Mohamad Baajour – 1 Word Destroyed His Dunia & Akhirah

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of ordering good and forbidding evil in modern society, as it is essential for achieving success in political processes. The speakers also touch on the topic of forwarding crazy information and being careful in doing so. The segment emphasizes the importance of being knowledgeable and patient to avoid getting in trouble, and advises cautioning oneself and others about their actions and deeds.
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serological Huntelaar here we're getting smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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just like every weekend

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I take a story from a hadith and we try to get some benefits out of it in sha Allah Tala. Today's hadith is in a widowed and of course the hadith is authentic Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling the Sahaba the story. He said there were two men from Benny Surat in

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Canada junan in Beni Surah el Mota here in the US used to be very close. I had to whom I had to humor which the head Well, Allah them one of them is that he was working hard to become better in his Deen striving and the other sinful

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What can l muster head yeah cool moose nib XL and the one who is striving to be better he used to tell the person sitting stop

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and other guy did not listen.

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So one of these days

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and with named Adam he saw the sinner

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in the sin committing the sin

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for call Allah Oxford stop

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the Muslim said that any wallop be abou esta la rocky that

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leave me and my Lord, have you been assigned as a watchman over me

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for calling in which to hit will Allah He lay your fear Allah who look when Utila Cal Jana.

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Allah Mr. Head got upset and said by Allah, Allah is not going to forgive you. And he's not going to let you into Jana.

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Allah subhanaw taala took both their souls

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and they are now in front of Allah azza wa jal

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the call in which to hit

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a couldn t be i Lima, O Allah Manaphy they are called era

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so Allah told the one who's striving the one who's working hard to be better than his Dean

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you know about me, are you in charge of what I can do?

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And then Allah looked at the one who's selling would fulfill generosity

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and tradition now with my Rama and you go to the Hellfire

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Takada Abu Huraira Raja will Hadith Lakka ta Allah Kenema a old bucket dunya we're axiata

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Abreva said he has uttered a word the monster hit that true when his dunya and his akhira

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few lessons in shamatha number one

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Umbra Bhisma tomorrow for now and then monka is imagine

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ordering good and forbidding evil like got a message if there is a sixth pillar it would have been that content Hiram met in Oak Ridge Atlanta's that Marula Bill Morrow fourth and how not Anil monka. The thing that gave us the priority superiority in this Deen to be the best is that we are ordering good and forbidding evil. And Allah subhanaw taala told us in Surah Toba Well, mostly Munna will Muslim add back to him earlier about maroon maruf. When

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the male men and female men they are Alia their guardians to one another, they order good and forbidding evil And subhanAllah on this page, and Tober is this area and another page before it, when when Africana will,

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and the hypocrites male or female Morona will monka when when I did my roof, Allah said they order even and they prevent good. So ordering good and forbidding evil is

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a worship upon every single Muslim but there are etiquettes number one, you have to be knowledgeable of what you're ordering and what you're forbidding. And by the way, you don't have to be Ireland. You don't have to be a scholar with so many degrees to tell people pray to tell people come to the masjid. This is a trick from the shaytaan he comes to you and said Who do you think you are? You're telling people recite this do this No, no no. Or Salah Salem told us Billy who knew when to

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convey even one idea Subhanallah so ordering good and forbidding evil

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is a must but it has its etiquettes which number one? Yeah Bucha Yeah, alchemist salah. What marble maruf one handle monka H was beautiful Alhama sabak Lachman on he is giving the, the Naziha to his son. He said order good, established a lot order good and forbid evil was better because the minute you start telling people what to do, or giving them advices you're going to face difficulty. They're going to attack you. You're not going to be liked anymore.

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So you have to be patient, otherwise it's not a bed of roses. The path of Dawa is not a bed of roses not well, no prophet came and told people to follow Him and they jumped on him and said yeah, Allah, no, everybody was attacked and called names and you know the story, second point

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in namaha, Rama Robbie Alpha he Shama waha, Ramin has gotten sort of very long, Allah made haram, if I were the one that are apparent and the ones that are hidden and at the end, were inter Kulu Allah Allah Hema Allah Tala mon one of the biggest haram yeah one that many people belittle it is

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speak about Allah or about His Prophet without any knowledge.

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And subhanAllah you have a room of nine people you have 10 Mufti

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ask any question

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everybody raised their hand and he wants to answer everyone, everybody when it comes to the deen, Masha, Allah Yaffe Be very careful this is not a joke.

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I do not know the best answer when you do not know to say I do not know

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how can I say I do not know what they're gonna say about me lie habibi. Imam Malik said I do not know.

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I do not know. A man came to Abu Bakr the Alon Abu Bakr said yeah Abubaker Khalifa rasool Allah and we all know who

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he said I'm leading sort of others and I found with our key,

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thank you. We know in fact you have fruits, but what is this?

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What is

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so accurate I do not know.

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So then I said Abu Bakr

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and you do not know.

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So listen, what

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are you at your center in trouble Looney? Where are you? In Dr Looney?

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An Akula Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, which sky will cover me which Earth will hold me if I say about Allah who I do not know. Allahu Akbar. Any how dare I can say something about Allah I do not know. So be careful. Yeah, one when you are about to get affected.

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If you know and you heard it from reliable sources Bismillah if you do not know and you have any doubt, just say Be quiet. Or I'll get back to you in sha Allah to Allah and especially when it comes to forwarding all this crazy stuff that we keep getting any Allah forward. And then after I send it to 700 million people, and then I say

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I should have checked too late, too heavy, too late. Be very careful when you are forwarding stuff. Third,

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ask Allah always Jaquan hustle Hardy man, this man was most dead. Or Salah Salem called him which died

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striving and he winds up in the hellfire.

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Don't be fooled by your ml and ml because our team actions are judged by the way they end. Always beg Allah to give you a good end Allahumma Rockne horsnell Ha tema ya Allah bless me with Hassan Al hajima very forward Allahumma zucchini, Hassan Al Fatima ya Allah or Ya Allah, you always hear me make this make my last deeds, my best deeds. And final points Pamela hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah that Allah azza wa jal did not give the key of Jannah

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to us.

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Al Hamdulillah that Allah did not make us the ones who will judge one another on the Day of Judgment. Call Lo and Tong, Tim lacuna, Kazaa, in aromatherapy, even

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sector mushiya Tell in fact, Allah said, if you own the ram of Allah, you will be stingy. The people will be stingy. So have a lot of Dynein that the one who's judging us on the on the Day of Judgment is the Most Merciful is more merciful than our own mothers. So yeah, one just

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Be very careful when you talk about the deen. And at the same time when we are making Dawa The goal is not to show off and tell the guy that I am better than you. The goal is to bring back the guy to the deen the person I'm talking to. I want to bring into the deen. It's not about just the debate and argument. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all a good end May Allah make our last words La ilaha illallah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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a levena will be your Salah de he for Sharon. What levena umani love we weren't born when Levina homeless Zanka de lune Wallasey now who's only 4g him have you hone in

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as Why do you

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get amen for

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