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Yeah, I mean, you met 1234.

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A person of Taqwa a person who's measured in his words. They're careful what they say. Every one who you ever know who met that person speaks highly of him

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in his in terms of his worship in terms of his kingdom, in terms of his business, in terms of his trade, in terms of his family in terms of his classes in terms of his teaching, in terms of their attendance.

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Taqwa it's a powerful thing. When you see it, you will know it, you're gonna remember what I'm saying to you now.

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When you meet that one person who you feel Subhanallah that person has stuck on who you would give over everything, because you can trust them. You feel within them that love that connection that you have sat within 2030 seconds and right away your heart go spawn to him.

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Very rare.

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possess that. And I'm sure brother Saeed with some of his travels and some of the teachers that he has met here or overseas, you find certain teachers have you met the chef and often because it's Masha Allah Rahim Allah shovelnose. I mean, have you heard this name before? Sheikh Mohammed Saleh?

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He was in Saudi Arabia and I'm not a Saudi trained cleric.

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You know how they write in the media. So the trained cleric no I'm not one of them. But when I was going to Umrah

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while back

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by chance a chef, I had never seen a picture of him. I had never met him. I had never had any idea of what he looked like.

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And will now he will Allahu La Vie may tell you in this blessed adminstered in this blessed place after assaulted and I saw shuffled off a mean enter from Bevin

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in Mecca. And in my heart, that chef of a myth, Paula

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and I ran up to him.

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And by the time I caught him, there was 100 people I missed it, missed that initial chance of meeting him.

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And then did a stall off and we did our OMA

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and right away without even having said a word initially or spoken to him or sat with him or had lunch with him later as we did. Just right away you fell Taqwa

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person of knowledge, a person who Allah subhanho

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wa Taala tells you and so without them

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that those who fear Allah the most mean a bad or those who have knowledge Yaksha mean? They are those who have the most fear of Allah subhanaw taala piety in the way of Allah azza wa jal when you see and sense a person like that you're Hartfield. And it's rare that you find that.

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So the Imam is sharp. And he tells you that the person of knowledge that people have at the more they're in is in practice, the more they are near Allah, and the more knowledge they have, the greater their thoughtful.

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They give everything.

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third characteristic

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is that they learn more than they teach. That's important. Many of us we come to a situation

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where you begin teaching and you begin translating you begin sitting and talking to people,

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that you begin to forget yourself development. Adults are not like this. When you read stories about chef

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or chef and what they mean shut down does Rocky Mountain Lodge mine?

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You continue reading until the last days of their life. They were writing, editing, counselling, lecturing, speaking, teaching, to the last moment of their life people asking them for

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handyman at magic number Rama hula. He comes to the moment of his death.

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And they say to him young man, you are near your death. Let us bring you some water.

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So we make will do for you.

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And at that moment, he didn't have the ability to make his own Moodle. His body was immobile. So he says to them that just bring me some drop, thus, I'll make tea. Now so harmala In that situation, nearing the moments of his death, he's still teaching them fit

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in with madhhab if you cannot make up for yourself, make them just touch some dirt.

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So even at

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That moment of death just minutes away from death. He's still teaching Subhan Allah.

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Omar, Abdullah the Allahu Anhu after he was stabbed after leading, salted, feathered in the masjid, and murder of Sikhs to end his life,

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and juicy, stabbed him in the middle of the prophets, I send them

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he's laying in the arms of his son, Abdul Rahman.

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And he says to me, Abdullah,

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the ROTC I'll put up,

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don't hold me Leave me laying flat on the ground, put my head on the ground. So that Allah subhana wa, tada may look upon me as a weak person, as a weak person, and be merciful.

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last moments of the life you see these people up to the last moments, teaching, educating, bringing about a spirit of change in others. And that is a sign in the scholar, my Bara, Elon Musk borrow, from the moment we begin to carry a pen until we enter into the grave, we are in that same condition of learning, and teaching. That is the way of a true scholar.

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So who do you look forward to today in the world?

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Not many scholars and Trump. Not right? Very little.

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The word scholar Island has different you know, meanings at universities. That means one thing a PhD student or a candidate, someone who has passed their dissertation.

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But it's a reserved word in Islam. You know, we have sometimes very big words Imam, chef, I really don't like when you call me chef brothers, I

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you know, it's a really, really big word. I'm not that old yet. First of all, from that side,

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and from the other side, you know, the chef, it's in our community as Muslims. It means someone who's endowed with serious knowledge, we're still beginning knowledge, but inshallah in the future.

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It's always brother.

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No shaken, big. Brother.

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Big words are sometimes used for little people. And it's not meant to disrespect anyone. Sometimes it's a humble person. And you find Mufti Maulana,

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allow the big words for miniature people.

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Not in their Toka we don't talk about their heart with Allah. But we talk about their place in the history of Islamic scholarship. Jonnie a person who is giving in the way of Allah subhanaw taala knowledge in one scale cannot be equated to another one. You have a Mufti in one place, it means under traditional senses, someone who is responsible to redeem the religious rulings on all matters.

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Here you find a masjid that has 3040 people, the Imam is 50. Now, there's a different scale, there's something wrong. The usages of the words have to be coherent together. And this is what makes a lot of people mixed up. You and I we become mixed up. The brother said he's moved. I went and asked him, he said it is divorce.

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Alex, family is finished.

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The Mufti said

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there are serious matters that have to be dealt with serious people.

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So when you look in your life