This Will Scare People On Judgement Day

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Now let's come to the word of Asha, which I keep translating, translating as an overwhelming event or even actually has to do with becoming unconscious. So let's look at the language of it, which Takata and middle hicieron. Well, who does detune motor Makina tone? Well, he has suffered on OOIDA via Hadith on piano, it's actually derived from something that overtakes covers wraps up as a shower, for example, there's a blanket or a cover that covers you entirely. And it's one of the words used in the Quran to describe Judgment Day, somebody at Russia told Allah when he lists the IRA, it's actually used allegorically or maybe, you know, as a way of giving a parable for what

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judgment is going to be like, the Anessa era has solid lamb Yejide Natsume a fallen man. That's the first important point. It's this word is used to almost describe that there's not going to be any escape. It'll cover everybody. There's nobody that's going to escape what's going to happen on that day. *a Ha, ha, Shin Yong SHA, Allah Akula him. Secondly, it's as though it's going to hover over their minds, it's going to take over your mind, you're not going to be able to think about anything else. You know, sometimes you're in a crisis situation, and you're like, I gotta, I gotta get my mind off of this. I don't want to think about this right now. And you want to check out there's no

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checking out, it's taken over your mind. You know, it's a hovered over their minds. And also some say that it's to the point where some people will feel like they're going insane. Like the Quran describes people will think that they're you will look at people and you'll think they're drunk. Waitara NASA Sakara Well, now whom the SEC Sakara they're not drunk at all. Well, that can add up Allah He shall lead but the punishment of Allah is intense. When you look on the shanwa Allahu Buba tilaka it's also the word of the Xian is used when the mind is lost like people can't believe what's happening in front of their eyes. For you're using the Hakuna was full of Asha to come in who for

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for him I mean hada and then Rajya Sabha to Lima Bluefin your doula Alesia In other words, for what's understood from this is this is going to be a mind numbing, overwhelming, inescapable truth, that is going to hit people. And then finally, they it's you notice how she has the Tamil Buddha at the end, which is common in the Quran for catastrophic events like Dahiya of Safa, Acharya, and as if, as if I did, as if I'd like that so, and the Tamil Buddha does something in Arabic, it's called to fiddle, Mara, what that means is something that happens once and for all, when something happened once and for all, then you you see a Tamil Buddha at the end of it. And so the idea is this one

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covering event that's going to happen, and that is it, that's the final one, there's no more, there's no more needed. You know, it's not like first wave and then second wave. It's not like that. It's just it covers and hovers. And that's the end of it. Obviously, from that opening description. We're kind of terrified of what's being described something that's completely invaded and overtaken. And so Allah takes us into that scene, what are people going to be feeling? And you'll notice this surah will highlight faces a lot faces and the limbs of the faces meaning the ears, the eyes, to look etc, parts things that have to do with our faces. So instead of describing people, Allah

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describes faces in the Surah would you want to make even harsher some faces on that day? And I'm translating some faces even though some translations may not save some faces. It's important to say some faces in the translation because the mock to that is Nicola, if it was I'll whoo hoo. It would be okay to translate faces will be so and so. But if it's module one, you have to say some faces on that day are going to be over overwhelmed and humbled Harsha. And this word, Harsha is actually first of all about face we're all theoretical module Wilkie nyati. And as hobby Hakuna will famously has an McCamley and a hot little would do to be healthy as hobby. Instead of like I was saying,

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instead of talking about people, Allah is going to talk about faces as if when you see somebody's face, you know everything that's going on with them. Like some if you know someone well or if you see somebody's face, they're like, this person is not having a good time or this person is really happy, or this person is overwhelmed, or this person is terrified. fear, anger, sadness, regret, happiness, these expressions you can tell immediately from somebody's face or exhaustion even you look at someone say Hey, you look sick. You can't look at their hand until they're sick, but you look at one look at their face. And you can tell from the bags under their eyes or the redness of

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their eyes or whatever are the wrinkles on their forehead. You know, the discoloration of their face, you can tell this person is not doing well. So Allah highlights the face for that reason. Now, would you mind yoga in a harsh way, just a little bit about Hoshyar the Lila to Newt laku Allahu Allah Almighty Allah it's actually a an expression for humiliation, for sure is an expression for humiliation and feeling powerless, feeling overwhelmed. It's actually a good thing in this life. We're supposed to try to get her sugar in Salah. And worse. It's a it's a great quality to have when you're living in this life. But this quality is not given to good people on Judgement Day. It's

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flipped. It's a great quality when you're here, and it's a horrible quality on judgment day. Actually, the people of who are going to be the people

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that are in trouble with Allah. In other words, as Imam Razi and others have commented, it's the people who were exhausted and humbled and overwhelmed by Allah and the fear of him in this world. They're not going to experience that in the next and the people who had none of that in this world that that will hit them in the next. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study

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the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section