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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my writings in the early 21st century, as I mentioned previously, I had set up a department of Islamic studies in Preston University Ah man,

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and it was in need of texts for al Qaeda for fake, etc. And I was busy trying to put text together, compile translate, right so that students studying in the program would have a rounded exposure to Islamic Studies, Sharia or Casola deen and among the books, which I prepared was this book radiance of faith or Luma Tolyatti odd, which was written originally by Ben Kodama, a classical humbly scholar who written the most extensive FIP works for humbly school of thought, this work focused on the names and attributes of Allah. So this was an aspect of al Qaeda Tawheed, which the book focuses on in greater detail. So this became the ideal text for al Qaeda 102. And as such, it was published

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Limited Edition again, in 2002. And it was used in the distance learning program which developed for undermined Islamic University. The text is currently being revised, edited, and I hope Inshallah, in the coming months to republish it as a text of benefit to readers who would like to read the early works in their original expression, along with modern commentary, to put those works into context into today's context.

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I pray that Allah allows me to live to see the publication

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of this work on a global scale and that Muslims benefit from it. The OMA

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needs Arcada

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it needs Tawheed

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in so many different ways, and I pray that this work will help to complete a part of that need. Baraka Rafi comes and I want to call Morocco to lie he will gotta get