing, you see the Persian Empire growing, like during the time of the Prophet SAW Selim, there were two main superpowers, there was a Roman Empire, and there was a Persian Empire, and they didn't care about which country we're going into.

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It was just about expanding your empire. Now, do the Muslims do that? Absolutely. The Muslims are now they are an entity, and they are spreading.

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They were spreading. And they you know, and everyone was doing at that time. So if someone says to you that why was Islam spreading? Well, we have to answer that at that time. That was the system. Everyone was expanding. So it's not only with Islam. And the reason I'm sharing this with you all today is because a lot of times, I guarantee you this

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as I was saying, a lot of times we don't know our own history, we don't know history at all, if you come across an Islamophobe and he brings up this you know, when these people when they come to you, or when they come to any of us and they bring up these facts, these are facts that they got from Fox News. That's

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The only place where they get their knowledge from, okay. They don't actually study. They don't study, they study their history. There's only few that will study their history. And they know exactly what they're talking about. It's few times I've come across these kinds of people, they know exactly what they're talking about, but majority 99% of people who come to Muslims and they want to argue with Muslims, they have absolutely no knowledge. None whatsoever. Their knowledge is only what Fox News has to offer them. If we learn our history, and you submit a new present history will lie they have no answer. They have no answer. When they say that Islam was spreading, yes, Islam was

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spreading. But at the same time, there's a reason why Islam was spreading. Why did obika The Ultron take it upon himself to behave this way? Now, there are two reasons for you know, there are some reasons why this happened. Number one is the two superpowers the Roman Empire in the Persian Empire, you know, if there is something that you want, or there is something that certain land, okay, you want, you're gonna make, you're gonna you're gonna observe, okay, you're gonna observe long ago, visa is super powers, they will see that if I went in I conquered to certain land, is there anything there? Which can be useful to me or not?

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That was the question. People, no one wants to come and rule over the atoms. That was that was how it was at that time. But they were observing, they know that the person has passed away. They know the obika is controlling the matter, but at the same time, they want to know exactly what's going on. Because if they see that there is some weakness within obika or the Allah Quran, and how he's handling the situation and the adversity of that time, this will tell them whether they need to go and conquer that land or not. What caused them trouble? How did this cause whatever worker did, how did this cause trouble to Roman into the Roman empire into the Persian Empire? It was for two

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Logically speaking, when the province set them center and army led by Osama bin Zayed, so many Sahaba went, logically speaking, that would mean two things. First of all, there's less people in Medina. Number two is if they're less people in Medina, that means that they're extremely weak. But the Muslims show the complete opposite. Not only have they sent out an army with Osama bin Zayed, but at the same time, they are now fighting against those who are the people who say them and Gaddafi and his followers, they're fighting against those people. Now, logic says that if they have sent army in two different directions, that means that Medina must be weak but Medina is extremely

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strong, too. So the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire, they're like, they're, they're struck by some kind of all like, how is this happening within the Muslims? How are they how are they mobilizing their army? And how are they being so effective? Now, Osama bin Zayed without going into great detail. The expedition that he was leading, he not only was successful, but he even defeated some people who were allies of the Roman Empire. This caused some concern to the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire in order to bring this Muslim empire this Muslim these the Muslims led by overthrow the Taliban to bring them down. They even agreed that we will provide you moral support they they

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told the people I'm gonna say America, we will provide you moral support, and we will fight we will provide you material support. Very similar to you remember, when Russia was fighting of Aniston, and whose came to support of London Stein, in order to ensure that the Soviet Union will not take place? You know the answer, very similar in order to bring down the Muslims. They said the Persian Empire said, and we'll save that we'll provide you the more support and the material support. But when they were defeated, even the Persian Empire was scared. And Oba Leola and the reason he was very, he was very upfront about this is because there's a rule when it comes to politics, that if you show your

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weakness, then basically you're making yourself as bait, you're presenting yourself as bait to the other empires and that's how it was at that time. If you show that you're a week, then other countries will come and other empires will come and they will take over and then you will have no presence anymore. And this is why Oba Crota on he did what he had to do. At the same time, keep this keep in mind this as Islam began to spread, overthrow the Allah and made it very clear, like for example, when it comes to Iraq when it came to Syria, that even after you conquered the lands, after you conquered the lands, the people are not going to be tortured. The people are not going to be

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persecuted like when you study Roman, Roman history, Persian history. What would happen is that they will go into a certain land they will conquer the land and they would they would they would destroy the buildings. They will kill the people, innocent people, women, children, men, they will do all this Oh,

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Lateral do down and said that this is not going to happen. If you go into a certain land, you are going to you're going to a certain land, but we are going to assure the people of that land, that there, they can still keep their jobs, they can still keep their incomes, they can still keep their houses, and nothing will be taken away from them to such an appointment. Now, now listen to this, this is very, very important. Even there was two Sahaba, there were two Sahaba. Now, a practice that used to happen with other cultures is that they would go once they will conquer land, they will go to the church, or they will go to the parliament to help you understand the main official city

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building, they will get the leader, they will kill the leader, they were severed the head from the body, and then they would put their will send the head to their leader, they will send the head to their leader that this is a sign that we have conquered this land.

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To Sahaba they thought that this is the same, this is the same practice that we have to do. They did the same thing with one person in the land of Syria when they conquered that land. And they sent that head of that certain leader. Now he was a political leader, they sent his head to overthrow the Allah on

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obika the avant garde really, really upset. In fact, the books of Cyril mentioned, they mentioned that he became angry, not just upset, he became angry. And he got angry at those two people. And he said that How dare Did you Did you do something like this? And they said that? Well, the Persians and the Romans do the same thing to which Oba Rhodiola and said that if they do it and we do it the what is the difference between us and them? What is the difference between us and them? They did it they were wrong. We're not going to do that. That is why when Oba the Allah Tala on he said this principle, that is why all the other qualified rationing, they will follow this principle, if they

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conquered any land, people were still given their rights, they were still a justice system. Everyone was given their due rights. If a Muslim and Catherine came to the Muslim government, and the Muslim was the guilty, was guilty, and the conference was a victim, then the rule says that you have to give the you have to give the verdict in the favor of the Catherine. That's how it was. And this is why Islam spread that justice. Now

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did. Now the next question that many samples asks and this is all based on the history of Abu Bakr and the whole philosophy. If all these were offensive attacks, then doesn't that mean that Islam spread by the sword? does not mean that Islam that that these people went to go and force the people to accept Islam? Now, here's the answer. Did the Sahaba want these people to accept Islam? Absolutely. Was there was there objective to spread Islam? Absolutely. There's nothing wrong in that, because just like at that time, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, they would go and conquer the lands. And then what they will do is that they will bring these people and they will try

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to convert them, they will try to convert them even till today. If you said he was been going on when all the Syrians May Allah give them a place, and Jana, may Allah subhanaw taala help them when they had to flee their country, and they went to all these countries like Hungary and Greece and so forth. Not only not not that not the people are giving them more support. They're giving them material support. At the same time now they're trying to tell these people that now that we have given you support, why don't you come into the fold of Christianity? Why don't you give up your deen and accept Christianity, even till today when refugees come to this country? And churches go and

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they take these people? For what reason? Do you think it's there's no reason involved? No, there is a reason. When these churches are going and providing support to these people. And these refugees, the purpose is that one day we can convert them. That is the purpose. So when someone says that Islam went, why did Islam go? And we say that yes, the objective was to make these people Muslims one day, there is nothing wrong in saying something like that. Because there are people who do that till today. And there are many empires who did that. At the same time. There is nothing. There is no place in Islam. And we don't find this ever in the books of Sierra that when the Muslims they will

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go. They their main objective was to spread Islam, but they never forced anyone into accepting Islam. They never forced anyone to accept Islam. That's why even till today, even till today, when you see, you know, even during the time of the Sahaba of the alotta on when they became governors of different countries. What would happen was that there was hardly any Muslims, but because there was some Muslims who will come in, they will begin to interact with those people. They will do business

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His dealings with them. That's why if you study history of Persia and Syria, a lot of people became Muslims. Why? Because they were influenced by the clock or the Muslims, they were influenced by how they did trade and dealing, they were very much influenced. That's why now, we're not going to get into this fifth debate right now. But that's why one of the reasons if you see that in RDN, a, a, a Muslim man, a Muslim man can marry someone from the Al Kitab. By cannot be the other way around. Why? Because predominantly, the religion of the children was the religion of the Father, if the father is a Muslim, and the wife is Al Kitab, hopefully because of his love, she will become a

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Muslim, she will become Muslim. But if it was the other way around, it's very possible that the kids can lose their deen and they will become, they will become Coptic Christians, it's very possible. So that's why even the men, they began to marry within the people of that country, or that the society they were they were living in, and slowly and gradually, Islam began to spread. However, we still find something that even during that time, there was not 100% Muslims, there was like, there may have been like 80% Muslims, and 20% Christians. But did these people allow that? Absolutely. Absolutely. That's why when you say the life of the swosu Allahu alayhi wa sallam and the

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Constitution that he created in Medina, and by the way, for those of you who don't know, the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the United States, a lot of that had to do with the Constitution that was created in Medina, when the when the fall when the people, the founders of America, when they were putting together the Constitution, one of them was Thomas Jefferson. And he was a man who was highly inspired by the Quran. He had his own version of the Quran. He had his own version of the Quran. He did not agree with the rules of Islam and the teachings and the theology of Islam. But he was inspired, he has studied about Muhammad SAW Allah

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while he was he studied about the Constitution that was created in Medina. And what was the Constitution in Medina, that there will be a rule of coexistence that Christians, Muslims and Jews will be living in Medina, if the mussels went to war, if they went to battle, the Jews was support and they will aid the Muslims, they will aid the Muslims, if the Jews went toward the mussels will aid them too. That was in the Constitution of Medina. Which then and that's why it says that this concept of religious freedom in America, where did it come from? It came from Thomas Jefferson, where did he get it from? He got it from the constitution that was created in Medina by who? None

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other than Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So this is this is how is this is how Islam began to spread. They began to show their o'clock, the overgrowth and made it very clear that everyone is going to have their own equal rights. However, the one thing that we do find is that if you were if there was a country ruled by Muslims, and there was a non Muslim living in that land, he had all the rights. But there's one thing that he had to do in addition to everyone else, he had to give a Jizya and he had to give a tax. Why? Because there is you have to pay a certain price for having that religious freedom. If you want to be add, you want to be supported by the government, you have to

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give him something just like today, we all give taxes to Uncle Sam. Right. And so that's that system did exist at that time. But did they have equal rights? I mean, do they have equal rights compared to everyone else? Absolutely not. The here's the last thing I want to share with you all.

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We know that so far over I mean, Islam was spreading. These were mostly offensive attacks, or not attacks, but offensive wars. The end and this was very common at that time. The purpose was to spread Islam, but no one was forced into there and no one was forced slowly and gradually they became Muslims. Now today, we're living in a time where you have certain entities in the world and I'm not gonna say the names but there are some certain entities that I believe that we need to revive. We need to revive the same thing that happened during the time of a worker and Omar and Northman and yo yo alotta on home. We need to revive that same time now here today.

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So just like these people would they went and this is where they get this wrong. They believe that this habit they went and they force people to into a stamp this habit to not do that. Yesterday went to go spread the dean, but it wouldn't it was not forcefully done.

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When today people as they say this, that now we need to revive the time of overcrowded Athan, there are some certain problems with that. Number one is, first of all, is that at that time, there were no country borders. Now there are country borders, and every country has his own set of laws. Okay, every country has its own set of laws. At that time, you never had something called the

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United Nations today you have something called the United Nations. And so that's why the dynamics at that time are very different than the dynamics of today, number one. Number two, is that in order to do something like this, you need to khalifa even though there are some people who claim to be Khalifa has, there's really not a an acceptable or a Khalifa that has been decided upon by unanimously by the Muslim ummah today, number 390 9.999% of scholars today say that, it cannot be possible, because once again, things are very different. And countries are very divided. And that's why it cannot be done things were very different that time empires are spreading today, there is no

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empires are spreading every country, if you look at it, every country is worried about their own defense, okay, every country is arming themselves, they tried to make sure that there are a certain amount of money that they invest into their army, into their, into their nuclear system, and so forth, they all have their own things taking place. And that's why that thing can you know, the the same concept cannot be applied. Lastly, check us or call while we are, he wrote in a book actually, after,

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after 911 and so forth, there was a lot of there was some articles that he had written, where he mentioned that even in that book, he mentioned, we did actually call the fipple of jihad, the fear of, of jihad, and he in there he even mentioned that the same kind of concept cannot be applied today. Things are very different today. And that's why it you know, the same concept that even he was he even he realized that there are some people who are trying to spread the same concept or they're trying to replicate exactly what happened at the time with qualified Russian and even he mentioned that it cannot happen. And not only that, but majority of the scholars when I say

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majority, it is almost equivalent to all the scholars of the world. Mainstream assign Muslim they say that you cannot replicate the same thing as we are as we see today. So all these entities who say that we need to go and spread Islam and the purpose of Islam is to spread or the purpose of ours or our purpose is to spread our deen. Yes, we spread our deen just like even here in America, we do spread. We spread Islam. If someone comes to us and asks asks us about about Islam, we're going to say it we're gonna explain we're gonna educate, but it's not going to be in a proselytizing way. It's not going to be in a way where you are forced to accept Islam. That's not our way. So as long

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as we do this, there's nothing wrong with that. But as we learn from the qualified Russian, you can spread Islam, they they did conquer these lands to spread Islam, but he has never done forcefully. So inshallah we'll go in and stop right here. I pray to Allah subhanho wa taala. They give us the ability to act upon what has been said and heard. And may Allah subhana give us this, you know, we said May Allah subhanaw Give us the ability to answer these questions in more effective ways when we are faced with them in sha Allah. Once again, if you have any other questions you can ask me, but the reason I wanted to cover this today is because there are many objections are raised about the

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lives of the qualified rajadamnern And they're there and they're conquering ways. So may Allah someone give us ability, Zach from Allah Hi Soheila we have the Subhanak along with hunting, that's the internet selfie. Luca, what are we exactly? Well, hey, somebody's going to label a cattle

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