Ramadan 2017 – Reminders 25

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Ramadan series by Sh. Hussain Yee titled Remadan Reminders 1438/2017

2017-06-19 – Night 25

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And the promise from Allah is through a lot of promise to grant the believers and the righteous people. Jana and Jana is true. This is one of the keynote that was recited by email. Jana is true. How fire is true.

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A law is true.

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Everything that allows it in the Quran is true is going to happen, even is not happening now but is going to happen as a matter of time.

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Allah has promised us with so many things.

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He said that if you do not commit sherek towards me,

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I will forgive all your other sins He promises.

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Today, we went to visit some

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Muslim children

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this morning is known

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with some of our good systems to help them

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prepare for Rohingya.

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And again, I remind each parent

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this These children have future they can be a doctor, engineer leaders, professor.

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But don't

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use them to go and back.

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Let them learn.

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Let somebody teach them

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and don't allow our baby to commit Cherie

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by tying

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their ribs their stomach, the neck with all this talisman azima

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so happened I saw one baby was having this brown and black string.

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I said if the Prophet said you can wear all these strings then you can wear blue brown, yellow green, you just wait. But the Prophet said no. Man Allah Cotta me mactan pocket Ashok you have to free the baby from shinnick

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I also have the chance

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to come to come. I also make some promise with you shaitan also made promise with

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us that what is bad is not bad is good.

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He just do the opposite. But whatever the shaitan said to you, he said

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I'm not going to fulfill my promise. I have nothing to offer you in a day of judgment.

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I have no soul Tom I have no authority upon you.

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I'm here just to whisper to you.

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Do some campaign lobby here and there.

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But you are the one who follow.

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So now you don't blame me. You have to blame yourself.

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The minute you obey me

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I hit you He said to you. The minute you respond maybe as well. I really chrisoula what kind of person you are.

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God have remind you about me.

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don't respond to me You still respond to me.

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May Allah save us from this great fitness. I mean,

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brother and sister when coming to the end, like what I've said earlier in the early reminders

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a lot also remind us about what can happen to all of us.

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He said yeah your handlers in a manner in them in as well.

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Some of them your partner, your close partners.

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Your spouse can be your enemy. Your children can be your enemy, when they choose not to believe.

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You choose to believe they choose not to believe. You choose to worship Allah they choose not to worship Allah.

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They will become your enemy

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is very and hot sickening. When you give everything to your children to give them the confidence in this life, but they choose to this obey Allah.

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And Allah also remind us in nama Amala como Allah docam fitna, remember that your property and your children can be a great fit for you.

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So don't let them

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Miss lithium you have to control

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them discipline them.

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And hamdulillah you brought their children here every night some of you train them discipline them,

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made them righteous children

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in the ayat of the Quran many times the man was it maturity mean maturity mean maturity mean

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who is the who are the maturity mean?

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The majority are the wrongdoer. People who just like to do things that displease Allah.

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When Ramadan is coming to the end, we hope we have been moving from an absolute natural amount of soup to nuts

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and inshallah we will end with not so much in a

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nutshell Mahatma in you can feel it by ourselves brother and sister is enough that make you so happy so relax, soul satisfied. When you follow what Allah want you to do and what the prophet love you to do, the sooner you don't feel worried you don't feel a burden. You don't feel anything more, except you're so happy with Allah Allah give you the opportunity to follow his commandment. And Allah is making easy for us to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet. You don't care about what people want to say about you anymore. One you have attained nopsema in the past you will find peace with a law

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and peace belong to Allah Allahu Salim, then

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why minca salam, O Allah you appears and bees only come from you. This is not so much my inner

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when you have reached that level of brothers and sisters insha Allah.

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The time when we are going back to a law a law will invite and Kalia a year 200 nuptse motema in

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Arabic your raga tomorrow dia.

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fatale V by the Holy janati Allah.

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Allah is so pleased with those who please Him.

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Allah is so happy

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for those whose heart is so close to Allah.

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When they talk about dunya they never put dunya more important than our Hara.

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For us, we always put our dunya everything dounia campus

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because we don't understand the value of our camera.

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We thought our camera is doing nice everything dounia is just

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a platform temporarily.

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Now this is why the first second and the third generation at the best generation they put their Akira more important than the dunya

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they love to serve for the sake of Allah. When Allah give them the strength, the energy, the knowledge, the well the authority,

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they will use everything that Allah have given them to please a law of law but when the law hit him

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now you can feel if you say you have nothing in there, then you feel very relaxed

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and very comfortable. When you do what allowing to and you follow the Sunnah even people will

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attack you abuse you people will say this too to you. Nothing bother you and him because you are so close to Allah horrible me. Now this is very important. And this feeling only you as an individual can feel nobody can put this feeling into you.

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And Allah will bless us insha Allah

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for trying our best to please Him.

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We have been trying every night to please Allah Alhamdulillah

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the Imam who is leading us also Alhamdulillah is helping all of us

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to make sure that our prayer is been performed in the best manner with tomorrow Nina, with Turkey

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and with Russia

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by following the ruling in the prayer,

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do you know what we will get in return this is promise from Allah.

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Allah have said to us,

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Allah Zina whom Allah Allah wa t him you have The Loon hula Erica, for more

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Very soon. Allah Xena URI una thero Tao is a home fee

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in Serato me no no la se

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for those who establish their prayer, we full of cushaw hawkers concentration

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and they know the do's and the don'ts the tomorrow Nina the 30 they adapt

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they follow what is the ruku as the YG Why is the Sunnah

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with knowledge

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Allah Allah, Allah said in return they will become the the inheritors of genital Terra dos Allahu Akbar. You just take care of the communication between you and a lot of follow the Quran and Sunnah Allah will take care of your future

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Alhamdulillah brother and sister Allah has given us a lot

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and for those who have been very kind to all of us

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for those who have been

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organizing if Tara here tonight was the last if Tara sorry that we cannot invite so many people whoever we manage the invite Alhamdulillah there is your risk

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and sometimes we know there are a lot people that we invite it's also not there is they are not here with us.

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And why because sometimes things happen.

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Traffic jam we also Jim

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so Alhamdulillah my if there's any food behind tonight is there some food still behind in sure there's many behind so please when you leave the hall don't just leave us you can move backward for the sister go backlit and see the sister corner there's food for us to

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to enjoy insha Allah and make the best out of it. Me a lovely what all of you And may Allah reward for those will help us to finish the food.

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Yeah, yeah, sometimes you have to help each other. Even eating you have to help each other Yeah, then Allah will bless essentially everything you do, we have to do together inshallah. So brother and sister once again, we hope to see you more. And we know that they have few nights more for us to be here.

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And after that, you know what's going to happen. But before the ending, I will remind you we have some very important reminder to prepare ourselves like how a reminder the children yesterday at three o'clock, how to prepare themselves for aidilfitri so by if I remember the children, the children remember by the parent or remember also is a problem. So one of the night I will remind all of you insha Allah how to prepare yourself for Eid alphatauri So may I like set with prayer tonight? May Allah bless the Imam the queen of travel. So May Allah give them a safe journey. And And may Allah subhanho wa Taala meet us without our good Imam inshallah again soon or be late obviously

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we're afraid that wanna 100 I mean, so Hannah Allahumma BMD Chateau La ilaha illa Anta esta Furukawa to boo la salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The men are so you have the riskier so for the men. Yeah, both male and female, you can move backwards inshallah. Yeah.

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To see you